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Bella's POV:

I started my morning with the same thing I always do: cleaning my cuts. I never had any bruises on my face. Charlie was too smart to do that. Not that anyone noticed me anyway. I'm the one emo/goth in this perfect little town.

You think the chief of police would follow the laws?

You think wrong.

'He's the best we got' 'No one better then Police Chief Swan!' So many praises by so many people, for a guy who rapes and beats his daughter.

Mom died when I was 6. From cancer.

When I was 4 I started to go to the hospital to see her because she was begging. She wanted to see her only daughter before she died.

I would lay there by her side and cuddle up to her.

I was there the day she died.


"Come here baby girl." Mommy said.

I laid down on the bed with her, as usual. But she seemed weaker.

Like she was going to go at any second.

"I love you, Mommy."

"I love you too Sweetie. Don't ever forget that. No matter what happens, I will never stop loving you. While I'm walking with the Lord and Jesus, I will still love you."

"I know Mommy." She took my hand. She was so weak.

"Good. Remem…-" The monitor that made the annoying beeping noise stopped beeping, stretching out into one long beep, then nothing.

There were people all around me. Daddy grabbed me, tears streaming down his face, and brought me out of the room.

I started crying.

End Flashback

I pulled on my usual black t-shirt and black jeans.

I made sure my (black) sweatshirt covered the cuts on my wrists.

Charlie had beat me since a week after my mom died. He got drunk and blamed me for everything.

I fixed my hair so it covered my right eye. Again, usual.

I walked to the truck Charlie bought me to keep me quiet. Like anyone would believe me anyway.

I got to school early. Charlie got wasted last night and would have a deadly hangover today.

I sat at the picnic table and noticed someone on the edge of the forest. Weird. I was always the first person here. It was only 5:35 for God's sake!

He was big. Bigger than any of the guys here. Someone new?

He suddenly looked at me and I looked down.

I listened to my iPod (another bribe) and read Wuthering Heights.

A few minutes later a felt a small tap on my right shoulder.

I turned and there was a guy standing there. A BIG guy.

The guy I saw before. Looking at him, he was actually pretty handsome.

And that's coming from the emo kid.

I raised one eyebrow. My version of 'Yeah?'

"Hello. I'm Emmett Cullen. My family and I just moved here from Alaska."

Alaska? No wonder he was so pale. I mean I'm pale but he's pale.

I looked into his deep blue eyes, barely visible in the darkness of the morning.

I nodded once.

"What's your name?" Emmett asked.

"Bella." I mumbled.


"Bella," I said, a little louder.

"Well, Bella, what are you doing here so early? So exited to be learning?"

I shrugged one shoulder.

"Are all the students here this quiet?"

I shook my head.

"Are you usually this quiet, or is it just me?"

I shook my head again.

"No what? No you're not usually this quiet, or no it's not just me?"

I rolled my eyes. He's making me talk. "No, it's not just you."

"Yes! A full sentence! Why are you so quiet?"

I gulped and shook my head.

"No is not an answer."

"I just am okay? And you might want to stay away from me. That is, if you don't want to be labeled as a loser for the rest of the year." I got up and started to leave.

He caught my arm. "What if I don't care what people think?"

"I've never met anyone besides myself that honestly doesn't care in some way or another. It's always something."

"Maybe I'm different." he insisted.

"I would say so, you're talking to the only fucking emo at this school at 5:40 in the morning instead of sleeping."

"You're not sleeping."

"I have my reasons." I mumbled.

"So do I. I go jogging every morning. Even through the snow."

I walked away again. He was making me talk more in the past 3 minutes than I have in years. I hated it.

"Do you hate me?" he asked sadly. I shook my head. The only person I hated was my dad. Not that I would say that. "Then why are you avoiding me?"

"I avoid everyone." I said, still walking. I was walking towards the woods, to a place I always went to be alone. It was a small clearing. Not even a full meadow. Just a place where there isn't trees. (A/N: this is NOT based off of the meadow. That will come in later.)

