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Giles sat in the dark, in his condo, only a small lamp on his desk covered with papers illuminated his lounge. He clasped a glass of scotch in his hand, the bottle on a small table beside the sofa he was sitting in. He rested his arm holding the glass on the arm of his chair, the other lying slackly in his lap. Giles gazed unseeingly at a dark spot somewhere in front of him. Swigging back the last bit in his glass Giles poured himself another, before returning to his previous motionless state. They'd all gone to Cordelia's empty casket funeral today. There was no proof that she was dead, but in a town like Sunnydale, being missing for more than two days meant your dead, body, or no body.

He and the others had all felt the absence of Buffy's presence during the sunny day, him a little more so than the others. He hadn't been able to tell them of the Council's decision to terminate Buffy, as a walking time bomb. The Watcher in him agreed with the Council's logic, but the father in him couldn't stand it. Buffy was the closest thing that he had ever had to a daughter, or a caring family, and he had sent death after her! He should have known what the Council would do, and yet he'd called them anyway.

His first instinct was to go to them when he needed council, not wanting to take the chance of losing the respect he had acquired amongst his fellow Watchers, after his long years as Ripper. Giles chugged down a large gulp of his scotch. Cordelia's funeral, had put into clear prospective, what he would be doing very soon for Buffy. Burying an empty casket under a tombstone that would supposedly be her grave, but her grave would be the open air, as she was blown to places all around the world. Giles sighed. It was bad enough that he had allowed Buffy to be turned, but to let her die without warning!

The Watchers Council would strike hard and fast, probably tomorrow during the day, when vampires had less chance of escape without burning into dust. Could he do it though? Could he really give Buffy fair warning that The Watchers assassination squads would be coming? Betray the Council, and everything he had worked hard for? If he betrayed the Council now there was no way he'd ever get another Slayer put under his care.

Giles burped the stale taste of scotch filling his mouth, as he stood up. He didn't want another Slayer. He didn't think he could handle having to take charge of another young girl who wouldn't statistically last more than a year. His father had been right as usual he wasn't cut out to be a Watcher. He got too involved, to attached. It was his attachment to Buffy that had led him to feel betrayed when she couldn't kill Angelus, who in turn killed Jenny. It had led to his Slayer's turning.

Buffy still had her soul though. She was still Buffy Summers, she was just cold to the touch, and her heart didn't beat anymore, and she had to drink blood to survive, but Angel had survived on pigs' blood. There was no reason Buffy couldn't. Giles pulled on his tweed coat, and headed out the door. He had to scope for Buffy. He had no clue where she lived now, so he'd have to try and find her the old fashioned way.

Giles grabbed his keys out of the bowl, on the table, in the doorway, before closing the door to his condo. Walking out to his car, Giles started the engine. He knew that he probably shouldn't be driving, but he needed to move fast. It wouldn't take long for the Watchers assignation squad to be deployed. He wouldn't be surprised if they attacked tomorrow in the afternoon, and the night was almost over.

Giles searched The Bronze, the park, the graveyards. There was no sign of Buffy, or anyone who he could bully into taking him to her. Giles drove his eyes searching hoping to catch a glimpse of someone. He had almost given up hope when he saw Angelus prowling down a street, a little further down the body of a girl lay still in an alleyway, where a homeless person would find her hours later. Giles put his foot down on the accelerator, reaching behind him, he grabbed a loaded crossbow from the back seat, slamming on the brake Giles got out of the car, shutting the door behind him. Pointing the crossbow at Angelus' heart, having pulled up onto the pavement in front of the vampire.

Angelus quirked a brow amused. He could scent the stale scotch coming from Giles, from where he stood a few metres from the man. He could have easily gotten away, blending into the darkness of the night, but he was curious about Rippers intent, and how the whole scene would play out with the drunken Watcher. "Come to try to avenge your precious gypsy again Ripper?" Angelus taunted taking three deliberate steps closer.

"Leave her out of it." Giles snapped.

"Think you'll fair better now that Buffy isn't going to come racing to your rescue."

"Buffy…" Giles muttered his drunken mind working a little slower than normal. "I need to speak to her."

Angelus cocked a brow. "Do you now." Angelus murmured taking another step forward. "I don't suppose you're wanting to try and turn her away from me now." Angelus said with a mock friendly conversational tone, actually walking now, with steady steps towards the drunken Watcher.

"Stop!" Giles demanded not feeling comfortable with the steady pace Angelus was using to dissolve the distance that had been between them. When Angelus didn't head him, Giles fired the crossbow. Angelus easily side stepped the arrow that would have missed his heart by miles anyway. "Because that would be kind of rude don't you think? Trying to turn a childe against her Sire." Giles tried to fire the crossbow again, the trigger making a soft clicking sound, as it tried to fire when it wasn't loaded. With a snarl Angelus grabbed the crossbow twisting it from Giles grasp. "What makes you think that even if you succeeded that I'd let her go to you. That I wouldn't just chain her up in a room to stop her from going anywhere, as I taught her the wrongs of betraying ones Sire?"

"That's not what I'm…I just need to talk to her." Giles said weakly.

Angelus shook his head. "You're drunk Ripper. I suggest that you sleep it off!" Angelus growled slamming the butt of the empty crossbow into Giles' temple, knocking the Watcher unconscious. Angelus looked down at the fallen Watcher, it was so tempting to just drain him and leave it at that, but he knew better, as much as he was pissed at Buff, he wouldn't get anywhere by killing her father figure. Angelus stepped over Ripper's body dropping the crossbow on the ground. He wouldn't kill him, but that didn't mean that others couldn't. If he was lucky some other vamp, or demon might kill the Watcher as an easy meal.

Angelus looked up at the sky dawn would be soon approaching. There had been no word on his mate-to-be tonight, maybe tomorrow night he'd have more luck. Angelus disappeared into the night on his way home, with no idea of the information that Giles had desperately wanted to give Buffy.


Buffy sighed as she made her way up to her room. She'd had a good time that night, looking around Galway. She had spent most of her time at the pier, just thinking, and admiring the view. She hadn't reached a decision yet, but she felt she had made some progress, even if it was just a little. She had a problem though, she was hungry, she couldn't help it, but she burned for the taste of blood. So she had tried, she'd found a butchers, and asked for some pigs blood. Doing her best to avoid squirming under the butchers gaze as he eyed her with suspicion. She'd gotten her blood though, and once she had made it out of sight she'd torn into the bag to hungry to care that it was cold.

She had spat it out though, as soon as the blood hit her mouth. It had tasted foul, and it hadn't been because it was cold. It had been like that time with Riley, the warm blood sliding down her throat had tasted off. Wrong and this was exactly the same, but worse, so she couldn't feed, not without making herself sick.

She'd have to be careful, and hope that no one pricked a finger whilst she was here. She didn't understand why all the blood was tasting foul, and human food did nothing to slate her hunger. Buffy scrubbed a hand down her face, as she sat down on her double bed.

Her room was nice, and the shower was spacious, she'd taken full advantage of it, before she went to sleep that morning. The room itself wasn't all that big, but she didn't mind. She only planned to spend the days in it sleeping, and the bed was soft, and comfy, so she had no complaints. Buffy stood up walking over to her window, dawn was about to break. Taking a last look out over the bay Buffy closed her curtains tightly. Walking towards the door Buffy picked up one of the tags that went outside the door. Hanging it on the door knob. The words 'Do not disturb' facing the hallway, before she locked the door.

Walking back over to her bed, Buffy got under the covers. She stared up at the dark ceiling, as she waited for the sun to rise. Her eyes blinked heavily as she felt the dawn grow steadily closer until finally she fell into sleep, just as dawn broke.

Buffy looked around herself, she had no idea where she was, and yet the street looked familiar. The cobbled street, leading out onto a dock, the scent of the sea strong in her sensitive nostrils. Where was she? Hadn't she just fallen asleep in her hotel room? Buffy's attention was turned to a tavern in front of her, a drunken man stepping out, allowing the light, and music, and drunken laughter, and raised voices to spill out more into the otherwise deserted street. The man had an arm draped around a girls shoulders as they seemed to be making their way home.

Buffy's eyes were drawn back to the tavern, something within her telling her that she needed to go in there. Before she was even aware that it was happening, Buffy was walking towards the rowdy tavern. Her feet carrying her there like they had a mind of her own. The drunken couple had disappeared, before Buffy had made it even half way to the tavern. Something that she thought was weird considering that they had been going at a slow place as they staggered along.

She pushed open the tavern door, the scent of sweat, and booze hitting her immediately. She became aware of a soft swishing sound as she walked, looking down herself, she recognised the red dress she had worn for Halloween this year. When she had been super jealous of Angel's previous lovers, when she realized she wasn't his usual type. Buffy's eyes shot up when she heard a cheer of joy in a voice she would recognize anywhere. Her eyes landed on him just as his arms were coming down, as he accepted pats on the back, and a large pile of coins, that she could only assume were a currency of some kind.

Buffy frowned when a dark haired busty girl, with a dress so low cut that she was surprised her breasts weren't popping out over the top of the material. Her nipples clear to see for anyone with eyes, latched on to his arm. Her lips were on his in a feverish kiss in the next moment. Buffy growled lowly, and by some act of mercy she was able to control her face, as her anger, and jealous made her control slip.

She desperately wanted to turn, and leave the scene, before she killed the woman, but her feet that had been so willing to take her here to show her this torturous scene, were now glued to the floor, refusing to move an inch. Then Angel was disentangling himself from the kiss, his eyes coming up to meet hers. His soulful brown eyes framed by a head full of long hair that was dangling loosely around his shoulders. His hair was lighter than she remembered, more of a browny blond then the black she was used to.

As she watched Angel gently disentangled himself' from the brunettes arms, picking up his cup, and draining what was left in it in one large gulp. Wiping his mouth with the back of his sleeve, before making his way over.

"Ach Liam you're not be leavin' us withou' buyin' another round are ye?" Called one of the men that he'd left at the table.

"Yeah Liam ye can't leave us withou' givin us a chance te' win our money back lad." Called another.

"Sorry laddies but I mus' be off on me way ta bed now."

"Oh ach Liam lad she's a bit too much woman for ye ain't she? Leave her be an' sit another round." The second caller said.

"Oh come on Davie don'cha know by now tha' there ain't no woman that our Liam can't charm." A third man spoke up. "Go on lad show us how it's done." He called lifting his glass in toast, before downing a draught.

'So it's Liam, not my Angel.' Buffy thought, as Liam walked towards her, steady on his legs despite the amount of drink he must have consumed by now. It wasn't long until Liam was standing right in front of her blocking out the view of the rest of the tavern.


Buffy looked up at him in surprise. "Angel? But I… they…" Buffy stammered confused.

"Shhh." Angel murmured soothingly his hand coming up so that he could trace a finger over her bottom lip. "I'll explain later." He promised, before his lips pressed to hers, and Buffy moaned her mouth opening under the pressure of his, allowing his tongue to slip in.

The tavern burst into applause and wolf whistles, but all the sound blacked out, as Buffy's world was reduced to Angel. His lips on hers, his tongue in her mouth rubbing against hers. Buffy could faintly taste the other girl still on Angel's lips, and she felt a tide of jealousy overcome her, feeling her face about to change Buffy pulled away, turning away, to see that they were no longer in the tavern, but in a bedroom. Keeping her back to Angel as she looked around the parts of room that she could see.

Angel grabbed Buffy's elbow turning her to face him, His hands coming up to cup her face. "Angel I… you don't have to…" Buffy said awkwardly trying to pull away from Angel's touch, much like Angel had in the ice ring not so long ago.

Angel pressed his lips against hers, feeling her fangs behind her soft lips. Pulling back Angel smiled at her. "Buffy I love ye, and I am just as acceptin' of ye as ye are of me." Angel said softly stroking a prominent cheek bone, before letting go of her face.

Buffy took a step back, turning from his gaze again to look out the small window, whilst she got her face under control. Once she was sure that she had her human face firmly back in place she turned around again, to see Angel waiting patiently for her. "Tis good te be able to see, an' touch ye again Buffy." Angel said softly.

Buffy looked down and away, she felt like she had betrayed him a thousand times over since Angel had been forced to leave her. "I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you, or any of this to happen." Buffy said using her arms to try and express how much.

"Buffy, don't. Ye have notin' te be sorry for." Angel said walking over to her placing his hands on her shoulders. "I'm the one whose sorry love. I left ye to suffer at the hands of Angelus…"

"But I," Buffy cut across him.

Angel pressed a finger to her lips. "I'm not sayin' that I like what's happened between the two o' ye, nor what he's done te ye. I never wanted this for ye Buffy. But I am grateful that that, no good lout hasn't done worse. He's capable of much, much worse." Angel said looking off as if remembering something, before snapping his eyes back to Buffy. "I cannot tell ye how sorry I am for all the pain I caused ye." Angel said drawing her into his arms. His face buried in her hair.

"Angel there's nothing for you to apologise for. You didn't know." Buffy whispered sadly her arms wrapping around him. "And he's not you." Buffy said firmly. "You're like polar opposites."

Angel smiled without mirth. "I still need te know if ye forgive me love." Angel said looking down at her, stroking her hair.

Buffy nodded. "Of course I do." Buffy said more than happy to give him what he needed. "But can you forgive me, for…"

Angel pressed a finger to Buffy's lips, not wanting to hear what he already knew. "Yes Buffy I do. I never held it against ye." Angel pulled back slightly pulling Buffy to sit on the bed. "I knew the moment I felt my soul begin to leave that it was more than possible that Angelus would charm ye. I actually hoped that it was path he would take, despite the pain he would cause ye along the way. Tit' twas far better than any of the alternatives. Some of the things he could hav' done were far worse than anything ye could possibly imagine. I watched with great pains as Angelus tormented ye I needed to know what he had planned, and although it tore at me heart I'm glad that things turned out this way." Angel said softly. "But I could kill the bastard for turnen' ye." Angel growled pounding his fist against the wooden frame of the bed they were sitting on.

Buffy looked at him with large eyes. "You watched…everything?" Buffy asked she could feel tears pricking her eyes. "Oh god Angel. How can you…how can you even look at me?" Buffy asked.

Angel shook his head, and pulled her into his arms. "Quiet simply lass. I love ye, and nothing will change that. I agonised over how much pain ye were in, not being able to go te ye, and offer the comfort I so wished te give." Angel said stroking Buffy hair.

"I don't disserve you." Buffy mumbled. "You should hate me for falling for the demon you hate the most, who caused you the most pain."

Angel shook his head, tilting Buffy's head up so that she was looking at his face. "I could never hate ye. Do ye understand? Never. I will love ye no matter what happens."

