Summery – ECHP and MNAW. Harry is looking into the muggle world and ends up signing up for Forks High School where he meets the Cullens. Squib!Angela.

A/N: I changed Angela's background a lot really. Well for one she's obviously not a muggle, I shortened her height from 6'0 to 5'8, she doesn't have twin little brothers but instead she has a little sister and she's not with Ben (sorry people), she'll be paired up with Mike who is not a total prat in this story. Also her parents are magical as well (duh)

A/N: I'm putting the five Cullen 'children' as the same age hence they will all be seniors in this fic.

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Warnings: Harry and Angela bonding. SLASH. Mike Newton is not a prat. Bella Bashing.


"So you really are insane…"

He scrunched his nose as the blonde got hit on the head by one of his oldest friends.

"Honestly Draco, I think it's a perfectly good idea!"

The blonde scoffed and folded his arms, his face twisted in disgust.

"Of course you do, you thought you were a muggle for 11 years!"

"And what's that suppose to mean?! I'll have you know that I beat you in a duel oh mighty wizard!"

"Tch, figures, one lucky victory and the muggle-hugger thinks she's the Queen."

"Lucky?! If I remember correctly, you were on the ground groveling at my feet after I defeated you!"

"Well maybe if you didn't restrict it on Light magic only then I would win as usual!"

"A little dependent on the Dark Arts aren't you Malfoy?"

"A Malfoy isn't dependent on anything!"

"So says the guy who has to depend on Harry to cook food for him everyday."

"Hey, no fair, he cooks for you too! And Harry doesn't mind, do you Harry?!"

Harry raised his eyebrow at the rapid change of topics before shrugging.

"Not really."


Harry smiled lightly as the two continued to bicker. It reminded him a lot of how Ron and Hermione used to banter all the time. He felt a smile tug at his lips at the thought of his other long time best friend. Said red head had been begging him for help for the past few weeks, ready to pop the big question to the intelligent Gryffindor.

Of course Hermione had no idea that everyone was planning behind her back because she had been busy with her new research about the Polyjuice Potion, trying to make the effect last longer. Harry gave her another 4 or 5 months before she succeeded; Potions, though seemingly easy, was not Hermione's strong subject (Harry figured it had something to do with her inability to make a grilled cheese sandwich without making it explode, really the girl had no cooking skills what so ever) and so she usually spent a little more time on the subject.

Ron wanted Hermione to have 'the' perfect wedding if she agreed and was going as far as to plan everything as perfect as he could so Hermione wouldn't have to feel overwhelmed with her research and the wedding. He spent a lot of time with Hermione's mother, conversations ranging from colors to cake.

Harry was actually surprised to see his friend so focused on something outside of food and strategies for so long. For the past 3 weeks Ron's been searching for the perfect ring so he could ask the big question and so far he had no luck, leaving everyone else involved waiting in anticipation.

"I still don't think you should do it Harry!"

Harry blinked out of his thoughts and looked up at the frowning Slytherin.


The taller boy rolled his eyes and smacked him behind the head making Harry yelp and grab his head in pain.

"Ow! What was that for?!"

"For not paying attention Potter, now make sure you do!"

Harry pouted and crossed his arms in a huff.

"Fine, what?"

"Don't 'what?' me Potter! How could you even think of attending a muggle school?! You just graduated! Why waste an extra year at some…common place learning unusual things?"

Harry rolled his eyes at the emphasized words.

"Because Malfoy, believe it or not Muggles make up most of the earth's population and it would be good to know something about their world if I ever need it."

"That's what she's for!"

Draco pointed his thumb at Hermione who scowled at the blonde.

"Draco, I can't be depending on Hermione every time a new muggle technology comes out."

The blonde puffed but Harry ignored the blonde in favor of looking back down at the documents on the table, wondering where he should inhabit for a year.

-New York City, New York, Train Station-

Angela Weber sighed as she followed her parents to the disillusioned section of the Train Station. They lived in America but unfortunately electronics was delicate near magic so students had to come and go by train, the kind that's modern as it could be with coal.

