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Blood Rain

sequel to Downfall

Leaning my head back against the glass of the balcony door I let the rain hide my tears and closed my eyes against the pain in my heart. I could not erase the memory of breaking my dancing doll, I could not stop the thrum of her broken pleas in my ears, I could not ease the ache of life without her. My head throbbed with the stuffiness of crying, the warm rain doing nothing to ease it, or the coldness in my heart.

Heavy with dread, I forced my sluggish body to stand and turned to take one last look at the home I shared with my wife. I couldn't quiet my startled gasp as I turned. With utter disbelief I simply stared at the cause of my nightmarish week momentarily wondering if it merely a mirage of my weakened state.

Cathy looked up at me with a face of lost tears huddled against the glass door of where I'd been sitting for so long. I could not stop myself as I sank back to my knees, my eyes locked with hers. I leaned my forehead against the glass, silently telling her how much I loved her and how sorry I was to do this to her. She raised a trembling hand and pressed her palm against the door. Without thought I mirrored the action giving her a slight smile but silently shaking my head.

Her tears fell harder.

Her face crumpled.

I watched her fall apart.

I forced myself to watch this time, helpless to stop it. I could not breach the barrier between us. I had already tried everything I knew of to bring down the wall between us. I was tired of trying. It was time to let go. I didn't have the strength to lift the sledgehammer again, I could not crash through her wall between us, I could not get through the glass preventing me from touching her warmth.

With profound sadness, I noted that even now she could not look past her own pain to see what was right under her nose. Her tears were of self pity, not for me, or even us. Arrested by habit, she did not see my life blending with cloudburst, splattering from my elbow onto the tear engulfed stones at my feet.

With my hair slicked against my skull and the rain plastering my white shirt pink against my skin, I sat there finally content, after all these years, to just watch her. I thought it the perfect finale, and found my last thought a wish that her doctors were near to hold her, now that I could not.