Well here's the last chapter of The Digital Guardians and so I hope you like it. I will be writing a sequel for this so be on the look out for it. Like I said this part will have some fighting and it will also give a little hint as to what will be in the sequel. Enjoy the story.

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The Digital Guardians

Chapter 5

The Lords of Darkness

(Davis Narrating) The digital world has been really quiet since we took out BlackKnightmon and I really want to get some Digi-butt kickin' in. But I guess it's okay since the older kids got their crests back, but that was last week and it's really been boring, even DemiVeemon thinks so. Well hopefully there will be some action soon.

Tai and Kari invited Davis, Ken, Cody, Yolie, TK, and Matt over to their house to talk more about Kari and TK's dream.

"We're all here Tai so what do you want?" asked Matt

"Let's talk in my room." said Tai leading everyone in.

"So what's this all about?" asked Davis

"Genni sent us some more information on the weapons from our dreams." said Kari as she closed the door.

"Why do you sound like it's so serious?" asked Yolie

"It is." said Tai

"Genni said he came across a prophecy that talked about the weapons. It says that we will only get them when there is darkness threatening us and we are in great need for them." explained Kari

"That sounds like what that women said from our dream." said TK

"That is why we wanted you to come, we tried to have everyone here but the others were busy." said Kari

"The prophecy talks about darkness and you guys know how Kari can be effected by it." said Tai

"Don't worry. We'll all be there with you so there's nothing to worry about." said Ken

"Thanks Ken." said Kari

"Besides we've beaten bad guys before and we'll do it again." said Davis

Suddenly Tai's computer started beeping.

"What's up with your computer Tai?" asked Matt

"It looks like a message." answered Tai sitting down and opening the message. "It's a message from Nathan."

"Well lets hear it." said Davis

Tai opens the message to show a video message in a pop up.

"Hey guys. I don't know if you've been trying to figure out why it's been quiet lately but I found out why. Three digimon that are calling themselves The Lords of Darkness have been building their forces and are preparing for an attack on the digital world. I'm not sure just when it's going to happen but it's going to be soon. I need you guys to be ready. I've sent this message to the others and I've included the little bit of data that I've been able to collect on these digimon. But I have to warn you it won't be easy. I've even felt their power affect me and it sends shivers down my spine at the feeling. Gotta go but good luck and be prepared. Until later, see ya." said Nathan as the message ended.

"Talk about bad timing." said Cody

"Well we should probably take a look." said Tai as he brought up the information.

Tai brings up a picture with three black and grey digimon. They looked mostly human except for certain parts. The one on the left had a black sword at his side and a black whip in his right hand, the one in the center was a women with black raven wings from her back and a raven claw for a left hand, and the one on the right had dynamite strapped around his body and a large cannon for a right arm.

"The one on the right is Desolomon, he is the leader of the group, his attacks are Desolation Sword and Ultimate Destruction. The one in the middle is Blidemon, her attacks are Raven's Blight and Darkness Wing. The last one is Destructomon, his attacks are Destructo Cannon and Blast Powder. It also says that they are all Mega digimon." said Tai

"We can beat them." said Davis

"He's right. We beat the Dark Masters after all." said Matt

"Thanks guys." said Kari

"Besides we have more help now than you did back then." said Ken

"That's right, we have the Nathan and the other Guardians." said Yolie

"Plus the Digi-Spheres said they would help us." said Cody

"And what ever happens, we'll face it together." finished Davis for everyone.

"I guess we should take Nathan's advice and try to save our energy. I'll call Izzy and see what he thinks." said Tai

"I'll show you out." said Kari taking everyone out.

Tai picks up the phone and dials a number.

"Hello, Mrs. Izzumi. This is Tai, is Izzy there?" asked Tai into the phone.

At the Guardians Base in the Digital World...

Nathan and Caljemon are playing a game of chess and Caljemon is just making his move. Ken and Jen are watching and trying to figure out what moves will be played.

"So what kind of move do you think Caljemon will make? He's new to the game but he's doing really well." asked Jen leaning over to Ken.

"I'm not really sure. But right now I'm more worried about Nathan." said Ken

"What do you mean?" asked Jen

"Ever since he found out about the Lords of Darkness, he's been preoccupied and almost not him self." explained Ken

"And your worried that it could affect him if we get in a fight." said Jen looking strait at Ken.

"Exactly." said Ken

"That's what I like about you." said Jen causing Ken to turn to face her. "You always worry about other before your self, it's kinda cute."

"Ah thanks?" said Ken blushing the complement.

"Besides, you know how this has affected him before. If anything this will cause him to fight harder." said Jen giving Ken a wink.

"Your move Nathan." said Caljemon as he moves his Knight and took out a Pawn.

Nathan is just staring at the wall with his chin in his hand and elbow on the table.

"Are you alright?" asked Caljemon

"Huh? Oh, I'll be fine. I just have a lot of stuff on my mind." said Nathan as he looked at the board and made his move. "Check Mate. My Queen has your King trapped."

"What is that three win for you?" asked Caljemon

"Yeah, but you didn't do bad. You had two wins yourself." said Nathan as the entire room suddenly shook.

