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Pairings- Jake/Oc Embry/Bella

As I was listening to music I could hear my Mother yelling at me, so I turned up my I-pod, right now she and my dear old father were the last people I wanted to talk to, they were moving back to La Push in Forks the town I had lived in until I was thirteen. Things were better back then and now sadly they were trying to save their already doomed marriage, Mom thought it would be best if we left the city and headed to a quieter less dramatic place, she said she needed a break from the city life but really the only reason she wanted to move back was because my father was screwing some bimbo he worked with, Mom always loved the city but now she would do anything to leave it. Mom and I knew about my fathers mistress but I never told her I knew but I never had to because of the way I spoke to my father and never obeyed him, I suppose she guessed I had found out somehow because I had always adored my father but now I had lost all respect for him, I saw him with her one day when I came to his office after school, she had long black hair and really looked like a bitch, I saw him kiss her but as I opened the door they pulled apart, what did he think I was stupid? Right now I'm pissed at my mother for being so stupid and never saying anything to him about his cheating ways, he knows we both know he sleeps around but Mom….well she's going to let it go and leave that sleaze get away with it.

I turned my music up louder now hearing my father shouting from down stairs at me, I took one last look around my room and all the memories I had made in it, this was a bitter sweet move for me, I would be leaving all my friends and my awesome house behind but I would be moving back to my real home In La Push seeing my cousin Quil & all my old friends again.

I smiled picking up the last box of my life in this house, taking one look out the window and then closing my bedroom door for the last time.

As I walked slowly down stairs I noticed my father waving at me as to get my attention, I walked passed and headed for the kitchen.

"Mom Im leaving now, I'll see you at the new house." I said hugging her and leaving for the front door. I decided to give her a break from my moody ways. I threw the box into the boot of the Black BMW X5 that my father had bought for me for my 17th birthday, I don't know why he bought it, I really didn't care but hey it was a nice car, and for the crap I'm going through with him I deserved something for putting up with a two timing waste of a man. As I got into the car I turned off my I-pod and threw on a Puddle of Mudd CD- Blurry was the first track and I turned it up full volume. Until my father came along.

"Nikki, turn that down, you'll get arrested." He said

I laughed at him. "Dad in case you didn't notice I haven't listened to you or obeyed you in a few years, so just because you control Mom doesn't mean you control me, I'm 17 now I'm not your little girl anymore." I said driving away. I pulled down the window leaving my long brown hair to flow freely.

I sighed with relief after getting out of New York, the more I thought about it the less I was going to miss the place, I seriously couldn't wait to see Quil, Embry, Bella, Jacob and the rest again, we hadn't been together in so long. When I lived there myself and the guys had always been inseparable joking and pranking all the time, playing truth or dare and getting grounded for always going too far, myself and Bella had been best friends for many years and now that she had moved back too we were all going to cause havoc again! Bella was different, like me she didn't care what people thought of her, or how she dressed and that's what I love about her. But I was going to have to wait to see her for another 3 weeks because she was in Florida visiting her Mom. Quil had informed me of the news last week, he was like the brother I never had, I always felt safe around him.

Several hours and 6 albums later I pulled up to our new home in the La Push reservation, It was a big log house with a porch in the front. I got out of the car and decided to check out my room, I hadn't seen it before I didn't have too much of a choice about moving here, it all happened so fast. My room was painted apple green, it had a bathroom and a balcony….sweet!! 2 hours later my boxes were all in my room and my clothes organised in the closet, I headed to my balcony which I found out has an amazing view of First Beach, as I was looking around I saw two black haired guys walking towards my house. I smiled with excitement as I ran down the stairs and out my front door.

"Quil, Embry!!" I shouted running into both their arms.

"Nikki!!!! The boys said hugging me tightly as we fell to the ground.

"Its been way too long cuz." Quil said letting me go but Embry kept his arms around me in a bear hug.

"I know its been like a year, its so good to be back here." I said smiling at them as we got up.

"Its good to have ya back, its been too quiet without you." Quil said putting an arm around me.

"So how's your Mom and Dad Nik??" Embry said knowing they were having problems.

