"These seem to be very popular with people. I decided to make one of my own! This will be much more detailed than Slasher Battles!"
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Welcome to Kaiju Wars! This area demonstrates what would happen if two or more Kaiju got into a battle! Each will have there own scenario. There isn't much more to explain so lets begin!


The migty queen of terror searched the Galaxy for a new target.

She was hungry for death. Thirsty for blood. Aching for destruction.

On another planet not to far away the smog monster was urging for those desires as well.

After being beat by Godzilla twice he wanted to take his fury out on something lesser than himself.

King Ghidorah soon spotted the planet and sensed a life form on it.

She landed to a area close by.

Hedorah saw something in the sky come down to his planet.

Someone dared to invade his territory?

Who ever it was would suffer!

Ghidorah knew that this wasn't earth.

All it had was gray terrain with no plants, hills of garbage waste, and water that no right minded being would ever drink.

She then heard the sound of sludge foot steps.

She turned to see that some of the waste had red eyes and was moving.

Ghidorah looked with interest.

She had never seen such a odd creature.

It seemed that the pollution had created the monster.

Hedorah saw the intruder was a large dragon.

It had 3 heads, 2 tails, and Giant wings.

Although he was at a high 120 Meters this dragon was much taller.

It seemed that the highest point was 180 meters off the ground.

Still he didn't care. It was on his territory and he wanted her off.

Hedorah roared a challenge and King Ghidorah accepted without delay.

Afterwards she took of into the air and then dived down giving Hedorah a mule kick.

She then found that her legs just went though the beast and it didn't seem do show any pain from it.

To make sure King Ghidorah tried again and the exact same thing happened.

Hedorah chuckled knowing that no Melee weapon was any threat to him.

King Ghidorah now realized that Hedorah really was made of sludge.

She would have to find another way do kill this beast.

Hedorah fired acidic mist from the tubes on is body.

Ghidorah pulled back at the pain and disgust of this attack.

Hedorah then discharged a large amount of sludge at the beast stiffening her wings.

Ghidorah threw it all off with her hurricane winds.

Hedorah then fired his energy rays again and again.

Ghidorah then unleashed more hurricane winds to see if this beast would break apart.

Hedorah did but then refused back together.

King Ghidorah was rather impressed with this creature's powers.

Hedorah figured that this fight was as good as his.

He unleashed more energy rays at the dragon.

Ghidorah anoyed by the strikes fired a gravity ray in reply.

Hedorah the looked at the horror.

The area she hit was dehydrating and he was hardening.

Unfortunatly for him Ghidorah noticed that as well.

She then unleashed all 3 gravity rays at the sludge monster

Hedorah was drying up fast! He had to get to water!

He turned to the nearest lake and walked there as if he was fighting nature.

But it was far too late.

Hedorah was completely dehydrated.

He then started to crumble into millions of pieces that didn't refuse.

King Ghidorah was disappointed.

She hoped for a longer fight.

Oh well, there's always another challenge waiting.

(Next up Legion vs Megaguirus)