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Chapter I:

Headaches aren't welcoming

He was dead.

Or at least he felt dead. But then again when was the first time he had ever felt death before? Going through the gate was the closest experience he had of death. His whole body felt cold, his flesh leg was almost completely numb. Perhaps going through the portal was a bad idea because look at where he is now. Nowhere. Not in Munich or Amestris. Everything was just pitch dark.

'I'm dead,' he thought bitterly. 'Well, at least Al's safe.'

There was total silence. That is until he could literally hear children screaming in the background. That had actually startled the eighteen year old male. Why in the world did death have children screaming? He tired to keep his ears focus on the sound. The screams weren't in agony or in pain, they were more like startled and terrified. He could actually distinguished the two types of screams seeing as how he had heard those screams countless of times during his journey with his brother. He tired to ignore it actually, but it was hard to do so.

"Lloyd is he dead!?" he could hear a young boy cry out to someone.

He felt something warm touching his left cheek. That gave him the shivers. How in the word could he feel warmth when he was supposed to be dead? Something didn't make sense at all. He wasn't supposed to feel warmth actually he wasn't supposed to feel any touch. The warm touch soon left his cheek.

"He's out cold, but he's alive," replied another voice, it was much older than the previous one.

"Look! He's twitching!" this time a female voice had cried out.

He was indeed twitching his automail fingers, his nerve system was doing so. Somehow realization hit him pretty hard. He had not died, meaning he was alive in … Munich? He warily tired to open his eyes, when he did so he groaned and automatically with his automail, Winry had made him, he covered his eyes due to the light hitting his face. He could hear some whispers buzzing around, and it caused his head to become overload with noise.

"Cut those whispers out," he hissed, still covering his eyes from the light. "It's giving me a headache."

"Everyone please be quiet," half ordered and half begged the female voice he had heard before.

There was once again total silence. The eighteen year old slowly took his automail hand off his face. He blinked a couple of times just to get adjusted to the light. His golden eyes then glanced at the two people hovering over him. His golden eyes narrowed. The silver head with blue eyes just stared at him in amazement and curiosity. The other one, the brunette, was constantly blinking his eyes wondering if the person in front of him was real.

"What?" the golden eyes male asked.

The silver head decided to answer. "You fell from the sky."

The eighteen year old raised an eyebrow questioning the younger boy in front of him. All the boy did was point upwards, causing the older male to look up to a hole he had technically made. The brunette boy next to him whistled. This caused for the golden eyed boy to take notice of the brunette.

"You sure are heavy for a small guy," he had said looking at the hole he had made then to the blond. His lips formed a grin. "Nice hole."

That literally pissed the blond one off. He had grown over the years, he was not 5'5 foot tall anymore. Sure he didn't drink milk, but he had grown several inches taller. He was not short. Yet he couldn't help, but cry out in protest. "Who the hell are you calling a pipsqueak?!"

The brunette was hesitant to talk back to the blond. The sudden yell had surprised him for a few moments. He then gave him a hesitant, but apologetic expression. "Sorry about that."

The older male by a year glared at the brunette. He grumbled as he tried to sit up. He took note to thank the silver head kid who was helping him up in a sitting position. The blond looked around the place. It had reminded him of a classroom he had entered when he was once a child. He saw a big group of children wanting to get a closer look at the 'flying-man', but the brunette had shaken his head telling them to back off for a few moments. The blond male rubbed his golden eyes, a headache was now causing him some pain.


"Are you feeling alright?" questioned the brunette, also helping the blond off his feet. Getting some help and finally on his own two feet, the blond groaned.

"Yeah, just a headache coming."

"Lloyd, maybe we should get my sister, so she could check up on him," piped the silver head boy with his blue outfit that caused the blond male to question the boys fashion sense. Of course he also questioned the brunettes outfit that made him double take a glance at what he was wearing.

The brunette looked thoughtful. "Sounds like a plan, I was going to follow her anyway."

The silver head kid groaned. "You were planning on ignoring her orders from the start weren't you?"

"Haha, yep!" said the smiling brunette rubbing the back of his head.

Feeling confused, and a bit uncomfortable hearing a privet conversation between friends, the blond male cleared his throat getting the attention from the two. "Yeah, uh … who are you guys? Actually scratch that, where am I?"

The brunette with his outrageous red outfit decided to speak first. "I'm Lloyd Irving, and that's Genis." He pointed at the silver head boy who was next to the blond. "You're in Iselia, well actually you're in a school that's in Iselia."

