Masters of the Universe: The Movie: Continued


Julie looked at her watch. Kevin had been away for longer than he had said he would.

In the back Carl the school caretaker swept the corridors.

'I don't know why I'm doing this,' thought Carl to himself. 'It'll be a state as soon as everyone gets here for the ball. Then I'll have to sweep up all over again.'

Carl put his brush to one side and reached in to one of the pockets of his overalls. Carl then pulled out his lighter and a packet of cigarettes. Carl knew that if anyone caught him he'd face the sack, but no one was around so he removed a cigarette and lit the lighter. As the flame came to life it began to flicker and Carl felt a strong breeze coming down the corridor. Turning Carl saw a empty can rolling its way towards him.

"What the Hell!" said Carl as he shoved the cigarette and lighter in to his pocket.

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light and a group of beings that Carl had never imagined before stepped from the light and in to the corridor.

Beastman was the first to step from the portal quickly followed by Blade, Karg, Saroud and six Doom Troopers.

The instant the portal had closed Karg began barking orders to his Doom Troopers.

"I want the area secure," Karg ordered the Doom Troopers. "Prevent anyone from getting in or out. We will search for the key."

"What the Hell are you?!" Beastman heard someone shout.

Beastman's head snapped around and he saw a human standing in the corridor.

Carl slowly reached for his brush not really sure what he was going to do against these invaders. Believing that the man was a threat Beastman leaped at him. Carl let out a startled scream as Beastman's huge body crashed in to him. Carl threw a weak punch at Beastman, the blow struck Beastman in the face but it had no effect. Beastman grabbed Carl by the front of his overalls and threw him in to the air. Beastman then slammed Carl to the ground and raked his claws across his face. Carl screamed as Beastman's claws tore apart his body.

Julie heard a noise outside the doors to the gym. Putting down the yearbook that she had found Julie turned to the doors.

"Kevin is that you?" called out Julie. When she got no reply except more strange noises from behind the doors. "Carl! Carl are you there?"

Suddenly the doors to the gym shattered as the battered and bloody body of Carl was thrown through it. Instantly Beastman leaped through and grabbed Carl by the neck and was about to deliver a killing blow when Karg stepped in to the gym.

"WAIT!" called out Karg.

Beastman's head snapped around to face Karg.

"Why?" growled Beastman. "He had a weapon. He was going to attack."

"We need him alive," said Karg sternly. "He may know where the key is located."

Beastman sighed and dropped Carl's bloody body to the floor. As Carl hit the floor with a sickening thud Julie let out an uncontrollable scream, which alerted both Beastman and Karg to her presence. Both Blade and Saroud had heard the scream and raced in to the gym.

"GET HER!!" commanded Karg.

Blade instantly raised his right arm and prepared to shoot Julie as she ran. As Blade pressed the trigger to fire a set of darts Karg pushed Blade's arm out of the way causing the darts to narrowly miss their target.

"What did you do that for?" snarled Blade. "I had her in my sights."

"You would have killed her," replied Karg. "We need her if we are to find the key."

Julie ran to the stage as fast as she could. Closing in behind her were Beastman and Saroud. Julie leaped on to the stage narrowly avoiding the razor sharp claws of Beastman.

"Saroud you take that side," commanded Beastman pointing to one end of the stage. "Stop her if she comes that way."

The cybernetic Snakeman nodded and raced to the right of the stage. Beastman quickly headed for the left.

Julie thought Hell had opened up as she raced across the stage. She could see the two monsters heading in different directions. Then she saw the one-eyed human coming straight for her. All of a sudden Julie hit the back of the stage. Julie franticly pushed her way through the curtain to the stage exit. As she leaped down the small steps behind the stage she quickly turned and ducked under the stage. As she crawled under the almost pitch black stage she could still hear the sound of her attackers getting closer. Blade used the thermal imager built in to his eye patch to track Julie's body heat.

