But wait, there's MORE.

For all of you who enjoyed 10 Reasons, there's a VERSION TWO. That's right, the fluffiness continues right HERE!

STORY ID: 5685791

Fine, a preview for y'alls.

"Hi, I'm Helen—I just started here a couple of days ago," Helen stammers.

She bites her lip nervously before going on.

"My colleague and I have been wondering… whether you two are going out or not. We don't want to get any misconceptions, you know?"

Shawn smiles winningly and is about to answer, but Lassiter beats him to the punch.

"Yeah, we're going out. We're in the second month of our relationship."

And that's all folks. Head on over to 10 Reasons Why Carlton Lassiter Knows for the rest of the story!