Hey, how goes it? I know I have some other stories I should be working on, but what can I say, Romez and his story Bleach at Youkai Academy resally inspired me to write my own Bleach and Rosario+Vampire crossover, so please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own neither Bleach nor Rosario+Vampire

"How'd I get stuck in this mess with you two idiots?" a short, white-haired boy with sparkling green eyes sighed as he and two other boys waited at a bus stop for the bus to their 'new school.'

"I don't know why you pluralized that, Toshirou." one of the other two boys, an older boy with spiky orange hair and brown eyes told the white-haired boy, Toshirou. "Renji's the only idiot here."

"Yeah, I'm the only..." the final member of their ragtag group, Renji, a boy with his long red hair pulled up into a ponytail, brown eyes, and eyebrow-like tattoos extending down his neck began, but he caught himself. "Goddammit Ichigo!" the orange-haired boy, Ichigo, was laughing at Renji's outburst. "I'm no idiot!" Renji lunged at Ichigo, intent on ripping his prostate out through his throat.

"Will you two idiots stop your stupid little squabble?" Toshirou sighed as he noticed the bus they were supposed to be waiting for drawing near. "The bus is here." The two listened to the shorter boy and pulled apart, noticing that the bus was indeed pulling to a stop in front of them. The doors opened and they were greeted by the bus driver, a mustached man with glowing eyes smoking a cigar.

"Heh heh heh." the bus driver chuckled, taking a long drag of his cigar. "You three the new transfer students at Youkai Gakuen?"

"That's us." Ichigo replied as he, Toshirou, and Renji lifted their bags, a normal duffel bag and a special case for their Zanpakuto each, and entered the bus.

"Well, I hope you're prepared." the bus driver said as the three boys took their seats.

"And why is that?" Toshirou asked, looking at the bus driver before gazing out the window.

"Because Youkai Gakuen is a veeeeeerrrrrryyy scaaaaarrrrryyyyy school." was the bus driver's cryptic reply as the bus began moving.

"I guarantee I've shit creepier things than this school." Renji retorted, a simple look on his face, causing both Ichigo and Toshirou to sigh at his sheer stupidity.

Heh heh heh." the bus driver laughed again. "Keep hold to that sense of humor, boy. It just may keep you from losing your mind."

Ichigo sighed, wondering how he had gotten himself into this predicament. He remembered the basics of why he was there, but not why he specifically was there. Not even a month after Ichigo had defeated Aizen, he, Renji, and Toshirou were called to Squad One's headquarters specifically by Yamamoto.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, Abarai-fuku-taichou, Hitsugaya-taichou, thank you all for coming." Yamamoto boomed when the three entered Squad One's headquarters, noticing nobody else was in the room at all. "Now, I assume you three would like to know why I summoned you here, so I will cut right to the chase. You see, a little more than one hundred years ago,when he was still here, Urahara Kisuke noticed an oddly condensed and vast amount of reiatsu in Japan that couldn't be pinpointed no matter how many shinigami we sent to investigate. Just yesterday, by happenstance, the shinigami we have positioned in the Hokkaido region of Japan found a flyer that had an odd reiatsu about it. She brought it back and gave it to Squad Twelve. As it so happens, the reiatsu from the flyer matched the mysterious reiatsu from so long ago."

"But what does that have to do with us, exactly?" Ichigo asked, wondering where the story was going.

"I was getting to that." Yamamoto said, slightly annoyed that he was interrupted. "The flyer is for a school named Youkai Gakuen, which is why I specifically requested you three to go to there for a school year in order to scout out the area for potential threats. Do you three accept?"

"Yes, sir!" Renji and Toshirou answered, but Ichigo looked slightly apprehensive.

"Wait, what about my school and family?" Ichigo asked. "I mean, the new school year starts tomorrow."

"That has already been discussed with your father." Yamamoto answered. "You have already been transferred to Youkai Gakuen."

"I guess I don't really have much of a choice." Ichigo said, his eyebrow twitching at his father's ability to not take his own son's opinion into account.

"Since we leave tomorrow, when do we get our gigais, sou-taichou?" Renji asked the powerful shinigami.