Buffy wiped at her eyes and nodded. "I still love you, you know." Buffy said quietly her hand intertwining with one of his.

"I know. Twas the only thing that kept me from goin' mad." Angel confided in her. "Knowing that some of ye heart still belonged te me." Angel murmured bringing her hand up to his lips. Angel sighed as he brought her hand back down. "I should not hav' come te ye Buffy, I wasn't supposta come they told me not te…"

"Whose they?" Buffy asked.

"No one of great importance." Angel lied. "But I couldn't stand seeing ye suffer anymore Buffy. Your pain called te me, tellin' me tha' ye needed me."

"And where is here?"

Angel smiled softly. "You're in a dream Buffy, one that I created, and at this moment we are above the tavern, in a room I rented over two hundred years ago." Angel told her.

"So then are you Angel, or are you Liam?" Buffy asked cocking head to the side cutely.

"I'm Angel, I'm just in Liam's body."

"…So our rolls have been reversed." Buffy said with a small frown. "I'm the vampire with the soul, and you're the human."

Angel put his fingers to Buffy's lips. "Love ye have te listen te me. We only hav te ye wake, then I'll be gone, and I'll not be able te contact ye again." Angel said firmly, he waited until Buffy nodded her understanding, before removing his fingers from her lips. "Ye have te go back te him Buffy,"

"But I haven't decided yet…"

"As much as it kills me love, ye have te go back, no matter what ye decide. Angelus is the only one, apart from Dru, and Spike who'll be on yer side. And Dru's te crazy to take care of herself properly, let alone ye, and Spike's got his hands' full with Drusilla, to be much help te ye. Ye gonna need him. He's the best teacher ye got, and he'll look after ye Buffy, ye may not agree with him, and his…hobbies, but he's made a huge concession for ye, not forcin' ye te kill."

Buffy put her fingers against Angel's lips. "You don't need to convince me to go back Angel. I was going to anyway. I, I just needed time to think, and get to know the new me, without Angelus' views clouding my way." Buffy paused unsure whether she should ask, but this would probably be the last time she saw Angel. "Angel?"

"Ai love."

"Can I ask you a question?"

Angel smiled. "Anything."

"How…how did you deal with the pain? It…it just hurts so much!" Buffy said her hand coming to her temple.

Angel sighed, and lay back on the bed bringing Buffy with him. He was silent for a long few moments before he spoke again. "Probably shouldant tell ye this for the sake of the world, but I can't stand te see ye in pain Buffy. I want ye te be happy, and I'm not part of the world anymore so I can tell ye, that there is a small magic shop, the witch who owns it has a potion. It removes souls. If ye want ye can go there, and get the potion, and the pain'll stop." Angel said softly.

Buffy frowned the idea was tempting, but she had already been down that road and it hadn't ended so good. Buffy shook her head, she'd think about it later, when she didn't have limited time with Angel. Buffy leaned up, a small smile on her face. "So why exactly are we in your old bedroom at a tavern?" Buffy asked.

Angel smiled. "Ye wanted to see Ireland as I saw it." Angel said with a shrug, as if it meant nothing at all.

Buffy grabbed his face kissing him soundly. "Are we done with the serious part?" Buffy asked, breathily. Her fingers stroking down his warm cheeks. It was different to feel Angel warm. He was almost hot to the touch. 'I wonder how I can feel his heat in a dream?' Buffy thought, but decided that it didn't matter.

Angel chuckled sensing the change in her mood. "Just one more thing. I've never felt anything as good as making love te ye Buffy." Angel said needing for her to know. Buffy smiled sure that she would be blushing if she was still able to. "You'll always have a place in my heart Angel." Buffy murmured, before their lips were joined together again as they kissed. The innocent kiss became more, and more passionate, and Buffy's hands went to Angel's clothes, pulling at his top, untucking it from his pants.

Angel's adept hands were already halfway through undoing the laces at the back of Buffy's gown, when Buffy's cool hands met his bare skin. Angel pulled the dress down over her shoulders, helping her struggle out of the constricting dress, and the corset underneath, before slipping his untucked shirt over his head. The clothes disappearing in the air, before they had a chance to touch the ground. Angel ran his hands down to Buffy's hips bunching up the material of her under dress, the last barrier before he had her completely naked. Lifting the material up over her head, Angel felt his breath hitch as for the second time he was struck by the perfection of Buffy Summers.


Angelus flicked off the TV. He was to ansty to do anything, for long, which had been the reason why he was out so late finding a meal last night. Not even his favourite soaps could keep him entertained for long. He wanted to know where in the hell Buffy was so that he could go get her already. He hated that he felt like this, he wasn't used to feeling any besides his own excitement, and perhaps boredom, and of course there was rage as well, but he had never felt anything close to as annoying as this anxious feeling he was getting, half of it worry, half of it anger. One thing was for damned sure, he'd be keeping a tighter leash on his little mate-to-be from now on.

Angelus got up, prowling through his mansion. Not being able to wait until nightfall, he was going to go to the small hub of a town that resided under the town of Sunnydale, see if any information had finally flown in, and there had better be, or there'd be hell to pay.

Angelus was just circling a corner when he froze. Turning to look at the wall beside him, facing the front entrance of the mansion. Did he just hear a van pull up outside? Curious Angelus walked back, taking shortcuts to get closer to the front door. He could hear footsteps outside now. Quite a few there had to be at least fifty odd out there. Angelus cocked his head to the side, his sensitive ears could pick up the sounds of guns being cocked, and a couple of radios being tested. Angelus' mind flicked back to his meeting with Ripper, and he snarled. 'Needed to talk to Buffy eh Ripper? Couldn't let the Council kill Buff without a warning eh. But how in the hell did they find this place?' Angelus thought. There was nothing he hated more than a snitch!

Pulling back into the shadows Angelus waited, getting ready for their intrusion into his home. It wasn't long, before he heard their heavy footsteps, running as quietly as humans could through his mansion. Angelus felt his face shift, and he grinned in anticipation as he heard footsteps drawing closer.

Snatching an arm out, he snapped the first assassins' neck before he had even realized that he had been caught. Stepping out into the hallway, he grinned, a fangy grin at the assassin dressed as a wannabe ninja, a gun in his hands.

"Angelus is in the east side of the building." He said calmly into the radio on his shoulder, before he came at Angelus firing his weapon. Angelus dodged the bullets easily enough, getting closer with every step he took. Until the assassin could no longer fire his weapon. The assassin jabbed the gun at Angelus trying in vainly to take the Master vampire down. Angelus caught the butt of the gun twisting it from his assailant's hands, before shoving it into the assassins mouth breaking quite a few of his front teeth. Giving him a superior smirk Angelus fired, a spurt of blood, shattered skull, and brain matter coming out the back of his head.

Angelus looked up, and smiled as he saw more Watchers in front of him blocking his hallway. "Watchers, there just like flies, you kill one, and a dozen more show up." He quipped, backing back into the hiding place he had first started in when the Watcher's opened fire. Angelus came back out again, once they had to stop to reload.

Using his preternatural speed, he worked his way through the masses, dodging bullets every now and then, snapping necks, ripping out throats, and throwing the corpses of their dead comrades at survivors using them as shields when necessary. Suddenly a tinny voice was heard over their radios. "Pull back. Pull back." The watchers slowly backed up, but it didn't stop Angelus from killing all in his sights.

Angelus stalked through his mansion looking for any stragglers. He found none, but he did find the occasional dust pile. Rounding up the remaining minions Angelus ordered them to clean up the place. He left the minions to it, as he stalked to the sewer entrance. Where he was originally headed, before all the ruckus with the Watcher's assassins distracted him.

Making his way quickly to the town, Angelus wasted no time in looking for his answers. Walking past the town he walked up to the sewer entrance of Willies bar. "So tell me Willie any news?"

Willie looked up surprised at seeing Angelus so soon after his visit only last night. Willie nodded to a demon who was sitting at one of his tables.

Angelus made his way over grabbing a chair he pulled it up to the table sitting down beside the demon. The demon gave him a glancing scowl. "I've heard that you know where to find The Slayer turned vampire." Angelus said curbing his impatience.

The demon gave Angelus another look. "Sorry I can't help ya." He said turning back to his beer. Angelus growled grabbing the bottle, and slamming the demons head on the table. Smashing the bottle he raised the sharp broken end of the bottle to his head, letting it hover over his eye. "Now you're going to tell me what I want to know or you're going to lose an eye…possibly more." Angelus growled.

"She's in Ireland! Galway Ireland!" The demon yelped.

Angelus threw the broken beer bottle into the wood of the table, patting the demons back Angelus let him go. Walking back out of the bar, Angelus left a victorious smile on his face. He knew where she was, now all he had to do was find a really quick way of getting there, and with his reputation it wouldn't be that hard to find.

Walking into the heart of the underground town Angelus turned into a small stall, walking deeper into the portable building Angelus found who he was looking for. "Rona." Angelus called to the tall red head.

"Angelus!" Rona said turning around. "I haven't seen you in centuries! How come you're soulless for weeks, and you don't drop by sooner?" She snarled.

"You know how it is Rona. I'm a popular guy." Angelus smirked. "I need a favour."

"Of course you do." Rona huffed, playing with a strand of her curly hair. "What do you need?"

"I need to borrow your lover's jet."

"Just the jet?" Rona asked suggestively, sliding up closer.

"And the pilots." Rona pouted.

"You'll be able to borrow it Angelus. Danny thinks the world of you, but it'll only be able to drop you off, He's got to be at a conference in a few days. Where you going anyway?"

"Ireland, Galway Ireland." Angelus replied a smirk on his lips that made Rona want to shiver.

"Well then, that should be fine. Do you mind telling me what kind of mischief you're going to cook up?"

"Just fetching my runaway childe Rona." Angelus murmured, a full fledged smile gracing his face. If he left tonight he'd be there by tomorrow night.


Buffy moaned as Angel's warm hands ran up her skin. His thumbs tracing the undersides of her breasts, before his mouth engulfed one breast in the heat of his mouth. Buffy keened arching up into him. His heat, his heat was scorching her, scorching her flesh, and it felt so decadently good. "A, Angel." Buffy gasped her hands delving into the long thick strands of his hair, her nails scratching at his scalp, as he suckled at her breasts, with the fever of a man long denied his lover.

Angel licked up a path to her mouth. "Ach Buffy I've missed ye so lass." Angel groaned as his mouth settled over hers, plundering her mouth like a starved man, as Angel used this chance to burn this moment into his memory, as well as saying goodbye, like he hadn't been able to before. His hand ran up and down her side stroking the sensitive skin, making it flare to life.

"I, I missed you to Angel." Buffy managed to get out when Angel left her mouth to travel back down to her neck, paying homage to the skin there, paying special attention to were her beating pulse used to be.

Buffy's hands flew down to Angel's pants, working at getting them undone. It took a lot longer than it should have as she kept getting distracted, by either Angel's, clever hands, or mouth. Buffy's hands fumbled again when his tongue traced the delicate outer shell over her ear. "Angel." Buffy breathed. Her hands finally managed to get his pants undone, and she whimpered, as Angel removed his hands to shove his pants down and off his legs.

Angel's hands where back on her a moment later running up her shapely legs. Buffy took a shuddering breath, as his fingers brushed against the belly button ring. Angel didn't comment on it, just kept going up her belly to roll one of her pebbled nipples between his fingers, making her arch up into his touch, begging for more. A familiar pulse beginning to throb in her core, and her juices slipping down her thighs.

"Angel." Buffy moaned, her mouth capturing his, as her hands ran down his back, squeezing, and needing every bit of skin she could find. She moaned lowly as she felt his hardness against her thigh. "Oh please Angel!" Buffy cried arching her hips, it had been so long since she'd seen him, and this was to be her last chance with him.

Angel smiled against her soft delicate throat, positioning himself at her entrance Angel pushed inside. Sheathing himself to the hilt, in one strong thrust. Buffy groaned wrapping her legs around him squeezing her thighs around him in rapture, as he rocked against her, driving in deeper. The motions Angel's as he moved with a worshipping reverence, like she was a delicate flower, that needed to be handled with the utmost care. Buffy rocked with him, content to let Angel set the pace that he desired, wanting to soak up every moment she had with him. Wishing that waking up was a lot further away then it was.

Angel groaned as Buffy squeezed around him, he'd forgotten just how tight she was. it didn't seem like her romps with Angelus had stretched her at all. Angel felt a surge of jealousy, and he smashed his mouth against hers, possessing her mouth, as he pounded into her, his thrusts, becoming harder. Buffy grunted at the change of pace, matching his rhythm, her legs tightening around his waist as the coil in her abdomen tightened.

Angel drew away from the kiss looking at Buffy's face. "Look at me lass." Angel managed to get out, between clenched teeth, and panted breaths. Buffy open her eyes, to meet his, she was getting so close now, it was hard to keep her eyes focused. Angel kept eye contact, determined to watch her come. He felt himself growing nearer his balls tightening. Slipping a hand between their driving bodies to play with her swollen clit, just above where their bodies where intimately connected.

Buffy arched up off the bed, Angel's name coming out in a scream, as she came, being thrown over the edge in a tidal wave. Angel groaned as her walls squeezed him tighter than he imagined possible. Her orgasm triggering his own, his seed spilling deeply into her womb. Angel kept thrusting as he rode out his orgasm. Falling to the side, his now flascent cock slipping from her moist depths.

Buffy rolled over curling up against Angel's side, her tongue coming out to lick the sweat off a part of his shoulder. "MMM sweaty Angel." Buffy mumbled, her arms circling his waist. Angel kissed the top of her head in response and silence fell over the couple. "I wish that this didn't have to end. We didn't get enough time together."

"I know, but ye can't stay with me. Believe it, or not, but Angelus needs ye." Buffy looked at him with disbelief written plainly over her face. "Tis true love, he may not want admit to needin' anyone, but he's found his mate in ye, an' he'd tear the world apart if he cannot have ye. We'll be tegether again soon enough, not even vampires last forever, and when tha' happens I'll be here waitin for ye, an' Angelus will no doubt be with ye soulless self in some dimension or another, wrecking havoc on the damned."

Buffy smiled. "I guess that would make me the first person who can split themselves for the men she loves." Buffy said trying to make light her heavy heart.

"Ye'll be goin' now Buffy." Angel said softly sensing his power of the dream world fading, as Buffy woke.

"What no!" Buffy said clutching him. "It's too soon! I'm not ready yet!" Buffy cried horrified as Angel, and the room they were in began to fade. "Angel! Not again, please, let me stay a little longer!" Buffy begged.

