A/N: Okay, this is inspired by a show that sort of has a Chair couple, so that's really the genesis of it. I invented a character that has a point of view, but she's just a plot device to get the plot rolling. I could turn this into a multi-fic if its well received. But its mainly from the POV of Chair. I shouldn't be doing another fic while I have two others in the works but I'll be getting back to those soon. This one is short, but if I continue, it will get longer.

Summary: when their flesh whispered together, he let himself look at her the way he wished he could always look at her. But if he was being honest, he was a liar. It had never been just sex. From the first moment he ever touched her, he could never get enough. And he wasn't about to start now.

Disclaimer: Doesn't belong to me. Plot not completely mine, but dialogue is. The rest belongs to Gossip Girl.

Alicia knew immediately when the demon woman set foot in the office. She just had an air of superiority about her. She supposed that was what the boss liked about her. She was just like him. That's why Alicia froze when she knew Blair Waldorf was in her midst.

Alicia raised her blonde head to reach unforgiving dark eyes. So like the ones she had to look at every day for this God forsaken job.

"Oh, hello Miss Waldorf. Mr. Bass is in a—"

Blair held up a hand to silence her.

"I'm here to pick up Serena," she said dismissively. "His sister."

"Right," Alicia said, wondering how one woman could make her so flustered as she went through the clutter on her secretary's desk.

"I don't know how long they'll be—"

"I'll wait," Blair said coldly, taking a seat in the waiting area. It was slightly unnerving how she could just cut people off with a look.

Alicia had nothing else to say on the matter.

Blair's eyes flicked to the secretary. Alicia. Not a very original name. But that wasn't the point. The point was, this Alicia person was watching another one of Chuck's assistants without breaking the gaze. Blair knew that look all too well.

Blair got to her feet and approached the desk. This was always fun.

"Wow," Blair commented, watching the man in question leave. She watched the blonde's face uneasily turn up to her. Perfect. "The sexual tension is palpable."

Alicia looked back down at her papers and Blair raised her eyes. Surprise.

"Okay, I was totally kidding," Blair admitted. "But you actually slept with him didn't you?"

"He's just a friend," Alicia said quickly. "We can't be anything else." Well there was a story she had heard before.

"A friend?" Blair stressed. Alicia must have realized that this was going to turn into a conversation because she started paying attention.

"I don't know where your mother was when she was supposed to be teaching you this, but you cannot sleep with someone that you like." Alicia's brow knitted in confusion. "Sex is for reproduction and revenge."

Alicia stared at her. This woman really was a piece of work. No wonder Mr. Bass couldn't let her go. He had self destructive tendencies.

"What is wrong with you?" Alicia asked. Blair cocked an eye brow.

"Excuse me?" Now the entire office was listening in. The Ice Queen and Chuck Bass's lowly secretary were going at it.

"What happened to you to make you so cynical?"

Alicia watched Blair's eyes harden momentarily before penetrating hers again. She hit a mark. What the mark was, she couldn't be sure. But she could guess.

"Cynical?" Blair smirked. (Wow, they really were alike.) "It's the truth."

"You couldn't have always thought of that? No teenage girl goes around thinking that sex is just about revenge." There was that hardness again. She had no idea. Alicia found herself wanting to know what happened.

"Fortunately I've been educated," Blair said simply.

"Yeah, I wonder by whom," Alicia muttered under her breath. She felt the heat of Blair's fiery gaze.

"If you want go and pretend that snide comment was just the wind, I will gladly play along," Blair said darkly.

A sane person would have said nothing. A smart person would have valued their life. Apparently, Alicia was neither.

"Everyone knows you're still sleeping with Mr. Bass," Alicia rushed out. "And that can't be just about reproduction. And its obviously not about revenge because somehow I don't think he's hurt by you traveling to his suite and pleasuring him endlessly next to a bottle of scotch."

Blair was sending her the most deadly glare, but Alicia was going and she just couldn't stop.

"So obviously you still care about him…" Now she had to slow down. She was completely frightened and was certain a painful death was imminent.

Blair was still glaring at the secretary when Chuck's office door came out.

"…so you can tell Eric that I…" He trailed off at the sight of her going head to head with his secretary.

"Waldorf," he said smarmily. Alicia looked over to see his smug expression. She looked back to see Blair had still not break her gaze.

"Serena," she snapped, never looking away from Alicia. "We're leaving."

Without a second's hesitation, she turned on her heel out of the office while Serena trailed behind. Chuck was still standing in the doorway with, what Alicia could only categorize as, admiration on his face. Weird.

"Good work," Chuck smirked.

"With what?" Alicia asked in confusion.

"It takes a lot to get under Blair's skin like that. I wonder what you said."

Without waiting for an answer, her retreated back into his office. Alicia sat back at her desk. It was always an ordeal when Blair came to Bass Industries. She always had a perfectly crafted excuse, but Alicia couldn't help but infer that Blair and her boss were having sex in his office behind closed doors.

There was always banter and snipes that transpired between them, but whenever his office door closed, Alicia did her best to plug her ears. Her desk was right next to the door.

Perfection seemed so mundane when used as an adjective. Especially when he was looking at her. But this was just sex. If it became anything more, things would combust. So when their flesh whispered together, he let himself look at her the way he wished he could always look at her. But if he was being honest, he was a liar. It had never been just sex. From the first moment he ever touched her, he could never get enough. And he wasn't about to start now.

Chuck leaned his head against the headboard as Blair flounced across the dark room and into the lit bathroom, the door slightly ajar.

He leaned over, taking a glass of scotch and tipping it back. His two favorite things burned the back of his throat. Scotch and Blair. Not necessarily in that order.

Chuck hadn't realized he was gazing at Blair straightening her appearance (even though no one but him would see it, and quite frankly, he had seen her in the most uninhibited of states) that she caught his and closed the door after her. That was the first red flag. Something was definitely wrong. And that was why he didn't go down that relationship road. But she made it seem like it would be worth it. No, it definitely was worth it. He should know.