"You don't." Yamamoto replied, confusing the three before him. "Since the area you will be going to is so spiritually dense, it can be assumed the beings there are spiritually aware due to the large amounts of reiatsu in the area, therefore gigais will not be necessary."

"Wait, what about my body?" Ichigo asked, wondering what he would do with his body for nine months.

"Simply ingest your kaizou konpaku and send him to the Urahara Shoten." was Yamamoto's answer. Ichigo nodded, finding the answer suitable.

"What about our Zanpakuto, sir?" Toshirou asked.

"I requested that Kurotsuchi-taichou build special cases, similar to the kendo cases used in the world of the living, that will not only house your Zanpakuto, but also camouflage your reiatsu, thus allowing you to blend in much easier.." Yamamoto answered.

"When do we leave, sou-taichou?" Renji asked.

"Tomorrow, at seven in the morning, be at the bus stop located one kilometer south of the Kurosaki Clinic." Yamamoto replied. "Any other questions?" Ichigo, Toshirou, and Renji shook their heads no. "Very well! Now, go get some rest, and good luck."

"Thank you sir!" the three replied,bowing before turning to leave.

"One last thing, you three." Yamamoto called when they reached the door, almost opening it. The three turned to look at him. "Under no circumstances are you to reveal your nature as shinigami. Do I make myself clear?" The three nodded, knowing if they blew it, they would be fricasseed by Ryuujin Jakka. "Good. And, Hitsugaya-taichou, I will be expecting detailed reports on your findings every month."

"Yes, sir!" Toshirou replied before he, Ichigo, and Renji left the building.

"Hey, bus driver, how long is is gonna take to get to the school?" Ichigo called out as the bus entered a tunnel.

"We'll be going to Youkai Gakuen as soon as we pick up another student." the bus driver answered. When the bus exited the tunnel, Ichigo noticed that the area they were in was completely different from where it should have let out. The bus slowed to a stop in front of a brown-haired and brown-eyed boy who greeted the bus driver before boarding the bus. It was then he noticed the three additional occupants.

"Oh! Hello!" the boy greeted, taking the seat opposite Toshirou. "I've never seen you before. New students?"

"Yep." Ichigo answered. "Name's Kurosaki Ichigo, second year transfer, nice to meet you."

"Abarai Renji, also a second year transfer." Renji said, scratching his chest.

"Hitsugaya Toshirou, first year." Toshirou coolly told the boy.

"I'm Aono Tsukune, a second year, nice to meet you all." Tsukune said, smiling kindly at the three.

"Say, Tsukune, I know we just met and all, but could we ask a favor of you?" Ichigo asked, looking over the seat at the boy in question.

"Hm?" What is it?" Tsukune asked back.

Ichigo reached into his pocket and pulled out his schedule before replying. "When we get to Youkai Gakuen, do you think you could show us wherever Nekonome-sensei's room is?"

"Just follow me when we get there, Nekonome-sensei is my homeroom teacher, too." Tsukune told the substitute-shinigami.

"Thanks." Ichigo said, causing Tsukune to smile before he turned around and pulled out a letter, gazing at it fondly.

"A letter from a friend? How delightful, neh, boy?" the bus driver asked as they entered another tunnel. "But little by little..." He continued, confusing the four passengers on the bus, "from here on out, those little mistakes you made in life will pile up, bringing you down. At any rate, terrible things are going to happen..." He turned his head and looked at the four teens he was transporting, slightly scaring Tsukune and making the three shinigami feel slightly uneasy, "At Youkai Gakuen."

"I wonder what he means?" was the unanimous thought running through their heads as the bus exited the tunnel, opening out to a barren cliff overlooking the ocean. The four exited the bus and the bus driver smirked at them before closing the doors.

'It's OK... I know full well this is my last chance to turn back from bad things.' Tsukune thought as he, Ichigo, Renji, and Toshirou watched the bus pull off. 'But for the sake of meeting my friends... Very soon. Soon I will meet Moka-san and everyone.' He smiled slightly in the direction of the school before turning to his three new comrades. "Umm, I hope you don't mind, but before I show you to the classroom, I was going to meet up with some of my friends."

"Hey, you're being kind enough to show us where the classroom is in the first place, so it's no problem." Ichigo assured the boy.

