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Prologue (EPOV)

I could feel tingles spread over my body as I talked to Mike and Eric. It almost felt as if I were near her again. Obviously, I had consumed too much alcohol. There was no plausible reason for her to be here in Denver, let alone at this charity gala for the Denver Children's Hospital.

I had lost track of her when she left Chicago after the divorce. Last I had heard, she had moved to San Francisco. I hope she is happy with her new life and that I had not completely destroyed her. When the guilt concerning our divorce consumed me, I toyed with the idea of hiring a private investigator to find her. However, I had no idea what I would say to her if I ever ran into her again. What do you say to your ex-wife after you destroyed her heart and turned her into a shell of the woman she used to be? I'm sure she would not accept any apologies from me. There was no way that I would be able to see love shining in her gorgeous doe eyes again. I would kill be her love once again. No matter how I wished I could change the past, I had to accept that she would never take me back.

Mike's voice drew me out of my thoughts, "Did you see Isabella Cullen tonight? She's calling to me in that backless dress she is wearing. My dick is begging me to take her home and fuck her seven ways to Sunday. She is one fine piece of ass."

My breath hitched as I heard the name Isabella. Thank God he didn't say Isabella Swan. Would there ever be a time that I would think of her without feeling as if my heart were ripped out of my chest?

"Isabella Cullen? Who is she?" I questioned.

"Masen, I keep forgetting that you are new to the mile-high city. She's a sexy socialite here in Denver. She's got a tight little body and she knows it. Fucking cock-tease," Mike informed me. Mike's irritation was an obvious cover for the fact that he no chance with the illusive Isabella Cullen.

I cocked my eyebrow at him and confidently stated, "Well, I am always looking for a new challenge. I'm sure Isabella Cullen would love to meet my dick."

"Right Masen. I'm sure she would take one look at your dick and tell you to go fuck yourself. Actually, you would be lucky if that's all she told you. Last month she told Mike that she wouldn't let him near her with a strap-on, let alone his light-switch dick," Eric told me.

I threw my head back and laughed at her insult. I would definitely be meeting Isabella Cullen. Maybe she could help me forget about her.

"There's the fucking cock-tease now," Mike stated. "She is across the room on the balcony. The curvy brunette in the black dress."

I looked across the room and was greeted by the sight of the sexiest woman I had ever known. Holy fuck was she beautiful. My mind was screaming at me that she hated me, but my heart (and dick) leapt at the mere sight of her.

My eyes widened as I drank in the sight of her. She looked significantly better than the last time I saw her. Gone were her flat, emotionless eyes and too-thin figure. Her hair was shiny and her body was beyond magnificent. Her dress clung to the dangerous curves that I used to be intimately acquainted with.

I hardened at the mere thought of our prior sexcapades. I was assaulted with the memory of our last anniversary together when she yelled at me, "Who owns your dick?" It had been over three years, but I still wanted to scream across the room, "You, Mistress!"

While I continued to eye-fuck her, I tried to determine what I should do. If I waved, I would look like a douche. If I smiled at her, I came across as the arrogant bastard she thought I was. There was no gesture that could convey my love, longing, and regret without sending the wrong message.

As I continued my internal debate, she raised her champagne glass towards me with a mischievous smile.

Was she toasting me? Us?

She threw me a wink and turned away from the balcony.

What the fuck?

As she walked away from me, all I could notice was her backless dress and the way it highlighted the sashaying of her hips. The rhythm was hypnotizing. My mind was assaulted with memories of kissing my way up that back as I took her from behind. She was a fucking minx.

Seeing her again was driving me insane. I had not expected to find such a vixen. I had assumed that she would still be the woman that I had destroyed. The laughter in her chocolate doe eyes told me otherwise. She didn't appear to be angry or broken, she was amused. I was so fucking confused. Who is this Isabella Cullen and what did she do with my Bella? Most importantly, why the fuck is her last name Cullen?