"What was that?" asked Jen

"Command to Nathan, you better get up her." came Erin's voice from the ships intercom.

"I'm on my way." said Nathan

Command is filled with red light from the flashing alarms as Nathan, Ken, Jen, and Caljemon come to the deck.

"What's going on?" asked Nathan as he ran over to the counsel that Erin was at.

"We've been hit by some kind of energy blast." replied Erin

"How? We're over 40,000 feet in the air." asked Jen

"I don't know, but it had to be really powerful to get us this high up." replied Erin

"I'll see if I can find out where it came from." said Ken as he ran to a counsel to the left side of the deck.

"What do I do?" asked Caljemon

"Nothing for just yet." said Nathan as he turned back to Erin. "What's damaged?"

"Hull fractures on decks 8 - 10 and systems running on minimal power." replied Erin

"And the engines?" asked Nathan

"Engines are fine but we've got a bigger problem, the Power Core is going in to overload." said Erin

"Can we fix it?" asked Nathan

"I'll give it a try." said Jen as she sat down at a counsel to their right.

"Caljemon, I want you to go and get everyone to the escape pod launch area just in case." said Nathan

"I'm on it." said Caljemon running out of Command.

"I've tracked down the energy blast." said Ken

"Let's see it." ordered Nathan

"Affirmative." said Ken as he tapped the controls and brought up an image on the main screen.

"The Lord of Darkness!" said Nathan with his mouth going dry at the sight.

"One of them must have shot the blast at us because I'm not detecting any weapons." explained Ken

"I can't correct the Core's problem." said Jen from the station she was at.

"How long till overload?" asked Nathan

"Five minuets. And if it over loads it'll wipe out a good portion of the ground below." explained Jen

"We have to shut it down Nathan." said Erin

"I know, but if it crashes here it will take out a lot of innocent digimon too. Wait, I have an idea." said Nathan as he ran to the forward console.

"What are you doing?" asked Jen standing up from where she was sitting.

"I'm changing course." replied Nathan

"There's no time. We have to shut down the Core now." said Ken

"I have to do this. I want all of you to go to the escape bay and get everyone out." ordered Nathan

"But." started Jen

"Go now." ordered Nathan as Ken and Jen left.

"Erin I want you to go to." said Nathan as she walked up beside him.

"I'm not going till you do, don't say it." said Erin stopping his protest.

"Alright, tell me when everyone's clear." said Nathan

"Gotcha." said Erin as she ran back to her consol. "Where are we headed?"

"The Server Dessert. There will be fewer casualties that way." explained Nathan

"Okay, everyone is away." stated Erin

"And the course is set." said Nathan standing up. "Computer begin Power Core shut down procedures."

"Core shut down in 30 seconds." replied the Computer

"Nathan we can't get to the escape bay in time and we can't fly away at this height." protested Erin

"I know, that's why were taking the Streaker." Nathan said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her out the door.

"You can let go I can run for my self." said Erin as she pulls her arm free.

"Core shut down in 10 seconds." came the computer voice.

"Computer, open Launch Bay doors." called out Nathan to the Computer.

"Affirmative." said the Computer

They turn the corner into the Launch Bay with the doors open wide and the Streaker ready for launch.

"Punch it Nathan." said Erin as they jumped in.

"Engaging thrusters." said Nathan as the small ship lurched forward.

The Streaker made it out just as the Core shut down and the base went into a dive directly at the Dessert. As the base crashed into the ground, dirt shot strait up into the air creating a huge dust cloud.

"How'd it make out?" Nathan asked Erin as he flew back over where the base had crashed.

"It's intact, it just crashed with such force that it's over 5 miles under the dirt." explained Erin

"Dang, well at least we won't have to worry about any evil digimon getting it." said Nathan

"No one will get it with how deep it is." put in Erin "I've got a fix on the escape pod signals. Their at the ruins 20 miles North."

"Setting course and engaging." said Nathan as the ship shot forward again toward the ruins.

Meanwhile in the Real World...

Izzy's on the phone with Tai.

"Yeah Tai I just saw Nathan's message before you called...I know it's really bad looking...I'll see what I can, Whoa!...Something big just happened in the digiworld...I don't know yet, let me put you on the speaker phone." said Izzy as he hung up the hand piece and switched the phone to speaker and sat down at his computer.

"So what is it Izzy?" came Tai's voice from the phone.

"Something big just crashed into the dessert of Server." replied Izzy

"Can you find out what it was?" asked Tai

"Just a sec. I'm going to use the program Jen sent us." replied Izzy "Oh my gosh!"

"What is it!" demanded Tai

"It's the Guardians base." stated Izzy

"No way!" gasped Tai "How's that possible?"

"It looks like some powerful beam of energy hit it and cause the Core to overload. They shut it down and had to let it crash in to the ground." explained Izzy

"Is everyone okay?" asked Tai

"I think so." said Izzy

"Good, but I better go and see if I can catch the others before they leave to tell them what happened." said Tai

"I'm going to e-mail Genni and tell him, bye Tai." said Izzy

"Bye Izzy." said Tai as he hung up the phone.