"Thanks." Tsukune grinned at Ichigo. "Actually, would you like to meet them? This school can be pretty intimidating, and friends ease that a lot."

"Sure, thanks." Renji replied, causing Tsukune to nod and turn around.

"Hold it." Toshirou said, causing Tsukune to turn around and look at him. "Could you point me in the direction of the headmaster's office? I need to speak with him about something."

"Sure." Tsukune said, turning around and pointing to the tallest tower at the school. "His office is at the top of that tower."

"Thanks." Toshirou told Tsukune before he Shunpoed out of sight, presumably to go talk to the headmaster.

"Whoa!" Tsukune exclaimed at Toshirou's speed as he, Ichigo, and Renji started walking. "Is he a werewolf?"

"Werewolf?" Ichigo asked, deeply confused. "What do you mean?"

"Errm, you guys do know that Youkai Gakuen is a school for ayashi, right?" Tsukune warily asked the two fiery-headed boys behind him.

"Ayashi as in werewolves and vampires?" Ichigo asked, not all that perturbed by the revelation.

"Yeah." Tsukune answered. "Actually, two of my friends here are a vampire and werewolf."

"Right, and next you're gonna tell us you're friends with a succubus, a witch, and a yuki-onna." Renji snorted, not believing the tale as easily as Ichigo.

"Actually..." Tsukune sheepishly began, rubbing the back of his head.

"It was rhetorical!" Renji comically yelled, causing both Tsukune and Ichigo to chuckle.

"Before we get there, I have to ask, are either of you human?" Tsukune seriously asked as they got within a hundred feet of the main gate.

"Not even close." was Renji's simple reply.

"Yeah, I am." Ichigo said, but he continued with something that shocked Tsukune. "But so are you, right?"

"What?!" Tsukune frantically yelled. "How'd you know?! Please don't tell anyone!"

"Relax, I'm not going to." Ichigo said, calming Tsukune down significantly. "But now I have to ask, do your friends know what you are?"

"Yeah." Tsukune responded, smiling fondly. They entered the gate and heard something that made Tsukune's heart jump.

"And also, we'll have to decline your flirting." a young, female voice said. "Moka-san's already declared Aono Tsukune the man fit to be her future lover." The three looked in the direction and saw a small, black-haired girl in a witch's hat grinning evilly at a group of stunned boys and pointing at a pink-haired, green-eyed girl who had an utterly startled and embarrassed look on her face.

"Tsukune isn't my lover!" Moka exclaimed while shaking the witch slightly, her face turning a deep shade of pink.

"I said it so the flirting would stop." the witch replied, a small grin and a blush on her face.

"And what if he heard you say that?!" Moka shot back, her face getting redder and redder by the second.

"Huh? Moka-san?" Tsukune asked as he stepped forward, a large smile on his face.

Moka turned around, looking shocked. "Tsu... Tsukune!!?"

"That guy is Tsukune-san." the witch told a random blond boy next to her.

"EEEEH?!" he screeched. "Someone like that?!"

"Tsukune, did you hear that conversation just now...?" Moka asked, Tsukune, clearly flustered.

"Conversation?" Tsukune played dumb, not wanting to embarrass his friend any further.

"Er, well, it's nothing, just forget about it, Tsukune." Moka frantically exclaimed before smoothing out her frizzed hair, not even noticing Ichigo and Renji.

'C... Cute...' Tsukune thought before putting his hands in front of his face as if he was being blinded, causing Ichigo and Renji to exchange looks that clearly said: 'What the Fuck?" 'I knew it, Moka-san is so cuteeeee. It's like she's glowingggg! It's like thing go back to being good, just by seeing her smiling face. I'm so glad I came back to this schollllllll!' Tsukune turned away, blushing, while Moka looked confused and the witch just laughed.

"Ah, I found you~~~!" another voice called. Ichigo looked to his right just in time to see a petite, blue-haired girl with large breasts dash forward and tackle-hug Tsukune. "It's been so long, Tsukune~~~~!"

"Waaaaaaaaa!" Tsukune exclaimed, nearly being knocked off balance. "Ku... Kurumu-chan!"

"Aaaaan, to be with you again." Kurumu happily exclaimed, rubbing Tsukune's face into her ample bosom while Moka looked on, clearly angry. "I love you 3!"

