Chapter 1 – The Start of a Glorious Addiction


I glanced at the clock on the wall at the back of the classroom, the day was almost over. Thank god! I don't know why Thursday's always seem to last forever! The students are anxious to start their weekends and I am restless to get the hell out of here! I have been teaching history at Forks High for the last five years and can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it… except for Thursdays! Well, I guess it hasn't been EVERY Thursday, only every Thursday for the last four months.

It all started when my friend Jasper talked me into going to Emmett's bachelor party. Jasper and I went to college together in Chicago. He is an Algebra teacher. When I got hired on here, at Forks High, I talked him into putting in an application. He was hired in no time. Emmett teaches Health but primarily is a football coach. He loves football!

Anyway, Emmett was getting married to his long time girlfriend, Rosalie. Rosalie was from one of the wealthiest families here in Forks. They met at a high school football game. Emmett was stressing out because the quarterback was doing a really great job of throwing the ball to the OTHER team. He called the poor boy over and proceeded to tell him off, when Rosalie marched straight up to Emmett and grabbed him by the ear. She drug him to the side and yelled at him to watch his language and then she suggested he find better ways to motivate the team because screaming at them wasn't working.

He was so stunned that he didn't know what to say at first. That was a first for Emmett. He was always quick with the come backs, but not this time. He just stood there like an idiot staring at her. Finally, he asked if she knew of a better way to fix the quarterback's problem. She marched right over and told the boy that after the game was over, she expected him to sit down with each one of his teammates and learn as much as he could about them. She told him that if he knew his teammates better, he would be better at predicting their movements and wouldn't throw as many interceptions. Apparently it worked because the boy didn't have a problem the rest of the season.

Emmett and Rosalie hit it off right away. Not long after, they were engaged. Most of the female students were very disappointed when their engagement announcement showed up in the local paper. Of course he never would have EVER done anything with any of them, but he was big and muscular with a dimpled smile and a great sense of humor, so they all had crushes on him.

Jasper, Emmett, and I had become great friends over the years. Jasper had a wife named Alice that owned a few lingerie boutiques in Seattle and one in Port Angeles. They have been together since they were kids. The only time they were apart was when they went to college. He went to college in Chicago, where he met me, and Alice got her business degree in New York.

I came to Seattle on vacation the summer after my junior year in college and loved it. When I finally graduated, I headed straight here. I applied everywhere and Forks made the best offer so, this is where I moved. When Jasper and Alice came to see me, they fell in love with the sleepy little town and when Jasper got the job, they moved into the house right next door.

Alice's parents gave her some money as a graduation gift which she used to open her first store. Her parents think she owns some book store. They would freak out if they knew that their precious little daughter was peddling naughty play toys and edible undergarments to horny old ladies. It cracks me up to think about it!

When it came time for Emmett's bachelor party, Jasper suggested that we let Alice plan it. She had some pretty good connections through her lingerie boutiques, so we all agreed to let her do it. The evening started off mild. She rented a limousine to drive the seven of us guys from Forks all the way to Seattle. The limo had a fully stocked bar, so we had a quite few drinks on the way. After we checked into our hotel, we headed out to a sports bar for dinner and more drinks. Once dinner was over, we headed to a strip club called Volterra. It was an up scaled place, not like the dumps I had been drug to in Chicago. It had one large stage in the center and three smaller stages connected to the large one by narrow walkways that spread out like spokes.

They had four girls dancing at the same time. They all started together on the big stage then three of them headed out along the walkways to the smaller stages. They would dance to a song then head back to the main stage so they could switch. All four of the girls were beautiful and since they switched from stage to stage, it didn't really matter where we sat. Jasper handed the lady working the door a card from Alice. She smiled and escorted us to a table right up near the main stage. The section was roped off for VIPs. The plush overstuffed chairs were covered in soft black leather. They were extremely comfortable. I could see myself having one of these in my living room.

We were already pretty drunk and having a good time, so the waitress and the dancers were making plenty of tips from us. We were buying lap dances for Emmett right and left. To this day, I have no idea how much money I spent on tips and lap dances. Anyway, as the night pressed on, the guys in our group started disappearing. The limo driver took two of them back to the hotel, so they could crash, around 9:30. When he came back, one of the others was ready to go. Of course we gave them all hell for not even making it to 10:00pm, but we had been drinking pretty much all day, so I was actually amazed they lasted that long.

