The "Big Mutant On Campus" Series
By David D. Amaya

Part One "First Day of School"
Chapter 1


The X-Men, generation X and all related characters are the property of Marvel Comics Group.

All original characters are mine and I hold all copyrights to them all.

Elements of this story were formed from the fan fiction story arc "A Friend in Need" By Somogyi, and are used with her permission. (Thanks again Somogyi :)

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NOTE; This story takes place five months after "Opening Night" and immediately after the events in "First Mutant"

"Well Lariat, I guess this is were I ride off into the sunset. I've all ready informed the Director, but now it's your turn. I'm hangin' up my six-shooters for good," Special Agent Charles Block reported. "This will be my last assignment for the Service."

"Well if anyone has earned retirement, it is certainly you, you old bloodhound," said Special Agent Kordel Nichols. "The Service will never replace a legend like you, Charlie."

"Well, from what the X-Men told me about your field trip to the track and the museum, I'd say you are on our way, Kordel," The Director of the United States Secret Service added. "But he's right, Charlie, I'd wish I had five agents like you, just on Uniformed Detail."

"Well, that's a nice thing to say, but it will be hard to get the Quartermaster to start issuing ten-gallon Stetsons for the Guard Tower. Well, I'll be all right. Now I can use all my spare time around the Lazy-Q perfecting my five-alarm chili recipe for the tourist season. Take care, Kordel. And as the saying goes, if you ever come to Texas, look me up."

And with a hug from Charlie, and a handshake from the Director, Special Agent Kordel Nichols begins a new chapter in his tenure with the United States Secret Service.

As the principal agent in charge of guarding Cyrus Parkman, the son of President Anthony Harrison Parkman, he faces a daunting task, even for any experienced Secret Service agent.

However, that all changed one day with an explosion.

For you see, Cyrus Parkman isn't just any 12-year-old boy, he isn't even your typical First Kid.

Cyrus Parkman is a mutant.

Gifted with the ability to charge any inanimate object with explosively released biokinetic energy, he can turn almost anything he touches into a bomb. It was a secret he shared with few, hiding it from even his parents. But, a kidnapping and murder plot, foiled by the X-Men, with the aid of Agent Nichols, stopped a power play meant to destroy mutant-kind.

Now, after months of accelerated rehabilitation and intensive special training, under orders of the President himself. He stands in front of the Massachusetts Academy for Gifted Youngsters. Home to a school for a group of young mutants, like Cyrus, all learning to control and utilize their mutant abilities.

A group of young heroes calling themselves Generation X.

"Come on, Lariat!" The President's son called from the doorway of their new home. "You need to tell me what you been up to the last five months. Start at the point when we last met and when you get to NOW, slow down."

Blissfully driving north on Highway 7, a black Cadillac Escalade is making its way to Snow Valley, as well. Inside, three teenagers are doing what always drives the Naval officer who is driving, crazy. Singing along to New Wave songs.

What these three teenagers share in common (other than they are enjoying the torture of the classical music-loving three-star admiral), is the fact that they are all mutants, and like the President's son, are also on their way to attending the Massachusetts Academy.

"Mea aloha," Vice Admiral Thomas Kaulalona lovingly addressed his daughter, Alea sitting next to him. "Do you intend on continuing this all the way to your new kula hãnai?"

"Of course not, Admiral K," Nathan McPherson answered. "We'll call you and drive you crazy the rest of the way to the airport!"

"Besides," Stewart MacKenzie. chimed in. "You have to kill time while you're stuck waiting for that PX flight somehow."

"Speaking of killing time, Yoink," Alea asked. "How long did Iakona say he was going to be behind us?"

"The last thing he told me and Nuff was he'd be about an hour or so. He was going to ride his motorcycle to le école."

"Yea," Nuff replied. "He told me he had to wait for the realtor to sign some papers, and then he'd be on his way."

"I'll call him to see how far behind he is," Alea dialed a number by heart. "Aloha, my overgrown, Stitch!" Everyone in the Escalade chuckled at their friend's nickname. "Is your kîkala pai stuck to the seat yet? … Well, we are all toasty warm in here, as long as Yoink behaves! … 'Auhea 'oe? … He's in Canaan. Well we passed there half an hour ago and we're almost there, so I guess we'll be there to help thaw you out … Not in front of my makuakane, loe pa'a he kakake! … All right then mãlama pono! Aloha au iã 'oe, Iakona."

