Claire and I got married last month and we found we were going to have twins. I was physically 28 and she was 19. Our sex life was better than ever. I could never get enough Claire. My life was complete.

We had two beautiful girls, Shayenne and Brianna. They were my world besides Claire. I couldn't be any happier. I was still patrolling, but not as much.

Twenty years have passed. Embry and Leah had stopped patrolling so that they could age with their imprints. Sam and Emily died a few years ago from a vampire attack when they went to Seattle for the their anniversary. Leah and Embry have taken care of the kids ever since. I don't think Claire will ever recover from the loss of her aunt and uncle but she is getting better every day. Jared and Kim both are living happily and have six kids.

Jake is still the alpha but Collin is the new "beta" since I retired. Jake will forever be young since Nessie can't age. Bella and Edward are just as happy as ever.

My life is complete. I have everything I need right here. It seemed like I had to wait a lifetime, but it was all worth it.