Emmett, Jasper, some guy named James, and I were the last ones standing. Emmett was feeling no pain. Jasper and I had been pacing ourselves. The other guy, James, passed out in his chair around 11:30. The limo driver had to come in and help us get the guy out to the car so he could take him to the hotel. We had just sat back down when Emmett make the mistake of taking one more shot of tequila.

"Jazzzzz, you tell Alishhh that she is dee beshhht!" Emmett said holding a finger up to Jasper's chest.

"I will Emmett. She is going to be so glad you had a good time. She said she planned something special for you at midnight. Do you think you're going to make it that long, buddy?"

"Abso-fucking-lutely!" Emmett said with a big smile.

Some new girls made their way out onto the stage. I was focusing on them, so I didn't notice when Emmett tried to get up until I heard him hit the floor.

"Geez, Emmett, what the hell? Get the fuck off the floor!" I said with a laugh as Jasper and I tried to lift his huge ass and put him back in the chair.

"I'mmm good! Jussss a little ssssslip." He said spitting on himself.

We got him in his chair and Jasper said, "I think he needs to call it a night. Alice said she arranged something special at midnight for him, but at this rate, I don't think he'll even remember it anyway. I'll go grab the limo driver. Will you close out our tab?"

"Sure. I'll grab our waitress and get her to bring me the check." I said propping the big oaf in his chair while he smiled up at me.

"Ewwwarrd, you're nesht! Here, you keeeeep dishhhh for whennn you find a wiffffe." He said pulling the arm band off that said 'Almost Married' and forcing me to put it on my arm. I put it on because there is no point in arguing with a drunk.

Jasper and the limo driver made it back in just as the waitress came back with our check. I handed her my credit card and she walked away to ring it up. A minute later, she returned with the manager.

"Gentlemen, my name is Aro. I am the manager here at Volterra. You are with the McCarty party, correct?" We all nodded our heads. "Good. Which one of you is Mr. Whitlock?"

Jasper stepped forward. "That would be me."

Aro smiled, "It is very nice to meet you. I do business with your wife. She arranged for a private performance for the man of the hour." He said patting me on the shoulder and smiling. "It will be starting in just a few minutes. When I saw that you were closing out your tab, I thought I would stop by to see if you were planning on staying for the performance or leaving with your friend." He said looking at Emmett.

"He will be staying." Jasper said, giving me a wink. "I'm just taking this big oaf back to the room so he can sleep it off."

Aro turned to me and said, "You only have about 10 minutes, so if you would like to help your friend to the car, I would recommend you do it now. When you come back, show this to the hostess." He said handing me a gold key with a "V" engraved on it and walking away.

I picked up one of Emmett's arms while Jasper and the limo driver worked with the rest of him. "Jasper, he thinks I am Emmett." I said nervously.

"Well, you are the one wearing the arm band. Don't worry about it. Go have fun. Besides, Alice worked really hard to plan this so someone might as well enjoy it."

"What exactly did she plan?" I asked as we stuffed Emmett into the awaiting limo.

"I don't know. She didn't give me the details. She just said that it was by invitation only and that Emmett would really like it. She busted her ass setting this up. She'll be pissed if it gets wasted. Go on, have fun. I will send the driver back for you." He said as he climbed in behind Emmett and they pulled away.

I looked at the gold key in my hand again. It didn't look any different than any other house key, except it was gold and had the 'V' on the sides. I was contemplating just leaving with the guys and not bothering with it, but when I looked up, the limo had already pulled away. I figured 'What the hell. I might as well see what the big deal is.' Some of the seedier strip clubs I had been forced to attend with my buddies, during my college days, had VIP rooms where some skanky stripper would give you a lap dance. If you paid her enough, you could get a hand job or maybe even a blowjob.

I was never one of those guys that goes for that kind of thing. Hell, I wasn't even one of those guys that wanted to go to strip clubs. Every time I've ever been in one it was because one of my friends drug me there. I told myself 'If this key gets me in a VIP room for a private dance that will be fine with me, but there is no way I am going to pay for anything extra'. Yes, it's been awhile since I have been with a woman but I have no desire to be exposing myself in a place like this. Who knows how many guys these girls jack off or give blow jobs to… that's just nasty! Come to think of it. I probably won't even sit down. I wonder how well they clean this place.

I walked back in front door and showed the hostess the key. She slid it into a lock to a drawer in the bottom of the hostess stand. Inside the drawer she pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to me with a smile.