The first time I went there, I found a name carved into the bark of a tree: Renee Swan

I had carved my name under it. I got to the clearing and sat against the tree.

Pulling my knees up to my chest, I prayed to her.

I love you, mom. I miss you. I hope heaven is everything it was supposed to be and you get to walk with the Dear Lord and He Who Sacrificed Himself for Us. Love you. Amen.

I got up and traced our names with my fingers. This was the last thing to hold onto in my life now.

But it was a damn special last thing.

I kissed my fingers and pressed them onto the bark one last time before turning to leave.

School didn't start until 7:14 and it was still 5:55.

I hope Emmett left.

I got back to the school and sighed in relief. He was gone.

I turned my iPod back on. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Followed by Blood, Disenchanted, Welcome to the Black Parade, Thanks for the Venom, Helena, Dead, and Vampires Will Never Hurt You, all by My Chemical Romance.

A few people were here by now but I just kept listening to my iPod.

The next song was Supermassive Black Hole by Muse. Then, I Caught Myself, Decode, Crushcrushcrush, and Emergency by Paramore. Then it was Let it Die, Riot, Pain, and Never Too Late by Three days Grace. And, lastly before putting it away, was The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage by Panic at the Disco.

What can I say? I like certain bands. Mostly the depressed-sounding ones.

I was putting everything in my bag when I felt a slightly familiar tap on my shoulder.

I turned to face Emmett and he had 2 girls and 2 guys with him.

I raised an eyebrow, just like this morning.

"Bella, this is Edward," a guy with bronze hair with his arm around who I can honestly say is the most beautiful girl in the world nodded at me, "Rose," The beautiful blond one smiled. "Alice," a short pixie girl smiled and waved excitedly. Perky much? "And Jasper," the guy holding Alice nodded. "This, guys, is Bella. The most talkative, bright, perky, and happy person I've ever met."

I rolled my eyes. I loved sarcasm, but that was a bit much. I could see people staring as the new kids were talking to the most unpopular person in the school. Jessica and Lauren were glaring and snickering to themselves.

All the girls would be all over Emmett. And Edward and Jasper too. But they would back off slightly after seeing they're with someone.

I could already see the guys- like the man-whore Mike- drooling over Rose and Alice.

They were a very beautiful family. But they didn't all look related.

Well, Rose and Jasper did, and so did Emmett, Alice and Edward, but they look like two different families. Adoption?

Grr. This family is even making me think more.

I heard someone approaching from behind me.

I have freakishly good hearing.

"Oh my God! Hey Bella! Who are they?" I recognized the nasally voice instantly. I had heard it too much. Jessica. Bitch.

I rolled my eyes and walked off, bag in hand.

I heard her trying to befriend them.

"So you guys must be new. I'm Jessica."

"Hi. I'm Emmett. This is Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Edward." His tone was clipped. Not like it was when he was talking to me. When he spoke to me he sounded gentle. Sweet. And he introduced Rosalie as Rose.

Oh well. Don't matter.

He and his family will probably be hanging with the populars by lunch.

Emmett's POV

"Oh my God! Hey Bella! Who are they?" Someone said with a nasally voice behind Bella.

Bella rolled her eyes and walked away. Her face held no emotion but I could tell she was annoyed. I don't know how I know.

"So you guys must be new. I'm Jessica." the girl said. I could tell she was one of them.

The populars. The snobs. The bitches/ sons of bitches. (A/N: sorry to any of you populars, but I'm not talking about regular populars, just the snobby bitchy ones that inhabit my school. Ick.)

I really didn't want to talk to her. I could tell my family didn't either.

I kept my tone clipped. "Hi. I'm Emmett. This is Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and Edward." I hope she understood that we didn't want to talk.

"Do any of you need help with anything?" Apparently not. She was getting annoying.

"No. You can go now." I said. I knew it was rude but I can't stand these people.

