It's Not Over Yet…

A teaser for the Sequel.

Title: Ambiance

Summary: The fight of the survival of the fastest and fittest has finally come to an end… Or has it? A forgotten enemy arise. An old friend turned foe on the horizon. May I say a simple phrase that can say all that must be said? Trick or Treat?

No One POV:

A tall and broody man tugged on the long mechanical contraption as it hung from the top of the ship and down into the water. He grunted as his tanned, calloused hands yanked the line and it slowly came up with a high pitched squeal. He pulled and pulled and pulled until a black box covered in black chains, the darkness of the night almost making it impossible to spot. The man chuckled darkly as he reached in and pulled the box shaped coffin of board with abnormal super human strength.

The box had algae sticking to it like the strongest of glue and the blackness of particular parts of it has faded to a numb grey. Certain parts of the steel box had dints in it - showing that something had attempted to attack it. But more worryingly was the lumps on the box showing that something had tried to break out.

The unknown man wretched the chains away from the box, mercilessly breaking them apart and discarding them without a second thought. He smiled when all the chains had fallen and scooped them up, dumping them into the water where they quickly vanished into the darkness. Returning back to the box, he grabbed a crow bar and jammed it in, trying to pry the lid from it. After multiple unsuccessful attempts, he finally pried the lid off.

Inside, was blank and dull, the box itself was nothing important but it's contents extraordinary. A girl, who looked to be a young adult slowly opened her pitch black eyes and looked at the stranger with curiosity. Her platinum, almost white hair looked dead and dull. Her cheek bones sunk into her face and her clothes looked to be three sizes to large for the girl, who looked like she had never eaten a meal.

Aware and anticipating this fact, the man grabbed a small esky and dumped it next to the almost comatose girl. He threw off the lid and grabbed the first bag he saw. He brought it to the young girls view and her eyes seemed to only blacken with thirst. With strength she seemed unable to be capable off, she wrenched the bag from his hands and gulped down it's contents greedily. She snatched the next one out of his hands and did the same, careful to never spill a single drop.

"Disgusting." he muttered as he watched her drink.

After all ten bags full of blood were empty and discarded into the ocean the girls bright, gleaming eyes stared deep into his. Her platinum blonde hair seemed to shine brighter then the sun did on a bright day, her bone were less prominent and her clothes seemed to suddenly fit her. Her piercing eyes glared into his, almost accusingly.

The stranger smirked and slapped her across the face. She gave a shriek of surprise but had struck back immediately and was suddenly on the opposite end of the boat. Another thing he was expecting. Suddenly, a net fell over her, it's weight forcing her to her knee as she struggled against it. Tearing at the unbreakable rope she glared at the man in front of her, no fear tainting her eyes.

"What- do you -want?" She croaked, her voice sore from disuse.

He smiled viciously and gripped her hair through the rope and brought her high in the air and whispered in her ear.

"At most? Fear."