Not that she'd know personally since she was a squib. She felt familiar jealousy at the thought of her younger sister being able to attend The Salem Witches' and Wizards' Institute located in Canada while she was stuck with Muggle School.

She knew she couldn't blame her sister or her parents but she couldn't help but be a little bitter inside. She loved magic, she loved seeing her parents perform magic, she loved visiting the magical spots and stores and she loved the charmed candy and toys. But oh, how she wished she could actually perform magic.

She remembered crying herself to sleep when she was little when she found out she was rejected and labeled a squib, because unlike other country schools, the one here did not agree on letting squibs attend.

"Angela, snap out of it."

Angela blinked and looked up at her parents who were waiting for her.


They exchanged glances for a moment before nodding and proceeding to run through the secret passageway. Angela sighed before quickly following, her eyes lighting up at the sight of the magical things hopping about but her heart dropping at the reminder of what she was missing out.

"Oh there she is, Nikki!"

Angela watched with jealous eyes as her little sister looked up amongst her friends and waved before hurriedly talking to her group of friends, exchanging hugs and promises, their wands in their hands and their textbooks in their trunks.

Angela wished more than anything that she could be Nikki, just for a day, it must be great to do magic and have friends to share it with, not that she didn't have friends of her own but well…

"Hi Mom, Dad!"

Her sister exchanged hugs with her parents before nodding to her with a big smile.

"Hi Angela!"

Angela nodded back.

"Nikki…how was school?"

"Oh you know same old, same old. Too much homework! Angela can you help me with my Potions homework, please~?"

Angela wanted to say no out of jealousy but her logic side took over so instead she smiled and nodded.

"Of course."

It was the only thing as close to magic that she was able to do. When she found out she could get close to magic through potions she had poured herself into the subject so much so that she was pretty advanced especially for someone without an education in the subject.

The Train's whistle knocked her out of her thoughts and she looked towards her family who were gathering Nikki's things, getting ready to leave. Angela helped by grabbing Nikki's caged owl, Asprin.

She followed her family out of the station and into a taxi which took them towards the magical hidden alley, not that the driver knew it. Once they reached their destination, they paid for the ride and entered the store to the alley.

"-and then the thing tried to bite me, I swear!"

Angela almost tuned out her sister's chatter in favor of taking in the magical alley but then her sister started on a topic that caught her interest.

"Oh and guess what?! I heard the professors talking in the hallway before we left and 'The Harry Potter' graduated this year and even though he was offered a Quidditch position from the Montrose Magpies who won thirty-two times in the British and Irish League and the European Champion twice, he declined! Said he had plans!"

Angela raised an eyebrow.

"Since when do you know so much about Quidditch?"

Her sister crossed her arms.

"I don't! But this is Harry Potter we're talking about, so of course I would know what my Prince is being offered!"

Angela would have rolled her eyes if it was not for the somewhat truth. It is Harry Potter after all. Nikki had an obsession over the British Hero and frankly Angela didn't blame her.

Harry Potter, the only one to survive the killing curse, the person who conjured a full Patronus at the age of 13, the person who saved the world from future destruction. Everyone knew him and his stories of his Hogwarts years and his amazing skills, even in America. Angela had a huge crush on him when she was young too, hello, what girl wouldn't?

He was storied to be strong, heroic and courageous, every little girl's dream prince. She used to dream of the boy not caring if she was a squib and protecting her anyway. But then she faced reality, she was a squib and someone so powerful wouldn't consider her, it wasn't a fairytale come true.

Plus, she grew to learn that her thinking was shallow, she didn't even really know the guy. So she didn't have a crush on him anymore but if she ever met him she would still be in shock and close to a dead faint. She knew from the British Paper called the 'Quibbler', which was said to be the only full truth regarding Harry Potter, that the boy didn't like the fame.

She knew if she ever met him –which was highly unlikely—that she should probably treat him like a real person but somewhere inside of her still held him in high regards. He was after all considered the most powerful wizard in the world at the age of 17 and she was his age but she was a squib so she couldn't help but put him above her instantly.

"Angela stop dragging your feet and hurry up!"

Angela jerked her head up and hastened her pace.

Meeting Harry Potter, yeah right!


She sighed; well a girl can dream can't she?


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