In the Digital World...

Genni is at his home and sees the e-mail from Izzy.

"Huh, an e-mail from Izzy." said Genni as he opened the message and read it.


Something bad hit the Guardians base and caused it to crash. I don't know where they are but they might need some help.


~I wonder if the Lords of Darkness could have had something to do with this. From what information Nathan sent me they will be a serious problem.~ thought Genni as suddenly his doorbell rang. ~I wonder who that could be?~

The water parts at the top of the lake and Genni comes walking up.

"Nathan! Are any of you hurt." asked Genni as he sees the Streaker parked near the woods and everyone walking towards the lake.

"No, luckily we all got out without getting hurt." answered Nathan

"Izzy just sent me an e-mail that said that your base had crashed." explained Genni

"We need some place to stay for right now." said Nathan

"Of course, come down to my home." said Genni as he led them down the stairs and the water closed behind them.

"Nice place." commented Tunskmon

"Thanks, so what happened?" asked Genni

"One of the Lords of Darkness shot an energy blast that over loaded our Power Core. We had to evacuate and we needed to find some place where they wouldn't find us for the time being." explained Nathan

"So what are you going to do now?" asked Genni

"I need to see the Digi-Spheres. Hopefully they will have some more of an idea about the Lords of Darkness." said Nathan

"I will open the path then." said Genni

"Wait, will the water come in if I open these doors?" asked Nathan

"No, but we are 50 feet down." replied Genni

"Not a problem, tell everyone I'll be back as soon as possible." said Nathan as he opened the door and shot out and up towards the surface.

"Where's Nathan going?" asked Snowchimon as she came up behind Genni.

"He went to talk to someone." said Genni as he closed the door. "Now we better join the others."

Later inside the Digi-Spheres Temple...

Nathan is talking to the Digi-Spheres about what has happened.

"Do you have any suggestions on what to do?" asked Nathan

"We will have to be careful in our actions, this enemy is powerful and has already caused much disturbance in both worlds." said the green orb

"We must rely on the prophesy as well." said the red orb

"What prophesy?" asked Nathan at its mention.

"A prophecy states that when darkness threatens goodness the bearers of Hope and Light will form the Blade of Hope and the Staff of Light to weaken the darkness." explained the brown orb

"The bearers of Hope and Light are TK and Kari." said Nathan somewhat shocked.

"That is not all," said the blue orb, "the prophesy also states that when true feelings are confessed that the one who holds the powers of both shall come and lead the final attack on the darkness."

"But that would mean." said Nathan

"Yes, our old friend will return." said the red orb

"But why do you think that this prophesy is taking place now?" asked Nathan

"We believe that the Lords of Darkness are the darkness referred to in the prophesy." said the brown orb

"When you mention it, it does make sense." agreed Nathan

"Unfortunately the loss of your base was an unseen development. You will be at more of a disadvantage because of this." said the green orb

"You should go back to Genni's and rest for the night. I fear that there will be much trouble tomorrow. If their is trouble we will provide all the help we can give." said the blue orb

"All right, but I fear that you might be right." said Nathan as he left the room and the temple.

Meanwhile in the Real World...

Sora is on the phone and Mimi had run out to get some 'essentials' as she calls them.

"You better be kidding Tai...Oh my goodness your not...All right, I'll tell Mimi when she gets back...Okay, bye Tai." said Sora as Tai told her the news about the Guardians and hung up the phone.

"Hi Sora I'm back, what's wrong?" Mimi asked as she came through the door and saw Sora's face.

"The Guardians base crashed, Tai just called to tell me." explained Sora

"Oh no. Are they all right?" asked Mimi

"I think so, but Tai wants us to be ready incase anything big happens soon." replied Sora

"That's good. Suddenly I'm not feeling like doing anything anymore." said Mimi

"Neither am I. We should probably get some sleep. It's almost ten and if Tai says to be ready we'll need all the rest we can get." said Sora

"Your right Sora, I'm going to get ready for bed." said Mimi as she walked into the bathroom.

The next morning in the Digital World...

Nathan is at the Streaker working out some problems when Erin walks up.

"Nathan, what did the Digi-Spheres have to say? You got back so late that we didn't get to ask you last night." said Erin

"They told me about a prophecy that they think the Lords of Darkness are referred to in. One of them also said that there is going to be trouble today." said Nathan

"So this is the day." said Erin lowering her head.

"I'm afraid so. When we do fight them I will not be digivolving." said Nathan

"Why not?" asked Erin as her head shot up at the statement.

"Because we will need all the Mega digimon that we can get. Our powers can only reach about that when we have rested for a long while and we have been fighting for the pasts several months." said Nathan

"Well if your not digivolving then neither am I." said Erin

"Yes you are, even though your power won't be that of a Mega you'll still be as powerful as an Ultimate, and we're going to need all the power we can get." insisted Nathan

"You're right, I was being selfish." said Erin

"It's okay, you just wanted to be in the same boat as me. I'll still be able to protect myself even though I won't be digivolved." said Nathan

"I'm still sorry, but we should go in and tell the others what you found out." said Erin

"I suppose so." said Nathan as he closed the panel he was working on. Then as they were walking away an alarm went off in the Streaker. "Or maybe not!" he said as he ran back to the ship.

