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Author: Supernoodle.

Disclaimer: As always, sadly, I only own the order that the words are written in.

Challenge Phrase: The Unforgiven.

Posted: 17th Nov 09

Word Count: 200 on the nose! (double drabble-tastic)

A/N: Tag to "Sympathy for the Devil" – Spoilers for the end of Season 4 and start of season 5.

A challenge set by my pal Hayles - so this is for her! :-)

Dean flicked on the stereo and Metallica's "The Unforgiven" blared out of the speakers for a moment before he quickly switched it off again with a heavy sigh. Then there was only the throaty rumble of the Impala's engine and the deafening wall of silence between them.

Sam risked a quick glance at his brother. Dean's hands were gripping the wheel so hard his knuckles were white, jaw set, eyes not leaving the road ahead.

"Dean. We need to talk..." He began before his brother held up a hand to silence him.

"Don't, Sam - Just don't!"

Fighting back the sudden tears that blurred his vision, Sam swallowed painfully and nodded. He could understand Dean's anger. Could understand the disappointment, the betrayal his brother must be feeling. God, if he could take it back, take it all back in an instant he would. The things he'd done... Terrible things... And he had no-one to blame but himself.

Like Ruby had said, he didn't need the feather to fly – he'd managed to break the world all by himself.

"I'm so sorry, Dean." He whispered and out the corner of his eye he saw his brother's shoulder's sag.

"I know you are, Sam."