"SHIELD? Looking for a new line of work, Lariat?"

"No, Cyrus," Agent Nichols explained as the President's son unpacked his things. "But you do not trust only one person with a protection assignment, so your father ordered Colonel Fury to have me train with SHIELD. I learned more in the last four months than I had throughout my entire career!

"Fury named it 'Operation: Goldbrick.' I was teamed with three Level 9 field agents, and they turned out to be outstanding instructors, but Fury seemed to embrace the Drill Instructor role the most, especially the first day.

"Nichols meet 'Team Goldbrick!'" The SHIELD Executive Director bellowed at the four of them on the lower deck of the UNN Alpha. "The President tells me 'I need another flamin' Captain America, Nick, so my boy can grow up to be like his Uncle Jake!' but I reply 'no can do, sir!' Now kiddies why is that!? Agent 13!?"

"Because there can only be one Sentinel of Liberty!"

"Damnit, Carter!! That ain't the right answer!! That's yer Aunt Peggy talkin'! Cap!?"

"The Super Soldier formula process has yet to be reproduced, sir!"

"Hell no! Thanks for playing our game!! Dum-Dum don't screw up on me!"

"Because Cap'n America ain't never been or gonna be- "

"Say it!"

"No low-down stinkin' Red Sox fan!"


"That was disheartening to hear, seeing that Agent Dugan was born in raised in Boston."

"Well, don't take that Sox crack personally, Lariat, I met Nick when I was younger, Uncle Jake said Fury's from Hell's Kitchen makes him a pathetic Yankees fan. I guess there's no accounting for taste in SHIELD."

"Thank you, Mr. Parkman."

"So, learn anything fun?"

"Well, Cyrus, we cross-trained with every division the Helicarrier has. Sidearm Tactical Room Entry, Military Strategy, Multi-Hostage Breach, Sniper Trailing, Helicopter repelling, Field Emergency Medical Training, just about every kind of weapon you can think of, and non-stop cardiovascular and weight training with Captain America."

"Captain America? THE Captain America?" Kordel nodded. "COOL! I hope you remember everything he teaches you!"

"I only hope to never have to use any of those skills. So, how do you like the change of scenery, Cyrus?"

"Well there's no Felm-wad to beat up anymore, and I don't have to wear those UGLY Sidwell blazers again, EVER! I felt like an usher at the Tacoma Dome! I'm glad they don't have a dress code at this school.

"Speaking of this school, where are the rest of the students? I haven't seen anyone under 30 but you and me."

"Sean said they have a class in another part of the campus, and four new students are supposed to arrive before the X-Men, so we shall all get introduced in a short while."

"You know, Lariat, I'm feeling a little hungry. Let's raid the fridge!"


Entering the spacious kitchen, Kordel opened the refrigerator door to find it well stocked. The presence of numerous teenagers evident due to the large amounts of soft drinks and snacks.

"What do you feel like eating, Cyrus?"

The last time he was asked that question, was by a Naval steward, new to the White House kitchen. A steward, who by fulfilling the youngsters order, was promptly removed from White House service, because of the First Lady's objection to what she served her son.

However, as she is now 400-miles to the south, he goes for broke and orders it once again, verbatim.

"I feel like a punch bowl, filled with Chocolate Covered Sugar Bombs!"

"I shall see if they have it here," Nichols replied as he opens the first cupboard he comes across. Upon opening it he finds that Angelo Espinosa, a student they have yet to meet, had taken the liberty to stock the entire cupboard with Jubilee's favorite breakfast (and lunch, and occasionally dinner) cereal.

"JACKPOT!" Cyrus exclaims as he reaches inside a lower cabinet, takes out a large plastic mixing bowl, grabs a spoon from the counter, then reaches for one of the 22 boxes of the small coco-colored pellets and pours half the box into the bowl.

"Pass the milk and STAND BACK! This could get ugly!"

Agent Nichols grabs another box and begins to read the ingredients, as the President's son begins to devour the contents of the bowl before the milk turns chocolaty.

"Sodium ascorbate, Pyridoxine hydrochloride, Trisodium phosphate--"

"Yep," Cyrus replies. "Just like momma used to make! Well, that is if First Mom had ever made a kid's cereal. Hey, Sean!" he welcomes the Irishman as he walked in the kitchen. "Where's everyone else at?"