"Fine. But let me give you some advice. Stay away from Bella. She's a loser. She'll bring you nothing but trouble." She said seriously, then smiled in what she must have thought was…seductive? It wasn't.

You know what was? The way Bella unintentionally moved her hips. Her silence. Her darkness. Her beauty underneath that darkness. Everything about her. She's seductive, without meaning to.

NO! stop thinking of her like that! You just met her! I scolded my self.

The girl- I forgot her name- walked away. (thank god)

"Ugh! I can't stand those people!" Edward groaned.

"I know! Why do you think I talked to Bella this morning. I could just tell she wasn't one of them." I said.

"I like Bella. She seemed like she was nice, just anti-social. I hope we can be friends!" Alice was already excited. I smiled at my sister. She was so bubbly, as long as her twin, Edward, was there.

Me, Alice, and Edward are actual siblings. I am 17, while Ed and Ali are 15. Our mom died right after giving birth to Alice and our dad beat them 2 years with me trying to protect them, at age 2 until 4 (I had always been REALLY protective, even at that young age.), before I went to the neighbors house with them while he was at the store. ( A/N: some people think 2-4 year olds cant make these kinds of decisions, but they can. Most of them are just too spoiled to have to make the choice) Mrs. Richards had called the police immediately. She was such a nice lady.

Carlisle and Esme had adopted us. They treated us really well and didn't make us go to therapy for it.

4 years later, they adopted Jazz and Rose.

Both of their parents had beaten them all of the seven years of their lives.

They are 16.

Carlisle and Esme had a thing for adopting child abuse victims. Esme couldn't have kids, a fact, as she said so much, made it so that if she didn't have us and Carlisle, she would have nothing.

While Rose and Alice planned what would happen if they became friends with Bella, Jazz was his usual silent self and Edward was unusually silent.

"Ed? What's up? You're quiet." I asked.

He shook his head, frowning.

"There was something off about Bella. Like she was hiding something."

I frowned then, too. "What could she be hiding in this tiny town?"

"Don't yell kay?" I nodded. "S-she reminds me of how Jasper was when we first got him." he whispered. My eyes widened. I really hope she isn't getting beaten at home. Because, if she was, it probably had been happening for a while.

I looked over towards the school and Bella was under the roof of the school, as if waiting for something. Just as I had this thought, rain started pouring from the sky. I looked through the rain at her and she was breathing deeply, eyes shut, looking peaceful.

If I remember anything from the times when Ali and Ed were beaten, it was that they loved the rain. It was what got them to sleep. They were restless without it.

As I continued to stare at her, her eyes snapped open, her almost black eyes staring at me.

The bell was about to ring, so me and my family took out our schedules, looking for our locker numbers and combinations. We all headed toward our selective rooms. I was alone, as I was the only 17 year old.

I looked at the numbers on the lockers trying to find 5025.

When I found it, Bella was undoing the lock on the locker next to it. Sweet.

"Hey." I said, turning the dial to 19, then 29, then 15.

I saw Bella nod in my peripheral vision. Again, I hoped Edward was wrong, that she was not abused.

Bella finished with her locker and walked away.

I put my books and bag away, then took out my schedule.

(A/N I know it's wrong.)

7:14- 7:30.…….Homeroom………….Mr. Banner……301

7:32- 8:14.…….Art………………….Ms. Mini………275

8:16- 8:58.…….Calculus……………Mrs. Fair………170

9:00- 9:42.…….Reading……………Mrs. Hamlin……264

9:44- 10:26.…..AP Social Studies….Mr. Chase………169

10:28- 11:10...English.……………..Mrs. Camp………265

11:12- 11:54...Free Period…………Mr. Banner………301

11:56- 12:17.……………………………....................Lunch

12:19-1:01..…Biology……………..Mr. Banner………301

1:03- 1:45.….Physical Education…Coach Clapp…….111

Art will be okay, Calculus will suck, reading will be fine, social studies will be okay English will be easy, I hope lunch is good, Biology will suck, but not as bad as calculus, and Gym will be great.