"What's happening?" asked Erin as she stands over him looking at the ships instruments.

"The Lords of Darkness have appeared on the cliff of Point Mountain 60 miles Southeast." explained Nathan

"Looks like the battle is starting now. I'll go get the others and get back in a sec." said Erin running out.

"And I'll hit the alarm." said Nathan as he began tapping controls.

In the Real World...

Yolie and Cody are at TK's talking about what Tai and Kari told them yesterday when their digivices go off.

"What's going on with the digivices?" asked Cody

"They're beeping like crazy." said Yolie

"It's an alarm. Some thing must be happening in the digital world." said TK as he ran to his computer and a video pops up immediately.

"Digidestind, their is a problem. The Lords of Darkness have shown themselves and are preparing to attack. I've sent their location and am waiting for you. Hurry!" said Nathan's message on the computer.

"You heard him, let's go." urged Upamon

"He's right. Ready guys, Digi-Port Open!" call Yolie as they all entered the computer.

In the Digital World...

The Lords of Darkness are on the cliff that Nathan had identified.

"This place is disgusting, it is so full of life." said Blidemon

"Can we destroy this place already?" asked Destructomon

"No, we have something to take care of first." said Desolomon

"Can't we at least have a little fun?" pleaded Blidemon

"I suppose a 'little' fun." said Desolomon

"Finally, Raven's Blight!" called out Blidemon as hundreds of ravens appeared and completely destroyed the vegetation around and in a tree near them.

"Hey, what's that?" questioned Destructomon as he pointed at a shape coming at them on the horizon.

The shape got larger and then several laser beams were shot at them causing them to step back.

"Nice shooting Erin." complemented Nathan from the pilot's seat of the Streaker.

"Thanks, I think I got their attention." replied Erin

"I'm setting us down. Genni?" said Nathan

"Yes Nathan?" asked Genni

"I want you to look after the two children." said Nathan

"But we want to help." protested Snowy

"No you two must stay here and be safe." said Caljemon

"But." started the children.

"Don't make me order you." said Caljemon shutting them up.

"Okay were landed." said Nathan as he opened the back door.

"Then let's go." said Wolfmon as he spoke up running out the door with Hareiormon and his sister close behind.

"You heard him." said Nathan as the rest ran out of the door.

"You have a plan right Nathan?" asked Jen as they were running.

"They attacked so early..." started Nathan

"That you didn't have time for one." finished Ken for Nathan.

"Well I have one." said Erin

"What?" asked Jen

"Digivolve!" exclaimed Erin pulling out her digivice. "Guardian Merger Sequence Engage!"



"Guardian Merge to ... Florenamon, The Guardian of Loyalty!"

"We can't let her do this alone." said Ken "Ready Jen?"

"You bet." replied Jen

"Guardian Merger Sequence Engage!" exclaimed the two.



"Guardian Merge to ... StarJenmon, The Guardian of Clarity!"



"Guardian Merge to ... GotsKenmon, The Guardian of Peace!"

StarJenmon looks exactly like Jen. She is dressed in clothing similar to Starmon's and had a huge star on her back. GotsKenmon looks like Ken except that now all his skin and clothing are stone grey, and has the same top knobs as Gotsumon.

"StarJenmon's attacks are Boomerang Star and Clarity Blade, GotsKenmon's attacks are Mountain Crusher and Peace Blade. As with Florenamon and Hunskmon they also have many attacks unique to their swords." explained Nathan

"My turn." said Tunskmon

"Tunskmon, Warp Digivolve to ... TransMammothmon!"

"We're not out either." said Wolfmon

"Wolfmon, Digivolve to ... Werewolfmon!"

"Werewolfmon, Digivolve to ... Saberwolfmon!"

"Hareiormon, Digivolve to ... Rabberiormon!"

"LadyHareiormon, Digivolve to ... LadyRabberiormon!"

"Well if it isn't the Guardians." said Desolomon as they reached him.

"Do you think you can beat us?" asked Florenamon

"I do more than just think, Desolation Sword!" yelled Desolomon as his sword shot out black energy bolts at the group.

"Everyone scatter!" cried Nathan as he dodged the attack.

"Oh yeah, try this. Blizzard Blast!" called out TransMammothmon after he dodged the attack.

"Everyone attack, Saber Claw!" called out Saberwolfmon

"Boomerang Star!" said StarJenmon as she took the star on her back and threw it at the Lords of Darkness.

"Mountain Crusher!" said GotsKenmon as he shot tons of sand and rock at the enemy.

"Pollen Storm!"

"Ice Blade!"

"Now it's our turn." said Rabberiormon

"Rabb Cannon!" exclaimed the two rabbits.

"Oh yeah, Darkness Wave!" called Blidemon as she extended her wings and shot waves of dark energy at the group.

"He he, Destructo Cannon!" called out Destructomon as he shot a blast of energy from his arm cannon.

The attacks hit the digivolved Guardians sending them flying back.

