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As Long As It Takes (A Quil and Claire story)

"Quill, I really don't want to go to Sam's today. " Jacob stated. "Everyone is going to be there and feel sorry for me cause of Bella."

"Jake, no one is going to look any differently at you. They all understand. Plus I don't want to be the only one there that hasn't imprinted. Embry and Seth are patrolling and I cant handle Leah alone. Please man" I begged. "Fine. Let's go." Jacob said

We walked into Emily and Sam's and the whole pack was there. We were having a weekly dinner and meeting. Since the Cullen's came back it was important that we discussed everything. We knew that they would not harm any humans, but with those leeches you never know.

"Hey Jake, Quill." Emily greeted us. "It's good to see you. This is my niece Claire. And then it happened. All of the sudden nothing else mattered. This little girl had a hold on my heart that I have never felt before. She was the universe, my everything. Oh my gosh. I just imprinted on a two year old!!

"Quill!! No!" Emily and Sam both shrieked. Everyone else looked at me and I could see the surprise on their faces. They all knew this was not something I could control. I didn't see her like Sam saw Emily or Jared saw Kim. I just wanted to protect this beautiful creature.

"Quill, we are not mad, a little surprised though. I know just as well as everyone else does that you don't think of Claire that way. Otherwise we would be killing you right now." Emily laughed. Now I knew how Sam felt every time he looked at Emily.

"Want to play Bawbies?" Claire asked.

"Sure Claire-Bear." I said. Did I really just agree to play with Barbie dolls? UGH! Oh well if it made her happy. "I am pwincess Bawbie and you can be Ken. My pwince." Claire said. She had no idea how much of prince I would try to be. found out that Claire's parents just died in a car crash. My poor angel. She is going to be living with Sam and Em. I would make all her dreams come true no matter what.