This would be fun, not that it would be that much of a challenge. However, this was going to be quite funny.

I waited until Aerrow was alone, which just happened to be returning to his bedroom after dinner, until I cornered him.


He jumped three feet in the air. "Who the hell are you? And what the hell are you doing in my room?"

I glared at him. "Watch you language, Aerrow. This is a children's show!"

Aerrow blushed. "Sorry. What the heck are you doing in my room?"

I smirked. "Me? I don't matter. I'm here because of you, Aerrow." He began to look nervous, glancing at the door. "You'll want to listen to what I have to sat, Storm Boy, or there will be some very nasty rumors going around the Atmos. Rumors centered around this picture."

Aerrow looked even more confused. "Why are you here? Who sent you?"

I smirked. "Cyclonis sent me." A downright lie, but hey, who cares? All for the fun of evil, nasty torture. I reached inside my jacket pocket, and instantly, Aerrow's blades were powered up and pointed at me. Still smirking, I withdrew the picture, and handed it to him.

It showed him and Cyclonis, kissing. Passionately.

Oh, the things one could do with Photoshop these days.

I looked at his shell-shocked face, and I couldn't help but twist the dagger deeper in his gut. "She wants the father to be around to help her raise her baby."

Aerrow closed his eyes, going into denial. "That's…impossible," he stuttered.

"Not impossible," I insisted.

"But I would remember!"

"Well, remember this. That party at Terra Sahar, that the Third Degree Burners were hosting. Where there was illegal alcohol, and the only thing you remember was waking up in your bedroom the next morning. Someone slipped something into your drink, and let me tell you, you didn't spend the night in your bed. The rest of the Storm Hawks were too nailed to notice you missing."

Again, more lies. Aerrow had only drank water, and he fainted out of exhaustion from battles earlier that day. Piper and Junko had carried him back to his room. Still, he didn't need to know.

He gulped, then glanced at the picture one more time. "I don't remember," he repeated guiltily.

"Well, don't tell her that. She's waiting for you to proclaim your undying love for her. Really, Aerrow, you could change her. Make her good. Save the Atmos!"

Aerrow's expression hardened into pure determination. "You're right. I can't shrink away from my responsibilities!" He scrawled a quick goodbye note to the other Storm Hawks, then hurried out with me to the hanger bay.

The poor, naïve fool never considered for a moment that I could be lying to him. His loss.

I will skip over a very boring 75 minute flight to Cyclonia on Aerrow's skimmer, and let me tell you that side-car may fit Radarr quite well, but it is not meant for a teenage girl, but heedless to say I did not shut up with "Are we there yet?" until Aerrow actually cried out in relief when we were there.

In the palace, we ran into no Talons on the way to the throne room. (Magic Author Powers. Don't ask, because I'm not in the mood to type them out again.) I looked Aerrow straight in the eye. "You ready?" He nodded. "Then just as we planned."

The red-headed teen took a deep breath, then stepped forward, bursting through the double doors and into the throne room. Cyclonis, Dark Ace, Ravess, Snipe, Repton, Chicken Feather, and all the other notable Cyclonians were in the process of planning their next attack on the Atmos. They were all quite shocked to see Aerrow waltzing into their throne room.

Before anyone could get over their shock and take out their weapons, Aerrow fell to his knees at Cyclonis's feet, loudly proclaiming, "Lark, my darling, I will always love you!"

There was a long, awkward silence. Then, "You know that's not my real name, right?"

Aerrow started blushing. At this time, Dark Ace got over his surprise and burst out laughing.

"Not funny, Dark Ace!" Cyclonis hissed.

"What do you mean? It's hilarious!" he insisted, tears of mirth streaming down his cheeks.

"Easy for you to say! What am I going to do with him?"

Comprehension was dawning on Aerrow's face. He scrambled up, blushing furiously now. "You mean, you're not pregnant with my child?"

Cyclonis scoffed. "In your dreams, Sky Knight."

The Dark Ace was rolling around on the floor, clutching his ribs, completely and utterly convinced he was going to die he was laughing so hard.

Aerrow scratched the back of his neck, looking really awkward. "Um, well, I'm sorry, there's been a misunderstanding, I think I'll go now." He backpedaled quickly, leaving the Cyclonians somewhat shocked but incredibly amused at his humiliation.

Poor Aerrow.

But, hahahahaha, that was so funny!

Okay, I admit it, I don't feel bad at all. Oh, well, comes from being an evil author! ;-)

This concludes the series, "How To Annoy A Storm Hawk." I hoped you like it.

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