Past Love?

Jimmy's POV

"Hurry up Sheen!" I yelled I did not want to be late for school again. I thought back to the last time we were late.


"Sheen we're going to be late!" I Bellowed.

"Alright, but clam down we're fine." he said in a very clam manner.

"We are NOT fine." I mumbled.

"Aww! Does little Jimmy-Whimmy not want to break his perfect attendance streak?" Sheen said mockingly.

"Sheen that ended last year when you made us late every single day!" I said in a tone that would get anyone smart to stop talking. But as we all no Sheen is the complete opposite of smart.

"No I didn….. Oh wait yes I did but it's not MY fault that Ultra Lord is on every day before school! And you know that I can NEVER miss an episode!" He said very seriously.

"Can't you miss a re-run?" I ask regretting it as soon as the words left my mouth because I knew I was in for a lecture.

"WHAT?!? You know that Ultra Lord…" He started. I zoned out after the words 'Ultra Lord' We began walking to school, Sheen still babbling. In only zoned back in when got to the school steps. I heard Sheen say "You know tooth paste.." I zoned out something I do when Sheen's around most of the time. We rushed down the hallway to

Mrs. Fowl class and tried to sneak to are seats. We had just sat down when I heard Mrs. Fowl "BAWK Jimmy, Sheen You're late go stand outside and make-up a 'sorry poem' and read it BWAK to the class!" She said pointing to the door.

End of flashback

God, that was embarrassing! "Sheen!" I yell one more time shaking my head before jogging towards the school. I refused to be late again. I walked into school My black sweater hood up and Ipod in. Blasting the song 'Paper cut by Linkin Park'. Waiting for Mrs. Fowl to show. I could hear her plastic black heels tromping down the halls, so I took out my earphones and opened a book pretending to read. Ignoring comments like "What A freak!" made by Joe and Joel. I didn't even bother to look up when I heard Mrs. Fowl say "Class we have a new student". I looked over at Sheen, Carl, Libby, Nick, and Cindy who all seemed to be remotely interested in the new kid. I sigh and continue to look at my book flipping that I was once interested in. "Well go on….Introduce yourself.." Mrs. Fowl continues.

"Umm…hello…my name is Jinx Honeywood…" Says a very light and shy voice.

My head snaps up. All my friends give me a weird look. "No it couldn't be" I thought. I looked up only to see…………………..