Angel shook his head sadly. "Don't rush into anything lass, and don't be reckless. Remember Angelus loves ye no matter how absurd that may seem, and lass ye love him…"

"But Ang…"

"I'll be waiting when ye time comes Buffy. I love ye lass. Try te remember all that I've told ye. Ye have a bad habit of only hearin' a wee bit, an' blocking out the rest."

"ANGEL!!!" Buffy screamed sitting blot up right in her bed at the Abigail. She looked around herself, her bed was in shambles like she had thrashed around too much in her sleep. The dress she had decided to use as a night gown was on the floor. Buffy pressed the heel of her hand against her forehead. Her demons were howling. One growling that she better not take Angel's advice about the witch's potion, and the other snarling about the disgusting dream it had to put up with! What in the hell was the soul doing! Dreaming over an even weaker version of their Sire.

Buffy shimmied off the bed wishing that the continuous headache that was her demons would shut up for a while. She walked into the shower, letting the hot water sooth her muscles. She couldn't help wonder if it was just an ordinary dream. Dreamt up by her subconscious to ease her guilt over Angel, but it didn't feel like an ordinary dream, she felt tingly, and slightly tender like she normally did after sex. Buffy smiled it was real! It had to have been real. 'Hmmm, maybe I could convince Angelus to use the accent occasionally it was more than roguishly sexy.' Buffy thought with a giggle.

Stepping out of the shower minutes later with a towel wrapped around herself, Buffy got dressed, pulling out a brush she ran it through her hair. It was going to be a clear night tonight. She could already see a couple of stars in the dark sky. Buffy ran a hand threw her drying hair, as she looked out her window. She didn't normally go out with wet hair, but she desperately wanted to get outside and explore more of Galway. The hair dryer seemed to be busted, and the last thing she wanted was to have any ones attention on her, by asking for someone to fix it. The last thing she wanted, needed was to be scrutinized.

Buffy waited looking out her window, until her hair was three quarters of the way dry, before she made her way out of the Abigail.


Angelus boarded the windowless jet, anticipation thrumming through him. He was so very close to catching his little run away. He sat down, lovingly patting one of two bags he was bringing. Already imagining using what was inside the bag on his unruly, disobedient mate-to-be. Angelus frowned he better find her unharmed, and that the Council assassins hadn't made an attempt on her un-life, or when they next struck they'd wish they'd never heard of the Watchers Council, let alone the name Angelus.

A growl erupted from his chest, before he was even aware it had happened, at the thought. The only one allowed to harm a hair on her pretty little head was him. Anyone else was trespassing on his territory, and well…Angelus grinned as bloody images filled his mind of faceless people who had dared cross him.

Pulling the bag up onto his lap, Angelus went through the contents. A contents that would have made Buffy run as fast as she could in the opposite direction. To keep himself busy through at least some of the flight, Angelus went through each and every item that he had had crammed into the medium sized backpack. Checking through them all to make sure that they were all in working order, imagining, and remembering the damage that each item could do. Something that could keep him busy for hours on end.


Buffy delighted in the small little boutiques of the town, as she window shopped, getting many indulgent smiles from cashiers, as she gushed at the cute items. She spent a good couple of hours at this, before she sat down on a park bench, facing a small park that was empty, except for the odd couple that walked by. Buffy smiled a small, sad smile as she watched them, she missed being able to do that. To walk around with a guy she liked without a care in the world, unless you counted homework, and trying to convince your mom to buy you the latest fashion.

Buffy curled her legs up beside her on the bench. Her thoughts drifting to the dream she'd had with Angel. He'd told her to go back, something that she never thought he'd say about Angelus. And he'd been painfully understanding, about what was happening between her and Angelus. The only thing he'd expressed anger over was her turning. It didn't make much sense to her that anyone could be that understanding, but even so she was grateful for it. He'd even told her how to get rid of her soul, if she wanted to.

The thing is, as much as it was causing her pain, she wasn't sure she wanted to get rid of her soul. She had no idea what would happen to her, and after the box incident she wasn't sure she wanted to try. It wasn't like demons, and witches were highly trustworthy people, and she didn't exactly know, or trust anyone here…maybe she'd get some, and see what Angelus said…if he wasn't too furious with her for leaving without a word. Buffy winced slightly, something told her that she wouldn't enjoy it when she reunited with Angelus.

Buffy sighed, she didn't know how she was going to make a decision, it seemed that maybe she was wrong in thinking that coming here would help her come to a decision? Maybe all she'd done was piss off Angelus…and see some great views. Everything was so lush and green here it was amazing! She'd never seen so much greenery in her life. She was so used to living in places like L.A, and Sunnydale, where there was hardly a forest between them, that the greenery of Ireland was a shock.

Buffy got up and looked longingly at the hills, and trees, she could see. She'd love to have a closer look, she'd never seen so many trees in one spot, or so many open fields, but she would never make it there and back again, before the sun rose in the sky. Perhaps tomorrow she'd make it out there and spend a couple of hours, before running back before the sun. Buffy sighed, and shook her head, she really hated the sun allergy she now had, it severely limited what you could do in one hit, plus she was already starting to lose her tan, from her lack of sun exposure.

Making her way back through the town, on route to the Abigail, Buffy sequestered herself away for the remaining few hours of the night in her room, trying desperately to decide if she could live with not stopping Angelus from taking innocent lives.


Angelus stepped out of the jet, the pilots already preparing to take off again so they could be back in time to take their master to his conference. Angelus cracked his neck looking around. This place sure had changed, but some things hadn't changed at all in the centuries he'd been away from home. Angelus walked with a fluid grace, using his nose to track, any trace of Buffy's scent. It was an old trail, but it was there, showing him the way, as surely as if he could see her.

Ignoring the milling crowds Angelus walked steadily following her trail, anticipation coursing through him, at a much faster pace, then on the plane. He hadn't been able to sleep, knowing that every mile travelled brought him ever closer to Buffy. Angelus walked the path Buffy took, amused to find that she had managed to go directly to the place he had spent his last night as a human. It seemed she was even lodging in the old tavern, turned hotel.

Angelus shook his head, the irony not lost on him. Walking into the Abigail, and up to the reception desk, Angelus smiled charmingly at the young girl behind the desk. "Ch,checking in?" The girl asked, a blush staining her cheeks.

"No. But I am looking for a friend of mine, I'm wondering if you could tell me what room a Buffy Summers is in."

The Girl looked disappointed, and shook her head. "I'm sorry sir, but we can't give out that information."

Angelus bit back a growl, his eyes turning serious. "You will tell me which room Buffy Summers is in!" Angelus said firmly his eyes never wavering from hers.

The girl nodded. "Of course sir. Buffy Summers is in…room…" She typed on her keyboard, not even aware that she was moving. "3.28."

Angelus nodded. "Good." Angelus muttered. "You couldn't happen to give me a spare key to room 3.28?" The girl nodded, going over to the wall of keys, she got down the spare keys, handing them over to Angelus without a word. Closing his hand around the key, Angelus turned for the stairs. He couldn't sense Buffy anywhere near the building, but he could dump his stuff in her room, for later. He could make a few trips around the town, whilst he waited for Buffy to come back to The Abigail.

The girl blinked looking around for the hot man she had been talking with, but it seemed he had disappeared in an instant! She shook her head. She was going crazy! She'd been to long without a man! Her imagination was beginning to conjure them from thin air. The girl turned back to her work, completely missing as her imaginary man walked down the stairs a bounce to his step, as he threw the key up in the air catching it, before tucking the key safely in his jacket pocket, as he left to hit the streets of Galway for the first time in centuries.


Buffy walked with a smile as she re-entered the town walking into Renmore, as she turned off Ballybrit. She'd spent most of the night up in the forest, and fields, she'd found it was a really great spot to relax, and think. The only noises were that of crickets, and other wildlife. Though it seemed like she was no closer to a decision tonight, then she had been yesterday. It probably didn't help that her burning hunger was growing with each passing day, she may just have to give in and go back to Sunnydale, and ask Angelus why blood tasted foul to her. She really didn't think it was natural.

There was no one really on the street at this time in the morning, everyone safely sleeping in their beds. Buffy felt a stab of guilt, she hadn't patrolled since she was turned, the thought hadn't even really crossed her mind, to wrapped up in her own problems. She should probably try to do one tomorrow.

Buffy was a couple of doors away from her hotel, when she had the distinct feeling she was being watched by something dangerous. The fine hairs at the back of her neck were standing on end. Her still heart had jumped to her throat, and would have been hammering like mad, if she was still alive in the traditional sense. Buffy's eyes widened as her senses registered 'him', the ones she had when she was The Slayer, and the new ones that identified 'him' as her Sire. But it wasn't possible there'd been no paper trail! He'd have no idea where to look!

"Buff, Buff, Buff. My silly little runaway." Buffy gulped, there was no mistaking that voice! Slowly, reluctantly Buffy turned around to face 'him'. She bit back the urge to whimper, and hunch into herself, trying to look as small as possible. He was angry, she could see it in his eyes, on his face, in the way his lips curled slightly downwards, in his posture, his muscles bunching tighter in places, even in the way he breathed his unneeded breaths, with deliberate slowness. "What's a matter kitten? You don't seem happy to see me." Angelus said with a knowing smile, loving the fear he could scent coming off her.

Buffy quickly glanced around her assessing her options. There wasn't many. Her hotel was not far away but it wouldn't offer much, if any protection. The streets were empty so there was no way she could lose him in a crowd, and she doubted she'd have much of a chance out running him. Ever since he'd drained, and turned her, he'd been a lot stronger than her. Buffy could only think of one thing that may appeal to him, and lessen his rage perhaps a little. The demons in her cursed at her, telling her not to. There was no need to show submission to a Sire who hadn't earned their respect, or trust! She was The Slayer, she did not submit to vampires! They submitted to her.

Buffy winced their voices raising to a pitch in her brain that it was like a band of Indians beating on bongo drums in her head. Buffy ignored them however, and tilted her head submissively to the side. Seeking to mollify his rage even just a little bit. Angelus' smile was mocking, as he began to walk closer, closing the small distance that had been between them. Buffy had to fight the urge to back away, knowing instinctively that at this moment, it would anger him more, but she couldn't help, but wish that she had tried her luck at running, she was really quiet swift, she was discovering.

Angelus fisted his hand in her blond silky hair, jerking her head further to the side, pressing his lips against her jugular, right were her pulse used to be. His free arm, wrapped around her waist tugging her against him, she could feel the hard ridge of his cock, against her belly. Buffy felt herself relax slightly, thinking that it had worked, that his anger had mostly been soothed. That notion was quickly vanished a moment later, and her body tensed, as she listened, as his soft voice washed over her ear.

"You have no idea how much seeing you in this position heats my blood Buff," Angelus paused nipping at the lobe of her ear. "But if you think that going to be enough to curb my anger, then think again! I'm going to tan your ass so hard that it's going to be red, and soar for weeks, and I won't stop until your crying, and begging for mercy, then I'll flay the skin off your back with a whip or a riding crop which ever I feel like when we get up to your room, and then if I feel satisfied with your punishment, I'll turn you on your back, and fuck you, so hard you'll forget everything except whose cock is fucking you into the mattress." Angelus drew back slightly, and smiled down into Buffy's face as he took in the terrified look on her features. "Oh don't worry Buff you'll enjoy it…the fucking at least," Angelus said with a smirk. "Though it may be a little more painful then you're used to seeing as your back with be raw, and bleeding, and your ass will be red, and swollen, but then you may enjoy that, vamps tend to like pain with their pleasure." Angelus grinned at her, completely enjoying his power over her, when he heard the sound of footsteps, and the unmistakable sound of guns being carried close to the body. Looking up over Buffy's head, who hadn't heard anything her fear of what Angelus, was describing capturing her complete attention, like her classes never had.

Angelus growled it was the fucking Council Assassins they must have followed him here, in hopes that he would lead them to Buffy! Angelus used all his strength to shove Buffy to the side and out of the way as one of the squad aimed his gun directly at Buffy's heart. The bullet hit him in the chest knocking him back a step at the impact. It had been a long time since he had been slow enough to be hit by a bullet.

Buffy hit the wall of a building pretty hard, creating the first and hopefully last Buffy crater in Ireland. She was slightly dazed, but it didn't stop her from being able to clearly see Angelus being shot, taking a small step back, at the impact, before he started to fall. Something that Buffy was quiet certain she had never seen before. It was as if everything was in slow motion, as he fell. Buffy's eyes were wide as Angelus finally hit the ground with a thud. Buffy turned her head to see who had shot at them, to see the people dressed, as ninja's…except with guns. Buffy stood up brushing down her clothes. Her body trembling with rage. Her demon roaring with excitement. The Slayer demon telling her to leave it, that they were human, not to be harmed.

Buffy drew her own conclusions as to who they were, as the words 'there she is, the traitor' hit her sensitive ears. He eyes snapped open, and she had no control of the shifting of her face, or the thunderous, menacing growl that ripped from her. Looking over at the charging group of men a small menacing smile graced her lips. She counted sixty, and the demon within her howled, it could feel the coming battling, and it anticipated the bloodshed.

Buffy raced to meet them moving so fast, that she looked like a blur. She killed one with a quick snap of his neck, his body falling limply to the ground. Buffy looked down at her right arm when she felt a small scratch of pain, to see that a bullet had grazed her arm. Turning with a snarl, she was on him in a moment, knocking the gun from his hand with sheer superior strength, she ripped his throat out, with a grin, licking her fingers, Buffy grimaced slightly the blood still tasted foul, but the scent was increasing her hunger.

Looking over at Angelus, Buffy snarled to see a couple of the Watchers getting to close to him for her comfort, racing over, Buffy grabbed one of them by the chin and snapped his head sharply to the side, the sound of his neck breaking filled the air. Taking the gun from the second she emptied the weapon into the man's gut, before dropping the weapon herself.

Coming at the other members of the assassination hit squad, she didn't let a single man escape her, as she vented her rage, over the threat to Angelus' un-life. When the last man was dead in the street, Buffy turned to look back at Angelus, her rage dissolving as the threat no longer existed. Guilt ate at her, as she came back to herself the lifeless ravaged bodies lying in the street, the memories burned into her brain. Picking her way over to Angelus, Buffy felt her face shift back as she knelt over Angelus. "You ok?" Buffy asked softly, worried that he hadn't gotten up.

"Fine, the woods just too close to my heart, for me to risk fighting when you were doing such a superb job, by yourself." Angelus told her, his voice full of pride. Buffy looked away, and Angelus sat up slowly, careful not to shift the piece of wood into his heart.

