Ain't No One To Hear You Cry Out Here In The Black 5

Jayne Cobb

What's in a name?

After all, didn't Shakespeare say that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet?

Jayne Cobb was a mercenary. But he cared.

When someone died he grieved.

He got angry.

He loved.

Did being a mercenary make him any less of a man?

When the crew hurt, he hurt.

They were his family, though he would never admit it.

He even didn't mind the Doc and his crazy sister.


Jayne didn't like learning much, but if there was one thing he'd learned since he'd been on Serenity,

one thing that his Cap'n had taught him,

it was that family is everything.

Shepherd was family. And he was gone.

He wanted to ask God why.

He wanted to yell at him. He wanted to know why Shepherd had to go away.

But ain't no one to hear you cry out here in the black.