"I've got you now!" hissed Blade as he drew his twin swords from their scabbards strapped to his back. Blade then drove the swords down in to the wooden boards of the stage. The swords pierced the stage and struck the ground inches from Julie's face.

Julie backed away from the swords as fast as she could. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her leg. Julie was then dragged kicking from under the stage.

"Come here my pretty!" snapped Karg raising his hooked arm.

Julie could see a sparkling blue light coming from the tip of the hook.

Julie kicked out as Karg reached down with his hook. The kick struck Karg in the jaw. Karg stunned and surprised by the blow lost his grip on Julie. Julie quickly scrambled to her feet an attempted to make a run for her life. Looking over her shoulder at the snarling Karg and the fast approaching Blade Julie failed to see the huge body of Beastman before it was too late. Julie thudded in to Beastman who grabbed her in his massive arms and lifted her off the ground.

"You will not escape Beastman!" he snarled baring his savage set of teeth.

Julie wanted to scream but her air was cut off by Beastman's powerful arms squeezing her. As Julie began to loose her focus and begin to black out she spotted Carl's cart of cleaning equipment. Even though Beastman was shaking her like a grizzly bear with a rag doll Julie reached out for the cart. Twice her hand missed the cart, but when she felt herself starting to pass out her hand latched on to something. Julie didn't care what it was all she cared about was how hard she could strike Beastman with it. She swung the object with the last amount of strength she could muster and it smashed against the side of Beastman's head. Beastman screamed as the contents of the object splashed all over one half of his face. In pain Beastman let Julie drop to the floor. As Julie hit the floor she realized just what she had hit her attacker with, it was a bottle of highly concentrated bleach. Shaking of her dizziness Julie scrambled to her feet before Beastman could recover from her attack. Ducking Beastman's blind shots Julie started towards the emergency exit from the gym. As she got near to the door she heard a metallic hissing sound from behind her. Looking over her shoulder she saw Saroud the cybernetic Snakeman glaring at her. Without saying a word Saroud reared his head back and then spat a stream of red and yellow sparking energy her way. Julie ducked and the sparks struck the doors behind her. The instant the sparks hit the doors they erupted in flames blocking her escape.

Beyond the point of being scared Julie raced over to the stage and ripped down a large piece of curtain that hung over the window nearest to the stage. Wrapping the curtain around herself to protect her from the flames Julie raced to the burning doors. Karg saw what Julie was about to do and ran across the gym to block her path. Julie ignored the figure in front of her and kept on running as fast as she could. As she reached the doors Julie closed her eyes and slammed in to Karg. Julie barely felt hitting Karg or the momentum as it carried her along with Karg crashing through the burning doors to the cold hard pavement outside. Karg and Julie both got up at the same time. Karg snatched at the burning curtain that covered Julie. Julie quickly threw off the curtain in to Karg's face. Karg screamed in pain as the burning curtain caught him in the face. While Karg was momentary blinded Julie made her escape in to the darkness.

Beastman, Blade and Saroud came charging from the gym. The six Doom Troopers that Karg had placed outside to guard the building came rushing from around the building and towards their fallen commander.

"Don't worry about me!" snapped Karg as Blade and Saroud tried to help him to his feet. "Capture the little bitch!"

"You two with me!" Blade ordered two of the Doom Troopers.

The mindless cyborgs said nothing and followed Blade. Beastman and Saroud took the other Doom Troopers and closely followed another track with Beastman using his animal like senses to try and pick up the scent of the fleeing Julie.


So far there had been no trace of the Cosmic Key. Teela had kept in radio contact but she reported the same thing, same with Gwildor. The only one who hadn't been in contact yet was He-man, but Man-At-Arms knew that there wasn't any problem that the champion of Eternia couldn't handle, even on Earth.

As Man-At-Arms turned a corner he came up on a deserted street. Concentrating on his tracking devise he failed to notice three men appear behind him from a nearby ally.