"Come on let's get inside before the sun rises." Buffy muttered standing up and taking his arm. "Should I…move the bodies?" Buffy asked uncomfortably, not looking at the carnage she had created.

Angelus shook his head. "Leave it. The Watchers Council has a way of covering its tracks, and keeping our world secret. And even if they didn't it'd probably be put down to a wild animal attack." Angelus wrapped his arm around Buffy's waist as they walked into the hotel the night person not even bothering to look up at them, as she sorted through some various piles of paper or another.

Angelus dug her room key out of his jacket pocket, and fitted it into the key hole. "How'd you…never mind." Buffy said shaking her head as she placed her key on a nightstand, deciding that when it came to Angelus, most times than not, ignorance was bliss. Angelus lay himself down on her bed. His fingers going to his buttons grimacing at the hole in his silk shirt, sliding it off his shoulders and throwing it to the floor. "Grab my bag will you." Angelus ordered.

Buffy walked over to one of the two bags grabbing it by its strap, Buffy froze as an item feel out, through a part that hadn't been zipped properly. Buffy looked at it with trepidation, her knuckles white as she gripped the strap tightly. Angelus chuckled softly, "Leave that bag for now baby, daddy'll show you how some of those toys work later."

Buffy dropped the bag like it had bitten her. Grabbing the other bag, she gave the bag she assumed was full of devices designed to inflict pain, a wide birth not wanting to be closer then she had to be. Placing the bag on the bed, she watched as Angelus got out a small box, opening it she saw a supply of first aid supplies. "So you just knew you were going to get shot did you."

Angelus looked up at Buffy as he was taking out some clean cloths. "I'm a vampire that loves to get into trouble. I take this with me, just in case I encounter someone with an overzealous trigger finger."

Buffy walked to the other side of her small room, getting out a bowl, she began to walk to the bathroom. "That overzealous trigger finger, was probably trying to protect itself from the ugly death you were offering." Buffy said over her shoulder as she filled the bowl with some warm water. Angelus shrugged uncaring that she couldn't see the action.

Buffy came back into the room, and rushed over shocked. "What do you think you're doing?!!" Buffy demanded taking the pair of medical pincers that she wouldn't have been shocked to find had been stolen from a hospital, away as he tried to stick them in himself to pull out the bullet.

"What do you think? That bullet can't stay in there you know." Angelus trying to take back the pincers.

Buffy batted his hands away scowling at him. "It's too awkward to do by yourself. You'll probably end up driving the piece of wood through your damned heart." Buffy grumbled at him. "Would you just let me do it, you pig headed man!" Buffy growled at him, when he continued to try and take the pincers from her small hands.

"Vampire." Angelus corrected, but dropped his hands away. Buffy put down the pincers, laying them on the nightstand on the side of the bed he was closest to, beside the bowl of warm water. She couldn't see the wound properly with all the blood that had spilled from the wound. Grabbing one of the cloths Buffy dipped it in the warm water, but she couldn't bring herself to just wipe it onto the cloth. She hadn't eaten anything in so long, and Angelus' blood had never tasted foul, and it smelled so good…Buffy sighed and gave in, flicking her tongue out to capture the escaping blood. Angelus chuckled a hand coming to rest on the back of her head. "A little hungry are you Buff." He said mockingly. Buffy growled the sound vibrating against him, but she was too hungry to move away.

Buffy moved away when the wound stopped bleeding, and Angelus dropped his hand away from her head. Patting his lap, Buffy obediently moved sitting on him, as she reached for the pincers. Carefully she inserted the pincers into the wound, and Angelus' hands found their way onto her thighs, they gripped her hard enough to leave bruises, but not a sound passed through his lips, except for a low groan when she clamped the pincers over the bullet.

Pulling out the piece of wood, Buffy used the wet cloth to stop the blood from rolling onto her clean sheets. Putting on a gauze, and sticky taping the sides down, Buffy was about to wrap a bandage around him, to stop him from moving the area to much and tearing the wound open again when it was finally starting to heal now that the wood was out, but Angelus stayed her hand. Buffy shrugged, and packed it all away, dropping his bag on the ground, Buffy rolled off him onto the free side of the bed.

Buffy went to roll off the bed, she wanted to put some distance between herself and Angelus, whatever seise fire had been reached during and after the attack, there was no guarantee how long it would last. She was halted by Angelus' hand gripping her wrist. "I said I'll show you how they worked later, as in when my wounds healed enough as to not rip open at a careless movement. I like to enjoy the punishments I give out, can't do that if I'm always aware of my wound." Angelus pulled his hand away, a wet stickiness on his hand. Looking down he saw blood on his hand. "You're not badly injured are you?" Angelus asked with a frown looking her over properly, to see a couple of gashes up her arms, and one on her left side.

Buffy shook her head. "Just grazes. There already beginning to heal." Buffy hesitated, before speaking again. "I am sorry you know, for leaving…"

Angelus giggled and rolled onto his side, his hand coming to rest on her belly, his thumb, caressing the soft material of the dress she had chosen to wear that night. "You aren't trying to curb my temper with an explanation are you Buff, cause it's not going to work." Angelus said with a smirk.

Buffy shook her head. "No. I was just…I just wanted to tell you, because I might not be in the mood for sharing…afterward…but if you don't want to hear it I'll keep it to myself." Buffy said moving to get out of the bed again.

Angelus' hand firmed on her stomach, pressing her back down on the mattress. "Go ahead. At the least it'll curb my curiosity."

Buffy kept her eyes to the ceiling, steadily avoiding his gaze, not wanting to see the emotions that were bound to come off him. It was scary enough feeling them, and scenting them, some part of her brain instinctively knowing what the basic emotions were. "I wanted…no needed, yeah needed is a better way to put it, time." Buffy said a frown on her face, as she tried to put the right words to her emotions. "I was confused, and I felt like I didn't know me anymore. I needed to make a decision, and I didn't believe you'd let me…"

"So you ran thousands of miles away, without telling me! You didn't think I would give you some space, near the mansion, where I could keep an eye on things from a distance. Jesus fucking Christ Buff! Do you have any idea how stu…" Angelus was cut off by Buffy's fingers on his mouth, he was about to brush them aside, when Buffy spoke again.

"I couldn't…didn't want to take the chance that you'd disagree with the idea…if it's any consolation it didn't work all that well. I was actually thinking of going back to see if I had any better luck trying to work it out with you. But then you were here, and oddly enough I found my answer." Buffy said with a wry smile.

"Oh, and what decision have you come to?" Angelus asked dryly, although he was genuinely curious.

"That it doesn't matter. When I saw you hurt…when you fell and didn't get back up, it didn't matter. I wanted…needed them dead for hurting you. I learnt a powerful thing today, that I could easily kill anyone who threatened your life. Human, demon, god, it wouldn't matter…I'm not sure if I'm explaining this very well, so just let me know if you get it…" Buffy said her frown deepening, and she bit her lip.

"Yeah I get it." Angelus said a grin on his face.

Buffy was silent for a long moment, deliberating if she should speak her mind or not. "There is a…slight problem though…" Buffy said softly turning her head to look at him. Her hand coming over to rest on top of the one that was laying flat against her belly, softly tracing mindless designs across the back of his hand with her fingertips. "I don't know how Angel dealt with all the guilt he carried from all the people you killed, for so long, but I'm not as strong as him…" Buffy shook her head, clearing away the tears she could feel welling painfully in her tear ducts. "Apparently there is a little magic shop somewhere close to here and…Angelus?" Buffy asked, when Angelus moved rolling over reaching for the top drawer of the bedside table.

"Give me a sec…" Angelus muttered. Pulling open the drawer he withdrew, a small test tube vile, corked with a light yellow cap, a greenish grey, swirly liquid inside it, as it rested in a wooden holder. Turning back to Buffy, Angelus handed it to her. "I know of that little magic shop…know the witch quiet well to…I had some time to kill as I waited around for you to come back to your hotel. I had the witch make up a draft of the potion your about to ask about. I put it up here for safe keeping when I checked to see if I might have missed your arrival into the town. After I gave you your punishment, I was going to give it to you at some stage, and let you decide if you wanted to take it, throw it out, or put it away for later, or whatever you decided." Angelus said with a shrug. "Angel wasn't all that strong you know. It was you that gave him the strength he had. Made him want to continue living the pathetic display that he called a life." Buffy growled at him, and Angelus grinned unrepentantly, not at all put off at Buffy's anger at him for mocking Angel.

Buffy turned her eyes to the test tube that she held in her hands, uncertainty washing through her as the possibility came all so close. Putting the test tube carefully on the bedside table on her side of the bed, she turned back to Angelus. "I'm scared…W, what do I become if I take that potion, will there be any semblance of who I was left? And where does my soul go? I know that they say that Angel is in the aether, but is he really or is it somewhere else?" Buffy sighed, her eyes on the potion.

Angelus shook his head. "Buffy you'll still be you. There is no demon. If vampires where demons they'd be no feud between vampires and demons. We aren't animated by a demon, but set free." Angelus paused his hand coming up to run through Buffy's hair, as she looked at him with wide innocent, pained eyes. "You know that voice in the back of your mind the one that you desperately try to ignore, that tells you to do horrible things, and the other voice, the one that tells you that you shouldn't that it would be wrong." Buffy nodded. "Well what happens is, is that your conscious disappears, and your evil little voice is amplified…hmmm, and seeing as it's the soul that ankers The Slayer demon in your body, all the pain your being forced to live with will go away, as The Slayer demon will fly the coop with your soul." Angelus explained.

Buffy blinked. "So…it's me that thinks you're a weak, bad Sire, and an unworthy mate-to-be?" Buffy asked innocently enough, a small part of herself unable to resist needling him about it.

Angelus growled, but shook his head. "No that's the part that needs to learn who's the dominant party."

"Ok a little confusled, but I think I get it." Buffy said with a small frown. "So I'll be me just…more…"

"Prone to being bad." Angelus finished for her. "It's not so bad you know, we have more fun than those foolish Champions do."

"Hey! I'm not evil yet and I have…ok so I don't have all that much fun." Buffy said with a pout. Buffy winced putting her hands to her temples. "Did you have to tell me that this would get rid of The Slayer demon to," Buffy groaned. "It feels like it's trying it's best to blow out my eardrums from the inside." Buffy whimpered.

"It's better than it tearing your body apart, as you fight it for dominance after the souls gone." Buffy shot him a look, clearly telling him that he wasn't helping.

Buffy reached over with a shaky hand grabbing the test tube out of its holder, and holding it in front of her, whimpering involuntarily as the pain grew, as The Slayer demon raged against being sent back into the dark. Buffy's hand shook sharply, and alarmingly, as she tried to undo the cap. "Angelus I think you'll have to help me." Angelus didn't say anything as he took Buffy into his arms, leaning her against his chest, as he sat up in the bed. Taking the test tube from her protesting arm, Angelus pulled the cap. "Are you one hundred percent positive Buff?" Angelus asked. Buffy nodded determinedly her eyes screwing shut against the pain in her head that seemed to be spreading out through her body. Angelus took hold of her chin, tilting it up, and pressed the test tube against her closed lips. Firmly keeping his hand there, to stop her shaking loose as she started to thrash slightly. Forcing it past her lips, Angelus tilted the vial and, watched as the liquid drained from the tube, and into her mouth, Buffy swallowing in reflex.

Buffy opened her eyes, as nothing seemed to happen, The Slayer demon quieting down in smug triumph. "Angelus I don't think it wor…mmmm." Buffy moaned when Angelus mouth pressed over hers, his tongue skilfully entering her mouth. Buffy's arms, coming up to rest around his shoulders, her fingers playing with the dark hairs at the nape of his neck. She took a gasping breath, when Angelus moved away from her mouth, to trail wet kisses down her neck. "An…Angelus are you sure? Your…oooh," Buffy moaned as Angelus sucked on her neck, right where her pulse used to be. "Your wound might…might reopen." Buffy struggled to get out, her body already feeling that familiar liquid heat that Angelus so effortlessly made her feel.

"There's one more thing." Angelus murmured ignoring her question.

"We have to make love?" Buffy queried arching into his mouth, as his mouth once again possessed the flesh of her neck.

Angelus chuckled huskily. "You have to drink my blood. It's all about the blood baby."

Angelus, ran his hands down her body, over the soft cotton material of her dress, down to her thighs, were his fingers closed around the hem of her dress. Pushing it up revealing her creamy flesh, his hands slipping over the elastic band of her panties. The cotton darkening as her arousal rose with each touch of his hands, and mouth. Angelus slipped the dress off, leaving her in her underwear. His mouth fastened over one of her breasts, soaking the material of her bra, the nipple puckering even more, at the delicious friction of the material, as his mouth suckled strongly on her full mound.

Buffy groaned arching up into him, wanting more, wanting his mouth to be covering bare skin. With a playful growl Buffy rolled them over, so that she was sitting on top of him. Quickly undoing the clasp to her bra she threw the constricting material away, Buffy rubbed herself wantonly against his bulging erection, moaning heatedly, her head tilting back as her pleasure rose. Angelus watched transfixed by the image for a moment, before with a growl, he rolled them back over, his mouth devouring hers with a hungry kiss.

Buffy managed to find the strength to pull away, but couldn't help continuing to place feverous kisses on his mouth between her words. "Why…can't…I…be…on…top?"

Angelus smirked, his hands running down to her hips, slipping beneath the elastic of her panties. "Because I'm the dom in this relationship, and I'll decide." Angelus rumbled huskily, his fingers effortlessly breaking the elastic. Her panties slipping uselessly from her body, to the mattress. "But if you want to try something different." Angelus said with a sensual grin. "How bout we try this on for size?"

Using his preternatural speed Angelus got off the bed, dragging Buffy by the ankles so that she lay at the edge of the bed, her legs dangling off the side. Lifting her legs so that they rested against his shoulders, his arms coming around to lock them in place, his hands gripping her hips, and lifting them off the bed, he thrust into her wet sheath with a powerful thrust, his eyes closing in satisfaction.

Buffy whimpered it was so wickedly different, and at the same time delightfully familiar. The only quibble she had was that she burned to touch him, to feel him everywhere, but she couldn't! "Angelus I…I can't touch you." Buffy whined raising her arms imploringly.

"That's half the fun lover." Angelus chuckled, as he set a powerful rhythm inside her tight, slick, warm depths. It wasn't the same burning heat that he had loved, but it felt just as delicious as it squeezed around his cock. Angelus' eye's moved from Buffy's face down to her breasts, as they bounced with every thrust. "Your tits dance beautifully Buff." Angelus groaned wishing that his hands could cover those perfectly sculpted mounds. As if sensing his desire, Buffy's small hands came up to play with her breasts, her fingers pinching, and stroking her nipples, in a similar fashion as he himself would. "That's it Buff…touch yourself for me." Angelus rumbled in a husky voice, his face shifting as his desire escalated at the sight.

