Prologue: Set during the Final Battle With A Twist

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Running was all she knew, Running from the darkness.

Harry was long gone running after a explosion sounded from the great hall. He always had to save everyone, everyone but her.

Ron, oh Ron, stumbling after the 'Boy-who-lived' yelling stunning spells and curses as he went. He was scared, hell she was petrified, but he wasn't the one to stop dead, pure instincts running through her veins, he wasn't the one to turn tail and run the other way. No he ran head long into the fire while she ran the other way.


A voice in her head shouted at her but all she could do was run faster. Explosions shuddered the walls around her shaking a whimper from her throat before a wall to her left caved in knocking her forwards. Rocks and glass rained down on her, cutting her shirt and slicing a gash from her right temple to her chin causing her to have stars dance before her eyes.

Groaning she rolled on to her back. Reaching into her jeans pocket for her wand she casted a small healing spell on her head sighing as the stars retreated and her brain started to function again. moaning softly she sat up looking around, trying to figure where she was. Seeing the stars through the large gaping hole in the wall she figured she had run up into the castle. Sighing and groaning she untangled herself from debris making a few more holes in her jeans and scrapes on her arms and leg. Wobbling slightly she stumbled a few steps down the trying to see when she was. Turning down a corridor that had fallen amour and paintings, she suddenly heard a shout as a group of death eaters rounded a corner, a limp body strung between two of them.

Quickly ducking into a empty class room she lent on the door listening as the load group passed the room sighing she slid down the door silent tears escaping her closed eyes.

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