"They are wrapping up an 'assignment,' " he replied. "Right now the rest of the new students just arrived. Would you like to meet them, lad?"

"Well, I'm gonna be living with them, so might as well say hi now, before I scare 'em later," he replied as he drank the remaining milk straight out of the bowl, then joined Agent Nichols and Sean to the foyer.

"Bonté!" Yoink looked aghast. "This residence has to be at least 200-years old!"

"Actually, lad the Academy was formed in 1700 as a boarding school for the American colonial gentry," Sean told the Canadian. "Good morning to you all, and welcome to the Massachusetts Academy for Gifted Youngsters. I'm Sean Cassidy, Headmaster," He extended his hand to the Hawaiian man in the dress blue Naval uniform with three stars on each shoulder.

"Aloha kakahiaka, Mr. Cassidy, Vice Admiral Thomas Jefferson Kaulalona, United States Navy, Pacific Fleet. However, please call me Thom. This is my kaikamahine, Alea-"

"Aloha kakahiaka."

"And our 'ohana holo'oko'a, Nathan McPherson -"

"Everyone calls me Nuff."

"And his cousin, Stewart MacKenzie."

"Bonjour. Enchanté, Monsieur Cassidy. You can call me Yoink. Everyone else does."

"Please to meet all of you, this is our other new student-"

"Cyrus," He interjected holding out his hand to his new classmates. "They call me Kilowatt, but my good friends just call me 'Watt."

"Pleased, to meet you, 'Watt," Alea shook his hand. "Uh, by the way, you got this milk mustache-thing going on," she added gesturing to her upper lip, causing him to wipe his face sheepishly. "These are Yoink and Nuff."

"You look familiar," Yoink commented as he shook his hand.

"Yea," Nuff chimed in. "I've seen you before haven't I?"

"Well, that depends," He replied, worried about their reaction to the truth. "I'm from Seattle, were you guys from?"

"My kaikamahine and I were both born and raised in Pearl Harbor on Oahu-"

"While my cousin's from Prince Edward Sound, Alaska, I'm from Destruction Bay, in the Canadian Yukon. Oh, excusez-moi," the Canadian noticed the gentleman standing by Sean. "I didn't see you there," he extended his hand to Agent Nichols. "Quel est votre nom?"

"This is Kordel, but I call him Lariat," Cyrus replied. "He's from Boston and he's teaching here now."

"Please to meet you," Alea shook his hand. "I can't help to think I've seen you before, too."

"Wait a second," the wheels in Nuff's head turning quickly. "We've seen you on TV, right? Ain't you with the FBI or something?"

"Close, Mr. McPherson, I am Kordel Nichols," he said producing his badge. "Special Agent, United States Secret Service."

Cyrus slowly looked up at Agent Nichols with a look of shear surprise.

"They would have found out in another hour or so when Jubilee arrives." He explains.

He sighed and turned back to the newcomers. "I guess you're right," He then nervously looked to the ground and began to kick at the dirt. "My full name is Cyrus James Parkman."

"I knew I've seen you before," Yoink exclaims. "Attendre, wouldn't that mean that you, I mean your dad is -"

"The son of a lumberjack from Aberdeen.

"Okay, Okay, Okay. He's also the President." Damn! He thought. I thought that wouldn't matter here!

"Well of course it would matter here, Kulo," Alea replied aloud. "If we are going to be friends, we have to be open and honest with each other. Oh yea, by the way, I have some telepathic abilities, but my main kãhuli makana is the ability to turn into molten lava."

She pulled back her sleeve and raised her hand so they all can see, and said something in Hawaiian. "Ahi hele ke me ia'u!" Her hand began to glow an orange-red, then an immensely hot ball of fire began to dance on her hand.

"And I can make things turn cold," Yoink said wiggling his fingers at Alea's fireball, making it freeze solid in a matter of seconds. Alea removed her hand and the frozen lava ball fell to the ground shattering into a million shards.

"Frozen little showoff!"

"Gacer île sœur!"

"Neutral corners, children!" The Admiral admonished, a veteran of many squabbles of their opposite abilities create.

"Well, I don't have anything that flashy," Nuff said. "I can absorb the strength of whatever I touch." He clapped his hands together loudly. "Now pay attention to this," He reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver dollar. Holding it in front of him, he concentrated on it until the two fingers holding the coin was enveloped in a soft white light. "Now listen." He clapped again, But this time the sharp sound of flesh colliding with flesh was replaced with the clanging of a church bell.

