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Chapter 2. Marguerite Lives…for now.

Mona's Talent did not fail her. She would play Marguerite, and the blonde, Kim, got the role of the youth Siébel. And due to that rehearsal was more often than not full of jealousy and contempt.

One such rehearsal the ever moody Kim was determined to enrage Mona by any means possible.

As the course attempted to perform the ballet her opportunity came it the front door.

The new, rich…if not short patron entered to see just how his money was being spent, and that's when Kim's plot began to take form.

Kim walked over to the short patron, she smiled at him, and fluttered her eyelashes, and shamelessly flirted with this guy she had never met before…

He noticed her to say the least, and with that Kim's plan to use his influence to get Mona fired…or at least make sure that any other role she did manage to get was very small…soldier 3 small.

She flounced and flirted up until the patron Baron Shrowdy von Kiefer was called away to discuses some important "business."

Around that time the director called everyone up to the stage to go over notes and bid them a good night.

Mona was exhausted, she had gone beyond the call of duty in her role. As she made her way up to her…her dressing room…she even had a star with her name on it…she changed from her costume to her lovely Victorian evening gown…After looking at herself in the mirror, making sure everything was in place, she left the dressing room, and went back up to meet with a few of the other actors who had decided to go out for coffee.

Kim, of course was there, and she was all to happy to tell everyone about the new patron. She told everyone that he was quite sweet on her, and that he had asked to see her again.

Mona listened happily to all the gossip, and she also had input, but all in all she was not really impressed with Kim's boastfulness.