"Ise…lia?" muttered the blond lost in thought. He had not seen their confused faces as they looked at each other.

"So what's your name?" asked the silver head boy, Genis. "Lloyd told you ours, how about you?"

The boys voice had snapped away his thoughts. The blond male with what looked like golden eyes stared at the young child. His gaze was then fixed at the two of them. "Edward Elric. I have a question…" Edward stared at Lloyd and Genis waiting for their answer. "Where exactly is Iselia, I know it's not in Europe." He noticed their confused expressions as they stared at each other. "It couldn't be in Amestris either," Edward whispered, placing his automail hand covering his mouth as he began to look thoughtful once again.

"Uh … " Lloyd blinked his eyes, not clearly understanding his question. His chocolate eyes landed on his best friend. "Hey Genis, where exactly is Iselia?"

The young boy sighed, not understanding how in the world Lloyd was passing his classes. "Don't you ever listen to the lessons Raine teaches?" He saw the tint of pink on Lloyds cheeks, the older boy was probably embarrassed by the lack of interest in his studies. "It's in the Western Continent, not far from the Iselia Ranch. It's also close by Triet."

The older male in front of them was showing some concern. "So … I'm not in Germany…? What happened to the gate…? Did it send me …"

"Hey are you alright? You're talking to yourself," said Lloyd hands on his hips.

Edward glanced at him, his face becoming a bit paler by the minute. "Yes, I'm … fine I think…"

Genis wasn't liking the color of the older males face. It was as if the blond male was going to pass out right in front of them. "Lloyd, let's go get Raine, to check up on him."

Lloyd nodded in agreement, "Yeah." His eyes then glanced at Edward, who was lacking a sense of style in his opinion. Brown was such a distasteful color. "Why don't you come with us? Or do you think you can wait here until we get the Professor?"

"I'll go with you," he stated clearly not liking to be idea to be alone right now. Especially in a school where the children were talking about him. He likes children, he really did, but right now was not the time to be spending time with them. He needed to get his thoughts cleared besides he wanted the fresh air right about now.

"Alright then let's go," in formed the brunette giving the blond a smile, which he didn't return back. "Uh… yeah," replied a hesitant Lloyd pointing at a direction. "The exit is that way, so let's go." Both Genis and Edward began to walk towards the exit (Genis leading the way), but soon stopped as they noticed Lloyd was not following them.

"Hey Colette!" he cried out. "C'mon let's go!"

Edward almost stopped breathing as he saw a blond haired girl with blue eyes step forward from the group of children. His muscles tensed, and he quickly looked away. The girl had reminded him of his childhood friend, Winry Rockbell. Her appearance wasn't exactly like hers though, the girl with Lloyd appeared much more child looking than Winry. It was probably those blue eyes of hers that reminded him of Winry. It worried him, being reminded of his childhood friend. Just what had happened after he passed through the portal? Was his brother and the others safe from Dietlinde? His head began to throb due to the questions. "Ungh…"

The younger boy that was next to him was worried. "Don't worry, my sister can heal you, just wait for a bit."

Edward Elric nodded. "Yeah, got it. Thanks."

The brunette and the blond finally walked towards Edward and Genis were standing at. Lloyd then pushed the blond female forward, soon introducing her. "This is Colette, she'll be coming with us. Besides she needs to go to where the Professor is heading to. She is after all going to receive the oracle thing today."

For the first time Edward heard some sort of compliment being said. "Nice job Lloyd, you're actually thinking a step ahead!"

"Shut up Genis!"

The girl giggled at her two friends somewhat bickering. Her attention then turned to the eighteen year old male. "I'm Colette Brunel, it's a pleasure to meet you Mr. …"

"Edward," he said plainly. "Edward Elric."

Her blue eyes caused him to become uncomfortable. They reminded him so much of his automachanic he had left in Amestris with his younger brother. Finally Lloyd was the one to break the awkward feeling as he pointed towards the exit. They followed him from behind, and as they stepped outside of the school building all of them noticed how empty the whole place was. Lloyd was the first one to ask about the ghostly streets.

"Man, why isn't everyone outside?"

Both Genis and Colette looked around for some sort of human life. They found none. Lloyd shrugged his shoulders, "They're probably home doing chores and stuff."