"Uhyaaa!" the same nameless boy near the witch exclaimed. "Who is that girl with the amazing breasts?"

"Kurono Kurumu." the witch answered. "She's Tsukune-san's worshiper."

"Worshiper?!" the boy incredulously exclaimed while Ichigo and Renji just looked on, amused.

Suddenly, an ice-kunai came out of nowhere and lodged itself in Kurumu's forehead, causing her to let go of Tsukune and squeal in pain as blood gushed out of the wound. "Let go Kurumu... I won't let you get that close to Tsukune." Ichigo and Renji looked over to where the kunai flew from and saw a purple-haired girl sucking a lollipop hiding in some bushes, another ice-kunai in her right hand.

"Mizore-chan!" Tsukune gasped, wheeling around to face the shy girl.

"It's been so long, Tsukune..." Mizore replied timidly.

"So far!" Tsukune replied. "When did you get there, Mizore-chan?"

"Who is it this time?!" the random boy asked, his eyes replaced by swirlys. "That girl's cute, too!"

"Shirayuki Mizore." the witch answered. "She's Tsukune-san's stalker."

"How... How did a cretin like Tsukune get so many girls?!" the boy exclaimed before finally passing out from an informational overload.

"You..." Kurumu said, looking at Mizore with tears in her eyes as her nails extended into claws. "How dare you hinder my reunion with Tsukune. I'll kill you."

"I'll show you, boob-woman, and everyone else, the bond between Tsukune and me." Mizore responded, large claws of ice forming on her hands.

"Ah... St..." Moka began, not wanting her friends to fight.

"Stop it!" Tsukune yelled from in between the two girls, trying to act as a mediator. "It's been so long since we were all together, so for now, will you please stop?!"

"I will prove my superiority!" Kurumu and Mizore yelled as they lunged at each other.

"Guys, please help!" Tsukune pleaded with Ichigo and Renji, who nodded, before they Shunpoed, Ichigo quickly appearing behind Kurumu, and Renji appearing behind Mizore, before they hooked the collars of their shirts with their index fingers, halting the two girls. "Thanks, guys."

"What the-?!" Kurumu exclaimed, looking back and noticing Ichigo holding her back with a single finger. 'Wow, he's strong.' "Who are you?!"

"So, now you decide to notice us." Renji sighed in annoyance, causing Mizore to look and see who she was being held back by. "Now, will you please stop arguing about whoever has bigger tits, or whatever, Tsukune was leading us to class." This comment did not sit well with either of the two restrained girls.

"May I?" Kurumu asked, looking back at Ichigo with an annoyed and embarrassed look on her face.

"By all means." Ichigo replied, letting go of Kurumu's collar, allowing her to march forward.

"Wait, what?" Renji wondered aloud, slackening his grip, causing Mizore to break free and face him, also looking annoyed and embarrassed. "C-calm down, we can talk about this!" But it was too late. Kurumu and Mizore launched at Renji, slashing his face with their claws, causing him to clutch his face and howl in pain before falling on the ground.

Ichigo walked forward, pulling the case housing Zangetsu off his back as he did so. "You okay, Renji?" he asked, poking Renji with the end of the case.

"Just fucking peachy, ya bastard!" Renji growled before vaulting himself off the ground and standing up, the wounds on his face still bleeding. "Why'd you do that!"

"Hey, you were asking for it." Ichigo replied, smirking slightly as he placed the case back on his back.

"Um, excuse me, but who are you?" Ichigo turned around to see Moka, the witch, Kurumu, and Mizore looking at him and Renji.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, nice to meet you." Ichigo said to the four girls.

"Abarai Renji." Renji replied before running a hand down his face and wiping the blood off.

"Nice to meet you!" Moka happily said, bowing slightly to the two boys. "I'm Akashiya Moka."

"I'm Sendou Yukari!" the witch exclaimed, grinning at the two before her.

"I'm Kurono Kurumu." Kurumu said before looking over at Renji. "And I don't like you." This caused Renji's eyebrow, err, tattoo, to twitch with annoyance.

"Shirayuki Mizore." Mizore said to the two boys. "Where'd you two meet Tsukune, anyways?" Ichigo opened his mouth to answer, but the bell rang, signifying homeroom was about to begin.