"What happened?"

"Well my body is now as strong as this coin. You should see me in a fight after I touch a brick!"

"At least we're on the same side!"

"Excuse me," Sean interrupted. "But wasn't there supposed to be four of ye comin' to school?"

"Yes," The Admiral replied. "Jason had to stay behind briefly, he will be arriving shortly."

"Well, what about you 'Watt?" Alea asked "What is your gift?"

"You know Gambit, right? Well it's kinda like that." He replied reaching into his pocket and pulled a letter he was going to rip up anyway, folded it into a paper airplane, charged it, and then let it fly. After thirty feet, it exploded softly and fell to earth in flames, extinguishing itself in the snow.

"Now that was cleaver!" Alea said as Nuff and Yoink nodded in approval.

"And what of you, Agent Nichols?" Alea asked him. "What kãhuli makana do you possess?"

"I do not possess any mutant abilities, Miss. Kaulalona," Agent Nichols replied.

While this struck Nathan and Stewart as rather odd. The Admiral and his daughter shrugged it off.

"Hey, you hüpõs, the makua ali'i tests negative also, but he has helped us all those years!"

The statement, simple yet sensible, seemed to ease their minds.

"Look at it this way," Cyrus replied. "That makes him the 'white sheep' of the family."

As the group walked in the doorway they were introduced to the White Queen, Headmistress Emma Frost, who shook their hands.

"Sean, the other students are finished with their 'assignment,' and are inside the biosphere."

"Thank ye, Emma. Now if I can have the students follow me this way."

Alea, Cyrus, Nathan and Stewart all began to follow Sean out the door, Agent Nichols walked out with Cyrus.

"Agent Nichols," Emma addressed the Secret Service Agent. "You may feel free to join Admiral Kaulalona, Sean, and I for tea in the study."

"I stay with the President's son."

While not unexpected, especially considering the way Cyrus was first introduced to the school, it was not what the others had in mind.

"Hey, Hey, Hey!" He interjected. "What about that 'freedom and responsibility' stuff! You guys weren't feeding me a line in front of the Director, were you?"

"But Cyrus-"

"Stop worrying, Lariat," Cyrus then turned to his new classmates. "Hey, guys, if anything happens to me, you don't mind roasting 'em, freezing 'em, then beating 'em into a bloody pulp, do you?"

"MIND!?" Nathan replied. "Heck, if Jay were here he's do it just because there isn't anything to watch on TV on a Saturday afternoon!"

With those words, and a sense of conflicting instincts, Agent Nichols watched as the four new members of Generation X meets the rest of Generation X.

Students, your new classmates are now on their way to the biosphere. Remember, they are new to the Xavier Academy, and its' grounds, play nice!

"Okay, Ms. Frost," Paige Guthrie replied. "Here they come, Artie, Leech, you know what to do."

A projection of a large hand giving a thumbs up.

"Artie ready, Leech ready, too!"

Paige then ran fast away deep into the biosphere.

"Yes, Iakona, we're already here… Yes, one of the instructors is taking us to their biosphere. Just walk around the right side of the main building and through the black double doors…. Mr. Cassidy says we'll be in here getting acquainted with the other students for a while. Aloha au iã 'oe, hu'ahu'a 'eke! I have to go, see you in a bit. Kã hea mai when you get here, bye, Jay!" Alea put her cell phone away in her coat pocket. "That was my boyfriend, Jay," she explained to Cyrus. "He's just crossing the Stateline. He'll be right here, Mr. Cassidy."

"That'll be fine, lass," he replied, opening the large door that enclosed the Academy's biosphere.

To the four standing in the doorway, the view was breathtaking. Nestled in a geodesic dome the size of a football stadium was a scientifically controlled environment with several species of vegetation that could never be able to coexist in the same environmental plane. But to the four young students soaking up the sight for the first time it was the equivalent of looking upon Eden. As each of them loves the serine calm of nature, the biosphere would itself have been enough to wish to enroll here. Just inside were two little boys. One was green with large black eyes, the other was pink and projected a large hand that waved at them.

"Hi, my name is Leech. My friend is Artie."

