Don't Leave Me Ch.1

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"… Ok…what?! Wait why am I here?!"

"Oh, hey Shizumasa-kun. Anyway, so you can tell them that I'm a disclaimer."

"That doesn't make any sense…=_=;"

"I know! ^//.//^ Anyway…to the story!!"

"Sakura!! What are you doing wake up!"

I woke up to hear my annoying brother. "You're going to be late for school!"

It was 8'o clock. 8'o clock?! "Holy shit!! Why didn't you wake me up?!"

"I just did asshole!!" Then my little sister Mitsuki came in.

"As always it's so lively in hear…" she said in such a cooling voice as an adult.

"Wah!! Mitsuki!! Aniki wouldn't stop yelling at me! ToT" I hugged her and cried.

"Hey!! Don't get her involve, you hear me?! Besides you started it!"

"Anyway, Sakura…aren't you going to be late for school?" my sister said. That's when I remembered.

"AH!!! I almost forgot!! Thanks Mitsuki!! See ya baka Aniki!! ; P"

"Who are you calling baka aniki?!" He said when I was out the door.

I finally reached the school. Unfortunately, I didn't make it. Anyway my name is Sakura Hayashi. As you saw, my baka aniki's name is Daichi Hayashi, and my little sister is Mitsuki Hayashi. Anyway I go to the same school as Shizumasa-sama and stuff like that. And there is a secret that I have.

"You're late!"

"I know I'm sorry, Shizumasa-sama." I work as a maid for Shizumasa-sama.

"So how was your onii-chan?"

"You mean my baka aniki, as always a pain in the butt!!" I said while I was giving Shizumasa his medicine.

"Haha! You and your brother never do get along, ever since you were kids!"

"! You said you would never bring that up!"

"Haha! Sorry I couldn't help it!" There is another secret…I love Shizumasa-sama… but he's in love with Haine Otomiya…I can't bear to ask him to fall in love with me…not now…not ever. I was back to the hallway when I felt a pat on my back.


"Ta-Takanari-sama! Please do not scare me like that!" This is Takanari-sama A.K.A Shizumasa-sama's twin brother. Shizumasa-sama is not well, so Takanari-sama substitutes for him; but the only thing is…they hate each other.

"You were always so sensitive…even back then." I started to blush.

"! Sorry for not being a strong girl!"

"I didn't mean it that way you know…anyway I heard you were late for school." Uh-oh. He heard, that is not good. I tried to run but it was no good he got me.

"Why were you late?!" Oh man…I hate having to explain to him especially with THIS killer aura!

"Hah?! Your brother?"

"Yeah…he gave me a hard time. That baka aniki!!" Then I heard giggling.

"Shizumasa-sama…why are you laughing?"

"Pfft…because as always…you guys never get along…and you guys yell at each other like there is a war going on…I can't help but…laugh! Hahahahahaha!!" That's when I felt really angry.

"Geez, I was telling the truth you know!"

"Ahahaha! I'm sorry…it's just so…funny. Ok, I'm good."

"Anyway my shift is over, so I better be going home."

"K, have a safe trip back home."

"Yeah, thanks."

I finally reached home when 2 guys dressed in suits came out of my house. I was just staring at them and they left. When I went in my house I heard yelling, it sounded like my brother.

"You got to be kidding me!"

"A…aniki what's going on?"

"Sakura…It's nothing."

"It can't be nothing! What is it?" He sighed, it sounded like a sad sigh.

"Dad died just now…in a plane crash." What?! Why? Not dad he promised he would come home tomorrow…Dad!!

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Baka aniki: Stupid brother

Onii-chan: proper name for older brother