"It looks like you are a new member. Please read this and fill out the information at the bottom. I will also need your driver's license." She said handing me a pen.

This was strange. I don't remember any of my buddies in college having to fill out paperwork before going into a VIP room at a strip club before, but then again, those places weren't half as nice as this.

I glanced over the form. It was a standard confidentiality agreement. At the bottom I had to fill out my name, date, a phone number, and provide an email address. I considered using a fake name, but since she was going to have my driver's license, I figured she would notice, so I put my real name on the form. I provided a fake phone number and gave an email address that I never check, before signing the bottom of the form. I handed it and my license back to the hostess.

She glanced at the clock on the wall and quickly put the paper and the license back in the drawer and locked it. "You have two minutes before show time. When the show is over, your license will be returned to you."

I acknowledged that I understood, so she handed the key back to me and led me to a door beneath a large gold VIP sign.

"Is this you first time to Volterra?" She asked as we walked.

"Yes, it is."

"This door leads to the VIP rooms." She said as she opened the door.

The large VIP above the door told me that much, but I didn't want to spoil the tour so I didn't say anything.

"These are the rooms that the dancers use for private dances." She said indicating the doors as we passed.

One of the doors was opened. Inside the little room was a chair, just like the ones we were sitting at in the VIP area in the main room. Beside the chair was a small table for drinks. There was also a small raised platform with a stripper pole on the other side of the room. I expected her to tell me this was my room, but the girl continued to walk past so I followed. At the end of the hall was a door that said, "Emergency Exit." Below it was another sign that warned that an alarm would sound if the door is opened. The hostess pulled a small key from her and used it to disengage the alarm before opening the door.

"Key holders don't usually come in through the main entrance." She explained. "They usually go in through the back door."

We stepped through the door into a fire exit. On the other side of the fire exit was another door. She unlocked it with another key on her key chain and pulled it open for me.

"Heidi will be waiting at the top of the stairs for you." She said with a smile. "Enjoy the performance."

I stepped through the door and found myself at the foot of a narrow staircase. The hostess shut the door behind me and I heard the distinctive sound of the lock. There was another door at the end of the short hallway to my left. The sign on it said, "Thank you for you patronage." I assumed that was the door that everyone usually went through.

I felt butterflies in my stomach. I wondered what Alice had gotten me into. Obviously I wasn't here for a private lap dance. That would have happened in one of the VIP rooms I passed earlier. I briefly considered leaving through the exit but ended up climbing the stairs anyway.

The stairwell looked like something from someone's home. The stairs were made of dark wood. The walls were covered in burgundy wallpaper with thin tan and black pinstripes. There were old framed black and white pictures on the wall of beautiful women. They looked like they were taken some time in the late 1920's or early 1930's. They were all classy looking pictures.

When I reached the top of the stairs I was in a sitting room that looked like a parlor in an old Victorian style home. The parlor was empty except for a tall blond woman in her mid 40's. She was wearing designer clothes and had just a little too much make-up on her face.

She approached me and took my arm. "Hello, my name is Heidi. Welcome to my parlor. The performance is about to begin so we need to hurry along. I hoped we would have had a few minutes to get to know each other a little better first but we just don't have the time. Alice assures me that you can be trusted, and I trust her judgment, so we are skipping the formalities and getting straight to it. You do have your key, don't you?" I held up the key for her to see. "Good, come this way please."

I followed her into another hallway. This one had four doors along the right side of the hall and two doors on the left. Each door had a small red light above it. The second door on the right was the only one that had the light off. That is the door she took me to.

"You will need to use your key, please." She said pointing to door knob and stepping back so I could unlock it. "A few quick rules… Keep in mind that this is not a whore house. Do not ask the performers any personal questions. The performers can end the performance at anytime they see fit. If you make a performer uncomfortable and she chooses to end the performance, all money you paid to attend the performance will be forfeited. Your membership can also be revoked at the request of the performer, so please be respectful at all times. Do you understand these rules?" I nodded my head. "Ok. Enjoy your performance, Mr…."

"Cullen." I said as I stepped through the door.

"Enjoy your performance, Mr. Cullen." She said pulling the door closed.

I found myself inside a small dimly lit room. There was a hat rack by the door and some dim wall sconces with flickering light bulbs that made them look like the room was light by candles. On the wall to the left was a pedestal sink with a round mirror. There was a small cabinet beside it with glass doors that contained some towels and some small bottles. I didn't take much time to see what the bottles were for. In the center of the room there was a leather loveseat facing a window that was blocked by curtains on the other side of glass.