The first man, a tall powerful man dressed in bikers leather reached in to his pocket and removed a large switch-blade knife. He then turned his head and nodded to the other two who were dressed similar to him and then back to Man-At-Arms.

"Hey! Sir Lancelot you're a bit far from Camelot." called out the man. His partners let out a menacing laugh at their leader's comments.

Even though he didn't know who Sir Lancelot or what was Camelot Man-At-Arms recognized an insult when he heard one.  Slowly Man-At-Arms turned to face the men.

"Can I help you gentlemen?" asked Man-At-Arms pretending to be polite, but all the time using all his soldier's training to assess the situation.

"You sure can," said the leader. "This is Black Widow turf. We don't like outsiders you see, but we aren't animals so we offer them a choice."

"And that choice would be?" asked Man-At-Arms.

"The choice is. You either pay our toll for being on our turf or....." to make his point clear the leader looked downward. Man-At-Arms followed his gaze and saw the tip of the blade pressed against his chest armor. "Or we will open you up like a tin can."

Man-At-Arms didn't have to look to know that five more 'Widows' had come out of hiding behind him.

"I don't think my money would be any use to you," said Man-At-Arms telling the truth as the only currency he had on him were a dozen or so Eternian gold coins. "So I guess it will have to be the second option."

The man grinned a broad smile showing half a dozen gold capped teeth.

"I hoped you would say that." snarled the man as he drove the knife forward.

The blade struck Man-At-Arms's and snapped. The man was enraged and with a silent signal to the others he ordered them to attack.

Teela had given up on searching for Gwildor. She had last seen the Thenubrian near a large area containing the remains of what passed as vehicles on Earth. Gwildor had argued that their search for the Cosmic Key would go faster if they had transport. Teela had replied by telling Gwildor that they didn't have time to repair one of the broken vehicles, and stealing one of the many they had seen parked along nearly every street would bring them to the attention of the Earth law enforcement. Teela had only turned her back for a second but when she turned back Gwildor had vanished in to the piles of vehicles calling out.

"I can fix these. It will be easy.....I think."

Teela decided that the search for the Cosmic Key was far more important than chasing after Gwildor and continued on with her search. It was nearing the time for her to meet up with the others. She hoped that they had better success in finding the key than she had. Switching her tracker from searching for the key Teela changed the settings to locate either He-man or Man-At-Arms. A red dot indicating Man-At-Arms's location began flashing telling Teela that her farther was only a couple of streets away.

Man-At-Arms had already knocked out two of his attackers. The rest had grown wise and started trying to attack from several directions. While it  was a good strategy the Black Widows could cope with Man-At-Arms's years of combat experience. As Man-At-Arms battered away another attack, taking two more 'Widows' down with his battle mace, Teela came running around the corner.

"Do you need any help?" asked Teela as Man-At-Arms grabbed one of the 'Widows' in a headlock.

"Why?" asked Man-At-Arms as he knocked out the thug with a blow to the jaw. Man-At-Arms turned and lifted another thug in to the air and slammed him to the ground. "These wouldn't even be a challenge to the Eternos Law Enforcement Office."

Teela had to chuckle at her father's comment. It was a long running rivalry between the Royal Guards and the officers of the E.L.E.O and each year they faced each other annually in a contest to see just who was the better team. Teela hoped that they would be able to have the contest this year. Turning her attention back to her farther Teela saw that he had defeated all but one of his attackers. Realizing that he was no match for Man-At-Arms quickly turned and ran, however his direction took him towards Teela.

"Get out of my bitch!" snarled the man as he flashed a large knife at her.

Unaffected by the man's threat, Teela grabbed her fighting staff and in one quick blinding movement extended the staff to its full length and span around. The staff hit the man squarely in the jaw and he was thrown off his feet and crashed to the ground hard.

"What shall we do with these savages?" asked Teela as she dragged the fallen man over to the others.

There's not much we can do," said Man-At-Arms. "Except let the law enforcers on this planet deal with them in their own way."

