Chapter 1: Indefinite Assignment

Harry Potter frowned at the paper that had just flown over to his desk. As one of the senior Aurors that worked at the Ministry of Magic, it was not uncommon to receive such messages. Typically the message was something simple, such as a lunch invite from either Ron or Hermione. Other such message typically included briefings on cases or operations that were in the planning process.

It was a rare occurrence however, to get a black message from the Department of Mysteries. While the department was typically known for being mysterious and pushing the boundaries of magic, they were also in charge of special operations that were either being handled either internationally or domestically. The black message that Harry held in his hands indicated that he was to be involved in some future mission that was being planned.

Harry slowly reached for the letter, and slowly slit the seal on the envelope. The seal flashed for a second, before it allowed him to open it. Removing the lone sheet of parchment, Harry unfolded the letter, and read the message.

Head Auror Potter,

You have been selected for a mission of most importance. An ancient artifact has activated at a top secret base in Colorado Springs in the United States. The American Department of Magic has deferred to our Ministry in selecting a team of top magic users to assist their government in identifying the risks associated with their project. You have been selected to represent Her Majesty as team leader for this mission. You have been authorized to select your team for this mission from Auror forces. A team will also be selected from the Department of Mysteries to assist you on your mission. You have 72 hours to assemble your team, which will then be briefed further on your mission.

This message will self-destruct.

Quickly, Harry put the parchment into his waste bin, and watched as it caught on fire and was reduced to ash. A long term mission that was requested by the Americans. It wasn't every day that a mission of this caliber dropped into his lap. And what was this about some unknown artifact activating? The more Harry thought about it, the more questions he had. Standing, Harry looked over the edge of his cubicle and looked to see if Kingsley was in his office. See that his door was open; Harry walked over to the office and stuck his head in.

"Hey Kingsley, you got a second?" Harry asked the department head. Kingsley Shacklebolt looked up as he saw Harry at his door.

"Sure thing Harry. Come in and have a seat," he said, gesturing at the chair in front of his desk. Harry nodded, and sat down in front of Shacklebolt. "I am guessing that this is about the letter that you just received Harry."

Harry nodded. "Came as a bit of a surprise sir. I was not expecting something like this to happen this early in my career. But what is this about some artifact activating? Shouldn't this be something to be handled by another department? And what are the Americans having so much trouble with."

Kingsley nodded. "I have a lot of questions as well. Unfortunately, I know very little. All I know is that yesterday I was approached by an Unspeakable asking if they could use you for a long term mission, and I was given very little specifics on the mission itself. All I was informed about was that they needed you, as well as three or four other Aurors for this mission. They already have the rest of the team picked out on their end; they just need you to pick out the rest. They will brief you on the rest."

Harry frowned. That was not a lot of information to go on. "Sir, how long should I expect to be gone for this mission?"

"Like I said earlier. I was given very little information on the duration and status of this mission. I was told however that for the time being, until told otherwise, that this will be an indefinite mission. But once again, this will be covered in the rest of your briefing. Any other questions?" Harry shook his head. "Good lad. Now, do you have any ideas for your team?"

Harry sat for a while, thinking of the Aurors that he had worked with, and weighing the odds. "Well I know I am definitely planning on taking Ron with me. I can always count on him to have my back in a pinch, and he seems to have a thing for bigger spells than I would have thought."

Shacklebolt nodded. "His love of bigger spells would go well with your finesse. Any other ideas Harry?"

Thinking some more, Harry slowly stated, "Depending on what they Americans are going to have us do, we have a decently balanced team already for destruction. The only other addition from the Auror forces I can think of would be a battle medic. Someone that can patch us up in a hurry if needed, but someone that can also throw back as much as she takes."

Shacklebolt frowned as he mentally went down the list of names of all the battle medics that were currently available and not assigned elsewhere. A small smile lit his lips as he thought of the one person that made his short list of names. "I have the perfect person in mind for your team Harry. Let me see if I can pull the necessary strings, and if all goes well, she will meet you at the briefing."

Harry nodded. "That should work sir. I am a little unfamiliar with the medics on the active roster at the moment, so I will defer that selection to you."

"Good. Is there anything else Auror Potter?" Harry shook his head. "Very well. Then in that case, you are dismissed for the day. I will allow you to notify Auror Weasley about the plans, and then you both are expected to straighten out your affairs until your briefing. After you have briefed, I believe that they plan for you to be transported immediately to the states."

Harry nodded, and stood. When he reached the door, Kingsley stopped him. "Harry, before you go, good luck." Harry turned and nodded at Kingsley, then walked out the door.