"Guy's it's over here." came Davis's voice as he came out of the near by woods riding on ExVeemon, followed by the other younger kids with their digimon digivolved to Champion and the older kids and their digimon running behind.

"Oh no they've been hit." said Yolie

"Look more victims." said Desolomon as he saw the children.

"Oh yeah, Davis!" called out Ken.

"Right." replied Davis



"DNA Digivolve to ... Paildramon!"

"Paildramon, Mega Digivolve to ... Imperialdramon!"

"Imperialdramon, Mode Change to ... Fighter Mode!"



"DNA Digivolve to ... Silphymon!"



"DNA Digivolve to ... Shakkoumon!"

"We need to help them." said Matt

"Everyone, you need to digivolve." ordered Tai to the other digimon.

"Biyomon, Digivolve to ... Birdramon!"

"Birdramon, Digivolve to ... "Garudamon!"

"Palmon, Digivolve to ... Togemon!"

"Togemon, Digivolve to ... Lilymon!"

"Gomamon, Digivolve to ... Ikkakumon!"

"Ikkakumon, Digivolve to ... Zudomon!"

"Tentomon, Digivolve to ... Kabuterimon!"

"Kabuterimon, Digivolve to ... MegaKabuterimon!"

"Agumon, Warp Digivolve to ... WarGreymon!"

"Gabumon, Warp Digivolve to ... MetalGarurumon!"

"You still think of us as victims?" asked Imperialdramon as he stepped forward, leading the group.

"Of course, your just larger targets now." retorted Desolomon

"Oh yeah! We'll see about that, Positron Laser!" called Imperialdramon leading the troops.

"Static Force!"

"Justice Beam!"

"Terra Force!"

"Metal Wolf Claw!"

"Wing Blade!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

The attacks shot forth towards the Lords of Darkness, but they didn't move.

"Oh yeah, Ultimate Destruction!" called Desolomon as he formed a large amount of energy in his hands and shot it forth.

"Darkness Wing!"

"Blast Powder!" called Destructomon as he threw several sticks of dynamite.

Both sides of attacks flew towards each other. The attacks made by Lords of Darkness hit the other attacks and over powered them as they shot past and struck all the digimon to some degree.

"These guys are tough." said Silphymon as he got up from the ground.

"No kidding." said Imperialdramon getting to his feet.

"We can still beat them." said Caljemon as he came up from behind them.

"Hey guys, try the 'Divide and Conquer' idea." put in Nathan as everyone else got up and gathered together.

"He's right, come on." said WarGreymon as he, Garudamon, Zudomon, and Shakkoumon separated from the group and went after Destructomon.

"Terra Force!"

"Wing Blade!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

"Justice Beam!"

"You heard him." said MetalGarurumon as he, TransMammothmon, Lilymon, MegaKabuterimon, StarJenmon, and GotsKenmon went after Blidemon. "Metal Wolf Claw!"

"Blizzard Blast!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Clarity Blade!"

"Peace Blade!"

StarJenmon and GotsKenmon's swords charged with Gold and Orange energy as they were shot forth at Blidemon.

"Our turn." said Imperialdramon as he, Silphymon, Florenamon, Saberwolfmon, Caljemon, Rabberiormon, and LadyRabberiormon went after Desolomon. "Positron Laser!"

"Static Force!"

"Northern Winds!"

"Wolf Slash!"

"Ice Blade!"

"Rabbit Kick!"

"Rabb Cannon!"

Saberwolfmon slashed his dagger through the air and shot a slash of energy.

Most of the attacks hit but only moved the Lords of Darkness a matter of inches.

"Pathetic, Desolation Sword!" called Desolomon

"Raven's Blight!"

"Destructo Cannon!"

The attacks hit Silphymon, Shakkoumon, and Caljemon hard sending them flying back as the others continued fighting.

At the Digi-Sphere's Temple...

"The battle is not going well." pointed out Michael as he watched the battle from an orb in the center of the alter.

"No, it does not." agreed the blue orb

"We must help them." said the red orb

"Agreed." said the green orb

The center-viewing orb began glowing brighter. It pulsated with energy and then shot a beam of energy strait into the air.

"It is up to them now." said the brown orb

Back at the Battle...

Most of the digimon are on the ground and WarGreymon, Imperialdramon, and MetalGarurumon are still fighting.

"Imperialdramon things are not looking good." said WarGreymon

"I know WarGreymon." replied Imperialdramon

"We're going to need a miracle." put in MetalGarurumon

Then a beam of light came down from the sky and radiated out encompassing the group.

"Hey talk about a power surge." said MegaKabuterimon as he and the other got up.

"I have never felt such power." said Caljemon as the energy flowed into him.

"Something's up with Caljemon." pointed out Florenamon

Suddenly energy shot back out of him in a blinding flash.

"Caljemon, Digivolve to ... Soljemon Knight Form!"

Soljemon had on gold armor with his sword in his hand which now had jewels embedded in it. He now appeared to be a middle aged person with a very determined look on his face.

"Wow now that's tough looking." said Yolie with her mouth hanging open.