Buffy moaned her hands working harder, and she tried her best to rotate her hips to match Angelus' pounding rhythm, but his hand resisted her movements as they kept her hips elevated. Buffy growled in desire, his deep thrusts heading straight to the taunt cord of desire that was building inside her, at a steady pace. Angelus gave an answering growl of passion, swooping down he pulled Buffy up from the bed, his arms wrapping around her back, Buffy's own arms wrapping themselves around his neck, preferring the feel of his skin against her aching nipples then her own, as the sensitive tips brushed against the hard muscles of his chest.

Angelus used preternatural speed to slam them against a wall beside the window, the motion sending frustrating little jolts through their aroused body. It only lasted a second though, before the pounding rhythm was started up again. His lips crashed down against hers, his hands running hungrily over her body, desperately trying to satisfy the desire to touch, and claim every part of her body, that had been denied on the bed.

Buffy hands did the same luxuriating in the feel of his strong sculpted muscles under his soft skin. Her fingers tracing the outline of his tattoo from memory, as she drew closer to her crisis. Angelus groaned his face buried in her neck, his fangs grazing the soft skin there, forcing himself not to bight down just yet, waiting for the right moment. He could feel his balls tightening, and her walls beginning to dance around his cock. "Bight Buff, bight now!" Angelus ordered, his voice harsh, and husky, just before he sank his fangs deeply into her neck.

Buffy's face shifted, she didn't hesitate, as she bit down into the pale flesh of his neck, a low muffled moan escaping her. The Slayer demon letting out a scream of fear, and denial, so loud that it threatened to knock her out. The other voice screamed in outrage as it realized what he was doing, his fangs sinking into their flesh deeply, his fangs grinding into her flesh relentlessly determined to leave a visible mark that could only mean one thing. Buffy instinctively echoed his rhythm, grinding her fangs deeply into his flesh, ignoring both voices as best she could in her lusty haze. Buffy managed to take five gulps of his blood, before she did just that. Slumming against him, as she passed out.

Angelus thrust into her a few more times, before he came with a snarling roar, his seed spilling deep into her womb. Nipping at her neck affectionately, Angelus carried her carefully back over to the bed, his now limp cock slipping from her as he lowered her down to the soft mattress. Grabbing a clean unused cloth, he dipped it into the now cold water, and cleaned her thighs, and pussy of their combined juices. Throwing the cloth into the bowl, Angelus brushed a few strands of sweaty hair from her face.

Walking into the bathroom Angelus had a quick shower, keeping his senses focused on Buffy not wanting to be surprised by a rebellious childe, and he had no doubts that Buffy would be a rebellious childe. Angelus grinned he was looking forward to finally showing the disobedient chit her place, plus the punishment he owed her for running away, oh yes he was going to have lots of fun.

Angelus walked back into the bedroom a towel wrapped around his hips. His lips curving into a small smile. He could admit to himself at least that he would miss the soulful version of Buffy. Angelus sat down on the bed, leaning over Buffy, a hand resting beside her head, as he looked at her sleeping face, he couldn't help wondering when she was going to wake up, and if her soul was gone already.


Buffy was walking a path she didn't know. There seemed to be white everywhere, almost blindingly bright. It had hurt her eyes for the first few minutes, but she had kept moving forward, at least she thought it was forward, she could have been walking in any direction. She'd had nothing else to do, and it felt like she was being called by a familiar voice, that was whispering in her mind where to go.

Finally the light dimmed enough for her to see. Her eyes landed on Angel, sitting in grass, leaning against a large old tree. He stood up slowly, turning to face her. "I thought I told you to not do anything rash?" Angel scolded, a smile curling his lips diminishing the effect of his words.

Buffy shrugged. "You also told me that you wanted me to be happy. This way both sides of me are happy." Buffy frowned slightly, at the weirdness of her sentence. It seemed even in death normal didn't suit her.

Angel laughed. "That I did." As if his words were an ice breaker, Buffy grinned, running over to Angel, and jumping up in his arms, trusting him to catch her. Her forehead resting against his. "Any other objections?" Buffy asked.

"Objections? No." Angel said with a smile, letting her slide down his body, taking her hand, he led her to a small cottage, that was built on the grassy plains. "Dreams for our future? Yes."

Buffy beamed, squeezing his hand. Something telling her that her life was finally taking a turn for the best, and she intended to live it, with Angel.

Buffy paused once, before entering the cottage. Glancing back the way she had come. 'Stay safe Angelus…and look after me.' Buffy thought before following Angel into the cottage, closing the door behind her. Planning to turn her mind from them forever. She was where she was meant to be, and whatever part of her being it was left in her body, would love Angelus, and would be able to be happy in a way that she never could be with him. Glancing at her hand, she smiled at the Claddagh ring. A life of piece with her Angel, and whatever the future held for them. Buffy's smile widened, she was ready!

Looking with curious hazel eyes at the cute cottage, Buffy followed Angel deeper into their small home, one hundred percent completely at ease with her new life, a thing she hadn't felt in far too long.


Buffy snapped her eyes open, taking a sharp intake of breath, her eyes looking around the room, wondering where she was, and what had happened.

The memories slowly came back to her, and she growled her face shifting as her eyes met Angelus'. Angelus raised his hand to stroke her cheek, but she wasn't having it! Knocking his hand aside, before it could touch her Buffy growled again. "You had no right to mate me you bastard!"

Angelus smirked. "I had every right lover. You didn't stop me. In fact you marked me back." Angelus taunted, raising his hand to stroke the scar that had formed on his neck. Buffy growled again. Sitting up with a quick jerk, she punched him hard in the face, sending him off the bed.

Scrambling up off the bed, on the opposite side to Angelus, putting the bed between them. "That wasn't me! That was the soul! And you tricked her! You didn't tell her what you were doing!" Buffy snarled struggling with the distinction between her, and the soul.

Angelus shrugged. "So? I don't recall having to explain every little thing to you."

"Undo it!" Buffy snarled.

Angelus tsked, wagging a condescending finger at her. "Now why would I do something like that? I kind of like the feeling of being a taken vampire. The bachelors life can get rather drawl after a couple of centuries." Buffy growled jumping across the bed with a snarl. Angelus easily side stepped her attack. "Come on now Buff. You can do better than that." Angelus mocked blocking a punch. He winced when Buffy managed to land a blow to his gut, before slugging him in the face. Sending him flat on his back.

Buffy pounced on him quickly, pinning him down by his wrists. "Release me!" Buffy demanded with a snarl.

"I don't want to." Angelus teased, in a whiney voice, a giggle escaping his lips. "Besides you can only break a mating bond, if only one of the partners is marked, and guess what…" Angelus said breaking her grip on one of his wrists, putting his hand against her own mark. "I marked you baby."

Buffy jerked surprised, her face shifting back. Her eyes narrowed, and she knocked his hand away. "No! No! No!" Buffy growled punching his chest. "You don't deserve me you prick!" Buffy snarled slamming the heel of her hand, into the white gauze patch, before jumping off him, a growl rumbling from her chest.

Angelus snarled, jumping up off the floor, his face shifting. His golden eyes locked on Buffy, who was glaring stakes at him. "Ow lover. That wasn't very polite." Angelus said with a deceptively calm voice. He could feel that the wound had opened again. The wet coppery liquid scenting the air through the patch, turning the patch a dark red.

Buffy smirked. "So what if it wasn't? It's not as if you were very polite before, marking someone without permission."

"As far as I know I had permission. And as I recall you weren't complaining, as I sank my fangs into you. If I remember correctly, it was more of a muffled pleasured moan." Angelus said cockily. Buffy snarled, and launched a second attack. Her fists flying in a flurry of movement. She got more, and more frustrated as most of her punches were blocked, or dodged. The cocky, over confident grin, never leaving his face.

Buffy went to slam, her knee hard into his groin, only to have her move sidestepped. Angelus grabbed her slender wrist, swinging her round hard, slamming her up against the wall. Her arm twisted painfully behind her back, her face pressed up against the wall. Buffy snarled furiously, trying to twist out of his grip, but Angelus only tightened his grip, twisting her arm up a little further, threatening to pop it out of place. He pressed himself up against her back, his towel having fallen off sometime during the scuffle. Angelus pressed his hard cock against her wet heat, a superior, amused, but cocky smirk forming again on his lips. "Do you just like a physical struggle, or is it me your hot for?" Angelus asked rubbing himself against her, stifling a groan, as his cock began to throb, wanting to feel more of her wet heat.

Buffy bit back a low moan, forcing an angry growl out instead. "You aren't worthy of touching me!" Buffy snarled slamming her elbow back of her free hand, managing by pure luck to hit his wound, forcing him to let her go. Stepping away from the wall Buffy turned to face him again. "A Master vampire who can't control his own childe, or bring himself to carry out his punishment." Buffy growled. "You're not strong enough to keep me!" Buffy growled.

Angelus cocked an eyebrow, a flash of anger, and the thrill of a challenge flashing through his golden eyes, as he observed his angry unruly mate. Maybe he should have waited to mark her, until after he'd gotten control, over his childe. All children were the same until they learned who was the boss. Who was the dominate being in whatever relationship the childe had with their Sire. But he had had an uncontrollable urge to mate her whilst the soul was still in her body, a need to have some part of the soul as well, before she undoubtedly went to join Angel. To leave his own mark on her soul, as she had left on his. Angelus smiled a wide grin, as he cracked his neck, keeping his senses locked on his childe and mate. 'Aw well I always did love a challenge.'

Buffy felt her anger growing, the confident smile, and his cocky stance getting to her, as if she couldn't touch him. Buffy sprang forward swiping her clawed fingers at his face, growling with annoyance, and frustration when he easily side stepped her, his grin growing. "Come on now kitten, stop playing with me. All you're doing is making me horny." Angelus teased, side stepping her again, and again, not really bothering to attack her back, waiting for the perfect moment to make his strike.

Growling Buffy's face shifted again, and she aimed a hard punch at his overly confident face, but Angelus backed out of reached, sitting down on the end of the bed, as Buffy stumbled past. Buffy looked at him with rage colouring her vision. 'What the hell was he playing at, sitting down in the middle of their battle. Stupid bloody asshole!' Buffy thought, snarling Buffy ran at him another attack forming in her mind, but as she swung to attack him, Angelus leaned back out of the way, and in an instant she realized her mistake, as his large hand caught her wrist, pulling her over his lap. Letting go of her wrist, in the next instant his strong arm locked around her back, keeping her from struggling from his lap. Her pert, little ass raised in the air, as her hips were propped up by his knee, resting his free hand over her firm, but soft ass. "I love your ass Buff." Angelus told her, his hand squeezing the flesh firmly, before stroking his fingers over the rounded ass cheeks. "Its firm, and round, with soft down little hairs, just like a peach." Buffy growled still struggling to get off his lap. Angelus giggled at her, as he easily resisted her movements. His fingers ran across the curve of her ass, dipping down as her cheek curved inwards. One of his long lean fingers pressing against the tight ring of her ass, applying pressure that made Buffy want to squirm away, as she continued to struggle. "Back off!" Buffy snarled.

Angelus flirted with the little hole teasingly. "But it's so tight, and virginal, it's just begging for my attentions." Angelus taunted.

"Hands off! That's no man's land!" Buffy growled, no way was he taking her there!! Not a weakling like him!

Angelus growled, and applied a little more pressure, just the tip of his finger, working its way in, past the tight ring of muscles. Buffy stilled, not wanting to accidentally push him further, this feeling was slightly uncomfortable as it was. "Actually Buff. This is a man's land. It's mine. Your entire body is my land," Buffy growled, her body tense, as she waited for something that would indicate what would happen next. "I could take you like this now, and I could make you feel pleasure, even if you desperately wanted to hate it," Angelus told her menacingly, slipping his finger in further, so that his finger was buried in her up to the first knuckle. Buffy growled again, the uncomfortably feeling increasing. Her fingers grabbing hold of his muscular thigh, her fingers digging in, creating little bloody crescent moons, as her nails pierced the skin, small trickles of blood oozing down his leg. "But, we'll introduce you to that later." Angelus said with a chuckle, sliding his finger out, resting his hand back on one of her firm ass cheeks.

Buffy relaxed, slightly releasing his leg, beginning her struggles for freedom again, she'd had enough of this she was getting up now! Buffy flailed her arms back trying to knock his arms from her body, so that she could spring away, and out of this undignified position. Angelus imprisoned both of her arms behind her back, with one hand, by her wrists. Buffy yelled in frustration, trying to pull her arms free. "Let me go you bastard!" Buffy screamed angrily.

Angelus chuckled, his hand kneading the cheek of her ass. "Now don't be silly Buff, if you want up, you have to escape yourself, and if I'm so weak, that shouldn't be too much trouble for you. Now should it?"

Buffy snarled she didn't get why she couldn't break free. She was stronger than Angelus. Damn it she knew she was. If she wasn't the bastard would have proved himself a worthy Sire, and anything else on that first day of her awakening! "Now lover take your punishment like a good little girl." Angelus told her condescendingly, making Buffy snarl, there was no way in hell that this bastard was going to make her cry, and beg for mercy! No matter how long he beat her.

Angelus gave one finally loving squeeze to her firm ass cheek, before bringing his hand up into the air, to bring it down in a hard swing making Buffy jerk with surprise, a small cry coming from her, making her give a small growl of annoyance, at having made a sound, his hand resting against her flesh, seemed to make the stinging worse, before he lifted his hand again, bringing it down again, and again. He alternated between the cheeks of her ass, making them both a bright, scolding red. Buffy was biting into her bottom lip drawing blood, as she fought against crying out, apart from her moans of pain, every time his hand made contact with her abused ass. She could feel tears pressing against her tear ducts, but she refused to let them fall even though, she knew Angelus could scent them, already, as they swam in her eyes. It was so embarrassing, how could she not hold out against a spanking! She wasn't only a vampire, she was the first turned Slayer, she still had that strength, it shouldn't be possible that he was so much stronger.

The strength of his blows didn't seem to be decreasing with time, but growing, each blow seemed to rain down on a different spot, landing on a place that hadn't been touched for awhile, raining new pain down on the old, skilfully not letting any area go numb, so that her entire ass was a complete sea of pain. Against her will the tears started falling down her cheeks, her lower lip wobbling, making her bite into it deeper, drawing fresh blood, from her abused lip.

