Authors Note: So here it is. The long awaited rewrite to Gate to the Stars. I am going to try to see if this really goes anywhere. I haven't really written anything in a long time, and wanted to try to revisit this one. I do not have any pairings yet planned, but I do have it narrowed down. I do know however that this will not be H/G or Hr/R. Please review, and pitch ideas for the story to continue.

Prologue: The Stargate

Long ago, a great pyramid descended from the sky. This pyramid had brought the gods and their armies to Egypt, where they had enslaved the local people, and had them build monuments to the gods. At first, the people tried to revolt against these invaders to their lands. However, the gods and their armies were well armed, and the weapons of the people were of no match. Soon, the entire culture had expanded. And for a time, the quality of life experienced by the people improved. However, they were still slaves, and like all slaves, they had little say in the matter. Soon, it was being noticed that people were disappearing. At first, it was random. Soon, however, men and women from all aspects of life were being taken to serve some dark purpose of the gods. This practice continued for centuries, with countless slaves being brought before the gods, and then disappearing. The people were afraid for their loved ones, and were fearful any time that they saw the guards walking amongst them, fearful that they might be the next to stand before the gods.

After centuries had passed, the gods ascended into the sky in their pyramids, leaving behind a great ring and pedestal. The people's hope soared. They were finally free from the scourge of the gods. Building further upon what was left behind, they cultivated their new culture. While they might have feared the gods, they still respected the power and the might of them. They also appreciated what their magic did for their people and how it had saved as many lives as they lost. Years passed, with no signs of the gods returning. The ring that they left stood in one of the many temples that littered the pharaoh's capital. As the time past, many forgot the tyranny of the gods. They would be reminded the day that the ring started to spin, and the portal that opened brought the gods army back to Egypt, and finally the god Ra himself. This process repeated every couple of years, until the people of Egypt had enough. They pulled the ring down in the temple, and they dragged it out into the desert. There, they constructed a great seal to cover the portal. They dug a great hole at the foot of the sphinx, and buried it there, intending for the gods to never return, laying additional spells and curses to discourage anyone from attempting to retrieve the ring.

The ring remained buried for millennia, lost and forgotten until it was dug up by wizards in 1903. These brave curse breakers had discovered faint signs of spell work at the base of the sphinx. After disabling the traps, curses, and other spells, they were finally able to raise the ring once more to the surface. After the ring had been cleaned off, the ring was at first transported to the United States, where a team of archaeologists researched the stonework, as well as the metal that had crafted the ring. The stone was easily carbon dated. However, the real issue came when they tried to research the ring. The metal was comprised of no known metals on earth.

With very little being actually known about the ring, the United States government, took ownership of the ring, as well as classifying any and all documents related to the project. They took the ring to an underground bunker, one that had previously housed several nuclear missiles. There they proceeded to perform more tests on the ring. After several years of experimenting that was performed by both the Department of Defense, as well as the Department of Magic, they discovered that if they applied an electric current to the ring itself, that they could make the ring spin.

For what purpose however, they were still uncertain. If they were to believe the seal, this was a portal to something that was unknown. While they had tried many times to activate the ring, which had been referenced to several times as the Stargate, they had always been unsuccessful. It wasn't until 1994 when the United States Air Force brought in Daniel Jackson, a revered specialist in Egyptian culture, as well as William Weasley, a specialist in Egyptian magic. Together, they discovered that the archaeologists that had initially translated the stone made several mistakes, and then would properly translate the Stargate. Due to their combined efforts, the Stargate was activated.

Colonel Jack O'Neill led a team through the gate. When they returned, their report had been most interesting. They had discovered another world that was populated by other humans. After some initial struggle, Jackson had discovered that they were speaking an ancient dialect of Egyptian. After this discovery, they were able to make great strides in communicating. A week into the mission, access to the Stargate was lost, when a great ship occupied the location of the gate, and a figure that claimed to be the god Ra stood, and ruled over the people. It was here that they discovered that their new friends were nothing but slaves to this so called god.

Jackson was brought upon the ship, and was the first of the team to make contact with Ra. It was here that their true nature was discovered. These gods were nothing more than a technologically advanced race of aliens that were humanoid in nature. With their great technology, the inspired fear in their subjects, who were kept in the dark about their true overlord. With several of the locals, they staged a rebellion. Ra would attempt to ascend to space, only to have the bomb that they left with detonate in orbit on his ship.

With O'Neill no longer able to destroy the gate on the other side, Daniel volunteered to stay behind and to stay with the locals, as well as to make sure that the gate was buried. Upon his return to Stargate Command, the project was deemed complete, with the corresponding gate destroyed. The base was closed, with only a small team left behind to guard this great secret. It was here that they discovered how wrong they were.

The gate would once again activate, this time from another portal. Beings that resembled the guard of Ra appeared through the gate, and took several of the women stationed at the base. With this new threat, the Stargate project was restarted. Now under the command of General Hammond, the newly instated SGC set out to protect earth's interests, as well as to expand the technology of the planet. When the teams were created, the Department of Magic chose to defer to their older counterpart in England, the Ministry of Magic. The MoM was an older organization with more resources at their disposal. They also housed the strongest magic force on the planet.