I walked into room 301 and walked up to the teacher. He wasn't old but he wasn't really young, either.

"Hello. You must be the new student, Emmett Cullen. I'm Mr. Banner." I nodded. "Well… it looks like the only seat is next to Bella, so why don't you go sit." I walked next to where Bella was and sat down next to her.

"Hey Bella," I said.


Again, I hope Edward is wrong.

"Sorry. I know I was pushy earlier." I told her.

"It's fine. It doesn't matter." the room got quiet.

"Did Bella just say an entire sentence?" someone said. Even Mr. Banner looked shocked.

"Is that okay? Am I not allowed to talk?" She yelled. She huffed and sat back in her seat.

No one talked for the rest of homeroom.

"You ok Bella?" I asked as the bell rang.

"Yeah. I'm fine. It's just the jerks in this school get on my nerves."

"You too? My whole family hate them."

"Really? You guys?"

I laughed. "Yeah. Why is that so hard to believe?"

"Um… have you looked around you? The girls are all after you, Edward and Jasper. And the guys are all drooling over Rose and Alice. You guys could fit in with them without even trying."

"Really? Well, me and my family know it's better to have few real friends than to have a lot of friends that would betray you in a heartbeat."

"Wow. You really are different. Most guys would get all cocky if someone told them that girls were after them." she said.

"There's a lot about me no one knows. All they know is what's on the outside. But- no matter how cliché it is- it's what's on the inside that counts."

She laughed and everyone stared. She had a beautiful smile.

"I'm guessing you don't laugh much?" I asked.

"I haven't laughed for eleven years." Eleven? "Wait. No. I did laugh two years ago the one time Jessica 'tripped.'"

"What do you mean by 'tripped?'" I asked.

"I 'accidentally' pushed her."

"What do you mean by 'accidentally?'"

"Totally and completely on purpose." She laughed.

"I wish I could've seen that. Wait- is Jessica the one that came up to me this morning?"

"Yup. Be careful. She has her eyes set on you and it's not gonna change any time soon."

"Oh God Damn it all to hell." I muttered. "Hey where'd you go this morning? You just disappeared into the woods."

"Um… just somewhere special to me. Maybe I'll show you sometime." she told me. "Where do you have to go now? We'll be late."

"Art with Mrs. Mini, I believe."

"Cool. Me too. But that's the farthest class from our homeroom so let's GO!"

We rushed into art and made it, luckily. "Mrs. Mini? This is Emmett Cullen. He's new today."

"Well Miss Swan. I see you decided to grace us with your voice. Nice to here you speak more than one word." Mrs. Mini told her. Bella blushed a delicious scarlet. "Go ahead and take your seat I must give Mr. Cullen what he will need." Bella walked away and sat at an empty table. "Now Mr. Cullen. Your grade for this class will be based purely on effort. Here is a sketch pad for your drawings. You can go ahead and sit wherever you would like." I nodded and sat next to Bella.

"for this whole week we'll be drawing people. I want you to partner up!"

A whole bunch of girls came up to me. "No!" I said to everyone but one. They all made pouty faces and left. I turned to Bella. "You want to be my partner?" I asked. She smiled.

"Yeah. Thanks. I actually have to go to the bathroom real quick. I'll be right back."

"okay" she went up to Mrs. Mini, got a pass, then left.

Rosalie's POV

The day was ok. Pretty boring. Guys drooling. I got to my first period class and asked to go to the bathroom.

I walked down the hall but six guys stepped in front of me.

"Excuse me." I muttered trying to get around them.

"Not so fast! You see, you're very beautiful." Images I had blocked out of my head for years came tumbling back. The beatings. The rapes only Jasper knew about. I can't do this!

"I have a boyfriend." I said.

"That scrawny little Edward? Why don't you come with me?"

