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By Any Means Necessary

By Adelie King

Chapter Fifteen: It Comes To a Head

Another week had passed and Jack O'Neill was about completely recovered. His back only had some stiffness with a few minor spasms once in a while. He went in to see his chiropractor. Jack anxiously asked if it was safe for him to have sex yet. The chiropractor Okayed it and Jack was a little more than ecstatic. He was grinning when he came out of the office where Samantha Carter waited in the waiting room.

She knew it went well and rose out of her seat and asked him "So, what's the status sir?"

"I'm almost one-hundred percent…" He led her into the hall and then hinted, "You know what that means don't you?" Jack smirked at her amorously moving his hand across her behind instantly arousing her.

Sam reacted with a smile, "I think I get the idea Sir…" She walked in front of him purposely moving across the front in his pants. She couldn't wait to get him home just aching to have him.

They got in her car and took off as fast they could manage without drawing attention to themselves. He looked over her hungrily. Jack's eyes almost looked almost predatorily from arousal. He told her "When we get home I'm gonna pound you so hard you won't walk for a week."

"Please don't do that Sir…" Carter pleaded, "I wouldn't be able to go that long without you." She paused and justified "The last thing we don't need is Janet getting suspicious that we're having sex when she told us not to."

"I'm healed Carter…I can do to you what I want and she has no say in it any longer." Jack deliberately reminded her and demanded, "Now can you get us there faster please…" He rubbed his hand over his face frustrated.

"Not without getting arrested…explain that to General Hammond when the MPs come." Sam told him flat out as they got closer. "Believe me Sir I'm as horny as you are."

"I seriously doubt that Carter." He almost groaned and looked over her attire, "At least you wore a skirt…but if you have panties on they're history." Jack warned as she pulled up next to his truck in the driveway.

She had a surprise waiting for him as she ran up the stairs to his front door. Soon as they were inside and he slammed the door he had her against the wall facing it. "Oh my God…" Sam reacted, "Can't you wait until we get in the bedroom?"

"No." He told her as he readied himself, "Now spread em…" She did as he said and bent over a little making it easier. "No panties…smart move…" Jack was inside her and started thrusting hard.

"I knew you'd want it quick and easy Jack." Sam told him and he took her so rough he was practically banging her into the wall.

"You're such a naughty girl Carter." He growled and told her, "For that I'm going to have to punish you." Jack moved her over to the dining room making her bend over the table bracing herself with her hands.

"As long as the only thing slapping me is your entire body…" Sam told him with warning to her tone.

"You got it." He grabbed her hips ramming hard and fast into her. She moaned so loud she was practically screaming. Jack grabbed her breasts through her shirt holding on.

Sam cried out moaning obscenities to him as let her have it as hard and fast as he could. Jack then ripped her shirt open sending buttons flying his hands grabbing her bare breasts. "No bra either Carter!! You naughty girl!! Turning me on like that!!" He intensified his movements promising. "I'm gunna make you scream from coming so hard!"

Sam screamed in pleasure her body on fire feeling her climax coming. She started coming and waves flew through her body and she tingled intensely all over. "Oh my God!! I'm coming so hard!!!" Sam grabbed the table just to hold on and was laughing.

He had this smug grin on his face hearing Carter come to pieces screaming under him having an intense multiple orgasms. "Ya like that huh?!" Jack grabbed her shoulders with both hands.

"Ya think!" She yelled back in his own words.

He told her, "Now it's my turn…" He slammed in her about to explode. She moaned even more as she came again. Jack cried out coming as they both came at once

They were both breathing loudly as they both relaxed. Jack collapsed backward in the chair. Sam collapsed on the table her legs turning to jell-o. Both of them had tingles throughout their bodies smiling.

He slouched back in his chair stretching his legs out leaning his head back, "Damn that was intense Carter!"

Sam stood up and then fell backwards into the chair next to his slouching down. "Wow…I think I just had a multiple orgasm one on top of another…" She then asked him smiling, "How did you do that?"

"I don't know…just got lucky I guess." Jack replied still in awe himself. He rubbed a hand through his sweaty hair. "I think I need a shower now…" He referred to his sweaty soaked body and stood up.

