Here's my new ChipMUNK story! Well, I can't completely say it's ChipMUNK-y. Since there's gonna be a lot of Junk too, =D. The name goes to NeroAnne. Not my creation. It's even written on my profile that it's not my creation. Besides, if I'd do a Jeff/Punk, pairing, I'd usually give them a stupid name… isn't Puff too Sam-ish even for me? XP.

Anyways, let's go back to the story…it's gonna be dark and I put the warnings after the rating so yeah…don't be shocked.

This is an issue to a lot of people but: like the lovely browngirlwrites, I write my Phil/Jeff with Phil as a sub and Jeff as a dom. I know. A lot of you might like it the other way around but I'm warning you now that I go by age so…yeah… XP. By the way, only the prologue is written this way. ;)

Title: Circles
Rated: +18 – violence; themes; junk; chipmunk-y; possible character death; dark; dark; DARK
Summary: C is for Crying. I is for Irritation. R is for Redemption. C is for Care. L is for Languish. E is for Eternity. S is for Serenity. The 'Circles' theory makes up people's lives. It DESTROYED the lives of three people & now, they must suffer the fact that they might never be the same again. SLASH.
Basic plot: Matt stared at the screen in front of him. He'd taken Phil's laptop just because he thought that Phil had something to hide and he had been curious…and after trying too many passwords, he'd come across one he found fairly amusing. Phil Hardy. His eyes were about to pop out of his head when he saw the words PASSWORD ACCEPTED. Truth is…which Hardy? ChipMUNK & JUNK love!
Genre: Romance/Tragedy


Phil walks around with his head held high around the wrestling arena.


Matt and him sleep in different beds now, like two people that aren't fucking each other should.

Three boys, one hotel room, a broken Cinderella story…


Cinderella's slipper breaks.


And there's nothing left to save our precious little Cinderella anymore.

His heart's always been broken and shattered.


And he's always walked around hearing the same things.





And he doesn't want to try…


And he still doesn't know where the hell his heart is anymore.

Nights filled with nightmares.

Mornings filled with broken 'hello's and quick pointless conversations that don't really mean anything anymore.


Don't cry, children. Hush, hush, babies. They'll be okay.


Our broken Cinderella.

Yeah…I know my author's note is bigger than this but who cares? I mean, it's just like an introduction. Besides, I used to write this way and I miss it so…

X Sam.