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I burst through the window of Shizune-san's office that night to find Kota and Anko already there in their ANBU uniforms. "The rest of us use the door." Anko sneered from behind her snake mask.

"Sorry." I replied, powering down the mask. "I guess you all started without me then?"

"Yes." Shizune-san replied, handing me a file. "Here is all the information we have on the other known Metsu's."

Other known Metsu's? I flicked the file open.

Rakumetsu is suspected to have the Ranton Kekkai Genkai. Clarification Needed.
Metsu's are known to meet each other in discussion

"That's it?" I asked.

"Bakumetsu is one of the villages best kept secrets." Shizune-san replied. "I only found out about it when you became ANBU. In fact, the last Bakumetsu died the night the Kyuubi attacked, fourteen years ago." She turned to everyone. "Back with the debriefing." She stated.

"We can safely assume that Rakumetsu is a Hunter-nin like Bakumetsu." Shizune-san continued. "Because of this, it is impossible that she was hired to serve as an escort with the bandits. It is also unlikely that she was Akatsuki, but we can only assume she is an enemy for now, if not a hostile one."

"So we don't know what she was doing there then?" I asked.

"No." Shizune-san replied. "But we can declare this mission a success." She handed me another scroll. "Starting tomorrow night, Bakumetsu will begin training as a Hunter-nin." She told me, handing me the scroll. "Varanus, you will report to the Torture and Interrogation Squad for similar training at the same time. You both performed well on your first assassination." Shizune-san continued, "So we will continue to expect high things from you as ANBU. Am I clear?" Wow, she is much more professional than I thought.

"Yes Ma'am." I replied.

"Yes, Assistant Hokage." Kota replied. Anko merely nodded.

"Good." Shizune-san nodded. "Report here tomorrow morning as Genin to receive your next assignment. Dismissed."

We all nodded and left.

We were back to doing basic D-rank jobs with the occasional C-rank. It was dull, but we got some decent training from Anko from it.

What was interesting was the Hunter-nin training I got. I was learning tracking, biology, all sorts.

Within a month, I had some mad skills.

Then, we were given a decent C-rank mission.

Our C-rank mission was to escort this businessman and his wife to the village of the wave.

My Hunter mission was to eliminate Yoroi Akado as a Missing-nin, who was hiding in a small Sound base near the Wave. Kota didn't know about this mission.

The trip went without incident, until the first night where I left my post from guard duty because of the shouting.

Our client was knocked out with a bloody nose, and Yuri was holding Kota against the wall.

Kota had bloody knuckles.

Anko then barged into the room. "What the hell is going on!?"

"Kota just attacked the client." Yuri reported.


I dragged Kota down into the inn's wine cellar and slammed into the wall. "Now what the hell was that about!?" I snarled. "The guy's an asshole, but what the hell are you playing at!?"

"…He hit her…"

"What?" I asked Kota.

"The bastard punched his wife." Kota grunted through clenched teeth. "Bastards like that…"

He slumped onto the floor. "Yahiko isn't my dad."


"My dad ran out on mom when I was nine, and she married Yahiko when I was eleven." Kota told me. "The reason I became a ninja in the first place was so I could show the bastard how it felt to be pushed around by someone bigger and stronger than he was."


"I learned to watch him closely too." Kota grunted, eyes glaring for the first time I've ever seen him. "He'd lash out at either me or mom at any second, so I had to pay attention to him so I knew when to hide, or when to protect mom, or when to get him another bottle of sake and hope he calmed down." Kota sighed. "The bastard upstairs is just like him. Absolute scum."

I slumped down next to my friend. "Damn… am I the only person on this team who's not out for revenge?"

"Huh?" Kota asked.

"Yuri hates her brother, you and your dad, and Anko with Orochimaru." I chuckled. "I dress up as a demon and blow people up, and now I'm the one without hate problems?"

Kota laughed. "Kaito Yamamota, the sane one amongst nutcases."

"Yeah." I smiled. "Anyway, you're not allowed within ten feet of the client now."

"I know." Kota sighed.

"And you're gonna catch hell when we get back."

"I know." Kota sighed, sinking his chin into his knees.

"So best earn some brownie points and get on guard duty." I told him, thumbing towards the stairs."

"Yes sir…"

The businessman started spouting off his outrage once he recovered and threatening to sue us for assault.

I made a boar, ram and rat seal and place my hand on his forehead, erasing his memories of the past hour. "Problem solved." I said, walking out of there before I punched the guy on Kota's behalf.

Once we dropped the guy off, we booked ourselves into the inn for the night, and got ourselves ready to enjoy the festival.

Yeah, we got there in time for some local festival. Anko spent the evening at a stall that sold Sake and Dango at the same time.

That ought to keep her busy, so I checked out the other stalls with Kota and Yuri.

Well, I did for a few minutes, but ever had that feeling where someone else joins in a game you're playing with someone else, and then you start to feel left out?

That's exactly how I felt. Kota fancies Yuri.

