When the battle had been waged, Harry was alone. He stood on the field outside of Hogwarts looking at the spent life. Many in the castle has either heard or felt the Death Eaters arriving and had come out to help Harry in his endeavors. After standing there for a long time Albus Dumbledore came out of the front gate and put his hand on the boy's shoulder. He had been inside help Ms. Pomfrey decide what to do with bodies. He also had to fire call the ministry official that hadn't known what was going on, including Fudge himself. "You did it Harry. Why aren't you happy?"

"I am happy. I just feel as though so many of these lives were given in vain. If I hadn't married Severus he would have known this attack was coming. Less would have died."

"Harry that is silly," a silky voice said coming from the doorway. Snape walked out, billowing robes and all.

"I'm good at blaming myself, alright? You know that."

"I do know that, brat."

Harry took the ring off of his finger and handed it to Severus. "This belongs to you. I can't keep your magic. I am sure you will need it when I'm gone."

Severus looked hurt at the boy's words. "So you are leaving then?"

"Well you know I am not really in love with you, it was just a spell."

"Harry, you asked me to do the same. Stay with you even though I didn't love you. And now that I do you are abandoning our marriage?"

"I'm not sure I can do this," the boy said frankly. He looked from Snape to Dumbledore who said "You can do anything you put your mind to."

Snape took steps to the boy. He put his hand under Harry's chin and planted a light kiss on his lips. "Remember what you said to me? Just try."

Harry had melted into the man's lips. Why am I still feeling this way? I took off the ring.

Dumbledore read his mind and answered his question audibly, "Because you really do love him."

Harry gasped and sunk into another kiss. As he pulled away he whispered to Severus, "You were right, the Earth is flat. I think I've finally fallen off."