"We met on the bus." Tsukune said as two of them began walking towards the classroom. "They just transferred in."

"So, why'd you two transfer in during second year?" Kurumu asked as they walked up the stairs to the second floor.

"It's not just us." Ichigo replied. "We transferred in with our friend Toshirou, though he's only a first year. As for us, it's because our parents wanted us to at least try our first year of high school in the human world." Tsukune was amazed at how quickly Ichigo was adapting to being in a school inhabited by monsters.

Tsukune opened the door to room 2-1 and then noticed everyone following him in. He took a seat two seats away from a window, Moka sitting to his right, Yukari behind him, Mizore to his left, Ichigo in front of him, Kurumu to Ichigo's right and in front of Moka and Renji to Ichigo's left and in front of Mizore.

"Hello, everyone!" the teacher, Nekonome-sensei greeted as she walked in, a large, happy smile on her face. "It's been such a long time. I'm this class's homeroom teacher, Nekonome Shizuka. When school opens tomorrow, you'll all be second years. First off, welcome back to this lovely school of Youkai!" Everyone in the class, save for Ichigo, Renji, and Mizore cheered in excitement. "Currently, the humans are trying to control this world." Nekonome-sensei began tapping the chalkboard with her pointing-stick. "That is, we allow the humans to coexist alongside our beautiful selves. This school is here to teach us how to coexist with them. The foundations of coexisting with humans is to disguise ourselves. Everyone in the academy certainly can take the human shape, so please live your daily lives in them."

'I knew it, there's going to be many hardships ahead...' Tsukune thought as he looked at the letter from Moka again, 'in this love.'

"So, everyone's together in class this year." Mizore said aloud as she crouched behind her desk, facing the rest of the group, save for the now sleeping Renji. "We all found out about Tsukune's true form at the same time. If the headmaster found out..."

"Point is, we'll protect you, alright?" Kurumu said, opting not to glomp him, but instead give him a reassuring smile. "Leave it to us!" She then turned around to face Ichigo. "Speaking of true forms, what kind of monsters are you two?"

"Sorry." Ichigo answered, looking apologetic and remembering Yamamoto's warning. "Can't tell you, my grandpa would freak."

"Ohh, man." Kurumu pouted, causing the tips of Ichigo's ears to turn red from how cute she looked. "Oh, well. Do you and that perverted jackass wanna go explore the school? It's soooo much fun."

"Yeah!" Yukari chimed in. "It's totally rebuilt now!"

Unknown to them, Moka was gazing longingly at Tsukune, but when he turned to look at her, she abruptly diverted her gaze. 'Just now I know I saw Moka-san looking this way...' Moka suddenly stood up and walked out the door, ignoring her friends, who were calling her name.

"I'll go get her. Desu." Yukari said as she hopped from her seat and followed Moka out the door.

"Sooo, where are you guys from, anyway?" Kurumu asked, turning back to Ichigo.

"Well, I'm from Karakura Town." Ichigo answered. "As for Renji, I've got no idea."

"Just wake him up and ask, boob-woman." Mizore told the blue-haired succubus, who stuck her tongue out in annoyance.

"Fine." Kurumu huffed, walking over to Renji's desk and kicking him out of the seat. "Wake up! We've got a question."

Renji grumbled a few choice profanities under his breath before responding. "Whaddya want?"

"Where are you from?" Mizore asked, causing Renji to turn around and look at the shy yuki-onna.

"A total cesspit called Inuzuri." Renji asked, the look on his face showing he didn't want to go any further than that.

"Tsukune-saaaaan, can you come here for a moment?" Yukari called from the doorway.

Tsukune stood up and walked over to her. "Yukari-chan? What's wrong?"

"Eehehee, everything's fine." Yukari responded, a small grim on her face. "Come this way for a minute." Tsukune looked puzzled, but complied nonetheless. Kurumu, Mizore, Ichigo, and Renji, on the other hand, looked suspicious of the young witch's actions.

"Think we should follow them?" Ichigo asked, voicing the unanimous opinion amongst the four.

"Probably." Kurumu replied. "Mizore, you go with the jackass," Renji interjected with a disgruntled 'Hey!' here, but he was ignored, "and I'll go with Ichigo."