Angelus smiled down at the red flesh of her ass, he could scent the extent of her pain, and all in all he was quiet impressed that she hadn't started screaming, and crying yet, but then his little kitten had always been stubborn, almost to the point of stupidity. Slamming his hand down again, and again, never getting tired of the small moan of pain, as the tears started to flow more freely down her cheeks. Finally Buffy let out a cry of pain, that heralded the end of her self control, with every hit on her sore abused ass, she cried out in pain. The sound music to Angelus' ears. He landed a few more brutal blows to her ass, before he got up throwing in her on the bed, making Buffy scream again as she landed on her ass. Quickly rolling onto her side, to alleviate the pressure on her abused ass, she didn't bothering trying to get up, knowing already that it would hurt just as much.

Peeping at Angelus from her curled up position on the bed, her ass tingling unpleasantly. She frowned as she watched Angelus grab a few things out of his bag of torture devices. The rope had her worried, but one, one she didn't recognise in the slightest. It sort of looked like a small candle holder, but there was no candle, and she could sense a spell surrounding it. Angelus set the old candle holder he'd had the witch bewitch, as well as the rope, down in the centre of the room, murmuring a few words in Gaelic he felt the spell activate, with a thrill. He had silenced the room, no one would hear what went on in this room from now on. It was too risky, he didn't want to be disturbed, by unnecessary interruptions. After all this wasn't the hellmouth, the people weren't trained to be deliberately oblivious, as a self preservation technique.

Standing back up, he saw Buffy trying to wiggle her way to the edge of the bed, without using her ass muscles as much as possible. Her progress was very slow, and she was continuously whimpering. Walking back over to the bed, he dropped the lengths of rope on the mattress, before scooping her up in his arms. Buffy struggling in his arms, using her arms to try, and bat him away. Her struggles more subdued then before as her pain inhibited her movements.

Flipping her onto her belly onto the mattress, Buffy releasing, an undignified pained 'oof' as she bounce once on the bed. Angelus lay a hand on Buffy's back to keep her lying down. Settling himself on top of her, so that he was sitting on her lower back, Angelus reached for the rope, picking one out of the four. Tying a loop onto the rope, He slipped it over one of Buffy's wrists, tightening the loop until it fit snugly around her slender wrist. It didn't matter that Buffy tried to evade his hands. Her wrists were soon tied to the posts, a long length of rope, stretching to each post of the bed.

Angelus did her ankles next, giving them the same treatment. Muttering some more Gaelic under his breath Angelus strengthened the rope, a handy spell he'd learned in his first century. Angelus sat down on the bed, his cock standing high, begging to be inside the woman tied to the bed. He gave a few strokes to his cock, before turning his attention away from his desire, there would be plenty of time for that later, when Buffy had finally learned whose boss. Gently placing his hand on her still red ass, he stroked the red abused skin, enjoying the whimpers, and soft curses, and the way her skin tried to twitch away from his touch, as it sent little tendrils of pain up her spine. "Would you stop that!" Buffy snarled, pulling on the ropes testing their strength. Surprised to find that she couldn't even make the ropes creak with her pain filled effort.

Angelus smirked, pulling his hand away. "As you wish Buff." Buffy felt his weight lift from the bed, and she couldn't help the creepers of fear that were crawling up her spine. Angelus was a master of torture , and he had her bound to her bed, at his mercy, her ass already sore from the beating earlier. Being spanked, like a naughty child still grated on her nerves!

Buffy heard him rifling through the bag, some of the things in there chinking together, as he looked through it searching for what he was looking for. Finally Buffy heard the bag drop to the floor with a heavy metallic, and wooden thump. Angelus' weight settled back on the bed, and Buffy shivered, as she felt soft leather being stroked down her back, the ends tied into knots. "Do you know what this is Buffy?" Angelus asked as he continued to stroke the object up and her back, in what could be called a loving caress.

"A, a whip?"

Angelus inclined his head even though she couldn't see it. "Very good Buff. It is a whip, a cat of nine tails to be exact." Angelus purred. "I could beat you bloody with this. It would cause you great pain. As it easily tore the flesh from your back, shredding the skin until it was nothing but a mass of bloody, mattered knots, and all that was left of your skin would be sea of blood." Angelus said trailing the whip down her back again, this time sliding it over her ass, and down her legs, her legs twitching as the foreboding weapon glided over her skin.

"But it would be over to quickly, the knots in the end of the leather makes the ends quiet sharp." Angelus said with a regretful sigh as he place the whip aside, before picking up the other weapon he had brought out with him. "For such a small thing. You really were quite naughty." Angelus taunted. "Going off on your own without permission. Disobeying your Sire and mate, your rebelliousness. You know this wouldn't have to have been so bad if you weren't so determined to test my mettle."

Angelus sighed with mock heaviness. "The things they teach children today. Independence. Equality. Long gone are the days when a woman would dutifully do what her husband says…oh who am I kidding. I love having to teach you to respect me. You're not a worthy childe, or mate if you don't have any fire in you." Angelus laughed. "So, no whip for you baby. Maybe next time when I'm in a more forgiving mood. No for you today we have. The cane. Nice and blunt, and leaves quiet a nasty sting, no matter where your hit with it. It'll tear open your back nice and slow like."

"Go to hell Angelus." Buffy growled not liking the fear that was increasing inside her at every word he spoke.

"So impatient are the young." Angelus murmured running the hard tip of the cane lightly over the spine, loving how the fine little hairs stood on end in his wake. "Well so be it. Who am I to deny my mates right to be punished." Angelus said with a grin.

Buffy jerked at her restraints, trying in vainly to break free. Her efforts were halted as she yelped in surprise, as the first punishing blow landed on her back. The sharp stinging pain stronger then she'd expected. "That's right Buff, don't be afraid to let it out, no one out there will be able to hear you scream, and interrupt your punishment." Angelus said as if it should be a comfort to her.

Buffy bit into her bottom lip again, re-tearing the wound, that had painstakingly begun to heal. Her healing process seriously impaired with her lack of feeding. She was determined to not let out a peep more, That bastard had humiliated her enough for one day! But in the back of her mind a quiet voice was whispering, of the past they had shared with the soul, and the wickedness of this improved version, and the fun they could have tearing down what the souls had desperately fought to keep!

Buffy's valiant effort to salvage her pride and keep quiet didn't last long. Angelus' skilful use of the cane had her crying out, and begging for it to stop long, before he was ready to finish. Buffy babbled apologies, as she cried thick tears streaming down her face, soaking the bed sheets, her tears mixing with her blood that was soaking into the sheets. She apologised profoundly for anything, and everything her pain filled mind came up with. Telling him she would be a good mate from now on. That's she'd be what he wanted her to be. That she was truly, and dreadfully sorry for what she'd done to him.

Angelus' let her words wash over him, absorbing them, not taking all of them seriously, he didn't stop letting his cane fly, hitting her bloodied back with a painful wack. A small after spray of blood hitting his cheek as he swung back again.

Eventually Buffy stopped screaming, just a small whimper making it past her cracked lips, her throat raw, and dry from all her screaming, that the people just outside her door where blissfully unaware of. The pain in her back had become so much that it made it barely possible to be able to form two words together in her mind, let alone say them.

Angelus continued to rain blows down on her back until he was satisfied that Buffy was one hundred percent certain that he had proved himself the dominant being, and a vampire worthy of her affections.

Buffy was so lost in her sea of pain that it was sometime before she realized that the blows to her back had stopped, and that the pain was now just an uncomfortable throb as she remained unmoving. It took her a moment longer to realize that he was now running his hand over her head soothingly, and a moment longer than that to realize that sometime during her pain filled haze he had unbound her wrists, and ankles.


Buffy cracked her eyes open, as Angelus voice drifted to her from, what seemed like a faraway place, as her battered body tried to drag her down into sleep. "Sire?" Buffy whispered, a respect in her tone that hadn't been there before.

Angelus gave her a small smile, but shook his head. Pressing a finger to her lips. "Mate." He corrected.

Buffy nodded slightly whimpering in pain as the movement flexed some of the muscles in her back. "Mate." Buffy whispered, her eyes closing as unconsciousness threatened to take her into its dark unknowing bliss.

Her eyes shot open a moment later a low whimpered moan of pain escaping her lips, as Angelus large hand rested on her shoulder, pushing her to roll over to lie on her back. Buffy let out a cry of protesting pain her arms shooting up to grip his shoulders trying to stay his movements, as the pain that had begun to almost seem to settle into a steady throb she could comfortably deal with shot up again, as if he was still beating on her. Her burning back resting on the not so comfortable cotton sheets.

Angelus' lips touched her own, his tongue flicking out to lick the abused bottom lip. "Shhh lover. It hurts I know, but don't worry. I'm going to make it all better. Just wait and see." Buffy whimpered, not bothering to say anything to it. It wasn't as if she could force him to turn her back over, not with the way her back was.

Angelus trailed feather light kisses along her skin, worrying the newly formed scar with his blunt human teeth. His hands gliding over her soft skin, that was tinged a slight red by the blood that had fell onto the sheets. At first Buffy couldn't feel anything but the pain of her back that was like a steady pulsing throb throughout her entire body, but then little by little the pleasure invoked by his hands and mouth began to register in her brain.

Buffy let out a low moan of pleasure, moving into Angelus' touch, only to pull back with a whimper, as the move made her pain sky rocket. "Shh." Angelus soothed, his voice husky, and close to her ear. "Try to stay still until the pain doesn't feel bad anymore." Buffy frowned confused. 'Until the pain didn't feel bad anymore? Was that even possible? Pain was supposed to feel bad…right?' Buffy thought, but remained still, not needing Angelus to tell her that moving was a bad idea.

Angelus moved down her body, being careful not to jostle her. Flicking his tongue out Angelus lapped at her blood stained skin. Moving his tongue in sensual patterns as he cleaned, and tasted her skin, of her red coppery, sweet powerful blood. Placing a few kisses here, and there, Angelus continued his steady pace, slowly exciting her body.

Buffy couldn't believe how she was feeling as Angelus feasted on her skin, her arousal grew, slowly, but steadily, and suddenly the pain in her back didn't feel so bad anymore! It wasn't something to avoided, but something that surprisingly added to the pulsing that had begun in her core. Buffy arched up putting more pressure on her back, the pain that swept through her body headed straight to her core, making an agonized pleasured moan escape her lips. Her hands coming up to rest in Angelus' dark head. Wishing that he would finish his exploration of her skin, so that they could move faster.

Angelus was in no hurry though, content to lick her clean of all her blood that he had spilled. Buffy whimpered, and moaned as the sensations grew, as he travelled down her legs. "Angelus please!" Buffy begged, needing him, as her sheath clenched around emptiness. Angelus looked up at her and smiled, at the sight of her passion filled face. "So sensitive. I don't know if it'll ever stop surprising me just how much." Angelus murmured, slowly working his way back up her body, purposefully missing the place she needed to feel him the most.

Finally after long moments of his tongue, lips, and teeth tormenting her feverously aroused skin, Angelus was hovering above her again. His face a few mere inches from hers, his cock pressing lightly against her welcoming sheath, anticipating his entrance, and yet he remained still, merely teasing her with the knowledge that he was so close, and yet so far from actually fulfilling her desire. "Tell me Buff. Do you feel any pain?" Angelus asked huskily.

Buffy panted as she looked up at him incredulously. 'She wanted him deep inside her! Not playing a game of twenty questions.' "Fuck now, talk later!" Buffy growled moving her hips to impale herself on his thick, hard cock.

Angelus stopped her with a firm hand on her hips keeping them still. "I could always start my perusal of your luscious skin again. And this time I'll take a lot longer in exploring the secrets of your body. Cause you never know I could have forgotten something in your unplanned absence." Angelus taunted dipping down, and giving a long languid lick to the upper curve of her breast in demonstration. "Yes!" Buffy cried. "But it feels…it feels so good!" Buffy answered desperately not sure how much more she could take as the constant stimulation of the cotton against her abused back was driving her insane. "Please Angelus now!" Buffy cried wiggling her hips trying to dislodge his annoyingly strong hand from her hips, so that she could fill herself with his waiting, pulsing hard cock.

Angelus thrust forward, sheathing himself only shallowly. "See I told you I'd make it all better." Angelus bragged, before sheathing himself all the way, cutting off whatever thought, Buffy was going to reply with. Buffy moaned at the feel of finally having him stretching her, making her feel full. Her pussy fluttering around Angelus' hard cock, her nerves more sensitive then she could ever remember them being as they reacted to his length buried deep inside her.

Angelus set a hard pace, as his passion took the better of him, as his body was finally surrendering to the desire that had been thrumming through him none stop since they'd started their fight for dominance this morning. Buffy's hips rose to meet his, her legs wrapping around his waist, every movement they made sending excruciating pleasured pain into her core making it pulse harder, her walls squeezing around Angelus' girth with every pulse, making it hard even for a Master Vampire of his extended experience to keep his control.

Angelus' lips captured hers. Buffy took him by surprise by sweeping her tongue into his mouth. Her tongue massaging his, before she explored the depths of his mouth, something she didn't get to do very often, and took great pleasure in it when she did get to take brief control of something, as little as this.

Much to Buffy's disappointment, Angelus wasn't willing to let her explore for too long, and far too soon he took control sweeping her out of his mouth, and slipping into hers with a satisfied groan. His hips grinding against hers as they continued to rock together in a steady rhythm. Angelus' tongue quickly re-found, and reacquainted himself with all the spots that he knew she liked. Earning himself little breathless moans that were swallowed up in his mouth. Never had he been more happy that Buffy no longer needed air to survive.

Buffy brought her tongue up to press against his hoping that he'd allow her back into his mouth, so that she could finish her exploration, and perhaps finally find a few spots that made him moan. When Angelus didn't seem inclined to budge, Buffy pressed harder, her tongue rubbing against his as she tried to persuade him back into his mouth. Angelus growled at her, and Buffy growled back, drawing back slightly feeling highly disappointed.

As if sensing her disgruntlement, Angelus' hands made an extra effort to bring her body to greater heights of pleasure, quickly making her forget all about it. Angelus pulled his mouth from hers, and Buffy trailed wet kisses down his cheek to his neck, her mouth fastening over his mating mark. Her teeth nipping at it, her tongue soothing the nip, as she explored it. Enjoying how Angelus gave a low groan and pushed his neck against her mouth, urging her on, as their passions built, bringing, them closer to their crisis.

Buffy wrapped her arms tighter around him, her hands caressing and squeezing the bunching, and tensing muscles of his back, as they moved together. Angelus' thrusts got harder, and faster, as he felt his climax approaching. Buffy's he could feel not too far off, her walls clamping around him as her body prepared for her orgasm.

