Sesshomaru had covered the car with a tarp when he left it parked in the aircraft hangar back in June. Three months worth of dust particles were released into the air when he pulled the tarp off. The dust motes danced in the narrow shafts of sunlight that entered the building through the small windows set high up on the arched walls. He opened the hood and disconnected the clamps that attached the trickle charger to the car's battery. He pulled out the dipstick to check the oil level and did a quick visual inspection of the belts and hoses and wires. When he swung the driver's side door open, he was greeted by the familiar scent of Armor-All and Guardsman Leather Polish. He slid behind the wheel and ran his hand over the dashboard.

He pumped the gas pedal twice and turned the key in the ignition. The car turned over with a purr and the lights of the dash came on, glowing red and aquamarine in the dim hazy light of the hangar.

"I've been gone a long time. Are you glad to see me?" He asked softly.

FM radio was not even an option when Sesshomaru's car rolled off the assembly line in Detroit. The skinny metal finger on the car's radio almost always pointed at AM 850, Danbury's classic oldies station. Jakotsu would probably approve of the playlist. During most of the seven-hour flight from Los Angeles, Jak had used a remote control to sort through 130 channels of satellite radio, stopping now and then when he found songs that made him happy. He sang along with Elton John and Freddie Mercury, and got down and boogied when he found a disco tune that appealed to him.

The DC5 was telling Sesshomaru to smile on his brother when he rolled into the parking garage and parked next to the old Volvo he had bought for Kagome. How droll.

He skirted the reception desk to avoid having to pay his respects to Kagome's mother. He didn't bother to knock on the door to his father's office, and was mildly surprised when the doorknob did not turn in his hand. Father and Kagome would not have gone out for lunch so late in the afternoon. Perhaps there was a meeting underway in one of the conference rooms.

Kaede occupied the office next to his father's suite. He tapped twice on her door and walked in. "Where is my father?" While Kaede was one of the few executives he could tolerate, he considered wasting time with pleasantries rather pointless.

The elderly lady looked up over her reading glasses. "Konnichiwa, Sesshomaru-sama."

It was hard to tell, because she was kind of wrinkled and jowly, but Sesshomaru thought she had a rather odd look on her face. "Is there something going on that I should know about?"

In less than a minute he was back in the parking garage. His hand shook when he turned the key in the ignition.

The distance from the office building to the mansion was so short that exceeding the speed limit wouldn't save him any time, it would just increase the chances of getting in a collision. He sped anyway, and parked in the driveway with less than his usual precision.

He threw the door open and charged into the front hall. He followed the sound voices to the kitchen. Father and Izayoi stopped talking and stared at him. Kagome was nowhere to be seen.

He directed his predator stare at his father, ignoring Izayoi. "Where is my wife?"

It was Izayoi who answered. She was accustomed to Sesshomaru's abrupt manner and was not the least bit phased by his lack of manners. "She's having a little nap, dear. Why don't you have a cup of tea and let her rest for a while before you disturb her?"

Sesshomaru cocked his head to the side. Now that father and Izayoi had stopped jabbering, he should be able to hear Kagome's breathing and even her heartbeat anywhere in the house.

"She is not here." He stated tersely.

"Of course she is. She's in the blue guest room. I put her in there because she looks so nice in…"

Sesshomaru disappeared, and reappeared in the guestroom. He could detect Kagome's scent, potpourri, and fresh, fall air. The sheer curtains were billowing inward. For a moment, he was convinced that someone had come in through the window and taken her. But his sense of smell told him that the only ones who had been in the room recently were father, Izayoi, and Kagome, whose scent had changed subtly in the past months. Pregnancy hormones.

Inu Taisho and Izayoi came through the guest room door just in time to see Sesshomaru going out through the window.

"What on earth?" Izayoi gasped. When Inu Taisho didn't answer, she went over to join him at the window, just in time to see Sesshomaru take off running across the yard.