"No! Leave me alone!"

"Awww…come on babe don't be like that." the guys grabbed me and someone put a hand on my mouth. They took me into the girl's bathroom. No one was there. Some one had each of my limbs and were holding tightly. The hand was still around my mouth.

"It's ok baby. Mike will take care of you." he started unbuttoning my blouse.

I looked at the door to see Bella standing there, eyes wide. I looked away, not wanting to let anyone know that she had been there. She left and I could only hope she would get help.

Emmett's POV

I was sitting there waiting for Bella. For some reason, I felt compelled to look at the door. So, I did. And there was Bella. She waved to me frantically and mouthed, 'Rose needs you!' That got me up. I asked if I could go to the restroom and left.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Mike and his group has her! Hurry!" She told me. Oh. No. oh. GOD. No!

I ran until we stopped at the door. I peeked my head in. they had her shirt completely unbuttoned.

"Do you want to explain to me what the HELL you're doing to my SISTER?!?!" I yelled. I pulled them away.

"Leave her the HELL alone or I'll kick your asses from here to next Tuesday! Now GET THE HELL OUT!" they all scurried. And Rose buttoned her shirt back up. "Are you ok?" I asked gently.

"Yeah. Thanks. Where's Bella?"

"Umm. I think she's in the hall. Let's go." we walked out. And Rose hugged Bella. She stiffened for a minute, then hugged back.

"Thanks Bella. You're a life saver."

"No problem Rose. But I have to get back to class before, Mrs. Mini gets suspicious. Emmett, you should stay for a little bit." I nodded and she walked down the hall.

I hugged Rose to me. "You don't know how glad I am to see that you're ok."

She cried into my shoulder. Not too many tears were flowing, but her body was shaking.

"I got back all the memories I've been shutting out. All of them. Did I ever tell you I was raped?" she asked.

"No. It's ok. Text Carlisle. He'll come pull you out of school, even if it's the beginning, if you tell him what happened."

"No. I want to finish out the first day. If he comes near me, I'll tell you, okay?"

"Ok. I gotta get back to class. Bye Rose."

"Bye Em." I walked into class and me and Bella started our portraits.

"How's Rose?" she asked, clearly not faking her concern.

"She'll be fine. It scared her though. You don't know how much it meant to her for you to save her like that." I explained.

"It was nothing. I know if it was me, she'd do the same, because she's not like the other girls in the school." She said. "Not that anyone would want to rape me." she mumbled, then mumbled something even quieter that I couldn't hear.

Bella POV

"It was nothing. I know if it was me, she'd do the same, because she's not like the other girls in the school." I said. "Not that anyone would want to rape me." I said quietly and added even more quietly, "Except for my own father."

"What?" Emmett asked.


"Bella? What's wrong?" He asked, concern etched into his features.

"Nothing Emmett, please, just let it go." He seemed to be thinking about something, his worry deepening "Let's just finish our portraits." I started drawing his face again, and by the end of class I was done. We were told to exchange the portraits. I got what looked like a black and white picture of me. "Emmett, this is amazing!" He even went into detail on my cross necklace I had gotten from my mom.

Emmett shrugged. "Yours is better."

"Is not! Yours is a thousand times better, where did you learn to draw like this?"

"Drawing is something I love to do. It gets emotion out on paper."

Mrs. Mini came over to us. "How'd you guys do?"

We both showed her our pictures. "Wow. Bella, it looks like you have some competition now, huh?" she asked.

"Yeah, he's amazing."

"Good job both of you." the bell rang and we were off.

"What do you have next?" I asked.

"Calculus, bleck."

"Me too. Come on." In the hallway, Jasper came up to us. He looked at me.

"Thank you, Bella. It meant a lot to Rose."

"She Would have done the same thing." I replied modestly.

"Yeah, but not everyone would. Thank you. My sister means a lot to me." I nodded.