"I am the Knight form of Soljemon, I will defeat my enemies with my Solar Sword attack." said Soljemon with an older harsh sound in his voice.

"Ah guys, look at Silphymon and Shakkoumon." said TK pointing at the two that were also glowing with energy.

"Oh no." said Destructomon as he shielded his eyes.

"Silphymon, Mega Digivolve to ... Valkyrimon!"

"Shakkoumon, Mega Digivolve to ... Vikemon!"

Valkyrimon had on gold and white armor with large white and red feathers coming from his shoulders, he had a large sword on his left side and a bow on his back, and a gold Hawk resting on his right arm. Vikemon is a large grey ogre of sorts with a tail, He has gold armor over his shoulders and back with round green with gold trim shields on his shoulders. He had two large axe's on his back with Mace balls on the handle ends and a Viking hat on his head."

"That's Valkyrimon, the Mega form of Silphymon, his attacks are Feral Sword and Lightning Arrow. And that's Vikemon, the Mega form of Shakkoumon, his attacks are Arctic Blizzard and Viking Axe." said Izzy as he read from his computer the descriptions of the new digimon.

"Lords of Darkness your threat to the Digital World ends now." came a much more authoritative voice from Valkyrimon. "Feral Sword!"

"Viking Axe!"

The two attacks shot at the Lords of Darkness sending them back several yards.

"Desolomon, if this keeps up we're going to lose." sneered Blidemon at Desolomon.

"You think I don't know that!" yelled Desolomon as he looked at their foes with a careful eye. Then he saw his opportunity, Kari was standing near the edge of the cliff. He smiled as he held out his hand and fired a blast at the ground in front of Kari sending her flying over the edge.

"Ahhh." yelled Kari as she flew over the edge.

"Kari no!" yelled TK as he jumped off the cliff after her.

"What?" asked Nathan from the other side of the opening as he saw Kari and TK go over the cliff. "Awe crap!"

Nathan shot off at incredible speed and jumped off the cliff after Kari and TK.

~Nathan said I just have to believe in myself. But how can that be enough. I don't care what happens right now, I just can't let Kari die. I care too much about her, I love her too much to let her die.~ though TK realizing his true feelings for Kari as he tried to reach for her. "Kari!"

Kari's eyes shoot open when she hears TK calling her voice and she goes silent when she sees him falling after her ~Why would he jump off after me. He should have kept himself safe, what could he possibly be thinking to .. could he like me so much that he would die to, or could he love me.~ As Kari thinks these things she reaches out her hand for TK. "TK help!"

~What in TK's head could he have been thinking to jump of this cliff. Unless it's the prophesy.~ thought Nathan as he tried to catch up with Kari and TK.

"Kari, grab my hand." said TK as he grew closer to Kari

"I'm trying TK." said Kari

"Don't worry Kari, I'll get you." said TK out loud ~Come on TK, concentrate. You can do it.~

"TK!" Kari said looking up at the determined look in TK's eye's and closing her own as she reaches her hand out as much as she can. "I believe in you."

~Well this is interesting.~ thought Nathan as he sees TK and Kari surrounded by a soft glow.

"I've got you Kari." exclaimed TK as he grabbed her hand. She opens her eyes and they just stair at each other.

"TK, you have to be the fastest student I've ever had." said Nathan as he came up beside them.

"What do you mean?" asked TK confused

"Look around, you've stopped in mid air." replied Nathan

"Huh?" said TK as he looked around to see that Nathan was right, they had stopped falling. "I .. I did it."

~If TK can do it than so can I.~ thought Kari as she let go of TK's hand.

"Kari!" exclaimed TK when he felt Kari let go of his hand and then stopped when he saw her floating below him.

"And that would make you the second fastest student I've ever had." remarked Nathan

"Come on TK, let's go finish this battle." said Kari as she grabbed his hand and they took off back up to the cliff.

"Really fast students." said Nathan as he watched them fly fastly upward and then he took off following their example.

"Look it's Kari and TK." said Yolie as they came up and landed on the cliff with Nathan not far behind.

"Were they just flying?" asked Cody in disbelief.

"Don't worry guys we know what to do." said Kari as she and TK held their hands out in front of them and energy began to gather above them.

"This doesn't look good." pointed out Destructomon

"No kidding, let's get out of here." said Blidemon as she and Destructomon began running.

"Going somewhere." said Valkyrimon as he Imperialdramon and Vikemon stepped in front of their escape.

"Uh oh." said Destructomon

The energy in Kari and TK's hands formed in to the Staff of Light and the Blade of Hope.

"Take this Lords of Darkness." said Kari

Kari and TK held their weapons above their heads as energy began to collect in the blade of the sword and the end of the staff. They swung them forward and shot the energy forward, seriously damaging the Lords of Darkness.

"Wow, what an attack." said Sora with her mouth open.

"Kari, there's something I need to tell you." said TK as he turned her to face him.

"Yes TK." replied Kari staring into his eyes.

"We've been friends for a long time and I have always liked you as a friend, but when you were falling and I jumped after you, I realized that I like you more than just a friend. Kari, I love you." said TK

"Oh TK, I love you to." said Kari as she throws her arms around his neck and gives him a kiss on the lips,

"Lo..lo..love him." Davis stuttered with his mouth hanging to the ground.

