Love's Entrapment

By: Sokai

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3. I suppose that yes, it can be a tad reminiscent of my "Requiem for a Dream" fic, being that I DID state that, indeed, said fic actually had been originally inspired in the first place by this particular series. That is, Lottie and Lisa. Or, as most of us are far more familiar with and/or grew up with, the movie version, Disney's "The Parent Trap" (1961 or 1998, your choosing, although I adore both LoL).

And so, in all fairness, I suppose fans of RfaD may just point that out, and may even ask what is the "obsession" with twins, and/or that movie. None, in all honesty. LoL I just simply happen to enjoy that movie/book, yes, and ended up creating one of my personal favorite fanfiction stories to date because of it. But, other than that, this new story and its similar inspiration with RfaD is merely coincidental.

I was just busy with my other projects, and it just came to me, about how "cute" it would be to put the W.I.T.C.H. crew in the book/movie's shoes, as it were (and surprisingly, I can't honestly say I've seen other W.I.T.C.H. fics on here doing the same, which is a shame, albeit refreshing for my own go-ahead sake, to see). That, and probably the fact that I will be getting married, myself, in less than a month's time, now, might have something to do with it, as well. LoL

Just hope my soon-to-be husband and I don't end up like the book/movie's main characters! :Knocks on wood: LoL

Regardless, please do enjoy this "just doing this for fun, really" story! And I promise, as always, to be as original and different from its very familiar plot, as well. HeHe

This chapter was created/written in November 2009.

Twelve Years Ago, February 19, 20XX. . . .

"Talk about 'the perfect belated birthday present,' right? I couldn't imagine myself asking for anything more wonderful than this . . . than them. . . ."

"Yeah, I know . . . and neither could I. Neither could I. . . ."

The two newly stated parents -- Newlyweds, in truth, each gave a simultaneous, joyous sigh, as they each peered down at the two wonderful blessings wrapped delicately within bright pink cloth, and cradled protectively within each of their arms for the very first time.

Barely married for not yet even a full year, and swamped with mutual, as well as separate financial debt, that was primarily induced by their still continual scholastic studies at their same university, they were now faced with the added responsibility of being first time parents.

And not just to one baby, but two, no less.

Twins. . . .

Still, as much as a surprise, and added on stress it had brought upon them both to learn that they would be starting a family a little sooner than they had anticipated, the young couple found themselves, in the end, all too thrilled to be doing so.

It would be the beginning of a whole new chapter within their shared lives together.

A new adventure.

One that they intended to see through every step of the way as a family.

Of course, granted, the pair had, in truth, initially planned for and saved up for one child, and that had been a pretty grand struggle, in and of itself, as it were. And it would have been quite futile for either of them to deny that there hadn't been added fears and worries to their upcoming future, the moment that they had learned from their doctor that it would no longer simply be "baby and we make three," but, instead, four.

And then, more than just a few tears had been secretly shed over the given dilemma, by the then mother-to-be, on the nights when her own mother would sleep over to look after her, while her daughter's husband would be at work, busy putting in overtime just to keep the utilities from being cut off within their tiny apartment, let alone to finance their simultaneously mounting baby expenses.

However, throughout all of those trying hardships, the two had somehow managed to see it through, with the undoubted belief that their love, alone, had kept them strong. And now, there they both were, admittedly continued woes about how they could and would properly care for their children suddenly evaporated and effortlessly forgotten, as they each continued to soak up the sight of their precious little ones.

Their girls.

"Look at you . . . so, you're the one who kept kicking Mommy late at night for the remaining duration of her pregnancy, hmm? Or, maybe it was your sister?" cooed the newborns' fatigued, but very grateful mother from within her hospital bed, grinning a tired, lopsided smile at the tiny and wrinkly faced child within her weakened arms.

The brilliantly hazel-eyed infant peered up, quite attentively at her newfound mother, before reaching out a fragile little hand towards the woman's disheveled, medium length and crimson colored locks, as though it was her own way of giving some sort of response to the previous, lighthearted query.

Just then, the girls' father let out a soft chuckle, as his green eyes looked up in time to catch sight of one of his other daughter's first acts within her newly commenced life.

"I'm not really sure if that would be a 'yes' or a 'no' to your question, hon, but she sure does seem quite fascinated with your red hair. . . . I wonder if the two of them will end up with the same shade, as well, or my brown once they get older," the brunet pondered aloud from his seat placed next to his wife's bed within their private room, before gazing back down at the other identical child continually lying safely within his strong arms.

Although, at that present moment, the two twins weren't precisely identical, in a manner of speaking, as while the one resting against their mother's calming bosom continued to stare unyieldingly up at the woman's cardinal tinted hair, the other was simply . . . sleeping.

And had been doing precisely so, ever since both she and her sister had been brought into the couple's hospital room to begin the first of their many future bonding moments as a family.

