Author's Note: Greetings! Since my epic 'Origins' was so well received here, I thought I might post some of my other slash stories. This is the very first slash story that I ever wrote. It's a little rougher around the edges than my later story, but I'm quite proud of it. :^) Hopefully you will enjoy. The first chapter or two might start out a little slower, but it then picks up around chapter 3.

This is a slash fiction, meaning m/m. If that is not your cup of tea, then don't read further. I appreciate feedback, but not flames.

Disclaimers: Doing this only for therapeutic value. Not making any money off it. All the characters in this fic belong to Marvel & Stan Lee.
I'm broke so sueing me would be like trying to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Notes: This is an AU because empathy and spatial awareness are just too cool for Remy not to have. Also, Remy's been to Antarctica, but none of
them have been to space.

Summary: Logan takes Remy camping for a few days...trouble ensues

Warnings: I don't know French or Cajun French, so my apologies to people of those areas if I butchered the language in this fic. If I put any
in this fic,it came from online translators and LA library archives. I'm not a camper, so if something doesn't sound doable or real, just
remember this is an AU so it's possible in this fic.

Words in between ~ ~ are thoughts


"GUMBO" Logan yelled out as he entered the kitchen of the Xavier Institute. Using smell to track down his team mates within the walls of the institute was always challenging because their scents were all over the place, lingering everywhere at once. It was only logical, as they all shared the same roof. Oh, Logan could do it if he had to. He was Wolverine after all, a mutant with enhanced senses, healing factor, adamantium bones, and an inner beast always on the verge of surfacing. It was just easier to yell.

As if on cue, the resident mutant thief, Remy LeBeau, strolled casually into the empty kitchen. He glanced momentarily at the older man standing on the opposite side of the room, feigning disinterest and boredom. Moving over to the refrigerator, Remy rooted around for a beer, before turning to his feral lover.

"You holler'd, mon ami?" he drawled while twisting the cap off his brew.

"Yeah. I'm headin' up to the state park for a few days, do some campin', maybe a little huntin'. Wanna come with?" Logan's nostrils flared as he took in the cinnamon and spice flavor of the sensual creature before him. "Full moon's out tonight and I'm feelin' a little restless."

Remy arched an elegant brow and smirked. He took a swig from the bottle of the foul tasting swill, then studied his team mate for a moment. "Now why would I wanna go out to de woods to spend de night under a full moon wit' you, M'sieur Loup Garou?"

Logan cocked his head, brows drawn down in irritation. It was not the response he had expected. He knew Gambit was a city boy, born and raised, but he also didn't understand why the boy was obviously dodging an invitation for the two of them to get away for some quality time together. Logan wasn't really in the mood to banter. His moment of confusion didn't last, however, as the reasons for the little disinterested comment flowed into the room in the form of Bobby and Storm. He shook his head in realization that he had not been aware of their close proximity, having formed the habit of blocking them all out when he was at home. He knew, however, that his boy had felt them coming. His lips pulled back to reveal an impressive set of canines as he decided to play this ruse.

"Don't really care one way or the other, Cajun. Just thought I'd ask." With that, Logan turned as if he planned to leave.

"Eh, might be fun. Ain't been campin' for a while. I could use a little change of scenery." Remy continued nursing his beer.

Wolverine shrugged. "Whatever. I'm leaving in an hour, with or without ya."

Bobby, who had been passively listening to the exchange, perked up. "Camping? That sounds like fun!" Remy grimaced at Bobby's attempt to pry an invite.

Logan's face darkened. He turned towards the blonde, working hard to mask his irritation as he replied. "Ya don't strike me as the nature boy type, Icicle."

"Well, neither is Gambit." Bobby pointed out.

"Mais Bobby, Gambit tryin' to learn to broaden his horizons, non?" Remy was trying to discourage Ice Man as politely as possible without causing suspicion.

"Well, maybe I'd like to broaden my horizons, too." Drake pouted. He couldn't understand why they weren't asking him to go on this little adventure. His own insecurities were appearing as his teeth worried with his lower lip in contemplation of the issue. "Unless, you two don't want me along for some reason."

Suddenly, Bobby's face lit up as if he had reached some sort of conclusion on the matter. "Oh, I get it. Now I understand what's going on."

Logan's eyes narrowed and a low growl emitted from his throat as he hissed "What the hell are you talking 'bout, bub?"

"You two are planning on going out carousing, getting drunk and probably getting laid." Remy and Logan exchanged glances with that statement. "And knowing what a womanizer Gambit is, you'll probably get into a fight with some jealous boyfriend." Bobby continued as he pointed an accusatory finger at both of them.

Ororo cleared her throat to draw attention to herself. "Bobby, dear, there is a home and garden show at the Expo hall this weekend that I desperately wish to attend. Yet, I am loathed to go alone. Since most of the other ladies are unavailable, and my brother obviously has other plans, would you do me the honor of escorting me? I know it can not be as exciting as a group of males drinking alcohol and causing mischief, but it would mean a great deal to me." She smiled warmly at him, her beautiful eyes wide and hopeful.

Bobby stared at her for a moment, then cast a glance at the other two men. He sniffed and turned back to the weather goddess. "I'd be happy to take you, 'Ro. Thank you for asking."

Wolverine frowned. Storm knew. Of course she knew. One could not be the self appointed sister of the Cajun and not know things. Remy could tell what his lover was thinking and decided now was the time to end the conversation. "Sounds like you two will have a bon time. Now, if y'all will 'scuse me, I need to get my t'ings or Logan might leave me behind."

"May do that anyway, swamp rat." Logan muttered before spinning on his heal and hastily leaving the kitchen. Gambit sighed and started to leave when Storm called after him.


He paused at the threshold and turned his head to glance back at her. "Stormy?"

"Try not to kill each other and do not call me that."

He grinned lazily at both of them. "You know me, chere. I never go looking for trouble."

She arched a regal brow and folded her arms across her chest. "And yet it always seems to find you, brother."

Gambit chuckled. "Guess it must be my irresistible charm, neh?" And with that, he left Storm and a confused Ice Man behind.

End ch1