"What the bloody hell is this? Where are you getting this ridiculous music?" demanded Severus.

"It is satellite radio. You pay a fee every month, and you can get all sorts of music. Here is the brochure," replied Hermione patiently, while handing the index of stations to her husband.

"Hmph. I still say nothing sounds as good as vinyl on a turntable," said Severus.

"Don't be such a curmudgeon. Now, don't you want some brownies?" asked Hermione.

"You think everything can be solved with chocolate. Are you related to Lupin?" sniped Severus.

"It could be worse. I could have offered you a lemon drop," replied Hermione. LOL

"Oh, gods. Now I'm going to have nightmares!" declared Severus.

"I will just have to tire you out before bed," said Hermione, smirking.