"Sure." Mizore agreed. She then grabbed Renji by the collar and dragged him out the door and to the left.

"Alright, Ichigo, let's go look outside and..." Kurumu began, but stopped talking when she noticed Ichigo had his eyes closed and was concentrating. "What are you doing?"

Three seconds later, Ichigo's eyes snapped open, a small smirk appearing on his face. "Found 'em."

"Ehh?" Kurumu asked, wondering how he did so. "Where are they, then?"

"Just follow me." Ichigo answered as he walked out the door, Kurumu in tow.

"Where do you think we should look, pervert?" Mizore asked as she continued to drag Renji down the hall, earning her many stares. When she didn't get an answer, she looked back and noticed he had his eyes closed. She formed an ice claw on the hand not on his collar, intent on waking him up, but he suddenly opened his eyes, startling her, and threw her over his shoulder before taking off down the hallway. "Where are you taking me, pervert?" She accentuated her question by pressing her claws against his throat.

"To where Tsukune and Moka are, now please take those claws off my throat." Renji answered before running out of the building... out of a second story window.

"If we die, I'm going to kill you." Mizore calmly told Renji, despite the fact that they were falling at an alarming rate.

"Wow, you were right!" Kurumu exclaimed as she and Ichigo crept up to where Moka and Tsukune were, the two of them in an awkward position with Tsukune on the ground at Moka's feet, his face dangerously close to her thigh. "What on Earth are they doing?!"

"Is it just me, or does Moka look a little... off?" Ichigo asked, noticing her slightly altered facial expression.

"You're right..." Kurumu agreed. She then noticed Moka began talking. "What's she saying?"

"Did you know?" Moka asked Tsukune. "If you kiss the leg of a woman, it's like an eternal vow that you belong to her. Kurumu-chan and Mizore-chan, don;t do this with them. This way you belong only to me... You do it, Tsukune." Tsukune moved his head closer to Moka's thigh, intending to give in to her request and kiss it.

"Oooooh, that idiot!" Kurumu growled, her ears becoming pointy, a tail growing from under her skirt, and two large bat-like wings sprouting from her back, causing Ichigo to look at her curiously. "Doesn't he realize Moka isn't being herself?!" Kurumu flew at the two of them just as the ground began cracking and several black tree roots erupted from the cracks, restraining Moka.

"Iwaa!" Tsukune yelled. "I knew it was useless! What the hell are these tree roots?!"

"It's witchcraft." Kurumu answered from the air, causing Tsukune and Moka to look up at her. "The succubus special technique variety."

"Kurumu-chan!" Tsukune said when said succubus flew down, picked him up by the arm, and flew onto the nearest tree.

"Geeze!" Kurumu chastised, holding her finger up in front of her face. "We had a premonition something like this would happen so we followed you. What are you doing, Tsukune?! Can't you tell when Moka-?!"

"What on earth," Moka cut Kurumu off, swinging a cross-shaped grave marker at the tree the two were in, "are you doing, Kurumu-chan?!" Moka completed the swing, breaking the tree completely in half, causing Ichigo's eyes to widen in surprise at her strength.

"Waaa!" Tsukune exclaimed in shock as he fell towards the ground.

Kurumu landed on the ground first, looking at Moka and readying herself in a battle stance. "Ku... You!" She would have attacked, but a thick portion of the tree fell on her head, promptly knocking her to the ground.

"Crap!" Ichigo said to himself before Shunpoing to where Kurumu was to lift the tree up. Upon doing so he noticed she was knocked out and had a large bump on her head, but she was otherwise fine.

"That was dangerous, Tsukune." Moka said as she caught Tsukune bridal style before he hit the ground.

"Moka-san." Tsukune said, looking at her face, but not her now glowing Rosario.

"Hoo, so finally, the true nature of your ancestral force is showing itself, Akashiya Moka?" Mizore's voice came from behind Moka and Tsukune. They both looked around just in time to see an ice claw erupt from the grave nearest Moka and grab her by the ankle. The claw slowly wrapped it's way around Moka, rooting her to the tombstone. "Manipulating and freezing the water underground is the power of a yuki-onna." They looked over and finally noticed Mizore, Renji standing roughly a foot behind her, both of her hands morphed into claws and a semi-circle of ice spikes around her. "The water can be broken quite easily. I'll say what will happen... I won't let anybody take Tsukune."

