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And Burt and Ernie Were Just Roomates


Rachel Berry was a star, in every sense of the word.

Years after graduating with honors from William McKinley High School, located in Buttfuck, Nowhere (okay, Lima, Ohio), it could be safely said that Rachel Berry had made good on her promises. The lights on Broadway were indeed dull in comparison to her talent.

She had a penthouse high above the bustle of the city that never sleeps. She had assistants and fresh flowers and she had made something of herself and she was proud. And she wanted slushie-throwers everywhere to know this. They would whisper in the halls, "Rachel Berry has assistants. Rachel Berry has flowers. Rachel Berry is a star."

So naturally she was excited when William McKinley's tenth-year reunion rolled around because Rachel Berry had bragging rights. Naturally Rachel Berry signed up to be on the reunion committee, because she excelled at everything. She was positive she could stick on a stamp straighter than Quinn Fabray. Hell, she could stick on a stamp straighter than Adrian Monk.

Naturally, she was perfect for the job. Naturally, she would seal Puck's invitation with poise and grace and no hard feelings, because Rachel Berry was a bigger person than that, and naturally... Puck and Kurt had the same address?


Puck had lived in LA for years, and had become some sort of quasi Californian, all surfing and sushi and "what's up, dude?", at least by Rachel's understanding. He was pretty well off—Seaside Way sounded like beachfront property, right?—and his restaurant business had been through the roof ever since it was discovered he was some kind of culinary genius (which may have started way-back-when with those bake sale cupcakes).

Kurt had moved to LA to do some sort of America's Next Top Model related thing. But they had a history as sordid and twisty as Nixon's administration. The sort of dark water you wouldn't want to stick your toe in again. Much less move in with.

So it had to be a typo. Right? Maybe Kurt lived at 1513 S. Seaside Street, or 1513 S. Seafoam Corner, which was not a proper address but whatever. Rachel Berry decided that it was all a misunderstanding.

And Rachel Berry was never wrong.


Well, except for this one time. It was kind of hard to deny a rekindling of the relationship when Puck grabbed Kurt and kissed him in front of a number of WMHS alumni. Attention was quickly diverted from Rachel Berry's fame, her assistants and flowers and general awesomeness. But Rachel quickly found out that she didn't mind.

Rachel Berry figured she could stand being wrong, just this once.