Off of the Flat Earth

My first ff attempt and on the marriage law topic. HP/SS is main pairing but there is not really much slash because I felt silly trying to right about quivering members.

This is set after HBP . Canon is not really followed but when the plot doesn't match the book I try to explain it right off. I really tried to make the characters human and kept them as I see them in my head.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any characters in this story.


So there it was staring Harry Potter right in the face. The Marriage Law ruling. As the war raged on he knew that things were bleak for the wizarding world. He could even remember when the idea was first put to the ministry. He never thought this would pass, not in the age of Merlin would he, Harry Potter, "the boy who lived" "the chosen one" be forced to marry. Percy brought the documents to the burrow that morning and he'd spent almost an hour looking for a loophole. Hermione and Ron were ecstatic at the idea they have the chance to get married right away. At the same time he could see Ginny's eyes sparkle, thinking he would ask her as the two of them hugged in the corner of the room. I was such a bastard, he thought. He almost vomited at the thought, grabbed the papers and ran upstairs. There has to be a provision for people like me. Gay like me. I could marry Ginny. She was sweet and very loyal to me. But every time I have kissed her it just doesn't feel right. I know I am truly into wizards. I am more turned on by Draco Malfoy. Hogwarts, he thought. Someone there must be able to help me. He got dressed and went down the stairs.

"Mr. Weasley?"

"Yes, Harry?"

"May I use your floo? I need to speak with Dumbledore about this law."

"Harry. Of course you can use the floo. Are you sure you can't speak with me? What is puzzling you? You don't need to worry about the ministry choosing, you know. There are plenty of witches who would marry you. Including one in this very house. Don't think I don't see the way she watches you."

"That is not exactly what I'm worried about. A ministry match could work out perfectly."

"Harry, what are you really worried about? Is it marriage in general? You know Molly and I would be here for you…" Arthur Weasley stopped for a moment. He realized he had been doing all of the talking. He looked at the almost manic Harry. His chest was visibly beating out of his chest. "My dear boy what would you have to tell me that could make your heart beat so?"

"I'm afraid the ministry will assign a good match for the Boy Who Lived, the hero of Gryffindor. I'm afraid they won't understand I may have some, well requirements." He gulped down hard. Who ever thought I would be telling Ron's father I fancy blokes? "I would want it to be a man."

"Oh Harry don't be silly. There are many eligible gay men in the wizarding community that would take you too."

"You aren't shocked?"

"Well, no, Harry, seeing as two of my sons are gay."

Harry's mouth just dropped open. "You mean-"

"Yes, both Fred and George are gay. I thought you knew. Fred has been carrying on with a Ravenclaw for over a year. George has even brought his muggle boyfriend over here a few times."

"John." he said pointedly. He actually had thought about it at the time but had put it out of his mind.

"If you still need to use the floo it is open though Harry. Maybe you can get the reassurance you need at Hogwarts."

"Thank you, sir", Harry replied as he grabbed a handful of powder. "Dumbledore's office, Hogwarts"