"Me too…" Carter agreed standing up as well, "Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all…" He replied and then swooped her up in his arms forcing a pleasured scream and laugh out of her then carried her down the hall into the bedroom. The door shut behind them and giggles came through the door.

Meanwhile on base around lunch time, General Hammond came into the infirmary to find Dr. Janet Frasier. "Hey Doctor…"

"Yes General…" Frasier addressed him properly and surprised, "What can I do for you?"

"I came to inquire on Colonel O'Neill's status?" He informed her and mentioned, "I haven't seen him in weeks…how is he?"

"He's been healing faster than expected Sir." Janet informed him, "His chiropractor just phoned me and said he can return to his duties next week."

"That's wonderful news doctor. I can't wait to see him." Hammond was pleased.

"Well I was about to go do his daily physical check up right now at his house…would you care to accompany me?" Frasier invited.

"Thank you doctor, I would love to. I'm on my lunch hour anyway." He accepted gladly and walked by Frasier to head up to the surface. "So how well has Major Carter been taking care of Colonel O'Neill?"

"Very well Sir…" Janet assured him as they walked to her car, "I'm sure he's made a full recovery since she's been caring for him." She opened the doors with her remote. They got in and shut the doors buckling up.

"I'm sure she is…Carter has a way of bringing out the best in people even those above her." Hammond complemented. "She especially brings out the best in Colonel O'Neill. His performance has improved immensely because of her."

Jack had just gotten out of the bathroom and was soaked with sweat glowing red again. "I guess we'll need to take another shower Carter…" He stepped into a clean pair of boxers. "Right now I'm getting something to drink…"

"Can you bring me one too please?" Sam called from the bathroom, "I'm dying of thirst after the last one we just had."

"Sure thing Carter." He smiled at the door and informed her, "Be back in a minute." Jack strutted down the hall almost lightly running to the kitchen. He also forgot he and Sam left the front door unlocked. He strutted into the kitchen over to the fridge.

While he was in the kitchen getting a bottle of champagne and two flutes, General Hammond and Janet Frasier had let themselves in. "I'm sure Colonel O'Neill and Major Carter will be more than surprised to see you Sir." She assured him.

"I certainly hope so." Hammond agreed just as Jack O'Neill came out in a pair of Homer Simpson boxers with hearts on them holding a bottle of champagne and two flutes. "Colonel…"

Jack froze in complete shock, "General?" His eyes wandered around and he began to turn white "What a surprise to see you…" He smiled nervously and gulped.

"How are you doing Colonel?" General Hammond asked and observed, "You look a little pale still." Then he asked, "Is everything all right with you?"

"Uh yeah…great." He answered glancing cautiously down the hall and then back at Hammond and Frasier, "The chiropractor said I can be back on duty next week Sir." Jack rubbed his hand down his now clammy face.

Hammond then presumed, "I take it Major Carter had been doing well in speeding your recovery…"

"Yes Sir…I couldn't have healed as quickly without her." Jack told him flat out, "She is as an invaluable asset off the team as on it."

"I'm glad to hear that son." The General sounded pleased, "Where is Major Carter anyway?"

"Jack, where is my drink?" Carter came walking down the hall sweaty and naked, "I'm dying of…" She saw Hammond and Frasier and froze in place, "Oh…my God! General!" She was speechless and looking as if she was in front of a firing squad about to execute her. Jack looked like he was in the line up about to be executed next to her.

General Hammond was livid and bellowed, "Colonel, What the hell is this?!!!" His yell made them almost fall back.

"Nothing Sir." O'Neill lied and it was obvious.

"Nothing!!!" Hammond barked reacting badly, "This doesn't look like nothing to me!!!" He walked up to him and observed, "It looks like you've been violating the frat regs to me!!"

Jack backed up with his hands up defensively, "I was just trying to help her Sir…"

"Trying to help her!!" Hammond yelled, "How's getting you both court-martialed by sleeping with your second in command trying to help her!!"

"I was only following your orders General!!" O'Neill explained loudly in his defense.

"That's right!!" Carter interjected and told him, "You we're the one who ordered him to sleep with me in the first place!!"