Eternia: The Wigets Fortress

Battle Cat prowled the courtyard of the Wigets Fortress. Raven along with Man-E-Faces and Stratos had ventured out to free some more Heroic Warriors in order to strengthen there assault on Snake Mountain. However their return was long overdue and this unsettled Battle Cat greatly. In the back the only other member of the Heroic Warriors was Orko. The little magician had grown extremely tired as the constant use of his magic to divert any attention from Skeletor's forces away from the small fortress wore him out. At first Orko had refused to go in to the back and rest, that was until Battle Cat threatened him and then Orko couldn't be stopped from rushing in to the back.

Suddenly Battle Cat's attention was turned back to outside the fortress walls. Battle Cat sniffed the air and using his powerful sense of smell picked up the sent of Doom Troopers head towards the fortress. Battle Cat instantly readied himself for battle. The scent was getting closer. Battle Cat let out a low growl as the gates to the fortress slowly opened to reveal Stratos and the others. Battle Cat let out a sign.

"Where have you been?" growled Battle Cat. "And why is it that I can smell the stench of Doom Troopers?"

"We had a little problem with our rescue mission," said Stratos. "The transporter we targeted was a decoy. There was no Heroic Warriors on board only a squadron of Doom Troopers led by Webstor. As you can guess we narrowly escaped."

"So we have to abandon our attack on Snake Mountain?" said Battle Cat not liking the idea.

"Not necessarily," said Raven as he walked up to Battle Cat. Battle Cat noticed that Raven was carrying something under his are. Then Battle Cat saw what it was. It was a helmet of a Doom Trooper. "We managed to salvage several suits we can use them to get us in to Snake Mountain."

"A nice idea but exactly how are going to get to Snake Mountain?" said Battle Cat. "Snake Mountain is pretty far from here. And we have no means of travel that won't get shot down before we get near."

"We have that covered," said Man-E-Faces holding out a holopad for Battle Cat to see. "As we retreated we stumbled up on a lost transporter. It was empty and we were able to defeat the Doom Troopers on board."

Battle Cat's spirits lifted, for the first time he felt that they had a chance at striking back at Skeletor and his forces.

"We need someone to pose as a prisoner so that Man-E-Face, Mekaneck, myself and Raven can get inside Snake Mountain." said Stratos.

"And who will act as the prisoner?" asked Battle Cat.

"Well whoever it is has to be a highly valuable catch for them to accept only one prisoner." said Stratos. "All we have to do is work out just who is that valuable to Skeletor."

Without answering each of the Heroic Warriors turned to look directly at Battle Cat.


He-man's search had led him from the wooded area they had landed in to a large built up area. He-man wondered at the style of the buildings that the people of this planet preferred. Their square blocky shapes were alien to any building found on Eternia. As He-man walked down the street he spotted a group of people up ahead. Quickly ducking in to the shadows to avoid being spotted He-man waited until they had passed. He-man was about to continue his search when he heard a scream. He-man turned. The scream had come from behind a block of buildings.

Julie was gasping for breath as she ran. There was no sight of her attackers but she knew that they could catch up to her at any moment; she had to find somewhere to hide. As she turned down a passage way she heard the roar of Beastman. Hearing the roar Julie pushed herself harder. Suddenly she ran in to a chain-link fence. Behind the fence was a storage yard full crates and racks of building equipment. Franticly Julie searched the fence for a way in to the yard.

He-man quickly raced passed the buildings to a large area behind. The area was surrounded by a large fence. Through the links in the fence He-man saw a woman looking scared out of her wits. He-man realized that it was the woman's scream he had heard.

As Julie searched blindly for a way in to the storage yard she heard footsteps getting closer. Julie span around and crashed straight in to He-man. Believing that her attackers had caught up with her Julie lashed out in blind panic. He-man blocked her blows and when Julie realized that she wasn't being attacked she looked up through tear filled eyes and saw that the person she had crashed in to was different from the other's.