"They haven't even been alive for not more than a few hours, and already they're beginning to exhibit distinct personality differences," verbally noted the twins' increasingly proud mother with another smile, after having looked at both of her daughters in that moment, primarily to examine the tops of their mostly bald heads, as a reference to her husband's inquiry. "And as for their future and permanent hair color, your guess is as good as mine. I mean, after all, even though my mother has black colored hair, I managed to land myself squarely into my father's side of the gene pool and inherited his red hair, instead. . . . Besides which, I'd once read that children with parents of each of our hair colors could end up with red, brown -- Even black or blonde hair. So, anything's possible, really . . . and judging by the little, faint bits of 'peach fuzz' decorating their tiny heads already, I'd say that they just very well might take after their mom -- That is, if that'd be all right with you, of course. . . ."

The redhead in question, previously having felt momentarily hollow at the unwanted mention (even if she had been the one to have done so, herself) of her long since, no-longer-in-the-picture, deadbeat of a father, immediately found her spirits uplifted once more, as she'd then caught sight of her ever loving husband grinning warmly at her.

She instantly felt her naturally tanned cheeks flush within girlish embarrassment, much in the way that it had during their very first date with one another, just a little over one year ago.

But, it still always felt like yesterday . . . and, unbeknownst to her, for him, as well.

". . . . W-What?" the brown-eyed young woman hesitantly asked of her spouse as he continued to gaze at her within adoration, before he finally leaned forward and ever so gently planted a loving kiss upon her admittedly dry, and slightly cracked lips at that given moment.

". . . . Nothing, baby. It's just that, if I had my complete way, I would make it so that the girls would take after their mother within every aspect of their lives . . . and not simply just their inevitable set hair color," the twins' fawning father quietly revealed, as he slowly pulled away from his still blushing wife. He, himself, a tad regrettably began to feel himself do the very same, knowing that both were well aware of his slight inability to be that emotionally open on a regularly basis . . . even if every word he had just stated had been the absolute truth.

He couldn't honestly imagine a greater gift for his two wonderful girls than to adopt every last redeemable (and even, perhaps, the not so redeemable, although very few by comparison) qualities that their mother currently possessed.

Except, perhaps, for them both to have all of their future wishes come true, and to continue to grow up within their safe and loving new family, always.

Well, maybe not grow up too fast, anyway, the young man silently reflected to himself, as he then took a mental snapshot of his three, beautiful women before him, and feeling truly blessed. May we all always remain this way . . . together, as a family.

Taking a deep, vaguely awkward breath, the slowly calming redhead gently cleared her throat and smiled, before shyly asking, ". . . . Now, I know that we never could think of anything throughout our entire pregnancy, and even after all of the various suggestions given to us by our friends and family. Granted, we also hadn't known that the twins would be female, as well, so I imagine that also played a part within our continued indecision. . . . But, now that they're here and we do now know of their sex . . . what shall we name them?"

The new mother watched, a bit humorously, as her husband's own tawny face slightly scrunched up within deep thought, as the two then began their resumed, nine month old struggle to dream up a suitable name for their daughters.

After all, it had been rather difficult enough, indeed, to try to think of one for just the singular child the pair had surmised that they would be having, originally. Having to now come up with two names was already shaping out to be near impossible for the young couple, it seemed like, as seconds easily gave way to minutes, without a single suggestion having been produced.

Finally, however, the redhead slowly smiled knowingly and nodded faintly down at her fragile child continually wrapped and secured within her arms, who was now busy cooing happily up at her mother.

". . . . I think I have one," she started softly, still gazing down at her little angel, and gently beginning to sway her body back and forth within her bed in order to rock the infant. The woman felt her husband's eyes replace themselves, from the couple's other daughter, back onto her, before she continued. ". . . . Kalila."

"'Kalila?' How did you come up with that one?" the man asked in curiosity, as his mind simultaneously began to repeat the newfound name of one of his daughters over and over. He had to admit: it did have quite the nice ring to it, and seemed to agree with its owner, as she then began to lightly wave her balled up and minuscule-sized left hand into the air.

His wife giggled at the sight, before bending forward to kiss the newly named Kalila's fist.

"Well, I don't know, really. . . . I was just trying to recall all of the names everyone's brought to our attention over the last few months . . . and then I was thinking that whatever we decide upon, I would really like for them to mean something significant, as well. . . ." she trailed off with another smile, unintentionally keeping her spouse within furthered suspense.

". . . . And? Does it? That is, what does it mean, exactly?" he queried in anticipation, delicately shifting his other, still slumbering and still unnamed daughter to rest upon his other arm.

"Mmhm, it does. . . . 'Beloved,'" the twins' mother revealed with a peaceful sigh, just as her husband reached out to softly caress the quite appropriately named Kalila's tender cheek.

