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Chapter VIII

Sylvarant Base

"Where is this place?" whispered Raine as she was hiding behind a rock. Her lips formed a frown, as she analyzed the building in front of her. She then turned to a silver head young boy who she had found hours ago with the help of Colette. "Genius, care to explain?"

The silver head boy looked down at his shoes, his small body was slightly trembling. "I-I'm not sure sis, but those guys took Lloyd inside that building! Raine, we have to get him out of there! Who knows what they might do to him."

"It would be smart to be calm in a situation like this," said Kratos, arms crossed. "The enemy might be able to hear us."

Edward took a small peak at the guards that were at the door. He analyzed the clothing that the two guards were wearing. Something in his mind clicked, and he turned to face the Chosen and her small friend she was trying to comfort. "Hey, aren't those guys from the temple?"

Raine and his younger brother who was next to him gave him puzzled looks. The older Elric ignored their expressions. "You know the guys that attacked us at the shrine place?"

"Well duh Ed," said Genius being rude to the ex-alchemist. "They are desians you know."

A loud noise was heard. Raine had slapped her younger brother from the back of his head. The young silver head boy clutched his head, and groaned in pain. The sister of the young one narrowed her eyes at the boy then gave an apologetic expression to the older Elric brother. "I am sorry for my brothers rudeness." She turned to her younger brother, "Genius..."

"Sorry..." mumbled the boy.

A bit shocked Edward accepted the apology. "Y-Yeah it's fine." Ed began to ponder if that was the way Raine punished her brother.

"Well," began Alphonse as he interrupted the awkward silence. "How are we going to help Lloyd escape from here?"

"...I suppose the easiest way is to attack from the front," suggested Kratos. He took notice of the doubtful looks from the Sage and Elric siblings. "With magic of course."

"That does sound reasonable," muttered Raine agreeing with the plan. "After that I believe I can find a way to open those doors."

"Then let us begin." Kratos nodded his head to Genius. "I will take the one on the left with a fireball, you'll take the one in the right."

"Magic?" whispered Alphonse to his older brother. "Is this what you were talking about brother?"

Edward nodded as he paid his full attention to Kratos and Genius. There was this type of light surrounding the two magicians. Soon a small ball of fire was formed. The two of them shouted a 'fireball' before the two balls of flame left to hit the two guards. With that power of magic the two guards fell on the ground unconscious.

"Alright!" cheered the young Sage.

"Let us move on," said Kratos going ahead of the group. Edward narrowed his eyes as he carefully studied the toy like weapon that Genius was holding. Right now Edward was pondering if the weapon had anything to do with casting the ball of fire.

"Impossible," muttered his brother having the same expression Edward had when he had first seen magic back at the temple. "Brother how did that..."

"We'll only get the answers by getting to Palmacosta," finished Edward. He motioned for his brother to follow him. "Let's save Lloyd first."

Alphonse was pale as a ghost, but he nodded his head in a motion of agreement. "Right. Let's save Lloyd."

The two brothers caught up to the group. Raine was currently typing furiously on a machine that was foreign to Edward and Alphonse. The two Elrics took a closer look. Edward had the guts to ask his question to the mercenary. "What is she doing?"

"Trying to open the doors with a code," coolly responded Kratos with his arms crossed. When he responded to Edward he had not faced him, instead he was staring at the door, never leaving his eyes off.

Just as Edward was about to ask another question, the doors to the gate opened. Kratos was once again leading, but was stopped by Raine.

"Everyone wait," called out Raine. She took a glance at the Elric brothers. "It would be wise if we split up. This place is big, and Lloyd could be anywhere. Kratos take Genis and Colette with you. I'll take Edward and Alphonse."

"If that is what you wish," Kratos nodded at the woman before him. "Very well then. Let us go."

Edward and Alphonse watched the group of three disappear behind some gates. They turned around to face Raine. Edward was going to open his mouth to say something, but Raine beat him to it.

"Let's do some research of this building," she said walking away from the two brothers.

"Wait, what about Lloyd?" piped up Alphonse confused with the decision Raine had made. "Didn't we split up to find him?"

