Author's Note: As I've had a rather good day (UCAS has been sent off, received a nice comment about my outfit), I've decided to update this, sorry about the shortness. Is Draco being too nice? In fairness, he is Faith's BFF so he's probably at least civil to her. Reviews make me happy!

After Dumbledore had spoken to them for what felt like hours, Harry and Faith left his office. Faith let her hair down and scowled, about to walk away. But Harry stopped her.

"So, siblings huh?" Harry said, smiling at her. Faith rolled her eyes; she was not in the mood for false-niceties.

"You haven't said three words to me since first year and now you want to be friends?" She asked. He frowned.

"I just thought that seeing as you're my sister-" he started, Faith cut him off.

"We'd become best friends and go on a bunch of scary adventures together." She laughed. "It's not going to happen, Potter. Remember, I'm one of the bad guys in your little soap opera."

"Don't you think we should get to know each other?" She smiled.

"Oh yeah, and we could totally ask Dumbles to re-sort me! And I could be part of your little group and make the world safe for the crying puppies and unicorns!"

"Look, I just think that we should be civil to each other."

"And I think that you've acted like you're better than me since sorting… I'm not about to be nice to you just because we share blood."

"Faith-" He started. But she had already turned and walked away from him.

"So, what did Dumbledore want?" Draco asked her in the common room that night. They were sat together trying to plan for a party the next night, but Faith was detached. She looked around to make sure nobody could overhear them and took a deep breath before speaking.

"Apparently I'm Harry Potter's sister." Draco dropped the ball he had been bouncing off the wall in front of them.

"You're what?"

"You're cute when you're surprised." She laughed and stuck her tongue out. "Your eyes go all bulgy."

"That's nice Faith." He said, his expression turning serious.

"So Dumbles called me to his office to tell me I'm adopted and shocker, I'm Potter's sister. Or I'm a Potter, to put it in another way." Draco thought about not believing her but he could see that she was serious, despite her jokes.

"So what, you were adopted after they died? They hid you away?"

"I was adopted when my brother was born, apparently. To keep me safe."

"Why doesn't anyone know about you?"

"Spells, I guess. Nobody remembers I was even born. It's fun, Harry gets all the fame and I get my mom. That seems fair, right?"

"Fuck," He whispered. "Dumbledore didn't know…"

"That my mom's a drunk? Probably not. I guess all he saw was a couple running away to America to get away from the war."

"So, are you and Potter best friends now?" Draco joked.

"Totally, we're like gonna bake cookies and skip around the castle together holding hands." She said in a faux- valley girl accent.

"So you're not… What are you going to do?"

"Dunno, I'm supposed to be thinking about whether I want to stay with Harry's friends in the holidays."

"Really? He wants you to stay with the Weasleys?"

"Yup, and he wants me to stay away from you, you big bad- influence."

"Bad influence? Me? Who was the one who learnt the anosmic charm so we could smoke in the common room? Who's the one who sneaks mass amounts of fire-whiskey back from Hogsmeade?" He protested, then he caught her eye and laughed.

"He didn't mention my friends," she smiled. "But it's nice to know that you don't love me enough to fight for me, just to show that I'm badder than you."

"Lehane, I'd kill for you." He smiled. "Or possibly due to you."

"Aw, I love you to Draco… Vomit." She stuck out her tongue and leaned on his shoulder. "And I'm so going to ask you to kill someone as a test… Possibly Pansy."

"If it'd get her off my back I'd be ready, willing and able."

"See, it's conversations like these that make me wonder why Potter wants to be my friend now." He sat up, causing his shoulder to hit her head.

"Potter wants to be friends with you?" He laughed.

"Yup, me, you and him are going to be the new Golden Trio." She laughed. "Hey, we may hate each other but I bet we'll be best friends, and think of the hijinks that'll ensue!"

"Yeah, we'll fight trolls and stop the bad guys with love." He relaxed. "It'll be the best year ever, Faith!" He said sarcastically.



"We're getting drunk tonight, right?"

"What would a Friday night be without copious amounts of fire-whiskey?" He smiled.