I looked closely at the loveseat. It looked clean, so I took a seat. I had just sat down when I heard a voice coming from a speaker beside the window.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Heidi's Parlor. This is Heidi speaking, of course. We have a special treat for you this evening. Your performer will be Miss Izzy. She usually only does solo performances, but has gracefully agreed to entertain the group tonight. If you are interested in a solo performance in the future, please see me after the performance is over. Enjoy."

The speaker made a light popping noise, like someone changed the channel, just as the curtains on the other side opened up. What I saw was a small brightly lit room with round platform in the center that was only elevated about three or four inches. There was a door on the wall across from me. I could see that there was a window on the wall along the right side of the room and another on the left side. From the position of my window, there was most likely another window directly to the left of mine. Each window was framed by curtains. Beneath each window were green and red lights. I noticed that the green lights were on beneath the windows I could see. I also noticed that the glass was reflective. The person inside the room could not see the people watching her.

Some music started to play and the door to the room opened. The woman that stepped through the door took my breath away. She had long thick curly brown hair that spilled down her back. Her skin was fair. She was wearing black slacks, black patent leather stilettos, a men's long sleeved button down shirt, and a red tie. She looked like she should be going to work, with one exception. Over her eyes she had a black blindfold made of lace. The lace was thin enough that I could see her expressions and where she was looking but thick enough that I couldn't make out her eye color. She was wearing a lot of dark eye make-up and her lips were a super shiny blood red that really stood out against her alabaster skin.

She walked directly into the center of the room and smiled showing off her perfect white teeth. She turned to face the window on the wall to the left. "Hello, number four. I believe there are two of you in there, am I correct?"

There was a brief pause then the light beneath the window turned red and I heard a man's voice say, "Um, yes." Then the red light went back off.

Izzy walked toward the window and ran her fingers along the glass. "Is the other person in there a lady or a man?"

The red light came back on and the man's voice said, "A lady."

Miss Izzy said, "Great. Sit back and enjoy the show." Then she walked to the window directly beside mine, that I couldn't see, and said, "I believe there are two of you in this room as well. Am I correct?'

There was a brief pause then I heard a woman's voice say, "Yes and we are both women."

Miss Izzy smiled and said, "Great." I could see her approaching my window. She ran her delicate fingers across the glass in front of me and said, "I believe there is only one person in this room, correct?"

I looked at the speaker and didn't see anything. How do I respond? I looked all around the window but saw nothing.

Miss Izzy said, "Do we have a shy one in there? Don't worry, no one can see you. All you have to do is hold down the green button, beside you, and talk."

I turned back to the loveseat and noticed a black box with a green button sitting on a small table to the right of the loveseat. How could I not notice that before? I held down the button and heard a light beep then I said, "Sorry, just one."

"There is nothing to be sorry about." Then she walked to the window on the right wall. "There is only one in this room too, correct?"

Another man's voice said, "Yes, one in here."

She walked back toward the center of the room and said, "Heidi, we are all present and accounted for."

I heard Heidi's voice come through the speaker, "Thank you Miss Izzy. Let the show begin."

Music started to play a little louder. Miss Izzy walked back to the door and brought in a folding chair and a briefcase that she placed in the center of the platform. She took a book out the briefcase and opened it to a page that was marked with a red ribbon.

"I love to read." She said as she walked around the room with her book in her hand. "How many of you like to read?" I heard various people agree. "I like to read dirty things… erotic things… I read them when I am at work. I read them when I am on the bus. I read them in a crowded restaurant. No one knows the dirty things that are going on in my mind. No one notices how hard my nipples are…" She ran her hand down the front of her shirt, across her left breast, closed her eyes and moaned. She took a seat in the chair and said, "No one knows just how wet I am." She spread her legs and let her hand slide from her knee up between her legs. When her hand reached it's destination she threw her head back and moaned again.

I sat back on the loveseat, intrigued by what I was seeing. Sure it seemed a little corny but she was hot and I had spent the last three hours with a semi from watching the dancers. I could enjoy it a little longer.

She started reading from the book. I have to admit, the things she was reading were really hot. I was definitely going to have to invest in some erotica. This shit was better than playboy and less obvious than porn. I could see her point. I could read this anywhere and no one would know… What? I am a guy! Of course people would know! I can't very well sit in a restaurant while reading a book like that. I would be sporting major wood! People would think I was some pervert.