Kingsley stared at his doorway for several seconds, and then picked up the phone on his desk. He dialed the operator, and was soon working on the details of his battle medic.

"Bloody hell," Ron breathed. "So you're telling me that the Department of Mysteries wants you for a mission?" Harry nodded. It had been about an hour since Shacklebolt had dismissed him, and he had wasted no time getting Ron to meet him at the Leaky Cauldron.

"And that they gave you permission to pick whoever you wanted for your team?" Harry nodded again. "And you picked me over Hermione?"

At this, Harry rolled his eyes. "Ron, they wanted me to pick Aurors, not someone from Department of International Cooperation. As much as I would have liked to have Hermione at our backs, she's not an Auror, nor has she had any of the in depth training that we got when we became Aurors. Keep in mind; we didn't just get magic training. We trained with the SAS for three months, and then had to go through Auror training."

Ron nodded, thinking slowly. "You do have a point there mate. It's just going to be weird going on an adventure and having Hermione there."

At this, Harry nodded. "I have to agree with you there Ron. She's been with us on every single crazy thing that we have done. Hell, if it hadn't been for her, how many times would we have died?"

Ron laughed. "True, true. So who else are you picking for this team of yours?"

"Shack is looking into getting us a field medic. I'm not too familiar with who is on the active rosters at the moment, so I left the decision up to him for the time being. Then the Department of Mysteries is going to be picking out who they want to represent them on their end, and then there you have it."

Ron looked like he was getting ready to say something, but was interrupted when Hannah Longbottom stopped at their table with their food. "Here you go gents. Corn beef for you Harry, and Irish stew for you Ron. Can I get you lads a refill?"

"Sure thing Hannah," Harry said. "Thanks."

Hannah nodded, and then walked away. It wasn't until she was away that Harry continued speaking. "I know very little as it stands about what we will actually be doing in the States. All I know is that we will most likely find out in few days. Shack told me to plan on being stationed in America indefinitely, so you will definitely want to pack everything."

Ron nodded at this. "Strange that this is such a long term project. I wonder what exactly the issue is. Oh well. No use worrying about it now." And with that, Ron picked up his spoon and started in on his lunch. Some things, just never changed.

The next couple of days past by quickly. Harry, with the assistance of Kreacher, had packed up all of the necessities in Grimmauld place. Long gone was the gloomy nature of the house and in its place stood a home that was reminiscent of Gryffindor tower. The place was now warmly lit, with several modern conveniences added to the house, such as the addition of electricity and cable lines. This was no longer the Ancestral Home of the Blacks. This was now the home of Harry Potter.

Harry gazed back over the place that had once been the prison of Sirius. How life had changed since then. Harry smiled at his home, nodded at the little house elf, and stepped into the fireplace with a shout of, "Ministry of Magic," and he was gone.

Harry quickly arrived at the Ministry of Magic, and walked pack the guard station. He nodded at the Auror on duty, and made his way past the phoenix statue that now resided in the Entry Hall. Stepping into the first elevator, he pressed the button for the tenth floor, and just as the doors were getting ready to close, a slender hand stopped the doors from closing. When they opened again, he saw Luna there.

"Oh hello Harry. I thought that was you. I did call out for you to hold the elevator, but wrackspurts must have made your hearing fuzzy," Luna told Harry.

Harry smiled at the strange woman as she stepped into the elevator. "Well that is why I keep you around Luna. You always help me get rid of them." Luna smiled at him as well. "What floor are you going to Luna?"

"Oh, we happen to be going to the same floor Harry."

Harry blinked at that. "Is your father on trial again for harassing Fudge again?"

Luna giggled. "No Harry, I'm going to the same place you are. After all, I am an Unspeakable assigned to go to America with you."

Harry blinked again. "I thought you were looking for new creatures?"

"Oh heavens no. While I would like to do that full time, I am needed here more than ever. I only do that as a hobby or on a holiday."

Harry laughed a little and shook his head smiling. "Is that right? Well, I am glad that you are going with us. What is going on over there anyways?"

Luna shrugged. "I don't know, although it can't be that good if they had to outsource to us. Even though the American DoM is still young, they have a lot of talent there. Whatever it is must be serious."

The elevator dinged when they reached their floor. Stepping out of the elevator, they walked down the hallway and into the Department of Mysteries. Harry frowned as they walked past several familiar doors, and then past the Veil. Harry shuddered as he past, and quickly said a small prayer for Sirius.

As they walked, Luna got Harry caught up on some of the stuff that she had been up to. Well, at least what she could tell him. They walked to the end of the hallway, where Luna pointed out the door that was marked Briefing Room.