Can't really blame him. She's really cute in a Yukata.

So I left them to it and wandered off into the crowd.

Anko slipped something into my pocket as I passed by her. It was a bingo book with a bookmark in it.

Yoroi Akado.

That's right… I need to track him down while we're here and kill him.

I pocketed the book and started moving through the crowd.

This kind of thing would be perfect for Kota. He could pick anyone's face from any crowd.


Nowhere near that kind of skill.

"Hey, Kaito!"

Speak of the devil "What's the rush?" I asked him.

"You seen Yuri?"

I shook my head. "Thought she was with you?"

"She just knocked me out and ran off." Kota grunted.

"Her brother's in this town." I told him, putting two and two together.

Kota walked over to an alley-way and pulled out a scroll and summoned his mask, pickaxe, and his ANBU armour and started changing.

I flicked out my jacket's tails and pulled my own mask from my pocket.

"You were expecting this." Kota pointed out.

"I was sent to assassinate him." I told him. "No matter what, killing Yoroi is my mission."

"And protecting Yuri is ours." Kota countered, strapping on his mask. "So I'm coming."

We soon reached the Oto-base, which Yuri was sneaking up on.

She was wearing her skin-tight work clothes under her yukata, and was ready to kill.

Or so she thought.

One ninja slammed down on her, stabbing her in the ribs from the back. She screamed, and I had to hold Kota back.

"She's not dead." I told him. "And if we charge in there like madmen, all three of us will be."

"So what's the plan?" He asked from behind the mask of Varanus.

"You monitor." I told him. "I destroy."

He grinned from behind the mask. "Can you give me a distraction?" He asked.

I crept in through the roof and stood on the beams to scout the situation.

Yuri was tied up, much to her anger, and her brother was dealing with her wound.

"It's not serious, so you'll be fine if you stop struggling." Yoroi told her. "What are you doing here?"

"To kill you, you son of a bitch." Yuri snarled.

Yoroi chuckled. "Don't talk about your mother like that." He replied, standing up. "I don't want to have to kill my own sister." He said, offering his hand. "Please, join us."

Yuri sliced through the ropes with a chakra scalpel and slammed a fist into Yoroi's face, sending him back and signalling the other ninja's to attack.

"STOP." I shouted.

Everyone did.

I leapt from the beam and landed on the ground. "Fear." I ordered, drawing myself to full height and surging chakra through my mask, turning the grey skull into a burning mask of death. "And die."

With a click of my fingers I obliterated the closest five guys as Varanus (Kota) charged through the door with his pickaxe, taking on several nin's at once and grabbing Yuri's left hand. "MOVE! NOW!!"

"Kota!?" She shouted. "So…"

Yoroi grabbed me by the throat and the mask's flames died. "Feel that?" He asked gleefully as I choked, trying to breathe. "That's all your chakra leaving your body and entering mine." He grinned behind his sunglasses. "You don't stand a chance."

I grabbed his wrist. "Burn." I gasped, and his arm exploded in a cloud of red.

He screamed and my mask burst into flames.

"I Am Bakumetsu." I snarled, and the entire mask is fire now. "The Destroyer Of Evil. I Come From Nothing, Return Almost Instantly, But You Never Forget The Force That Shook The World For The Briefest Moment."

He took my chakra into his body. Chakra like that likes to explode. You need a fireproof body like mine just to stop it from killing you.

"And You're lucky." I told him. "Because You Can Have The Honour Of Dying, Not By The Explosion," I raised a hand to his face. "But By The Implosion."

His face forgot the pain for a second and turned to confusion as I clenched the fist, and my chakra in his body mixed with his own chakra source.

Then I opened my fist, and all of his chakra burned, exploding him instantly.

Yuri looked in shock as Kota pulled her away from the scene and I turned to the other Oto-nins.

"Now… Who Else Shall Die Tonight?"

It didn't take a genius to work out what was going on, so Kota spilled the beans to Yuri while I cleaned up.

On the way back, we made it clear that while we were officially here to protect her and make her as strong as possible, the real reason we were on the team was the same as her: So we could be ninja.

Our current goal: Get strong enough in time to enter the next Chuunin exams.

I like our chances.

The night we returned back to Konoha, I entered Shizune's office through the window and handed her a vial of liquid.

"Yoroi Akado's Kekkai Genkai." I told her. "The secrets to his bloodline limit."

"Thank you." She replied, placing the vial in a scroll and labelling it. "Report back here tomorrow for your next assignment."

"Understood." I replied, turning for the window before looking back. "Shizune-san?" I asked her, taking the mask off for a second.

"Yes Kaito-kun?"

"Does it get any easier?" I asked her. "I mean, killing people like this?"

She sighed. "Yes." She told me. "And a part of yourself dies when it does, but as long as you don't do anything you regret, the nightmares will fade."

I put the mask back on and it burst into flame. "I Am The Nightmare." I growled, leaping out of the window.


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