Alea stepped forward. "Aloha, iki aikãne! I'm Alea," she knelt extending her hand, "These are my friends, Nuff, Yoink, and 'Watt," she pointed to each of them, who waved back at them.

"I'll let ye alone so you can get better acquainted with the rest of the students." He then exited the biosphere.

"Bon grâces, this place is magnifique!"

"This place reminds me of home already!" Cyrus exclaimed. "My REAL home. I haven't seen a real forest since Oz and me were on Bainbridge Island!"

"Hey, Leech," Nuff asked. "Where are the rest of the students? Jubilee said there were seven other students going here."

Artie projected an arrow that pointed deep into the biosphere.

"Artie says 'this way!' "

"Well, Artie," Yoink replied. "Lead the way."

"…When I was given my orders handing command of Pearl to me, Alea and 'ohana holo'oko'a had already started the new school year, so it made better sense to allow them to at least finish the semester."

"How long have Stewart, Nathan, and Jason been in your care, Admiral?"

"Please, ko'u hoaloha, Thom will do. Well they are all legally emancipated minors, except my kaikamahine of course. It may seem out of the ordinary, but it is what we have accepted as our 'ohona."

" 'Ohona?"

" 'Ohona is the Hawaiian concept of family, which in our homeland doesn't necessarily mean relatives, in much the same way 'house' doesn't necessarily mean 'home.' Ever since we accepted them into our lives they are 'ohana holo'oko'a, our extended family."

Sean, Emma, and Thom were all seated in comfortable armchairs while Agent Nichols stood slightly to the Admiral's right, barely touching his tea. Used to being in conference settings, much like this, as part of his Secret Service duties protecting various lawmakers, he intent to be 'professionally invisible,' but Sean addressed him, believing, he thought he was being ignored.

"Kordel, have you had a chance to unpack your things?"

"Yes, I have Sean."

"Do you have your lesson plans made out for your courses, Kordel."

"Yes, I do, Emma."

"Is there something wrong, Agent Nichols?"

"No, Admiral. I am sorry if I seem out of touch, but the last time I was away from Kilowatt…. Well, Sean knows. All my instincts tell me something is wrong, I should be with Cyrus at this moment."

"Don't worry yourself, lad. The student's will be fine. They are just being welcomed by the rest of their classmates."

"WOW!" Cyrus exclaimed marveling at the lush terrain. "I wished I had brought my camera, Oz has got to get a load of this place!"

"How much farther until we get there, little angels?" Alea asked.

Artie projected a road sign that read 'Next Stop.'

"Artie says, 'almost there.'" Leech translated.

"…So after the commencement ceremony at BU, I went straight to the Causeway Avenue office and submitted my transfer request. The current Director was the Agent-In-Charge of the Boston Field office since I began there when I was still in high school, so as regional director, he helped fast-track my application. Four years in Enforcement Division, and here I am."

"Fascinating," the Admiral replied. "And what of Cyrus? How has he been handling the events of his kidnapping all these months?"

"Those events are classified, Admiral. I can not divulge that information."

"Son, I have Top Level Pentagon clearance and Level 9 SHIELD Code White clearance. I've been reading 'Eyes Only' documents since you were still in diapers."

"I must apologize, Admiral Kaulalona, but under Executive Order 84220, 'any and all information gathered concerning the kidnapping, rescue and all subsequent pertinent information about Cyrus J. Parkman is classified.'"

"…So Jubilee tells me that's when Jean strangled Woods with her powers."

"Damn!" They all exclaimed, marveling at the story the President's son just told about his own brush with death.

"Are you okay, 'Watt?"

"Yea, well, kinda. Sometimes I still get nightmares of running into those guns with Jubilee on 14th Street. Jean has been helping me shuffle the images in my melon, but she won't erase all the crappy parts, so sometimes it gets hard to close my eyes."

Artie and Leech stopped in front of a large tree. There were planks nailed to its trunk leading to a large tree house at the base of its branches.

"We here!" Leech announced. "This our tree house. Artie and Leech live here!"

"COOL!" Cyrus exclaimed. "Oz and I had one when we were living in Bellevue! Can I climb inside it?"

A large yellow smiley-face appeared and began to nod, but Leech whispered in Artie's ear and the face quickly turned into a frown and shook its head.

"Sorry, but you can't climb to tree house."

"Why not?"

Suddenly the ground lowered, a large cargo net had lifted the four new students off the ground and ensnared them.