"We'll find him, now let's go to the computer room to see what information we can get."

"You're pretty sneaky," said Edward grinning at the woman. "You knew we were curious of the technology here, and you decided to choose us to help you seeing that Colette and Genius weren't to interested at the front gate."


Raine placed her hands on her hips, and her staff that was wrapped on her back moved as she turned to face them. She gave a small smile at the two blonds. "I believe you have discovered my true intentions. You two understand the feeling of wanting to have knowledge. Since us three are some type of scientist, we should be able to figure out an easy way to find Lloyd. The only way to find him..."

Edward gave the famous Elric smirk. "Is by using the technology of the enemy."

Raine nodded, and gave her teacher phrase. "That is correct Edward. Now let us find the room."

The three of them began to search for the room that they wanted to find. They tried their best to hide from the enemy, but sometimes they would get caught by some small flying machine. Raine took care most of the machine fighting. She would wham a few machines or two with her staff. Alphonse was more likely to practice with the sword that he had. He was getting used to cutting the machines wings. Edward on the other hand was getting frustrated. He knew he had a metal arm and leg, so he was tempted to hit the things with his automail. For obvious reasons he didn't do it, so he tried to keep his frustration hidden. In a way he was improving a bit with his sword when fighting those annoying machines that would shoot these electrical balls at him. Those things were an annoyance!

"I have a feeling that this might take a while," muttered Alphonse getting a bit annoyed. "I hope we get there soon."

"I think we're here," whispered Raine as she stopped. She motioned for the two brothers to come close to her which they did. They took a peak, and they noticed two men guarding the doors.

Raine was beginning to take out her staff, and the brothers took out their swords. The nodded at each other for a signal to go out and attack the guards. Alphonse and Edward were the first ones to expose themselves. The guards were unprepared for a sneak attack, so when they took out their swords it wasn't that professional of them. One of the guards had trouble taking his sword out. What happned to that guard was something he clearly was not expecting. A punch from Edwards right arm had knocked him out unconsciously. The ex-alchemist smiled to himself, as he noticed his brother slashing the other guards leg.

Edward noticed the hesitant look that Alphonse had made before attacking the guards. He knew how Alphonse was more of a pacifist than a violent person. Ed also knew that for some reason his brother was going to take this journey as a challenge.


Both brothers paid attention to the Professor whom had knocked out the guard that Alphonse had trouble attacking. She twirled her staff, and the tied it on her back. "Let's move on shall we?"

The group of three entered the room, and Edward immediately went to one of the computers. He analyzed the technology and to his surprise: he did not understand the symbols that were on the keyboard. The cursive writing was foreign to him. The ex-alchemist frowned, and he turned around to face Raine. "I can't understand any of this."

"This is..." Raine pushed Edward to the side. "I can understand this, why don't you two go and see that no one is coming near."

Edward and Alphonse gave a hesitant glance at Raine, but they obeyed her anyhow. The two of them exited the room. Alphonse gave a worried look towards his brother.

"What if it's a common language?" pondered his brother.



"I think I screwed up," muttered the eighteen year old. "Big time..."

The two brothers went silent, and kept to themselves. They were on guard if anyone or thing would come by. It didn't take long for Raine to exit the room. They questioned her perplexed expression, but both brothers said nothing. The rest they left to Raine. She was leading them to where currently the others were. Apparently Kratos group had luckily found Lloyd all safe and sound for the most part. Instead of going head on in fighting, they tried their best hidden from any guard or machine thing. One of those floating machine had spotted them, but they quickly ran away. They had no time to fight that thing. What was important was that they needed to catch up with the others, save Lloyd, then get the hell away from this base.

"This way," said Raine leading the group. "We just need to pass a couple of hallways."

It took them less than five minutes to finally be face to face with a door that will lead to the rest of the group. Raine was the first one to enter, then the brothers. It was an elegant room in Alphonse and Edwards observation. It resembled a lot like Mustang's office. Except the office was in chaos. A desk and chair were broken, and if Ed took a closer look he could see the floor have black stains from burnt. The rest of the group was there looking weary, what surprised the brothers (probably Raine as well) was that Kratos and the others had injuries. Just what had happened inside this room!