Jasper walked away and we continued to calculus. "You know, Bella, that one act got you on the good side of everyone in my family." Emmett told me.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah. Especially Jasper. He loves his sister and if anything happened to her, he would be crushed. Edward, too. He's dating her, and he's very protective. We're a close family and we've been through a lot."

I know how that feels. I thought.

We got to class and I brought Emmett up to Mrs. Fair. She was doing something on the computer.

"Mrs. Fair? This is Emmett Cullen. He's new today."

She looked up to see who spoke.

"Oh! Bella. Glad to see your talking. Thank you."

She talked to Emmett then sent him to the only open seat- next to me. There was still a couple minutes until the bell rang.

"Let me see your schedule." I said. He gave it to me. I looked it over quickly. "Wow. Every class," I commented. (A/N: Sorry, I know it's cliché.)

"Cool. I won't end up in a class with only preps."

I laughed. I felt weird to laugh, but it was the second time today. I don't know why I'm so free around them but I'm glad I am, so long as I don't accidentally spill my secret.

"You seem more free than you did this morning," he commented.

"I am. It's you Cullens. You're making me feel better. Normal." I told him.

"And is that a bad thing?"

"No. just… different."

"Well, good, then. I'm glad we can make you feel normal."

The next couple classes flew by the same as before. Introducing him, teachers being surprised I was talking, him sitting next to me, us talking, etc.

Free Period we talked and passed notes.

Then the lunch bell rang. "Hey Bella, you want to sit with us?" Emmett asked giving me the puppy dog eyes. I laughed.

"Sure, Emmett." We went, got lunch, then sat down at an empty table. Alice bounced in a minute later, a tray in her hands.

"Oh, hey, Bella. Thanks for helping Rose before. You were awesome."

I shrugged. "No problem. I couldn't have lived with myself if I let them get to her."

The rest of the family came up and sat down. It was Emmett, me, Rose, Edward, Jasper, and Alice.

Rose gave me a side hug. "Thanks again."

I blushed and shrugged.

"So! Bella how long have you lived in Forks?" Alice asked.

"All my life. Every one here has. It's a really small town."

Alice nodded. "I think you should come over this weekend, what do you guys think?" (A/N: Can't you picture Alice inviting someone over the day she met them? I can, at least.)

Everyone nodded.

"I don't know…" I told her, thinking about how I could get out of the house.

"Come on, Bella, please?" Rose asked, doing pup dog eyes. I looked around the table and everyone was looking at me like big puppies. When I got to Emmett, I couldn't help bursting into laughter. He even had his bottom lip quivering.

"Fine, fine, I'll try. I don't know if I'll be able to, but I'll try." I managed out to them.

"Yay!" Emmett said in a girly voice. The whole table burst out laughing.

"Ooh! Can we go shopping?" Alice asked.

"No!" I said. I hated shopping. I can't stand it!

Alice pouted. "Please Bella?"

I looked away. "No, Alice. I hate shopping" I said.

Alice and Rose gasped. "How can you hate shopping?!" They both asked at the same time.

I bit my lip. "It reminds me of my mom."

Everyone got a soft expression on their faces.

"Oh. We're so sorry! What happened?" Rose asked.

"Cancer." I replied quietly. Emmett and Rose rubbed my back.

"It's okay Bella." Alice said.

"I know. It's been a long time anyway. Thirteen years and I'm still mourning."

"It's okay. Me and Edward never met our mom, and fifteen years later we still wish we had. Emmett says she was a good mom."

"Okay. This is a sad subject. Lets Move on!" Rose said with a sad smile.

I smiled and nodded.

"Lets play 20 questions!" Alice demanded. Everyone agreed. "Okay. Everyone has to answer the Questions and we'll go around the table with the questions. Okay. What's your favorite color? Mine's Pink"

Here I'll sum it up for you:

Jasper: green

Edward: blue

Rose: red

Emmett: Brown, I wonder why? It's a pretty dull color

Me: Blue, good thing I don't blush much anymore

Emmett: Are you a virgin? Yes (A/N: shocker! I can SO picture Emmett asking this.)