As she continued to read, she would get up and walk around and occasionally sit. I watched her caress her self on the outside of her clothes. Just when the story was getting really good, she walked to her briefcase and pulled out some papers and tape.

"Look at me. I have been doing all the reading. That's really not fair, now is it? I would really like to have my hands free for a few minutes. You don't mind reading a little for me, do you?"

She took a sheet of paper and taped it to the first window, so the couple could read it. I heard the woman's voice come on and read the lines form the page. While she was reading Miss Izzy slowly undid her pants and slid them off. I could hear the man in the room with the lady who was reading reading mumbling something.

Miss Izzy then taped a piece of paper to the window with two women, "Ladies, can you please continue the story while I get more comfortable?"

One of the women started to read while Miss Izzy slowly unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off of her body while managing to still keep the tie on. Now she was walking around the room in the red tie, a black lace bra, matching thong, black thigh high stockings with a seam up the back, and her shiny black stilettos. I heard one of the woman say "Damn she's hot!" and I mentally agreed.

As she approached my window, I found myself standing up and walking forward. I put my hand against the glass where she was touching. The paper in front of me was typed in large font but not quite large enough that I could read it from the loveseat. It was at that point that I realized that the box with the green button was wireless. I carried it over to the window and read.

"The stranger pressed his body against her naked back. She could feel his hard dick pressing against her ass. His hands slid around her waist and then made their way up to tease her hard nipples, making her moan with pleasure."

Just as I said that, she let out a moan. My eyes quickly shot from the page to her. She was standing back in the center of the room, with her bra on the floor, pinching and rolling her exposed nipples. Her back was arched and her beautiful red lips were parted slightly. This didn't look like an act. The woman looked seriously aroused.

She approached the widow to the right and attached the last sheet of paper. The man inside quickly started to read the page. He was breathing heavy. I was barely paying attention to him. I was too focused on her. She had made it back to the center of the room and was standing with her back to me, leaning over the chair with her legs spread wide. She was still playing with her nipples and moaning slightly. Just as the man finished his lines, she reached back and slapped her ass making a loud cracking sound and leaving a red handprint just below the tiny black swan tattoo on her right butt cheek. Tattoo? Hmm, I didn't notice that earlier. I guess I was too focused on her tits!

She walked over to the door and pressed a button on the wall that made the platform start to rotate slowly. She stepped up on the platform and took her seat in the chair. "I have the next part memorized. It's my favorite…" She said with a sexy smile. "The stranger then turned her around and sat her in the chair as he dropped to his knees. He slid her forward as far as she could go." She slid forward in the chair. "He used his strong hands to press her thighs apart." She used her hands to spread her legs.

The platform rotated enough that I could get a view of her wet panties. Yes, they were definitely wet. My dick was throbbing and straining against my zipper. I tried to shift it around but found no relief.

"He kissed inside her right thigh and then her left before finally running the tip of his tongue up her drenched slit from her pussy all the way up to her clit making her moan even louder." She moaned again.

She was no longer facing me. I could see that her hand was between her legs. Her nipples were hard. I saw the green light on the far left go out. A second later the curtains on that window closed.

"He continued to circle her clit with his tongue, driving her wild. She was so wet the juices from her pussy were dripping from his chin." She slid the thong off and tossed it aside. Now the only thing she was wearing were the stockings, stilettos, red tie, and the blindfold. That hot sexy blindfold! The green light to my right went out and the curtains closed.

"He slid two fingers deep inside her pussy and began thrusting them in and out while he lapped at her clit." The platform rotated toward me as she dipped two of her fingers inside her glistening pussy and moaned again. My dick was aching so bad, I had to undo my zipper and pull it out.

She looked over toward window beside me, that I couldn't see and then stood up. She walked right over to my window and said, "Looks like it's just you and me now. I like it better that way. Are you still there, my shy friend?"

I pressed the button and said, "Yes" It came out much breathier than I intended but it made her smile.

"Good, Shy Boy, I like it when you watch me. Will you let me hear you, Shy Boy? I want to hear you while you watch me. Turn the box over so that the button is facing down. The weight of the box will press the button against the table, keeping the microphone on. Will you do that for me?"

