Past Love 2

Last time: "Umm…hello…my name is Jinx Honeywood…" Says a very light and shy voice.

My head snaps up. All my friends give me a weird look. "No it couldn't be" I thought. I looked up only to see…………………..

Jinx's POV

"Arrghhhhh, dad hurry, I'm gonna be late!" I yelled mad I absolutly hated being late!

"Wow, spaz clam down would you it's only your first day!" said a confident voice. Blalia.

"What would you know Blalia?" I said not trying to hide my sarcasm.

"Well I know you're trying to impress a guy…" she says eyeing my clothes.

"What?" I ask looking down at my At my green hooded sweater that said L.A. on it and my jean mini with black leggings and finally I looked down at my Lace up black leather boots.

"Well….who is it?" she asks. Eyebrows raised.

"You remember how when we first found out we were gonna be moving here?" I asked waiting for her to reply.

"Ya…So?" She answered.

"Ya well I think it might be HIM…" I finished trailing off.

"Wow really?" she questioned but I ignored her I was too busy thinking about him.

"Ok, girls all set?" says a man with black/brown hair and golden eyes.

"Ya dad we're all set!" I say. 'I can't wait!' I thought. 'Maybe…..just maybe…' was all I thought on the way to my new school.

I arrived at school, I looked at my schedule; apparently some teacher named Mrs. Fowl is my homeroom teacher. After figuring out my room number and locker, I headed to class.

On the way, I ran into Mrs. Fowl, she started walking me to class. 'Great' I thought 'Just as I thought I was just going to sneak in un-noticed.'

We walked into the class room. Every one had name tags?!? 'Wow' I thought 'It's like elementary all over again.'

"Class we have a new student" Mrs. Fowl introduced. I looked over at some people named Sheen, Carl, Libby, Nick, and Cindy who all seemed to be remotely interested in me. I sigh and wait for her to continue. "Well go on….Introduce yourself.." Mrs. Fowl continues.

"Umm…hello…my name is Jinx Honeywood…" I say, surprising myself when my voice sounded very light and shy voice.

A boy's head snaps up. His name tag reads 'Jimmy'. No way, I thought it couldn't be.