"Bet it'll be good to be back with the rest of the gang."

"Yea, Wolvmister," Jubilee answered. "I just hope they haven't used that big 'ol jungle trap on the new guys yet."

"Is this okay with you, Sweetie?" Jean asked giving her a squeeze. "If you think you're not quite ready yet-"

"Oh, come off it 'mommy.' Don't tell me you're afraid for me to leave the nest, again?"

"It isn't that," Scott patted the teenager's hand. "We want to make sure that your transition back to your classmates is smooth as possible."

Riding aboard the Blackbird, several members of the X-Men were about to reunite Jubilee with her old classmates at the Massachusetts Academy for Gifted Youngsters, as well as to welcome five new students and a teacher that were to have arrived that morning.

It had been about five months since they were involved in the rescue of Cyrus Parkman in Washington. With the aid of the newest member of the X-Men, Special Agent Kordel Nichols, they put down a major plot designed to eradicate mutant kind.

Then, though not as earth-shattering, meeting Alea, Stewart, Jason, and Nathan was one of the team's more interesting encounters by far. Ororo had chosen to wear the white hockey jersey she won that night leading Logan, the resident Canadian and Toronto Maple Leafs fan to note 'I know you can skate, an' I know you can fight. But with a little work on your one-timer shot and you can make first string left winger, 'Ro!'

Scott, though, had the most lasting reminder of that night, as Scott's eye did not heal for three weeks after getting hit in the head during the waning moments of that game. Even the Juggernaut noticed the bruise when they had faced the Avatar of Destruction in Egypt last Halloween.

"We have all been working to this moment, Jubilation, you especially have shouldered a heavy burden," Ororo added. "But on the offhanded chance that you, for some reason feel uncomfortable, Sean and Emma will understand."

"What's to feel uncomfortable about? I get to hang with the old gang and of course there are five new kids I don't want to leave hangin'!"

"Stop crushing my hands, Yoink!"

"C'est plus fort que moi! Je ne peux plus bouger! J' ai des fourmis dans Les janbes!"

"Alea, can you at least get your elbow out of my ribs!"

"I'm not Alea, Nathan. And that ain't my elbow."

Out of the foliage, four caped figures appeared next to Artie and Leech and joined the pair in watching their new classmates struggle with the trap they had sprung.

Do we really have to wear these capes, Ange?

"Símone, Jono," The gray-skinned boy replied.


"We just have to," The blonde girl hissed at them "Now you both hush up!"

"Welcome to the Massachusetts Academy," the blonde told the net's contents. "I'm Paige Guthrie. How do you like the campus so far?"

"Well, mademoiselle, I don't know about the rest of these guys, but I like it in here so much I decided to just hand around with some really close friends!"

"Dynamite drop-in, MacKenzie!" His American cousin replied. "Someone best get us down from here! The circulation to my legs is shut off!"

I told you the net wasn't large enough.

"I doubt comfort was the initial purpose of this prank," Monet St. Croix flew to the top of the tree house and untied the leaver which sprang the net and lowered it to the ground allowing the new students to exit their trap.

"Okay now vatos, we have a little tradition here at Xavier's. Now we all have to do some chores around here. Some of them ain't too bad, but some of them are straight fucked, like getting pots and pans on Macaroni and Cheese night."

"So we are going to have a little race." Paige added. "If all of you beat all of us back to the main doorway of the biosphere, you get first dibs on the chore assignments.

Should we tell them that we already know all the shortcuts in here?


"And what if we were to lose this little race?" Cyrus inquired.

"Well, homes, I wouldn't want Shithouse Patrol my first day here!"

"Not to worry children," The Hawaiian pulled up the sleeves of her jacket. "Ahi hele ke me ia'u!"

Nothing happened.

"No powers!" Leech shouted with obvious pride.

"I am forced to assume that no one informed you that Leech's genetic mutation also negates others mutant abilities."

Translation, mates Jono told them. You're on your own.

"Okay, Okay, Okay," Yoink replied. "We'll play your game, your way. But, tell me something mes amis, LOOK, IT'S DOCTOR DOOM!!!"

Embarrassingly, they all looked over their shoulders, not finding the Latvian dictator. When they wheeled back around they saw nothing but a sign made by Artie that read 'THEY WENT --!!!'

End of Chapter one

©David D. Amaya 2008