"Davis, snap out of it." yelled Cody

"But she said she loved him." protested Davis

"Forget about it right now Davis! We've got bigger problems and if you don't snap out of it we'll lose." demanded Yolie

"Okay." said Davis shaking the scene off.

A column of light then descended from the sky and the women from Kari and TK's dream came down the light and stopped when she was low enough to be seen. Her eye's were closed and her arms crossed, but when she stopped her arms went to her sides and her eye's opened and looked strait at the Lords of Darkness.

"Lords of Darkness, you have threatened the balance of the Digiworld and wish to destroy it and this I cannot allow." came a firm voice from the women.

"Oh, and just what do you think you can do about us." came a snappy remark from Desolomon.

"Are you that foolish, the attacks made by the Staff of Light and the Blade of Hope have already cause you to use what energy you have left to keep yourselves alive. So now you will perish, everyone attack together." said the women as she held her hands in front of her and formed a ball of energy between them and then shot the energy right at the Lords of Darkness.

"You heard her, Positron Laser!" called Imperialdramon

"Lightning Arrow!"

"Arctic Blizzard!"

"Terra Force!"

"Metal Wolf Claw!"

"Blizzard Blast!"

"Wing Blade!"

"Flower Cannon!"

"Horn Buster!"

"Vulcan's Hammer!"

"Solar Sword!"

"Wolf Slash!"

"Rabb Cannon!"

"Rabb Cannon!"

"Northern Winds!"

"Infernal Wind!" called out StarJenmon as she formed a fiery form of Florenamon's Northern Winds.

"Fissure Sword!" called out GotsKenmon as he slammed his sword to the ground and opened a crack that went strait towards the Lords of Darkness.

The attacks came at the Lords of Darkness from all directions.

"These three have cause enough damage to the digital world, and I'm not letting them get away." said Nathan as he formed three Data Crystals and threw them at the doomed digimon.

"Ahhh." screamed the Lords of Darkness as they went to Digi-dust and were absorbed into the crystals, which then floated back to Nathan and were now a pitch-black color.

"We did it!" said Davis jumping up with joy as their digimon all dedigivolved, including Soljemon.

"Yes you did, and now it's time to get rid of these three once and for all." said Nathan as he held his hand towards the ground and a sort of small cannon formed. A slot opened and Nathan put the three crystals into it.

"What's that?" asked Yolie

"It's a cannon that will shoot them into the sun." Nathan said as he tapped a few controls and the cannon shot the crystals into the sky.

"But why the sun?" asked Cody

"Because the digital world's sun is able of completely destroying their data.

"Oh." said Yolie and Cody together.

"It's you!" exclaimed Kari as the women floated down in front of her and TK and her wings vanished with energy. This also caught everyone's attention.

"Who are you?" asked TK

"I am the one who wields the powers of both Hope and Light." responded the women

"But we have the crests of Hope and Light." said Kari

"Let's just say she's a friend," said Nathan as he walked up to the pair, "it's good to see you again, Kit."

"Kit?" questioned everyone.

"Yes, my name is Kit but I am much more, I am the future child of Kari and TK." said Kit

"What!" said Kari in disbelief

"How's that possible?" asked TK

"Let me explain, after you defeated VenomMyotismon and returned to the digiworld together, my data was separated and was thrown back in digital time. I found my self not knowing who or where I was, that is until Nathan and the other Guardians found me and they helped me find out who I was and how to get back to where I needed to be. When in the past I took the name Kit because it represents you two. When you two saw me in your dream's it was because that was the only time in which I could link your minds so that I could communicate with you." explained Kit

"Well that's a story." said Tai after hearing what Kit had to say.

"I'm afraid I have to go." said Kit "Do to the fact that I have not yet been born I can only manifest myself for a short period of time."

"Wait, how will we know which child you are?" asked Kari

"You will know." said Kit as she began to glow and disappear from the bottom. "Nathan, the battles you are fighting cannot be won at this time. You must seal off the Dark Ocean's power, for it is the only way that we will be safe."

"Goodbye Kit." said Kari

"Goodbye, mom and dad." Kit said as the last of her broke apart and the energy split and went right into TK and Kari.

"There is much to do, everyone follow me." said Nathan as he lead everyone to the Streaker.

Outside the Digi-Sphere's Temple...

All the digidestind and their digimon are waiting at the bottom of the steps as Nathan and Erin come walking down with Michael and the Digi-Spheres floating down behind them.

