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Forget Prada, The Devil Wears Gucci

After my talk with Bella, I knew I had to finish reading her book. I made my way to Barnes and Noble. Just my luck, Marie Brandon was a best-selling author and "A Woman Scorned" had its own display.

It felt like the entire store was watching me as I waited to check out. I ignored the questioning looks of the guy behind the counter and hurried home. After grabbing a beer out of the fridge, I sat down and really looked at the book.

The cover showed a caricature of a woman beating a man up. When I flipped to the back cover, I noticed that there was no picture. The biography stated that Marie Brandon lived happily with her friends and family now that her Masen was gone.


I flipped the book open and started where I'd left off.


My shoes were fucking mocking me.

Tanya and I used to go shoe shopping together. She would often 'educate' me on how Gucci screamed class and sophistication. Now, as I looked at my favorite pair, all I could think about was the image of those heels with "GUCCI made in italy" stamped on the bottom, digging into Masen's ass as he fucked another woman.

I had a feeling that image would haunt me until my dying day.

Not only did Tanya steal my husband, she singlehandedly ruined my love for one of my favorite brands. I would never be able to look at a pair of Gucci's the same way.

Forget Masen. Today, I was more upset about the shoes…

The more I thought about my new hate of all things Gucci, the more I realized that I needed to carry out another revenge plot against my 'sister.'

What better way than to ruin her 'fuck me' pumps?

After I skunked Tanya's home, she changed her locks. However, I knew that my stepmother, Irina, was guaranteed to have a spare key. The next afternoon I headed over to my dad's house under the guise of borrowing a fondue pot.

When Irina went to retrieve it for me, I frantically searched through her junk drawer. After a few seconds, I found one labeled, "Tanya" and quickly pocketed it.

Irina gave me the requested pot and asked me why I needed it. I quickly informed her that I was having a dinner party and would return it the next day.

She gave me a hug and told me she missed me. Our relationship had been strained since the discovery of Masen and Tanya's affair. I knew that Irina didn't approve of their relationship, but I also knew that she would never willingly help me vandalize her daughter's shoes.


After Masen threatened me over the bumper stickers, I knew that I needed to be discreet in my future revenge plots. There would come a day when they wouldn't overlook my destructive habits. I didn't want today to be that day.

I called Tanya's office and was informed that she would be showing houses for the rest of the afternoon. I quickly drove over to her house and let myself in.

Tanya's walk-in closet was filled with designer clothes, shoes, and handbags. Fashion was her main weakness. The woman used all of her disposable income to remain at the height of fashion. It used to be one of the many things I teased her about. Her response was always the same, "Anna, my furniture may be from IKEA, but when I walk out that door, nobody has to know."

Revenge was going to be oh-so-sweet.

I pulled out a knife and started cutting through the heels on all of Tanya's designer shoes. I then glued them back on with Elmer's Washable School Glue. Tanya would be able to wear her shoes, however the glue would either rub off or dissolve in water within hours.

After I finished, I dusted the inside of every suede shoe with itching powder. Itching powder can only be removed with soap and water. Unluckily for Tanya, soap and water ruin suede.

There were only four pairs of sandals left. I took some shoe nails and slowly hammered them into the bottom of each shoe. Looking at the soles, you couldn't see anything out of the ordinary, but once Tanya walked around, she would feel the tips of each nail. They were not long enough to do real damage, but would definitely cause major discomfort.

I assumed my subtle sabotage was complete until I walked past the laundry room. There in a dry clean bag were a couple of Masen's power suits and Tanya's designer dresses. Masen had always been particular about having his suits cleaned and I was sure that he would not be happy to see them bunched in a mesh bag on the floor.

I stepped into the laundry room, pulled the bleach bottle off the counter, poured a small puddle of it on the floor, and set the open bottle on its side. I placed the dry cleaning bag on top of puddle and made sure each of Masen's suits were immersed.

It's a shame that his expensive suits were ruined by a knocked-over bottle of bleach…

I left Tanya's with a huge smile on my face. The only thing I regretted was not being able to ruin THE fucking heels. She must have been wearing them that day.


The next afternoon, I was sitting in my dad's kitchen talking to Irina and I realized just how much I missed her. She couldn't help that her daughter was such a lying, conniving bitch. We were laughing when Tanya entered the house in tears.

"Mom," she called.

Irina yelled that we were in the kitchen. Tanya ran into her mother's arms and blubbered about Masen and bleach. She explained that he was angry with her for ruining his suits and told her that she was messy and didn't know how to do laundry.

I snorted when Tanya went on to explain that she broke a pair of heels that day. The sound of my snort alerted Tanya to my presence.

"I'm glad you find my misfortune so hilarious," she sneered.

"It's not my fault you don't know how to launder clothes. I guess the only thing you're good for is screwing other people's husbands."

Tanya gave me a look that killed. Irina looked torn. I know she wanted to defend her daughter, but she also understood my pain and why I was lashing out.

I thanked Irina for the use of her fondue pot and told her I would see myself out.

I paused at the door to put my shoes back on. As I was slipping on a sandal, I noticed THE fucking Gucci heels. I reached in my purse and pulled out a marker. On each shoe, I wrote "WHORE". One great thing about knowing Tanya so well was that I could really hit her where it hurt. I then poured crazy glue into the shoe bed.

Before I left the house I yelled out to Tanya, "Nice fuck-me pumps. They fit your personality perfectly!"

I figured this would be a neon sign that I'd ruined her other shoes, but I didn't care. Once she realized they were all sabotaged, she'd be coming for me anyway.

I may never be able to forget the memory of those heels digging into my husband's ass, but at least I knew THE shoes reflected the incident accurately.

Classy, my ass….


Holy shit.

I knew that Bella had witnessed us on the kitchen counter, but I never really thought about what she saw.

To have an innocent pair of shoes cause someone that much pain because they were a symbol of one of the worst days of her life, spoke volumes about how the incident affected her.

Then again, I could only imagine the horror. If I had walked in on Bella and Garrett, I would have literally gone crazy. The image of another man between those thighs while her high heels dug into his ass killed me.

I couldn't understand how she walked away. I would have immediately torn Garrett's dick from his body and shoved it up his ass.

Fucking hell…

It wasn't until that moment that I truly comprehended how it must have felt to see your spouse fuck someone else…