I'm in the mood to write Yi San again so here goes:

1. Time
Time had absolutely no meaning to him, it could never erase the memory of her from his heart.

2. Cherry Blossoms
He held her tight as cherry blossoms twirled around them, the wind blowing petals in their hair.

3. Story
His son was really interested in his father's story about how he met the woman who gave life to him, his mother just sat listening and smiled at the fond memories.

4. Rain
Rain could not stop him, he was going to be there, at his child's birth, no matter what it took.

5. Sword
He liked practicing with his royal guards from time to time, but that didn't mean Song Yeon was happy when she saw the bruises.

6. Iris
He saw a strange flower that reminded him of her, it had the same delicacy and poise. It was indeed a sight to behold.

7. Bamboo
The thin bamboo doors could not hide her from him, but that didn't stop her from trying to conceal herself whenever she felt him near.

8. Moon
The way the moon shone over her made Song Yeon look like a goddess, one that he has captured and was not letting go of; he would have thought some more but a moan brought him back to earth.

9. Shooting Star
He looked at the stars and wondered if it was his wish on a shooting star that brought them together.

10. Rice
He had hated rice ever since his father's death in a rice chest.

11. Wind Chimes
Her laughter was like bells chiming in the wind.

12. Glass
She was holding a piece of glass in her hand and he suspected that it was the cause of her palm bleeding.

13. Far Away
When he first lost her he searched in distant places, only to find her right in his palace.

14. Butterfly
She was like a butterfly, constantly feeling the need to leave and explore, but he decided he would keep this butterfly.

15. Wings
If he had wings he would fly all the way back to her, to his home…oh how he hated these diplomatic meetings.

16. Past
The past helped them create a wonderful future.

17. Snow
When he was told they found her freezing in the snow he felt something snap within him, and when he saw her on the bed his heart almost broke.

18. Night
He loved spending his nights with her, holding her close to him after they had shared each other.

19. Day
Days were never enough in her company.

She was an artist, of course she would know about colors, they made her life exciting.

21. Note
He couldn't concentrate on his notes with her parading around wearing that smile that was meant only for him.

22. Fire
He saw the fire in her eyes when she decided to become an artist.

23. Path
She could have become an artist, but she choose to stay with him and give him children.

24. Symbol
The cherries were a symbol of affection to them.

25. Lightning
She hated thunder storms and lightning strikes, but they were bearable when he was with her.

26. Silk
It did not matter to her if her clothes were silk as long as she could be with him…it had no importance.

27. Waterfall
He looked at her painting, and only after a few minutes did he get it.

28. Memories
They had many memories together one more was no big deal, yet it still meant the world.

29. Sleep
Sleeping next to her was something that he took great pleasure in, but she really had to stop being so damn seductive, even if she didn't mean to, she was way too tempting for him, and for her own good.

30. Chance

He was going to kill that Jeong Hu Gyeon, how dare he even look at Song Yeon that way. She was his concubine, she mothered his child and it was his bed that she slept in at night. So how dare that man's eyes look her up and down like that? In moments like this he regretted being such a good king.

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