"Mizore-chan!" Tsukune exclaimed upon noticing the quiet girl.

"Why does nobody notice me?" Renji asked nobody in particular, causing Mizore to giggle lightly at his plight.

"Geeze, for Moka to go as far as to waken.." Mizore said, walking over to Tsukune. "We can't be this carefree anymore. Tsukune... Let's go make a baby." Mizore's face reddened, Tsukune looked incredibly nervous, and Renji burst out laughing at this proclamation. Mizore then grabbed Tsukune by the back of the collar and began dragging him away. "Point is, it's certain we'll have a good life. We could also say 'the kid is the clamp.'"

"Wait, Mizore-chan!" Tsukune yelled, trying fervently to get away, but to no avail. "Please, wait!"

"No need to be shy, this will be my first time, too." Mizore said, not even bothering to acknowledge that he was trying to escape.

"That's not what I mean!" Tsukune replied while Moka looked on, evidently mad.

"Wait!" Moka said, trying her hardest to break free of the ice. "Wait, you!"

"It's useless." Mizore answered, not looking at the annoyed vampire. "Your power is sealed while you're trapped in the ice." She turned around when she heard the sound of something being ripped out of the ground, and saw Moka had lifted he entire gravestone out of the ground, much to the surprise of her, Renji, and Ichigo, who was gently trying to wake Kurumu up.

"Hup!" Moka grunted as she threw the tombstone at Mizore, promptly knocking her out as well and freeing Tsukune. "There, that nuisance is gone." Moka then picked Tsukune and she walked off, away from the four, while Renji Shunpoed over to Mizore to wake her up as well.

"Owww, my head." Kurumu complained when she finally woke up.

"You okay?" Ichigo asked, nothing but concern in his eyes.

"Aside from a killer headache, I'm fine." Kurumu replied, trying to stand, but she stumbled, so Ichigo helped her walk over to where Renji and a now conscious Mizore were. "How did this happen?" She looked at Mizore when she asked this. "Moka's real power is sealed by the Rosario on her chest. How in the world did she go berserk like that?"

"Fufufu." Yukari laughed as she walked over to the group, holding a small vase-like object that had a smiling heart on it. "That's Horehore-kun's effect. Horehore-kun removes all the heart's reasoning and purity, and acts like an aphrodisiac. When the campus was closed, I passed through the 'Mirror of Lilith' and I got an idea. According to this, the result was a huge success! I knew I was a genius!!"

"Yukari-chan!" both Kurumu and Mizore exclaimed, while Ichigo and Renji looked on, slightly amused.

"An aphrodisiac?" Mizore asked, looking at the young witch.

"What in the world are you doing?" Kurumu asked, eying Yukari suspiciously.

"The aphrodisiac has caused Moka-san to loose her self control." Yukari answered. "That reckless power was proof of that, but Moka-san's kind nature is interfering, and the seal's strength is still strong. But in her current cruel state, Moka-san's brute-force reaction to get Tsukune-san was expected." She turned away, her face red. "Ufufu, with this, my dream of getting in bed with them is just a breath away 3." Both Ichigo and Renji looked disturbed at this proclamation.

"Niiice, we understand, Yukari-chan." Kurumu cooed, her facial expression betraying her tone as she grabbed Yukari's left shoulder.

"In other words, the mastermind behind this whole thing was you." Mizore said, grabbing Yukari's right shoulder. All in all, Yukari looked scared, and with good reason. Within a few seconds, Kurumu and Mizore strung Yukari upside down with a rope over some ice spikes, a candle slowly burning the rope.

"C'mon you two!" Kurumu called over her shoulder, her and Mizore already taking off in the direction Moka took Tsukune. "We have to stop Moka and get Tsukune out of danger!"

"I don't think we're going to have a normal day here." Ichigo told Renji as they took off after the two girls.

"Probably not." Renji agreed when they caught up with Kurumu and Mizore. They continued running, and roughly a minute later, they arrived just in time to see Tsukune, who was on top of Moka, rip her Rosario off.