"Where are Jen and Ken Nathan?" asked Tai

"They have gone to the real world." replied Nathan

"But why?" asked Sora

"They need to be there for what we're going to do." replied Erin

"What are you going to do?" asked Yolie

"We are going to seal off the Dark Gates that lead from the Dark Ocean." replied Nathan

"Is that possible?" asked Ken

"It is but it takes a great deal of power, and it will only be temporary." explained Nathan

"How long will it last." asked Kari

"We don't know, but we think it will last for at least 20 years, maybe a few more." said Erin

"Can we help?" asked Izzy

"No, you do not have the right tools. We will use our swords as keys to seal the gates." said Nathan

"That is why Ken and Jen are in the real world. We have to seal the Dark Gates from both worlds in order for it to be most effective." explained Erin

"Oh." said Izzy

"I'm afraid that is not all that must be done." said the blue orb

"We will have to suppress the memories of the digital world from anyone who is not a digidestined. It is the only way to ensure that the seal will be effective." said the green orb

"So everyone will forget, even our parents." asked Mimi

"Yes, and also when you have children you cannot tell them about it either." said the red orb

"Will we ever see our digimon again?" asked Sora

"Yes, the Digi-Ports will be active but your digimon will have to remain in the digital world, and the Digi-Ports will be monitored by Gatedramon so you may not always be able to come." said the brown orb

"No, I won't leave Kari." protested Gatomon at the news that she will have to stay in the digital world.

"I think that we can let you go Gatomon, but we'll have to change your appearance to that of a normal cat." said Nathan

"Okay, as long as I can be near Kari to protect her." agreed Gatomon as she was surrounded by a white light and is transformed into a white cat with a long tail.

"I guess we won't be seeing much of you Guardians anymore either." said Ken

"No we have to leave the digital world too. In fact when the seal takes hold we will all be transported to a farm on the outskirts of Tokyo." said Erin

"In fact it's our farm." said Nathan as he grabs Erin at the waist and pulls her over.

"We have also prepared the precautions that you have requested Nathan." said the blue orb

"What precautions?" asked Matt

"They have set up a television show and card game based on Digimon, so that if anyone questions the memory block they will associate their experiences with the TV show and card game." explained Nathan

"Plus it will give children another show to watch and a game to play." put in Erin

"Nathan you should begin, Ken and Jen should be in position by now." said Michael

"You be careful here." said Erin as she and Nathan stepped out of the group to begin.

"Aren't you coming with us, Michael?" asked Mimi

"No, I must stay here to protect the Digi-Spheres." said Michael

"Well like Erin said be careful." said Tai

"Are you children ready?" asked Nathan as he and Erin had their swords in their hands.

"As ready as we'll ever be." said Kari as she picked up Gatomon

"Then we'll begin in five seconds from my Mark." said Nathan

"We have initiated a visual link to Ken and Jen." said the brown orb

"Okay but first, Caljemon I want you to take the Streaker and find the other Chi cells." said Nathan

"But the Streaker is yours, I could not take it." replied Caljemon

"Alright, think of it more as a loan." said Nathan

"Very well, and thank-you." said Caljemon

"Give us a count down kids, and Mark." said Nathan as his and Erin's swords started to glow with energy.

"Five .. Four .. Three .. Two .. One!" counted the kids.

At the count of one Nathan and Erin threw their swords into the air. The swords spun as they flew up into the sky until they literally cut the sky and stuck into it. Then all the digidestind and the Guardians were surrounded with a white light.

At the Pepper farm in the Real World...

As the light fades they find them selves outside of a horse pen and Kari still has Gatomon in her arms. Nathan is with them but Erin is nowhere to be seen.

"It worked." said Yolie looking around.

"Hey kids, ready to go?" came a voice

"Dad?" said Matt as he sees who called.

"Sorry I forgot to tell you. Your all here on a supposed trip for an ahead of school science project. You were able to convince your dad to be one of the drivers to bring you here." explained Nathan

"So we should probably get going." said Tai

"I guess we won't see you for a while then?" asked Izzy

"Oh I wouldn't say that." said Erin as she came up behind Nathan.

"What do you mean?" asked Kari

"Coming this school year you're looking at the new assistant technology director." said Nathan

"So you'll be close by if we have problems." said Izzy

"Exactly." said Nathan

"You kid's coming?" came Matt's dad's voice again.

"Coming Dad!" yelled back Matt

"Well bye." said Davis as he waived and went for the cars.

"Bye." said the others as they waived and left for the cars.

As the cars drove away the digidestind waived back at Nathan and Erin as they waived at them.

"Well there they go." said Erin

"They can now get a good rest from the fighting." said Nathan

"We're done fighting for now too, but we still have things to do." said Erin

"You got a message from Jen and Ken?" asked Nathan

"Yup, Jen says she's already informed all the digidestind of Europe and Africa and will keep an eye on the area. Ken says he's almost got all the digidestind informed in North and South America." replied Erin

"And you?" asked Nathan

"I've sent messages to every digidestind in Asia and Australia, I've also got the tracking software set up." explained Erin

"Well we're going to have a lot of work to do, but for now I say that we enjoy our new live here in the real world." said Nathan as he held her around the waist and they walked towards the house.

And so the Dark Ocean's powers have been blocked and the digidestind can now get on with their lives. But how long will this last and what dangers will await them in the future. Only time holds the answers and so it is best left to time.

For any one who want to know, I did not make up the Mega forms of Silphymon and Shakkoumon. They are mentioned in the series 4 booster sets of the card game. I'm not exactly sure on the title of the sequel yet but I'll make sure to mention that it is the sequel to this story. Until next time this is Nathan, The Digital Guardian.