Profile of a few KKM characters

Author's Note: A quick drabble that popped into my head. These are the characters' I like best in KKM. I've included it in my profile as well.


Yuuri-Water: Soft and caring. Looks calm and harmless on the outside and tries to accommodate every one. But actually has great depth and when roused cannot be stopped. Slowly but steadily carves the way forward, in what looks like impossible circumstances. Is associated with all other elements and hence has the ability to feel and intuitively know.

Wolfram-Fire: Hot and fiery. Heat that both burns and warms. Can rage uncontrollably but can also light the way. Can be extinguished, so can get hurt easily. Always direct and honest.

Gwendal-Earth: Deep, dark and strong. Appears rough and abrasive but is nurturing and mothering. A source of life. Provides an anchor for all those around. As earth is so deep can keep secrets and rarely shows his true feelings.

Gunter-Wind: Swift and flighty, but if angered has the force of a hurricane and nothing can stand in his way. Changes direction on a whim, but is the force that steers ships in their course. Hears all that is whispered around the world so has deep knowledge.

Conrad-Heart: Brave, just and kind. Feels more deeply and loves unconditionally. The defender of honour, the one that inspires courage. The center that keeps everyone else going. The one who puts everyone else before himself.

Yozak-Jester: Willy sense of humor and a big heart. Like Shakespeare's court jester, is the wise man behind the fool. Because all he says is in the form a joke, speaks frankly on all issues and helps steer others in the right direction without them knowing it.


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