"It's Ok," said He-man in a soothing voice. "You're safe now. Tell me what's wrong."

"T-T-These monsters attacked Carl," said Julie still shaking. "N-N-Now they're after me."

"Can you tell me what they look like?" asked He-man suspecting that he wouldn't like the answer.

"There was four of them," said Julie. "One was huge with fur all over his body, he was like a bear. The second one had one eye and he carried two swords, the third was covered in metal and spat electricity from his mouth. The last was a short horrible looking creature with white hair and a hook for a hand."

He-man instantly recognized who Julie had described.

"Do you know who they are?" asked Julie.

"I'm afraid I do," replied He-man. He then turned and found the gate to the storage yard. He-man easily broke the chain that held the gate shut and turned back to Julie. "Quickly hide in here I'll take care of the other's."

Julie quickly raced in to the yard. He-man then pulled the gate closed and using his powerful strength He-man crushed the gate so that it couldn't be opened. Once the gate was secure He-man followed Julie in to the yard.

Blade's thermal scanner picked up Julie's trail easily. With his two Doom Troopers following closely he gave chase. Beastman and Saroud weren't to far behind as Beastman's senses picked up the scent of Julie's fear.

"When we get the key I shall gut that woman for what she has done to me!" snarled Beastman as he rubbed the area that was struck by the bleach that Julie had thrown at him.

Saroud silently looked over at him. The fur where the bleach had struck had lost all it color and turned white, while the exposed skin looked like it was burnt. Saroud knew that Beastman was in a great amount of pain from his injuries but he also knew that the pain was being held down by the rage running through his body.

Beastman suddenly stopped.

"I smell something familiar." growled Beastman.

Saroud was about to use his built in sensors to locate just what Beastman had picked up when Blade cam racing around the corner.

"She is close," said Blade as he scanned the area. "I can feel it," Then he picked up the trail again. "This way she's in here."

Blade had pointed to the fenced off storage yard. The three Evil Warriors raced over to the fence while the Doom Troopers signalled their location to Karg.

Once Karg had arrived Blade unsheathed one of his deadly swords and slashed the fence open. Pulling back the chain-link fence Blade watched as the others and the Doom Troopers swarmed in to the storage yard.

Deep in the heart of the storage yard He-man had found a hiding place for Julie.

"Stay here and you should be safe." said He-man.

Julie had gotten over her shock about what was going on and turned to He-man. It was then she realized that He-man was dressed like no one she could think of on the entire planet."

"Those things aren't from Earth are they?" asked Julie. He-man shook his head. "And nether are you."

He-man realized that there was no way to conceal the truth from her. So he told Julie the truth.

"I'm from a planet far away from here. It is called Eternia." said He-man.

"And why are you here?" said Julie.

"Its a long story," said He-man. "But I along with three others came here by accident. Those that attacked you are after the one thing that can get us home."

Julie's mind suddenly conjured an image of the object that she and Kevin had found in the cemetery.

"Does this thing have a lot of keys all over it with one large red button near its base?" asked Julie. "And when you press that red button these strange lights appear and there is some kind of music playing?"

"That's the Cosmic Key," said He-man thanking the Elders of Grayskull for his stroke of luck. "Can you....."

He-man's question was cut off as he heard the sound of many footsteps nearby. He-man removed his blaster from his belt and handed it to Julie.

"If anyone finds you use this." said He-man.

Julie looked at the blaster in her hands for a second and then tried to hand it back.

"I can't," said Julie. "I hate guns."

"Its OK," said He-man. "Its set for stun. So if you do need to use it the blast will only knock your target out for a while."

Julie looked at the blaster again. She was still hesitant over taking the weapon but then she looked up at He-man and decided that he was telling the truth and her hesitation disappeared and she once again took the blaster.

Once he was sure that Julie was as safe as she could be He-man slowly crept out of their hiding place and began his search for the Evil Warriors.

To Be Continued..........