Not willing to let her come after him, Angelus slide a hand between their bodies, his fingers finding her swollen clit, and he massaged it, in a rhythm that he knew would send her over the edge close to immediately. He wasn't disappointed, as a few seconds later, Buffy was climaxing around him. Her tight sheath spasming around him in an uncontrolled rhythm, that tended to drive him wild.

Angelus thrust into her at a wild unsteady pace, his climax just around the proverbial corner. He could feel his balls tightening, pulling up closer to his body, his cock swelling just that little bit more in that telltale sign that in the next moment…Angelus let out a loud rumbling growl as he came his thick, cool dead seed shooting up into Buffy's womb, Buffy moaned, as she felt her walls give a few more spasms as aftershocks racked through her overly sensitized body mercilessly.

Angelus rolled to the side slipping from her sheath, as he landed on the mattress beside her. Buffy lay still as her body floated in her afterglow. Her whole body felt a sort of numbness, but that only lasted a few moments as the pain that had felt so good, before returned with a vengeance, making her whimper, softy in pain, as the feeling grew stronger with the more time that passed.

Angelus cracked open an eye, rolling so that he was facing her, he gently rested his hand on her shoulder. His other hand resting against the bed sheets. "Now this may hurt a bit. Your bloods caked to the bed sheets." Angelus muttered, annoyed with himself for not moving her earlier. Buffy gritted her teeth, an unwilling whimper escaping her throat, as Angelus carefully pulled her back from the sheets.

The sheet was eventually pulled from her back. For Buffy it felt longer then it really was, as each and every movement caused sharp pain to shoot through her body. Angelus gently lay her on her stomach. He smooth her hair over her shoulder, the blond locks stained a bloody red, the drying blood making the hairs clump together in knots. Angelus got up from the bed, the light lifting on the bed, making Buffy wince as her irritated back twinged.

Grabbing the bowl Angelus made his way into the bathroom empting the cold water down the sink, he ran the hot tap until the water ran hot, adding some cold water to the mix, he filled the bowl, before coming back into the room, setting it down on the bed side table on his side of the bed. Grabbing a few clean cloths Angelus soaked one in the water, ringing it out, he lay the cloth out over her back, making Buffy hiss with a small amount of pain. "Sh lover, it'll help." Angelus whispered his hand running over her hair.

"What are you doing?" Buffy muttered her eyes trained on the wall she could see, as she tried to ignore the pain, that the light weight of the wet cloth resting on her upper back was causing.

"That should be obvious Buff. I may punish you when your naughty, but I'll always look after you once you've learned your lesson." Angelus assured ringing out another cloth, and laying it over her back. Buffy hissed again forcing her muscles to relax, as the warm water slowly soothed her stinging wounds. "See feels better already doesn't it." Angelus murmured ringing out another cloth. Before placing it on her back. Placing one more cloth on her back, Angelus once again found himself petting Buffy's head.

After a moment Angelus broke the silence. "So did you want some breakfast?"

"Sounds good." Buffy muttered liking the idea of actually feeding properly for the first time in days. Her throat burning uncomfortably at the reminder.

"How about room service?" Angelus asked.

"Sounds really good." Buffy replied, liking the thought of not having to move.

"Your back will heal much faster this way." Angelus commented, not at all happy with how her back didn't even seem to be in the process of healing, and the cuts on her arm, and side from her battle against the Council assassins barely seemed to have started to heal. Walking over to the phone Angelus dialled the desk murmuring a few things into the phone, before walking back over. "Should only be a few minutes." Angelus told her, sitting back down on the bed, pouring a little of the water over her back to keep the blood from cacking, and fusing the wet cloth to her back.

Buffy closed her eyes, leaving Angelus to take care of her. She was more than comfortable with being around him now, he had fully proved himself to her. He had beaten her without raising a sweat, and had been prepared for everything, not letting a single thing faze him. Something she found admirable, she'd have to work on that. Not letting herself get worked up. A small smile curved her lips. She was mated to the Scourge of Europe, a Master Vampire whose reputation had been proved to be more than mere hype. She didn't believe that she could be in better hands. She would learn from the best, and be raised, and groomed by the best, and loved by the best. Nothing could really beat that. Buffy smile grew larger. They were going to have so much fun. She was sure of it.

Buffy eyes opened a moment later when there was a knock on the door. Angelus left the bed with a graceful stride, pulling his pants up, as he walked towards the door. Opening it, and stepping aside when he saw the room service waiter. Deliberately blocking the view of the bed, as best he could before the lad entered the room wheeling the tray table into the room. Closing the door behind the boy, Angelus' large hand was covering his mouth, before he could scream with fear at the sight on the bed. The blond beauty on the bed covered, and surrounded in blood. "Perfect picture of beauty and pain isn't she boy." Angelus said huskily, his voice sounding menacing to the terrified boy who had had the unfortunate luck to be ordered to deliver the order to room 3.28. "You should feel honoured that you're going to be the meal that's going to kick start her healing process." Angelus murmured. "Don't you feel honoured?"

The boy whimpered, but nodded, hoping to appease the scary man behind him, that he was pressed against. Hoping against hope the man would get bored with his compliance and let him go. "Good." Angelus muttered pulling the boys head to the side baring his throat, and the vulnerable hammering pulse. His face shifting, Angelus didn't waste any more time with words sinking his fangs into the boy's neck, his scream piercing the air, unheard by the world outside the room. Quickly guzzling the boy's blood, in large gulps. Dropping his victim's body to the ground, Angelus looked up to see Buffy looking at him curiously. His face shifting back, Angelus licked his lips. "What?"

"Doesn't that...you know taste foul?" Buffy asked with a small frown wondering why he was so capable of drinking blood, when she could barely stand it touching her tongue.

Angelus smiled knowingly. Walking back to the bed he crawled over the mattress to hover over her. "Sire blood is very addicting lover, nothing tastes as good once you've tasted it. And you have only really eaten my blood. So you're hooked on me baby." Angelus said with a satisfied grin.

Buffy scowled at him, a small growl escaping her. "You planned that you ass." Buffy grumbled.

Angelus shrugged. "What can I say I'm a possessive bastard, and the thought of your pretty little fangs only sinking into my flesh was to appealing to deny." Angelus said, offering her his wrist. Buffy gave another small growl of annoyance, before allowing her face to shift, her fangs sinking into the skin of his wrist, where the blue vein could be clearly seen.

Buffy felt a trill of power wash over her, when she heard Angelus' low moan of desire, as she took pulls of his blood, trying to pull away before she was full, knowing that Angelus hadn't fed for the both of them. Angelus however kept her there, placing a strong hand at the back of her head. Confused, but not about to complain, Buffy remained where she was until Angelus took back his wrist. Buffy licked her lips. She could feel the wounds on her back knitting together, healing faster now that she had, had a proper feed. The wounds on her arm, side, and lip closing almost instantly.

Buffy moved to sit up tentively being carefully of the still healing wounds on her back. "You sure you're ready to move yet?" Angelus asked, his fingers on the damp cloths still on her back. "I'm sure I could keep you more than entertained." Buffy looked over at him a smile gracing her face, leaning towards him, she placed a kiss on his lips, before getting up out of the bed, after Angelus had carefully peeled away the cloths, not wanting to break any tender new skin that may have begun to form. "As tempting as that offer is. The shower is calling my name." Buffy said with a grimace as she fingered a knotted, red stained end of her hair. Getting up Buffy grimaced, as looked at her front, there were still spots of her skin that were caked with blood that Angelus had missed during his exploration.

Angelus' eyes focused on her back, still covered with blood, but his eyes could clearly make out the signs of new skin that was beginning to form, a few scabs already beginning to peel away, in the wake of new skin. He wouldn't be surprised if her back was completely healed by the time she came out of the shower.

He was more than tempted to join her, to be inside her as scolding hot water fell around them, but he could see almost as clear as day in just the way she was walking that she wanted, possibly even needed some alone time. Angelus cracked his neck. It was a pity, he would have loved to even just watch, as the blood was washed away staining the water a deep red, before it went down the drain. It would have been an erotic sight, Angelus shook himself, and a small smirk curved his lips. It didn't matter now that she was soulless he was sure that there would be many other occasions were Buffy would be covered in blood.

Getting up, as Buffy closed the bathroom door behind her the sound of water running filling the room. Walking over to the table the boy had wheeled in, he pulled off the cream coloured cloth that was covering what he had ordered. Pulling out the bottle of the finest bubbly the hotel had to offer, Angelus popped the cork with a absent minded flick of his wrist, pouring the white wine into the two flute glasses provided, he quickly swallowed the contents of one, before refilling his glass. Placing the glasses down on a bed side table, he put the bubbly, back in the cooler, before turning to a smaller tray that held, a bowl of strawberries, and a slightly smaller bowl of whipped cream. Looking over at the bed he frowned. "I don't suppose you'd mind changing the bed?" Angelus asked the corpse on the floor.

With a muttered curse under his breath, Angelus walked over to the closet, searching it for clean sheets, finding them, he dropped them in a chair. Pausing for a moment more, to admire his handy work, and to make sure he had this moment carved into his memory. Wishing that he had remembered his camera, in his haste as he packed for this journey. Stripping the bed of the filthy sheets, he smiled wickedly, to see that their little lesson had been soaked into the mattress. Placing a hand against it, Angelus went to grab the sheets from the chair when he felt that the blood had almost dried.

Angelus only bothered with one sheet, not really feeling the need to make up the entire bed. Putting the small tray with the strawberries and cream in the middle of the bed, Angelus grabbed his glass, and took a sip, his eyes on the bathroom door as he waited for Buffy to come out.


Buffy stood under the running water, her body quickly disregarding the constant sting of the water as it washed over her back, staining the water red. She rested one hand on the shower wall in front of her, just above the water faucets. There was a small frown marring her face. She didn't feel all that different, then from when she had the soul. The only thing she could really notice was that the guilt that had been eating at her was gone, and the constant weight that had been on her shoulders had been lifted completely, as if it had never been there. There was also the fact that she had felt nothing, but excitement, and a more then passing curiosity as Angelus had killed the boy for her, as she watched, and of course there was the disgruntled annoyance when he revealed that he had made her dependant on him, she couldn't leave him even if she wanted to…not if she wanted to survive anyway.

'Cunning bastard!' Buffy smiled, her eyes closing. 'He was her cunning bastard though. God have mercy on anyone who tried to take him from her, cause she would have none.' Buffy opened her eyes. It was hard to believe that a couple of hours ago, she had been more then eager to get away from him. Buffy stretched the pain in her back was almost completely gone now, there was only a small twinge, and she guessed that, that would be gone soon to. It was probably bruises. Reaching up, Buffy grabbed the shampoo that the hotel provided, scowling at it, wishing that she had brought her own. Buffy sighed, there was nothing for it, she had to wash her hair. She just hoped that this stuff didn't dry out her hair, or make it feel all stringy.

Lathering up her hair, Buffy sighed with pleasure, as she felt some of the more stubborn cakes of blood loosen, and wash away, as she rinsed under the water. Repeating the process with the conditioner, Buffy soon stepped out of the shower, bringing a wet lock over her into her line of vision to see if she had finally gotten her hair back to its normal blond colour. Drying herself off, she wrapped that towel around her, before grabbing another, helping to get the water out of her hair, her eyes shooting daggers at the broken hair dryer, sitting uselessly in its cradle by the bathroom sink. It still slightly unnerved her to see nothing of herself' in the mirror, except for the towel as it seemingly moved itself in thin air. Turning away from the mirror, so that she didn't have to see the odd image.

Finished with the towel, Buffy hung it back up on the rail, before grabbing her brush, running it through her still damp locks, brushing out any knots that had formed in her hair. Leaving the bathroom, Buffy paused in surprise, at the image of Angelus sipping wine from a flute glass, with strawberries, and cream waiting looking untouched on the bed.

Moving to the bed Buffy sat on the mattress, before picking up a strawberry, dipping it in the cream, Buffy closed her eyes in ecstasy as she bit into the sweet strawberry. It didn't taste exactly the same as she remembered, but she could still make out the tastes of the strawberry and the whipped cream. She'd always loved strawberries and cream. She hadn't thought Angelus would order any though when he had called for room service.

Angelus curled his fingers around her glass, and picked it up, moving it towards her. Buffy opened her eyes surprised to see the full glass in front of her face. "I don't…I mean…I'm not old enough." Buffy finished lamely.

"Come on Buff were celebrating. You're a vampire now it's not like one little glass is going to get you drunk, probably won't even feel a small buzz with something as weak as this." Buffy curled her fingers around the stem, looking at the yellowish liquid the small bubbles reminding her of a sort of soft drink, but the scent was completely different then a soda. Taking a small hesitant sip, Buffy screwed up her nose softly, it didn't taste all that good, at least not to her. She'd never tried alcohol before, unless you counted the small bit she had at the frat party, Cordelia had her invited to, so that she could go. Taking another sip, Buffy shook her head and sat the glass down, wine evidently wasn't her thing. Opting for another strawberry with cream, Buffy bit into it, licking her lips of the small amount of juice that had splattered onto her lips.

Buffy looked over at Angelus to see him looking at her, or more exactly her lips. She finished eating her strawberry, licking her fingers of the sticky juices of the fruit, highly aware that Angelus was watching her intently. Picking up another strawberry she dipped it in the cream, before crawling on her knees, closer to her mate. Holding the strawberry close to his lips temptingly. When he didn't open his mouth for her, his eyes trained on her, waiting to see what she would do next. She trailed the tip of the strawberry over his bottom lip, leaving a white line of cream on his lip. With deliberate slowness Angelus opened his lips, his tongue flicking out to lick the cream from his lip. Buffy pressed the strawberry forward, Angelus opened his mouth open just a little wider, so that the strawberry could fit past his lips. Taking a bite, Angelus chewed the juicy fruit. Buffy smiled, bring the last part of the strawberry to her own lips. Angelus caught her wrist shaking his head. "Uh huh this one's mine." Buffy allowed Angelus to guide her hand back to his mouth, watching as he ate the last bit. Surprised at how intimate this small act seemed, a small throb of awareness coming from her core.

"Tastes good doesn't." Buffy murmured, as Angelus licked his lips, before taking another sip of the wine.

"Tastes even better with the wine." Angelus told her as he set his glass back down. Buffy wrinkled her nose, but didn't say anything. Reaching back over for another strawberry, Buffy paused, her eyes going to the cream, the image of her trailing the cream from the strawberry over his lip, his tongue coming out to lick it off, filling her mind. Grabbing a strawberry, she dipped it into the cream. Pulling the tray with her as she moved back over to Angelus' side. Buffy slid the tip over his bare chest, circling his pectoral muscles. Angelus chuckled. "What are you doing?"