He smiled once again for a moment, before nodding in agreed approval.

"It certainly fits, I'd say . . . and it's very beautiful, like the one who'd chosen it," the brunet complemented his bride once more, before shifting his attention back onto their other daughter. "And . . . I think that I have one, a name, that is, for our little sleepy head, here, myself. . . ."

The man's emerald hued eyes focused upon his wife's raising, curious eyebrow, and admittedly felt a tad nervous at her response to the name he had in mind for their remaining child . . . it certainly would have meant the world to him if she said yes for it, anyway.

"Oh, yeah? Then, let's hear it; Kalila and I are all ears," the woman said, personally relieved, herself, that her husband seemed to accept one of their daughter's chosen names, and was secretly relishing the sound of it each time it was said.

Doing his best to fight off the rattled nerves that were beginning to grow inside of him, the twins' father began to speak, in uncharacteristic demureness, no less.

". . . . Well, while I'm not so sure of what it literally means in translation . . . I know what giving this particular name to our other daughter would mean to me," he started out slowly, voice barely above a whisper.

He watched as his wife's face began to take on one of significant, instant understanding, her chocolate colored eyes starting to glisten with unshed, sympathetic tears for the man she so dearly loved. She then merely gave a small, yet catchable nod, before raising a free hand to stop her husband from having to explain himself any further.

". . . . I understand, honey . . . and I think that naming her after your mother is a wonderful idea," she remarked in tenderness, before leaning over and resting her weary head upon the man's muscular shoulder. "Now, her memory can continue to live on, not just within you, her son, but within one of her granddaughter's, as well . . . her namesake."

She knew, perhaps more than anyone else, how much this would mean to her husband, to bestow onto one of their daughters the name of the mother he had never gotten to know, due to her having died during childbirth, a slight guilt the redhead could always sense that he'd silently kept inside of himself throughout all these years since.

In her mind, doing this would be one of, if not the most perfect present she could ever possibly hope to give to him, besides their two newborns, themselves.

She felt him gently place a distinct, emotionally charged kiss upon her head in relieved gratitude, before carefully handing their lastly named daughter upon her lap, in order to wrap both of his arms around his wife in loving affection.

". . . . Thank you, sweetheart. If she were alive today, I'm sure that my mother would thank you, as well," the brown locked man whispered, his heart reaching out into the great beyond and to his dearly departed mother. He then smiled a broad, doting smile at both of his girls lying comfortably within his wife's now full arms, before settling his glance upon the child closest to him, just as her tiny eyes slowly cracked open at last. ". . . . Welcome to the world . . . Alazne. . . . Your grandmother is looking down upon you -- Both of you -- right now . . . I'm sure of it."

The newly named twins, the two of them now finally awake at the same time, looked up their parents with their similar bright eyes and faces, before gazing at one another, as though in understanding.

". . . . Alazne and Kalila . . . our two precious bundles of joy . . . our precious little family," the girls' mother breathed within sleepy happiness, the fatigue of her rigorous, seventeen and a half hour childbirth beginning to overwhelm her once more.

"Mmhm . . . and it's always going to be this way," she could hear her husband peacefully reply, looking at her two darling, softly murmuring children one more time, before slowly closing her eyes and letting the much needed sleep claim her.

She felt abundantly happy, relaxed, and secure as she drifted off into her deep slumber, and for the first time since having gotten married and learning that she was pregnant with her girls, truly confident that, despite all of their continued financial troubles and other concerns, both she and her husband were going to be just fine.

Because they were madly in love, supportive of one another, and were now a family.

. . . . It's always going to be this way.

-- End of Prologue

(A.N. Huh. Longer than I had anticipated. Then again, I didn't really know exactly how long this intro was going to be, to begin with. LoL Only knew what I had in mind upon conveying, and, for the most part, I'm happy to say that I did precisely that. I think. LoL Well, the main idea was to show how happy and in love Will and Caleb were, with their brand-spanking-new family, anyway. And yes, duh, of course it was Will and Caleb there, even without the aid of the character listing at the top, there. LoL As with some of my other stories, I just wanted to keep the names out in the intro, not necessarily to be 'cryptic' or to keep some of the more…'naïve' readers guessing, but honestly just to sort of evenly distribute the attention between the two of them and their relationship, and the birth of the twins and about them, etc. Meh. LoL

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But, nah. Decided to concoct another mother for Caleb, granted, it being yet another one, much like Nerissa, whom he'd never gotten to know, growing up, but still. LoL Oh, and we now know that Kalila's name means "beloved," or "darling," even, so also know that Alazne's means "miracle," even if Will and Caleb don't honestly know its meaning, apparently. LoL You all know me and my liking of giving my OCs meaningful names, and such. HeHe I'd also given the girls middle names, as well, which I may or may not bother to reveal in future chapters, I dunno. We'll see.

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