"This where we are headed Harry. Is anyone else coming?"

Harry looked into the Briefing Room. He saw Ron was already there, and was surprised when he saw Hermione as well. He looked around again and shrugged. "Shack said that he was going to track down a third member for me, but I'm not seeing anyone else here." Nodding, Luna pulled Harry into the room, and they took a seat next to Hermione.

After a few more minutes, the door opened a gain, and Algernon Croaker walked into the room. "I see everyone that is relevant is here. Good. Now time to brief you on what is happening and your mission.

"Close to a hundred years ago, archaeologists and Gringotts dug up an ancient relic at the foot of the sphinx. This artifact was a gate to another planet. Five years ago, the Americans were able to get the relic activated, with the help of a specialist in ancient Egyptian, as well as an Egyptian magical specialist. The artifact turned out to be a gate to another world." Here, Croaker paused to let that sink in.

"By the Americans estimate, the gate, or Stargate as they called it, took them to another world that was inhabited by people that we believe came from Earth. Going by the language that they spoke, we believe that their people resided here until about 4,000 BC. It was around that time that some other species arrived on the planet, calling themselves gods and enslaved these people. They walked them through the Stargate and made them work in mines on this planet.

"After the gate was activated, the American Air Force led a small team through the gate, led by Colonel Jack O'Neill, intending to destroy it on the other side. However, they met one of these gods, who called himself Ra." At this Hermione let out a small squeak. Croaker nodded at her. "Yes Ms. Granger. This species is most likely the basis for the ancient Egyptian gods.

"After the team dealt with this issue and had taken care of the gate on the other side, we assumed that this issue was over with. Unfortunately, last month the gate suddenly activated, and we were left to deal with another one of these gods. Colonel O'Neill was once again contacted and led another team to find out where these kidnappers came from. After some time, they finally gathered some information.

"Our enemy is a race of parasitic creatures called the Go'auld. These parasites pick out human hosts, and they transfer bodies. The guards are known as Jaffa. On their last mission through the Stargate, one of the Jaffa defected to our care, and is providing us with much needed information. The Jaffa is also infected with a Go'auld larva, but not to the same extent. They are used more as incubators for the parasite, and in return get advanced healing, and further serve as soldiers for the Go'auld. Any questions so far"

Harry raised his hand. "Sir, I can see why this is an issue, but my question is why did the US request for our assistance?"

Croaker nodded at Harry. "Good question Potter. Why us? The answer is simple, yet so complex. Shortly after the Stargate was discovered, an analysis was done on the gate. The metal was unable to be identified, and was believed to have not been created on Earth, or contain any element found on our planet. The other discovery was the trace of a completely foreign, yet identical magic to our own. This information was relayed to General Hammond with Stargate Command. He requested the Department of Magic to provide a magic strike team, as well as researchers. The US Department of Magic chose to defer their information to us, primarily because we are one of the leading magical communities in the world, with access to more information than many other countries.

"The primary focus or the SGC is exploration and discovery. Your job will be to travel through the Stargate, document your findings, and try to find trace of any magical civilizations to any world you visit. We want to know who made the Stargate, and how they did it. Potter, you will be in charge of the away team. Granger will be there to as Ministry liaison, as well as for Magical research. I believe you did attend Cambridge, correct?"

Hermione nodded. "Currently going for my masters in Advanced Magical Theory and Spell Craft."

"Perfect. Ms. Lovegood will primarily be conducting recon for your team, as well as studying the wildlife in the area. That leaves the Aurors to provide whatever defense is needed."

"Sir, did Shack say anything about the third member of my team?" Harry asked. "He said he was going to track down a third member, and I was expecting to see them here."

Croaker looked at his papers and frowned. "He did find you the third member of your party, but she is getting a separate briefing at the moment. She is speaking with the liaison for her country, as well as an Unspeakable. While she is technically on loan to your department, we still have to send this up the proper channels and get approval. However, she was approved to join you on the mission, so she will meet you at the terminal. Any further questions?" The room slowly shook their heads.

"Good. In that case, you are dismissed. And good luck on your mission."

And here we go. The actual story if finally getting underway. I did get several comments since I revitalized the prologue, and rest assured that I am looking at all possible pairings so far, outside of some of the classic pairings. I am debating how much of this I should keep canon, and how much I should change. Thoughts? I am also debating if I should keep this as a crossover, or put it strictly in the Harry Potter section. While it does cross over into SG1, I'm thinking of having little to do with them as the story progresses. We shall see. And please, leave review on what you liked, didn't like, future story lines, etc.