Buffy gave him an innocent look, with her wide hazel eyes. "I'm creaming you." Buffy said with not even a twitch of her lips, as she meet his gaze steadily. "You don't mind do you?" Buffy asked as she put the strawberry back in the cream.

"No by all means cream away. But do you mind telling me what you're going to do to clean me up after you've finished creaming?" Buffy didn't answer, sure that a blush would be staining her cheeks if she still could.

Buffy trailed the cream over his chest, creating little patterns and shapes. She was a little disappointed that he had his leather pants on still, but she was content for drawing cream patterns on his chest. "Do you have anything in particular you want to do? Any places you want to go?" Angelus asked when Buffy had finished her creaming, and was eating the strawberry that had trailed cream all over his chest. Buffy smiled wickedly, removing a small finger from her mouth, that she had been licking the sticky strawberry juice off of. Swinging a leg over him so that she was sitting on his waist, getting cream all over her thighs, and some on the towel she still had wrapped around her.

Buffy leaned down, kissing Angelus. Her eyes dancing with mischief. "Well," Buffy said in a playful tone. "I was thinking, we could visit England." Buffy said licking at some of the cream on his chest. "Pay a visit to some old friends in London."

"Really?" Angelus whispered, his eyes dancing. "That sounds good. I can think of some people I want to give my warmest regards to." Angelus' smile was wicked, and spoke of deep prolonged pain for the people that he was talking about.

Buffy chuckled, as she moved across his chest licking up the cream. "And then I thought possibly we could go home for a while. See what the old gang is up to. I'm sure they miss us terribly."

Angelus laughed his arms coming up so that his hands could delve themselves in her drying hair, pulling her up, so that he could bring her back down to his lips, his tongue ravishing her mouth, with a knowledge of her that had her moaning, her knees going weak, despite the fact that she wasn't standing. "Sounds like a splendid honeymoon." Angelus said huskily. "There's just one thing."

"Hmmm. What's that?"

"I want Xander."

Buffy frowned, mulling it over, before nodding her head slowly, both Angel, and Angelus hated Xander so why not, she was sure Angelus would let her have a turn with him anyway. "Ok, but I get those two bimbos you were screwing around with." Buffy said darkly her eyes flashing.

Angelus smiled, at the jealousy he could read in her face, and smell in her scent. "Sorry baby. I killed them already."

Buffy growled, even as relief washed through her, that Angelus hadn't let them leave him alive. "Fine I get Cordy."

Angelus shook his head, and Buffy pouted. "Sorry baby."

"Did you leave anyone back in old Sunnydale for me?" Buffy grumbled.

"Of course I did. There's Ripper, your mother, Willow, and I'm sure there's a few others that annoyed you in school. And of course don't forget your old man, but then he's in L.A." Angelus listed.

Buffy smiled, her good humour restored. "Ok then." Buffy said happily, lowering her head back down to his chest to lick more of the cream from him. A purr rumbling in her chest.

"I think the towel needs to come off." Angelus rumbled, his hands resting on her upper thighs, his thumbs stroking the curve of her ass. Buffy sat up slightly, and pulled at the front of the towel, making the small piece that had been tucked under her chest come undone, and the towel slip from her body. Running his hands up to her waist, he rolled them, flipping their positions. Buffy raised her hand to cup his cheek. "I can smell my blood all over this room." Buffy murmured softly.

Angelus smiled. "Smells enticing doesn't."

"Yours smells better." Buffy said using her fingernail to make a small cut in his cheek, causing a small droplet of blood to form. Leaning up she licked it up, the wound she had made in his cheek already healed. Angelus reached down beside him, grabbing a strawberry from the still mostly full bowl, dipping it in the cream. Buffy's eyes widened in surprise not really expecting that Angelus would want to return the favour. "Hey wait a minute, I wasn't finished!" Buffy pouted, as her own play had been disrupted.

Angelus took no heed, and began trailing the cream over the sensitive tips of her breasts, and around the curves. Dipping the strawberry back into the bowl of cream, Angelus wrote his name just over where her lay still. Dipping into the white substance again, Angelus began tracing an intricate pattern on her stomach, in the left hand side, fairly close to her breast. The picture soon became clear as well as Angelus' mood, as he traced the exact replica of the tattoo on his back. The statement he was making clear, she belonged to him.

Angelus looked at the finished design, and couldn't help, but picture the design done in permanent black ink. Dipping the strawberry back into the cream, he swirled some more around her belly button, getting a little of the cream on the red tear drop navel ring, dipping the tip of the strawberry inside her navel, he continued on down, leaving a white trail in his wake, that led to the edge of the dark blond patch of curls that hid her sex.

Buffy sighed, her whole body felt tingly, and there was a definite pulse in her core. Was this how Angelus felt when she was drawing creamy trails over his chest. Buffy gasped, her hands clutching at the sheets, her body arching up, when taking her by surprise, he pushed the strawberry, up as far as he could into her tight channel. Twirling the fruit around a bit before pulling it out, the fruit glistening with her juices. Angelus growled in approval as he bit into the strawberry, licking his lips, before finishing off the fruit, covered with Buffy's essence. Angelus looked up his eyes meeting Buffy's, and he smiled seductively, reaching for another strawberry. "Want one? They taste quiet extraordinary." Angelus told her, his voice deep, and husky.

Buffy whimpered out a moan, as he didn't wait for her reply, thrusting the strawberry into her centre, twirling it around as he had done his own, crawling up her body, he placed the strawberry in front of her lips. Buffy obediently opened her mouth, the scent of her own desire strong in her nose. Angelus smiled as Buffy licked her lips, his eyes darkening to a deep black, his cock straining against pants. Crawling back down her body, Angelus spread her legs wider, so that she was completely open to him, he could see traces of whipped cream that had still been on his strawberry when he had thrust it into her, as well as the cream that had smeared onto her thighs. Licking his lips, Angelus dipped down, lapping at the cream on her thighs.

Buffy moaned, her hands falling to his head, his tongue tantalisingly coming closer, and closer to her core, only to stop and go back just before he reached where she needed to feel him the most, tantalising the skin a centimetre over. Angelus finished with one thigh, only to switch to the other. Buffy whimpered, her hands clutching his head, her fingers digging into his scalp trying to get him to touch her wet pulsing core with his talented mouth, or even just his talented fingers, as long as he touched her, eased the ach that was growing, she didn't really care.

Angelus refused to be rushed though, taking his time, his licks slowing. He didn't take demands! But slowly, finally, his mouth pressed itself against her core, his tongue flicking out to taste the cream mingled in with her juices there. His tongue circled around her clit, before giving it a light tap with his tongue, making Buffy cry out in delight. He circled his tongue down, thrusting it up into her sheath, her muscles clamping around his tongue, trying to force him to stay, pulling back, Angelus thrust his tongue back in this time going as deep as he could.

His hands went to his pants undoing the snaps with deft movements, shoving them down his legs, not being bothered to take them off completely. Buffy whined in disappointment when Angelus left her pussy, her body already missing his touch. But then his mouth was licking up her body gathering the cream on his tongue, licking a path up her chest. His mouth came to her breast, and he sucked her breast deep into his mouth, Buffy's arms curling around him tightly, he bit down gently on her diamond hard nipple stroking the captured tip with his tongue, before he released her breast, to give the other one the same attention. Licking a path up the rest of her body, his mouth covered hers, his hard cock pressing against her wet heat, the head of his cock slipping in with no resistance. She could taste herself on his lips, on his tongue. Angelus groaned. "I love how you're always so wet, and aching for me." He ground out as her sheath squeezed him, as he slipped in further. Buffy moaned, her body stretching to accommodate him, her nerves reawakening again, to dance heatedly around his large girth, as he sheathed himself to the hilt. "Angelus." Buffy moaned her legs wrapping around his waist, her heels digging into his lower back.

Angelus grunted, rocking against her, in hard smooth motions, her sheath clench around him rhythmically, every time he thrust inside her. "Fuck." Angelus grunted. "How is it possible that you're still so fucking tight?" He growled, he'd never had any woman fit as tightly around him as Buffy had when he first took her, and it seemed like she hadn't stretched much, if at all since then. Angelus panted, as he feverishly lavished kisses along her neck. Her walls gloving him hard in response, and he nipped sharply at her neck, drawing a little blood that he lapped up, a growl rumbling through him. Buffy clutched him tighter, feeling the vibrations run through her body to settle in her core.

Buffy felt her own growl rumble through, as she felt the cord tightening, as she drew closer. Her mouth latched onto the lobe of his ear, her teeth penetrating the skin, filling her mouth with his rich blood. Buffy arched up her mouth releasing his ear, a low moan echoing from her, his fingers had settled on her clit, rubbing it in lazy circles, bringing her to the peak, before stilling leaving her there. It seemed she waited an agonising eternity, before his next thrust sent her spiralling over the edge. "Angeluuuuus!" Buffy screamed, her sheath clasping around him as her orgasm rocked over her, her muscles shaking, as her head fell to the side as she panted, as Angelus seemingly unfazed by her orgasm continue to pump into her, his thrusts getting harder, and faster, building her up again.

The bed rocked and creaked with the force of their driving bodies. Angelus' eyes rolled as Buffy's sheath clasped around him again, tighter, and more forceful then the last time, he could feel his balls tighten, his cock swelling stretching her, making it an even tighter fit. He thrust harder, the headboard banging against the wall. Buffy releasing a wail as she came again, her body so sensitive that it felt like it was on fire with each thrust, and touch of his body against hers. Buffy was just about ready to beg him to stop, not knowing how much more she could take, but Angelus came then his seed shooting into her, as he continued to thrust wildly, as he rode out his orgasm.

Collapsing on top of her Angelus closed his eyes, briefly missing the sound of the pounding heartbeat that he knew would be there if he hadn't turned her, he could still breath in her scent though, the unique scent that was Buffy, as well as the scent of her satisfaction mingled with his own. Buffy's arms were still wrapped around him, though not as tightly, and her little fingers, were tracing his tattoo. He was reminded sharply of his earlier urge to see the same tattoo on her skin, just under her left breast.

Angelus shifted to the side, his cock sliding from her sheath, causing Buffy to moan softly, as it shot sparks through her overly sensitive nerves. Buffy rolled to curl up next to him, a flash of desire coursing through her as she saw the bowl of half eaten strawberries, looking away Buffy stroked her fingers across Angelus' chest, somehow she didn't think she'd be able to look at strawberries in the same way again.

After a few moments Angelus rolled out of the bed, cleaning himself off with one of the unused cloths, he pulled up his pants redoing the snaps. Rummaging through his clothing bag, he pulled out his red Italian silk shirt, as well as a red cotton dress, this one dipped down a bit lower than most others in her wardrobe back home. "Put this on, and we…" Angelus paused, his eyes roaming over Buffy splayed out form, as she lay still on the bed watching him with her hazel eyes. "Put this on…unless you want me to ravish you again." Angelus told her his cock already straining against his leather pants.

Buffy sat up. She wasn't really opposed to the idea, but her sheath was twinging only pleasantly now, another round and it would become unpleasant she was sure.

Buffy took the dress from Angelus fingers, and moved past him to the bathroom. Closing the door behind her Buffy paused, her hand outstretched to the shower faucet. She didn't really want another shower, she wanted to bask in having Angelus' scent so closely intertwined with hers, not that the shower would make that go away, but it would lighten the scent. Making her way over to the bathroom sink, she grabbed a face washer, and soaked it in warm water, ringing it out a bit, she rubbed it down her front removing the small traces of cream that were left on her body, as well as cleaning his seed, that had slipped from her core and down her thighs.

Slipping on the dress Buffy fixed up her now dry hair, and went back out into the main bedroom, grabbing a pair of panties out of her bag and slipping them on under the dress. Looking over at Angelus, Buffy giggled softly. "You've got a little cream." Buffy said pointing at her face at the corner of her lips, moving closer, she leaned up licking the small creamy spot away, before stepping back. "What are we gonna do with him?" Buffy asked nudging the body of the boy with her toe.

"Nothing." Angelus said simply with a shrug as he sat down to slip on his shoes.

"Are you sure? I mean the hotel know this is my room and…"

Angelus stood up pressing a finger to her lips. "Just trust me. You'll see in a few moments. Now get ready were checking out." Angelus said smacking her ass playfully.

Buffy winced slightly a spark of remembered pain shooting up her spine. Slipping on her shoes, Buffy packed the things that she had floating around the room. Picking up her bag, Buffy followed Angelus out of the room, grabbing her keys on the way out.

Walking down the stairs, Buffy held her tongue, as the urge to question Angelus' decision to leave the body where it was, burned in her throat. Walking up to the receptionists desk, Buffy and Angelus placed down their keys. "Checking out?"

"Yes we are." Angelus said smoothly, a smile on his lips that caught the girls attention. "There was never anyone in room 3.28. Do you understand?" Angelus said firmly his eyes focused on her, keenly aware that Buffy was giving him confused looks.

The girl nodded. "There wasn't anyone in room 3.28."

"Good girl. Now erase all data on room 3.28's activty's from the system for the last 3 days." The girl nodded her fingers pressing keys on her key board as she deleted Buffy's name from the system, and the one call to room service from the hotel's system.

"Is that done?"


"Good. Now we were never here. You never saw us." Angelus said taking Buffy's hand, and leading her out of the hotel.

"What was all that?" Buffy asked when they were outside the hotel.

"A thrall Buff. Something you'll learn and get better at when you're older."

"So you mean we don't just have this stuff?" Buffy asked with a pout.

"Nope. As a fledge you pretty much just got your looks going for you." Buffy glared at him half heartedly. "Hey, it's more than some fledges have. Some don't even have that going for them." Angelus said in mock surrender.

"So what are we doing?" Buffy asked wrapping her arm through his, as they walked.

"Going to the docks to get us a charter, then we'll have to steal some blood for the trip. Then we'll be right to leave for Merry old London." Angelus said his eyes searching the docks, as they made their way over, his eyes landing on a boat he thought he recognised.

Buffy smiled anticipation curling in her belly, at the thought of London. The Watchers Council who would be sitting on their asses, just waiting for them to come and pick them off. 'No one tried to harm her mate and got away with it.' Buffy's hand tightened around Angelus' arm, and he put a hand over hers, giving a small squeeze, dipping down so that he could whisper in her ear. "Patience mate. The wait makes everything the sweeter."

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