"It feels eerie," muttered the younger boy next to Edward. Edward couldn't agree more. The whole place was like a ghost town, something he always thought brought trouble. Right now, he really didn't want trouble, all he wanted was to get this head checked so he could figure out what was going on without pain interrupting his thoughts.

Edward noticed that they were heading to some sort of exit, but were stopped by a man with dirty blond hair.


All their attention was focused on the blond haired adult as he was running towards them. He stopped once he was next to Lloyd. He glanced at Genis, Lloyd, and Colette completely ignoring Edward. "Thank goodness you're all safe…" he panted slightly worrying the blond female.

"Father are you alright?" she asked as she went to his side to support him.

"Frank!" cried Genis also giving the adult aid.

Both Lloyd and Edward stepped closer to the adult as he waved his daughter and Genis off, telling them he was alright. Frank gazed at the new companion the children had, his eyes soon looked rather worried and terrified. "Who … are you?"

"That's Edward," responded Lloyd, before Edward could talk. The blond didn't really liked being interrupted or someone else telling his name besides his brother, but he dropped it after more headaches began to cause him pain. "We were going to search for the Professor to have him checked, but …"

Genis had completely cut off the brunette. "Frank what happened to everyone in the village?"

The Elric noticed the hesitant look on Frank's face. It was as if he wanted to keep something a secret, yet he decided to tell them the truth. "A few moments ago Desians passed by the village, everyone went into hiding because of it. Thankfully no one got hurt at all. They left already."

Edward quickly looked over at Lloyd, who was forming his hands into fist now. "But Iselia has a non-aggression treaty with the Desians! Why would they come here?!"

"Non-aggression treaty…? Desians?" said Edward confused by the whole situation. Genis began to clarify for him.

"It's an agreement between us villagers and the Desians. As long as we keep away from the ranch, they wont attack our village."

Colette nodded sadly. "Yes, grandmother said it was a way to protect me from danger." She didn't see the confused face Edward had. "Oh! Where is grandmother now?"

"Phaidra's currently at the temple," replied Frank looking a bit worried. "She's preparing for the ritual."

Everyone ignored the annoyed face Edward had. For some reason he couldn't stand religious words at all. He couldn't believe people would easily fall for such a non-scientific thing. He wasn't much of a believer in the first place since he first learned about alchemy. He believed that science was the truth of everything, not God which was created by human beings as some type of savior of the world. He hadn't paid much attention to the conversation since he was still looking rather annoyed with it all. He couldn't believe that these kids were being brainwashed by these religious people.

"Hey are you coming or not?" asked Lloyd getting him out of his thoughts.

Edward sighed and nodded. "Yeah, gotta find that Professor you're talking about right?"

Lloyd grinned. "Yep!"

"Wait," said the doubtful adult. "Maybe it's best you shouldn't go. I mean you having a head injury will only slow down the pace of these kids. It would be better if--"

"I'm fine, I just need a check up and some medicine for these headaches, otherwise I'm fine," declared Edward slightly annoyed by the adult, he crossed his arms stubbornly. The man sighed, and nodded.

"Very well, but anyway all of you take care. If you all need anything you know where to find me." With that the male left them alone. They then continued their journey to the exit. As soon as they were close to the exit, they immediately stopped as they saw what was in front of them. It was actually a pretty gross sight to see.

"It's a monster!" cried Genis looking rather terrified.

Edward could only focus on the green skinned human as his face looked deformed. What creep him out was that the monsters right eyeball was gone, and it's left part of the mouth could only show it's yellow teeth. Memories of that thing he had transmitted long ago popped in to his mind. Trembling from the memories, he stepped back. He so did not need this right now.

"Man, we don't have time for this…! Let's hurry up and fight it!" cried Lloyd pulling two wooden swords out of their sheaths. The brunette turned the speechless blond. "You have to stay back with Genis, he'll protect you with his magic.

"You're going to fight that thing?!" cried Edward clearly not liking the idea of even touching it. Thinking about it was already bad. His real hand touched his automail and clutched it. He glared at the monster in front of him. Right now he felt pretty useless.

"Just stay back!" ordered Lloyd as he was running head on to the monster. As he attacked his wooden sword didn't do much to kill the thing, actually the only think that injured the zombie was Colette's chakram rings. Edward felt disgusted as he noticed the creatures arm falling off the body all due to Colette's weapon. The battle was over once Lloyd's wooden sword went right through the creatures body. Red blood didn't come out though, instead it was purple, which confused the alchemist to no end.

Just where in the world did the portal take him?