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Chapter 1: Audition and a new Rival

There she stood at the threshold of the Paris Opera house, all her training came down to the next few minutes, her audition. This was make or brake it, she had left her hometown, her father…her mother; she would make them proud.

So taking a deep breath she made her way up the glimmering stairs, stairs that led to the rest of her life. Down the ornate, golden entrance to the left of the grand staircase to the ground level of the theatre. A small group other Prima Donna hopefuls stood in front of the Stage. Mona was ecstatic, She was sure that her talent and skill would land her the role of Marguerite in the upcoming production of Faust. Calming herself so she would not seem to over confident and be poorly thought of Mona made her way down to the group.

As she approached she was greeted by polite smiles and the nods of a few heads, she also caught the haughty glances shot her way in obscure moments. "This will indeed be interesting," Mona thought. Several minutes, filled by meaningless mindless chatter, later the managers along with the director and the conductor entered the room. "Hello all!" called a rather short, chubby man.

When the group of four men got to the front of the room, The same chubby man that spoke before Introduced himself as M. Raymond…He also introduced the others…their names however were not heard by Mona due to the a rather childish stare down she and another starlet where in the middle of. The young lady had bushy blonde hair and big forget-me-not eyes…she would have been lovely if her face was not the residence of a permanent scowl. Just as that thought receded the blonde backed down and cast her wrath on one of the weaker looking girls. M. Raymond just concluded his long, droning speech when one of the other men, (who Mona soon found out to be M. Biggs, the director) Came around and handed out a little slip of paper with a number penned on it. Mona's read 13, and with a sigh she took one of the velvet seats and prepared herself for the long wait.

1.…2.…3.……….8.…9.…Number 10 was the blonde, she obviously had been well trained, but her moody manner still dominated her performance. So far…in Mona's opinion the blonde was the girl to beat….11.…12 she was a small girl with long, curly brunette hair, but just as she was about to sing the managers, along with several of the stage hands who came out to watch the auditions looked up towards the grand Chandelier, as if they thought it might fall to the ground, the girl catching sight of this bowed her head and quickly walked off stage.

At long last Mona was up, As she made her way to center stage Mona calmed herself, nodded to the conductor. Mona then began to sing her favorite aria. She sang with all her heart, putting her soul into the lyrics.