Recap: Tsukushi is a rich heiress, and she has met the F4 well as another young man, Kenny, the heir of a large Taiwanese company. They are all possible candidate husbands for her. She seems to get on quite well with Kenny, and having a rocky start with the F4, but they eventually become friendly, her being friends with Rui first. When rumours about herself and Kenny start up, they organize a press conference, which Tsukasa crashed, yelling that Kenny is on a plane back to Taiwan. Afterwards Tsukushi and the entire F4 seem to be threatened through a bloody message which is traced back to SHINE, Kenny's company.


At first, Tsukushi thought that he was referring to a mafia group a individual members by codename, but then she realized that it simply couldn't be right. Jin wouldn't have just have told her a name without supplying her with the background information beforehand, else she would jump to conclusions. The only other option left was SHINE, the Taiwanese company that was one of the very few companies in the world that could rival theirs, the others being the Domyouji Corp, and three European companies that couldn't possibly affect them.

It was a situation that no one in the business world wanted to be left with. A stalemate is what companies were normally in, until one decides to openly challenge another, which is what appeared to have just happened.

"We would inform your father, and then await orders from him, but as you know, he is in London, expanding the business, and therefore, we came to ask you." Jin stated, rather expressionlessly, then more or less summed everything up in roughly two sentences.

Tsukushi walked back to her room in silence, not even bothering to turn on her iPod, which was unusual, as music was one thing that would allow her to think better. If SHINE was really behind it, then so was Kenny ... ? Was his friendship only a act?

He's my friend isn't he? But if he's really behind this then what can I do, or maybe he doesn't know about it... he's not in charge of SHINE yet is he? He's only the heir as of now...

Sitting down on her bed, Tsukushi's mind was in turmoil, thinking and rethinking, processing every little scrap of material that she possessed. Obviously they were being threatened, but nothing made sense. SHINE was one of the most powerful companies in the world, but to target the heirs of five other companies, two of which were equally as powerful with the other three not far behind, was just pure madness.

She went through the options in her mind of what could happen, her father had given her quite a bit of free rein for this, as was expected, as she was coming to the point where she had to be learning how to control the company, her age and status dictated it to be so. Unless she was going to make a very serious screw-up, she suspected her father would just wait and see how she handled thing. Tsukushi found this both praising and slight off-putting, as this was the first large scale case that would be handling almost alone without her father being by her side and giving her advice and guiding her throughout the whole process.

At last, Tsukushi fell into a deep, but definitely a uneasy sleep.

Life went on, but surprisingly peacefully after what had happened, if peaceful could ever be used to describe the life of Tsukushi, of course the investigations had been made, as it was necessary to follow the standard protocol, but they all knew that if SHINE was really behind it, then they might as well save themselves the time and money, as big companies, will and can get away with big cover ups. A month after the threat, Tsukushi found herself meeting Rui and Tsukasa in a small café, they had become friends of sorts. Ironically enough, a death threat had brought them together as friends, due to the time they spent together throughout the investigation.

Tsukushi's first impression of Rui, the quiet, and slightly strange boy had not changed much, apart from the fact that she now knew he was a lot less cut off and uninterested than he had first appeared, and quite a nice friend to have, pleasant and attentive, once one had gotten over his strange ways. Tsukasa on the other hand, was still as loudmouthed, bad tempered and dearly needed to have his Japanese and English corrected, but was also, as Tsukushi soon realized, a extremely loyal friend to have, and she was lucky to have him as a friend. As for Akira and Sojiro, well, they were fun to have around as friends, but their playboy tendencies were rather annoying, as flirtations every three or so second were not the best when attempting to analyse a certain very blurred logo which was lightly printed onto the back of the photograph of them.

Tsukushi walked into the café, noting that most of the supposed customers there were actually just there for their security and probably had guns under their jacket, and walked to the back where Rui and Tsukasa sat waiting for her.

"Hey guys" She greeted. They had dropped the formalities a long time ago.

"Yo" said a voice from behind a book.

"You're late. What took you so long" the other voice said, a great deal more aggressive than the first.

"Yes. Late by exactly two minutes and fifty three point nine seconds" Tsukushi replied drily, and proceed to greet Rui by pulling the book out of his hand and waving so he could see her. They talked of entirely random subjects, like ones that normal high school student would speak of, the latest music, the gossip going around, new movies and subjects like such, occasionally stepping out of the conversation for a while to answer a call, or to order more food. Before they knew it, hours had passed.

"Time runs when you're having fun" Tsukasa said, with another sore attempt at sounding wise.

"Don't you mean, "Time flies"?" Tsukushi asked, laughing at his idiotic mistake.

Tsukushi stood and slipped on her jacket and sunglasses, preparing to be the first to leave, she had some paperwork to do before going out again later that night.

As Tsukushi sat in her limousine, she wondered what she was going to say to Yuki and her older friends that she had not seen in what felt like a age. She was on her way to a reunion. Of course, each one of her old friends would be at their own different high schools, most likely as second or third years, as they were of that age, and it was in their best interest to graduate. Tsukushi checked her watch, and then realized that she would be the first to arrive, as her friends would take time to finish school and to get to the karaoke bar they were meeting in. She stopped by at the apartment store, thinking it would kill time and to buy some small gifts.

When she got to the karaoke bar, Yuki was already there waiting. Tsukushi slipped her sunglasses off so Yuki could see who she was, and was immediately nearly knocked over with a exuberant hug.

"Yes Yuki, it's nice to see you too" Tsukushi laughed, hugging her friend back.

As a security guard coughed softly behind her, Tsukushi remember that she had to put the sunglasses back on.

They decided that it would be safer for Tsukushi to wait somewhere less open while they waited for the rest of the group to arrive, and so Tsukushi was ushered into the reception of the karaoke bar, which, Tsukushi noticed, seemed like it was no cheap place to go to.

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