"I DID NO SUCH THING!!!" General Hammond argued bellowing again, "I told you to help make Major Carter relax…"

"That's right General…" O'Neill reminded him, "You said by any means that I deemed necessary to take care of her problem!!" He paused and told him, "I did that!" Sam ducked out long enough to get a robe on and came back.

"That did not mean sleep with her Colonel!" Hammond made that clear, "I told you to take her up to your cabin and make her relax."

"And I did ask you Sir if this was an official order and you said yes." Jack explained to him, "And I assure you I would deal with her to the best of my abilities and I did exactly that Sir."

"I would not do that because that would be an illegal order Colonel!!" General Hammond reminded him, "That kind of order could get me and the rest of us court-martialed."

"That's right Sir it would be and you gave it!" Carter interjected again this time in a floor length robe. She then mentioned, "Do you think I was upset when I came in your office for nothing Sir?" Sam paused and continued, "Colonel O'Neill told me you gave him the order to do that! Then you ordered me to cooperate with him!" She paused and added, "Not just that you said that you were hoping to not to have to sleep with me yourself!"

"What! What the hell are you talking about?!" Hammond argued

Sam continued, "Then you asked me if I'd prefer Daniel or Teal'c instead of you." Jack starts to chuckle in the background and covered his mouth with his hand.

Hammond then noticed O'Neill laughing and demanded, "What is so funny Colonel?!"

"I think we all had some sort of miscommunication here Sir." Jack observed and told him, "We assumed you ordered us to sleep together while all along you just ordered Carter to relax and get away from her work." He started laughing along with Carter and Frasier.

Hammond stood confused a moment and recalled what he'd said for a moment. Then he burst out laughing with them a moment. Then he suddenly figured out what they did and stopped. "Colonel what would make you believe I was ordering that in the first place?"

Jack, Janet and Sam's faces suddenly went blank. He shrugged his shoulders his shoulders and fibbed, "I haven't got one clue Sir." He gestured with his hands.

"Well I do." The General then looked at Janet and mentioned, "You didn't tell me exactly why Major Carter was stressed out did you?" He paused and added, "You just gave generalities not the exact reason."


"What exactly was wrong with Major Carter to stress her out that badly?" Hammond inquired and then put it together. He looked over at Carter, then at O'Neill. "She was sexually frustrated making her irritable." He paused and figured it out, "You knew that and you tricked me into believing it was something innocent."

Frasier explained crossing her arms, "Well it's not exactly something one wants put in their medical report to a superior Sir." She then speculated, "Can you see Major Carter needs to get laid as a prognosis?"

Hammond assumed and remarked unable to start grinning, "Well she must have been pretty bad."

"Very bad Sir." O'Neill added, "She became so bad the doctor and you had to order her to have sex with me to relieve herself." He couldn't help laughing, "And I just followed your orders to take care of her."

General Hammond couldn't help bursting with laughter either at this point. Now Janet, Jack and Hammond were laughing at the situation.

"By Any Means Necessary?" Jack added while laughing and they laughed even harder.

Sam stood there her arms crossed confused at what they found so funny. She wouldn't have laughed weeks ago at her expense but now when she realized how ridiculous the situation really was she just couldn't help it. She finally burst out laughing herself.

Hammond still laughing headed for the door ordered them, "Nobody knows about this…it never took place…understood."

"Yes Sir." Sam, Janet and O'Neill agreed still laughing.

Frasier then realized she had to drive him back to the base and followed him shutting the door behind her.

Sam and Jack sighed with relief and sank to the floor. He immediately apologized, "Sorry about that Carter…I wasn't intending to laugh at your expense."

"I know…" She understood and admitted, "But if I imagined this with anyone but me it was really ridiculous and hilarious to think about." Sam then asked, "Was I really that bad?"

"No." Jack slapped his hand on her thigh and told her, "You were really good." He wagged his eyebrows at her making her giggle.

"I meant my behavior Sir." Sam clarified, "Was I really that hard to deal with?"

"Yep." He replied and got off the floor, "But I took care of the situation just as ordered." Jack offered his hand and helped her to stand. Then he assured her, "And if it happens again I will deal with it By Any Means Necessary."

"I'm sure you will." Sam assumed and he led her down the hall. Then she mentioned, "I'm still wondering about something."

"What?" Jack asked.

"What was General Hammond doing in that porn shop?"

The End

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