"Ah." both of the teens exclaimed . Moka then started glowing, her bright pink hair changing to a vibrant silver.

"Oh, crud!" Tsukune panicked. "I used too much force and the Rosario accidentally came off!"

"How dare you touch me all friendly like." Moka growled, her voice sounding slightly different. "How dare you touch my body."

"No, wait!" Tsukune said, panicking greatly. "I'm sure even a devil like you will understand after I..."

"Even more so," Moka said, lifting her, revealing her eyes were now red as were her cheeks, "why are you riding on top of me?!"

"Wait-!" Tsukune meekly replied.

"Know your place!" Moka said as she kicked Tsukune off her, causing him to hit the ground with a crash. "I'm sure you didn't notice, so allow me to fill you in: the little witch gave the Outer Moka an aphrodisiac."

"Eh?!" Tsukune asked form the ground. "Yukari-chan had you drink an aphrodisiac? Th-then today, Moka-san's pushy actions were..."

"Completely the aphrodisiac's fault." Moka answered, turning back to face Tsukune. "However, my supreme pride as a vampire will not allow a lowly human like you to get near me."

"B-but the surface Moka-san-!" Tsukune interjected, but Moka cut him off.

"Tsukune, you should watch what you say." Moka said, repeatedly tossing her Rosario slightly into the air and catching it. "I have split personalities. My power is sealed, and my heart is different from hers, I have no choice but to use this body. In other words, if you touch the outer Moka, it's the same as touching me, and that would just be too rude for me to permit, don't you think? From now on, these two personalities have nothing to do with each other; you are not allowed to touch this body. If you lose Akashiya Moka, you'll have no choice but to seduce me." She threw her hair back in a flaunting manner. "Naturally, I am impossible for you to capture."

"Sounds like a badly packaged deal he's selling, that guy." Mizore said, a blank look on her face.

"Good job, Inner Moka!" Kurumu said, giving said vampire a thumbs up. It was then that Moka noticed the four additional presences in the area,

"You two!" Moka yelled at Ichigo and Renji. "How much did you hear!"

"The four of us have been here ever since Tsukune took that Rosario off." Ichigo answered.

"So, that means you know Tsukune is human..." Moka lowly said, Ichigo and Renji nodded in affirmation. "Well, it looks like now you'll have to die!"

"Eh?" was all Ichigo could manage when Moka jumped at him, ready to kick the left side of his head.

"Moka-san, wait!" Tsukune shouted as he stood up, but it was too late, as Moka's kick met... Ichigo's left forearm. Despite how much strength Moka put into the kick, Ichigo wouldn't budge. In fact, he didn't seem to even be exerting any energy to keep her at bay.

"Tch!" Moka huffed as she pushed off Ichigo's arm and jumped back, landing next to Tsukune. "Just what manner of monster are you?"

It came as a great shock to Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore when Ichigo responded with "Human."

"Don't lie to me!" Moka growled. "There's no way a human could block my kick!"

"It's a long story, but I'm not lying, I really am human." Ichigo honestly told the enraged super vampire.

"Fine." Moka conceded before placing the Rosario back on her choker. "But next time I awaken, you had better be prepared." Moka was enveloped in light again. When the light faded, the pink-haired Moka was back and she fell into Tsukune's arms, fast asleep.

"So, you're really human?" Kurumu asked the orange-haired substitute shinigami. Ichigo merely nodded. "And you're not at all surprised that we're ayashi?"

"Not really." Ichigo answered, shrugging his shoulders. "Besides, I've seen stranger things."

"What could be stranger than ayashi to a human?" Mizore asked, rolling her lollipop from side to side.

"Kurotsuchi Mayuri." Ichigo answered, earning a chuckle of agreement from Renji and confused stares from everyone else. "A creepy-as-hell guy I know."

Out of nowhere, Renji grabbed the back of Ichigo's shirt and began dragging him away. "Sorry to leave so suddenly, but we gotta go talk to the first year we came here with and learn what he needed to talk to the headmaster about. Later!"

Ichigo could only sigh as he was dragged along. "See ya tomorrow." He gave everyone a brief wave goodbye, all of them returning it, save for the still sleeping Moka. 'This is gonna be one weird year.'

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