"Ugh you know the usual acting happy one minute, miserable the next, I mean I don't know why Mom doesn't just leave him, he'll find another chick to bang here eventually." I said.

The guys smiled at me. "Honest as ever." Quil said. My Mother was his Mom's sister so he hated seeing her hurt or in pain.

"You know it Quil, so where's the boy wonder?" I said laughing, they knew who I was talking about.

"Jakes working in his garage, we're going up to him now you wanna come" Embry said.

Before I left Forks myself and Jacob had sort of been going out in secret, no one except Bella knew, Quil was pretty protective of me and Embry would have thought it was gross but we were only thirteen and nothing ever happened except the odd kiss, but being that young we thought we were totally in love, then I moved away and we ended it, funny how after 4 years I still missed him like crazy.

"I really should keep unpacking, but then again my parents will be here soon so Im coming!!" I said as I linked arms with both of them.

As we got closer to the garage I could hear The Enemy-No Time For Tears. Jake's kind of music, but hey I liked it to so I started humming.

"Nikki shut up, we want to surprise him, he doesn't know you're back yet, he thinks you're coming tomorrow." Quil said putting his hand on my mouth.

I poked him in the side. "OW,!! What was that for man!" He said rubbing his side.

"I couldn't breathe dumb ass" I said laughing.

Finally we entered the garage, but I couldn't see Jacob anywhere.

"Jake!!!" Embry shouted right next to my ear, which made me jump.

"Ooops Sorry." Embry said laughing.

"Embry is that you dude?" I heard a voice say, it was coming from under a silver pick up.

"Yeah its me, I've got something up here man." He said smiling at me.

"Embry it better not be a damn bucket of……Oh my god." He said as he rolled out from under the truck eyes locked on mine.

"Surprise stranger!" I said smiling at him.

"Nikki?" He questioned.

"Do I look that different?" I said, then I realised it was he who looked different, his hair was now short, he was way taller and he was huge! He had muscles in places that I never knew muscles existed, and he had an eight pack, what had happened to the short skinny boy I used to kiss behind trees…I had no idea and I wasn't complaining, and as I looked at Quil and Embry I realised they too were now huge!

"Shut up and hug me." He said as I wrapped my arms tightly around his shirtless body, Jake wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I've missed you." I said still hugging him, for some reason I didn't want to let go.

Jake smiled and took a deep breath. "I've missed you too…" He said and as we hugged I could have sworn I felt him kiss my neck.

"So we still on for our bon fire tonight?" Embry questioned to Quil.

"For sure, you coming Nik?

"Lets see, I'll get away from my parents so yeah I'm definitely going to be there." I said smiling, I always loved the bon fires with the guys and Bella, too bad Bella would miss it.

" Awesome, starts at 7, just the 4 of us!" Embry said.

Quil's phone rang.

"Ah crap its Mom, Hello……..what mess?….me & Embry didn't do it…….hello……hello. She hung up on me, we're dead man, we left the kitchen in a mess after breakfast, she came home early, we gotta go clean, Nikki you coming?" Quil said. As he and Embry feared for their lives, knowing my aunt Christine she was going to kill them both.

"Why so you two can get me to clean while you play your X-Box, no way, I gotta do my own cleaning guys." I said laughing.

"Ah thanks a lot Nikki and I thought you loved us" Embry said insulted.

"Embry I do love ye, but just not enough to help ye clean, I do enough of that in my own house." I said hugging him from behind.

"Yeah yeah, I'll get you back later Ateara." Embry said as himself and Quil ran back to Quil's house.

Me and Jacob continued laughing at them. That's when I realised we were alone for the first time in 4 years. Jake stood silent for a moment looking at me, his eyes locked on me.

"Jake." I whispered as I tapped him on the shoulder.

He snapped out of his daze.


"Im gonna leave you get back to work." I said turning to walk away.

"Um uh ok, I'll see you tonight." He said as reached for his tool box.

I gotta admit, I was a little disappointed he didn't ask me to stay.

"Yeah, cya tonight Jake."


I couldn't believe she was back the girl I had crushed on since the first grade walked back into my life. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and she still is,….wait I cant say that I have a girlfriend….and I love her……I think.

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