She sat down on the floor in front of the window and spread her legs. She was pinching and rolling her nipples and biting her bottom lip. I tuned the box over like she instructed and heard the faint beep that told me my microphone was active. "Yes"

"Mmmm, that's better. Is your dick hard, Shy Boy?"


"Do you have it out yet?"

I couldn't believe I was doing this… "Yes."

"Mmmm, good. I like that. I am so horny and I am so close already. I hate cumming by myself. Will you cum with me?"

I managed to choke out a "Yes."

She smiled. She kicked off her shoes and placed her feet up on the glass with her legs spread apart. I moved so I was standing directly in front of her.

"Are you using the lubricant from the cabinet yet?"

"No." There's lube in the cabinet?

"Go get some. I want you to be just as wet as I am. I want you to feel like you are sliding in and out of my pussy."

I opened the cabinet and grabbed one of the little bottles. Sure enough, it was lube. I grabbed a towel too. I headed back over to the window.

"I can hear you moving around in there. Do you have the lube now?"


"Good put some on and tell me how it feels."

I put few drops on my cock and spread it around then a few more in my hand, just incase. "It's wet and slippery." I said as I started sliding my hand up and down my length.

"So am I. See…" She dipped one of her fingers inside and then leaned forward drawing a little heart on the glass with her pussy juices. I took in a ragged breath. "You like that, Shy Boy?"

"Yes." I moaned as my hand started pumping my cock a little faster.

"Oh, god, I can hear you breathing." She took two fingers and stuck them back in her pussy and started pumping in and out then quickly teasing her clit before plunging back inside. "Are you stroking it?"

"Yes, mmm, oh yes!" I was standing there imagining that it was my cock slamming in and out of her instead of her fingers.

Her face was starting to get flushed and I could see the sweat beading up on her brow. "Do you mind if I use a toy, Shy Boy? I'm so close. I just need a little something extra."

"No, use whatever you want. I want to watch your beautiful pussy cum." What was that? When did I get so vocal?

She reached over and pulled a dildo out of the briefcase that I didn't even realize was sitting so close. It was shaped like a penis. She licked it and then slid it up and down her slit before slipping it inside.

"Oh god, yes! It feels so good! I am pretending this is you, Shy Boy. Are you doing the same thing? Are you pretending this is your dick sliding in and out of my pussy?"

"Mine's bigger and thicker." I said through clenched teeth.

She moaned and started to thrust the rubber dick in and out faster. "Yes! My Shy Boy, with the big thick cock, is fucking my tight wet pussy. Give it to me, Shy Boy. Fuck me hard! Make me scream!"

Her head tilted back and her body started to clench. I could just imagine how her pussy would feel clenching around my cock. She let out a loud moan. "Yes! Yes! Don't stop! I'm cumming! Yes! I'm… Oooohhhh!" I couldn't hold back anymore. With a loud grunt and an "Oh, fuck, yes!" I came all over the window right in front of her.

She lay there panting for a minute and I collapsed onto the loveseat doing the same thing. "Thank you, Shy Boy. That was incredible."

I managed to catch my breath long enough to say, "Yes it was. Thank you."

"Sweet dreams, Shy Boy. Come back and see me sometime," she said then she got up and threw on the shirt before walking to the door and pressing a button that caused my curtain to close.

I stood there for a second and then went to the sink to wash up. I found a bottle of Windex in the cabinet and used it to clean my spunk off the window and the tile floor before I left the room. I found Heidi waiting in the parlor. I thought I would be uncomfortable, but surprisingly I wasn't. Heidi made me feel right at home. She told me that my membership fee was waived, per Alice. I did have to pay for performances. Solo performances were more expensive than group ones. Reservations were required.

I asked about Miss Izzy. She told me that she only does solo performances on Monday and Thursday nights. She had a regular customer on Mondays but her Thursdays were free. I pulled out my credit card and booked the next four Thursdays.

I have been going every Thursday since. I never get tired of her. She always changes it up. I have seen her dressed in white lace. Once she was wearing a red latex suit. I have even seen her in a catholic school girl uniform. That almost killed me. I will never be able to look at a student in a plaid skirt the same way again!

Only once have I seen someone else and that was because Miss Izzy was sick. I ended up seeing Tanya instead. She was pretty and had beautiful strawberry blond hair, but it just wasn't the same. I ended up having to close my eyes and imagine it was Miss Izzy, so I could get off.

Now I spend every Thursday anxious for the school day to end, just so I can made the drive to Seattle to see Miss Izzy perform for me. Am I sick or what?