"Hey guys!" said a brunette giving them a grin. "Long time no see!"

Edward rubbed his temples while his brother gave a smile to the twin swordsman.

"Greetings can be given outside," said Kratos putting his sword back inside the sheath. "Right now we must go before the enemy searches for us."

Edward helped Colette who looked like she was about to collapse any moment. Alphonse took care of Genius because his sister was currently picking stuff up. The group of seven had begun to leave the room. They were quick in moving out. If any guards were to see them, Kratos was the man to give his 'Demon Fangs' to them. It didn't take so long for the group to get out of the building and be met by a strange animal.

"Noishe!" cried Lloyd as he gave a great big hug to the creature before him. "I thought you would have run away like a coward!"

Kratos placed his hand on Lloyd's shoulder. "We don't have time for this, we must move on."

Edward grumbled as the heat began to heat up his automail. He really disliked the hot weather.

"Fuck," muttered the eighteen year old. It was currently night time, and the group had passed the village Triet. Raine had decided that it would be better to be on schedule, and to find the first seal. Because it was now night time the group decided it would be better to rest up. They did not want to get lost at night to which it made no sense to Edward. He already believed that they were lost, anyone can get lost in the desert!

"Something the matter Ed?" questioned Lloyd who was sitting right next to him.

"Nothing," grumbled out Edward taking a bite of his sandwich Genius had made. "Just tired..."

Lloyd gave a sigh. "You hate the heat too don't you?"

Edward glanced at him. "You mean you too?"

Lloyd gave a bitter look. "Yeah, hate the heat. I can't stand it!"

Edward nodded before he took a bite of his food. He knew why he hated the heat, and that was because of his automail. The skin burning because of the metal irritated him. If he didn't...caused that stupid curse that took his arm, and leg in exchange for his brothers body then he wouldn't have really minded the sun. Lloyd was probably not exposed to such weather.

"Soo," Lloyd began to start the small talk now. "How are you getting along with that guy?"

By that guy he had meant the mercenary that was currently with Noishe. Edward gave a questionable glance at the mercenary. Kratos was petting the 'dog' as Lloyd called it, and was simply looking the same as usual.

"I haven't really spoken to him," said Edward turning to Lloyd. "He seems to be reserved with us. Not that talkative."

Lloyd crossed his arms. "So he's acting like he's all that."

Edward blinked his eye not able to comprehend how Lloyd got to that conclusion. Just as the ex-alchemist was about to speak, Lloyd interrupted.

"I don't get why he puts up such a strong and cool act," muttered the brunette, as his eyes gave a distant look. "Reminds me of someone really..."

Edward didn't know what to do in this situation, so he said nothing and kept the silence going. It wasn't long for Lloyd to excuse himself and bother his best buddy Genius.

"Hey," Edward glanced up to see his brother. Alphonse took the liberty to sit next to Edward. "How's the automail brother?"

Edward grimly looked at his right arm and left leg. "Good, for now."

"That's good," said his brother handling him a cup of water. Edward gladly took it. "Raine says that we'll be at the first seal tomorrow in the afternoon."

"Wonderful," was Edward's sarcastic response.

Alphonse gave a frown. "Brother if we're going to tag along we have to be respectful. Colette's views are …"

"She's just like Rose," interrupted Edward. "She's going to get hurt by all that … that…"

Alphonse nodded. "I know, but … we're here to investigate about this world and the … magic. For that we have to go to Palmacosta. I think Raine is really suspecting your religious views. You're being really rude to those who are praising and admiring Colette."

Edward crossed his arms, and leaned in. He took a glance at Lloyd, Genius, and Colette who were happily chatting among themselves. "I'll keep my criticizing to a minimum."

Alphonse gave a sigh. "I hope so brother…I really want to understand what magic is…"

There was a silence between the brothers.

Both of them hoped that they would be able to reach Palmacosta soon, so that they may get their questions answered.