Me: Yes (well I consider myself one)

Rose: *cue blush* no.

Edward *blush* no

Emmett: nice, bro.

Jasper: No, in a shy voice.

Alice: no, in an even shier voice.


Me: Um… what's your happiest memory? Spending time with my mom.

Rose: Carlisle and Esme adopting me and Jasper then finding Edward

Edward: Being adopted and finding Rose later

Jasper: Adoption. Finding Ali.

Alice: being adopted, finding Jazz.

Emmett: Being adopted, finding… PIE! *cue laughter*

Rose: what's your favorite hobby? Fixing cars

Edward: Piano

Jasper: reading about the civil war

Alice: Shopping!


Me: Reading

Edward: Favorite Band? Debussy.

Jasper: Owl City



Me: Panic at the disco.


Me: Lying is the Most Fun

Rose: OMG! YOU BOTH LIKE THAT SONG!! Mine's My Chemical Romance.

Jasper: Um…uh… *cue bell* GOTTA GO!

Me and Emmett left for Biology.

We sat and talked until Mr. Banner came in with some supplies. Guess we're blood typing today.

He explained what to do and handed out the stuff. I pricked my finger without even a flinch.

"Wow. Most girls would flinch and be like 'Ow! OMG! IT HURTS!'" Emmett whispered.

"OW! OMG! IT HURTS!" Jessica yelled and we started laughing.

Biology and gym both passed really quickly. In gym we played basketball, my favorite sport. Well, that and softball. And running. I'm a klutz when it comes to everything but sports, which is helpful when covering a cut.

Me, Emmett, Mike, and other random people won. :*D

After P.E. I went to change then walked out going to the parking lot. Emmett came up behind me.

"Ello, luv!" he said in an impressing accent. I laughed.

"Hey, Emmett. You're good at basketball."

"Thanks. You too." I blushed slightly. He put his forearm on my head, using it as an arm rest. "You're so short! Not as short as Alice, but still. Shorty!"

"leave me alone! I can't help it!" I huffed. He laughed and slid his arm down to around my shoulders.

"Sorry Bells, you know you love me anyway." I knew a blushed at that.

"Oh yeah. I'm totally and completely in love with you!" I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"What's this about loving my brother?" I heard Edward say, coming up to us.

"Bells loves me, doncha Bella?"

Rolled my eyes and said "Totally" though they would think nothing of it. I can't believe I'm already crushing on Emmett Cullen. The same Emmett Cullen that has girls after him left and right. The one that thought of me as a friend. and the one that still has his arm around me.

I saw the cruiser go by the school. Oh no. Charlie saw Emmett's arm around me.

"Uhh... Emmett...i have to go... I'll see you in the morning?"

He smiled slightly, seeming to be thinking of something else. "Yeah. See you tommorrow, Bells."

I want some one to notice, to stop me from going Back there.

I hurried to the truck and hurried to the house.

Charlie's car was in the drive way. I hastily got inside. Charlie was fuming. "Who had their arm around you? I told you not to get involved with anyone! NO boyfriends!" he thundered.

"No! Dad! I swear! He's just a friend!"

"Yeah Right!" He started hitting, and it wasn't long until I Blacked out."

Emmett's POV

We all headed home. I was thinking about how Bella had left so quickly. Could she really be getting abused?

Alice was babbling to Carlisle the second we got in about her 'new Best Friend,' Bella Swan.

Carlisle was listening, like always.

"Okay, Ali. I've got to go to work," he told her, getting up and going to the door.

~Three Hours Later~

The phone started ringing and I went to answer it.

"Yellow?" I answered.

"Emmett?" I heard Carlisle's serious tone.

"Carlisle, what's wrong?" I asked worriedly.

"I think you'd better bring everyone down here."

"What. Happened?"

"Son...It's Bella..."