Terra sat in the school counselor's office as Mr. Ackerman was digging for some sort of record, and sighed. Again. Maybe it was the tenth time, or the thirteenth. She had lost count some point between when Mr. Ackerman had finished his coffee, and now. Terra had been sent here by one of her teachers, whose identity had remained unveiled, on account of her strange behavior. How incredibly dull. In honesty, Terra enjoyed school: the people, some of the classes, ECT. But this was an activity she had been trying to avoid since coming to Murkami high. Not because she had social problems she needed to work out, because she hated counselors. All counselors. They were in away, like psychiatrists, who liked to know about people's pasts and history's. Pretty nosy in Terra's opinion, but for her it didn't matter. She had no past. Or at least none that she could remember. She simply woke up one day, in a hospital being treated for burn scares, and they had said 'we found you outside.' And that was all. She remembered her name. Terra Markov. But that was it. She couldn't remember anything but waking up in a stiff hospital bed, and the smell of sickness lingering in the air. But Terra didn't care. In her opinion, if she didn't remember, she didn't need too. Some things were better left forgotten. So to say the least she had no interest in digging through her head for something, that was likely unpleasant. So maybe Terra sighed again because she was lonely without any memories, maybe because she was bored. Maybe she wanted to remind Mr. Ackerman that she was still in the room.

"Well miss. Markov, we just wanted to make sure you were okay. You see I was having a short convo with a teach of yours and, they said you were feeling a little wishy-washy. That you were having problems recognizing yourself. Terra… a rock doesn't think it's a rock, because it is a rock. It knows it's a rock. So…." He said letting his voice trial off as he turned to look at her. He was waiting for her reaction to his therapy.

She starred back at him blankly. Why was Terra talking to this man? This man… was an idiot; he used words like 'wishy-washy' and 'convo', and explained that a rock was a rock. Of course a rock was a rock; Terra knew that rocks were rocks.

But how ironic, that it was quite possibly that a rock was what got her here in the first place? A rock. Of all the things in the world, a rock. One simple question remained.


Because, the rock had triggered something in Terra's mind that had released a flash of color. No shapes, no sounds, no movement. Just a flash of color. And that's why she was here. Color. Again something seemingly pointless. But nether the less the color, orange to be exact, had flashed before her eyes in biology while the teacher had been explaining minerals and rocks. Normally she would have passed orange off, for just being orange, however at that moment it chilled her blood. Immediately after that her teacher had called on her but she hadn't believed that he had actually been speaking to her. So she hadn't answered. He called to her again, but she'd said nothing. Of course the biology teacher had been speaking to her. He had clearly called her name, twice. Yet somehow, she had felt that he was still talking to someone else, or perhaps some other half of her. Some other piece of herself, hiding somewhere in the back of her mind.

But that was ridiculous.

So Terra had tried forgetting about it.

But of course failed.

"I'm fine, I've just been spacing out lately." She finally answered.


"I don't know."

"We should explore that."


"We should explore the 'why'. It's good to understand the 'why' of what's on our minds, but in this case yours." He explained.

Nosy. Very nosy, Terra thought as she watched him with a tired expression.

"What's been on your mind?"


"Nothing at all?"

"Nothing at all."

He stared back at Terra; he assumed she was being difficult. She wasn't. She was telling the truth. The truth is often far from what we want it to be, which why is people tend to lie. So the only reason her comment seemed so difficult, was of course, only because it was the truth.

"Care to elaborate?"

"I can't describe what's not there."

"You could try."

"Nothing at all. Blank, I haven't thought of anyone."


Anyone indeed. Why had she said anyone? It made sense to say it, but why had she said 'anyone' so specifically?

"Or anything." Terra finished. She didn't want to stay anymore. This man was no less idiotic then he had been when she had arrived, and Terra did not feel any better about the color orange. She stood up and excused herself. She could feel Mr. Ackerman's troubled gaze watch her as she walked down the long tile hallway.

She stepped outside into the semi warm fall air. Fall seemed to be coming faster everyday. It was even a little cooler than yesterday, but it was still nice outside, not that kind of uncomfortable cool. She walked downtown, her mind still in a daze, when she suddenly noticed a giant piece of metal had just missed hitting her in the head.

Terra snapped out of her trance, and rapidly examined the scene around her. She was standing near a construction site in the middle of the city, close the pizza place. People were frantic, running and screaming everywhere. She searched for the cause of the chaos. It wasn't hard to find. There was a giant white monster attacking the unfinished building. It was throwing metal and bricks, and machinery. Then suddenly it just disappeared into wall.

'What the…' her mind trialed off, wondering how in the world it could simply vanish. Then immediately following five oddly dressed peoples, who were about her age, randomly decided it was there job to kill the strange thing. Not that they were anymore normal. For example:

The first boy, who seemed to be the leader, was wearing tights. Terra didn't like tights on girls, but boys? That was jus wrong. Also was wearing a black mask, which blocked his eyes from view; and a cape

One of the girls was orange, or at least she didn't have normal skin. She was wearing a rather short skirt, and a cut off tank top. Both were purple. She also had red hair, and green eyes. Freakishly green eyes, she didn't appear to have pupils and no whites in her eyes.

The second girl's skin was colorless. An unusual shade of gray more or less, she wore a dark blue cape, which hid her face from Terra's view. Her outfit was something like a swimsuit with sleeves and boots.

The second boy was simply… weird. Most of him was metal, with the exception of the right half of his face and a few parts of his arms. He was black, but compared to the rest of him; skin tone seemed like an unimportant factor. It appeared he could transform his hand into laser canons. That seemed like it would be useful a lot.

Then there was the last boy. He was maybe the most unusual and peculiar of all the strange teenagers. And yet everything about him entranced Terra.

Or maybe she was starring at him because he was green. Really, green. Every bit of him; his hair, his eyes, his skin. He was wearing some sort of skintight uniform, a strange color of purple and black, gloves and boots.

She watched him as he ran towards the creature and transformed into a rhino. Well that was different. She was for a moment confused by the 5 strange people fighting the strange monster.

Then it hit her. The Teen Titans. That's who they were, that's why they were defending the city, that's why they all appeared so odd. Because they were super heroes. Terra had heard of them before, but she'd never seen them. They'd recently been away fighting some group of evil villains, brother something of something. She couldn't remember the name exactly, but she'd heard the gossip. Not to mention she hadn't been around long, so it made sense that they seemed so foreign to her. Terra watched in awe as they battled the mysterious creature. Pieces of wood, metal and other unidentifiable objects flew all over the street. Others citizens gathered around the fight and gaped as well. Soon enough the green boy was sent hurdling across the street, crashing into the pavement. More metal shot towards where Terra was standing. She ducked and held her arms in front of her face to protect her eyes from dust and who knows what else. When the dust cleared, and she could see again, she noticed two piercing green eyes staring her. The strange animal boy was watching Terra. Watching her intensely.

Terra glanced at him for only a moment, her eyes locked on his. She suddenly wished she hadn't. More flashes of color. It started as orange, but molted into a blinding yellow. It only lasted for a split second, and then it was gone. She didn't look at him again, he made her feel strange and at the same time wonderful. She pretended to watch the fight, stealing glances at him only on occasion. Soon enough he stood back and rejoined the fight. He was distracted; she took the chance to run. With in seconds she was far from the scene, attempting to catch her breath after her escape. She turned to look; thankfully no one had followed her. She waited for a moment to allow herself to calm down. It didn't take long. She wasn't prone to concern, so she ignored the pitted feeling in her gut that told her something wasn't quite right. She forgot about the flashes of color, which had previously been so important. She didn't want to know why she'd seen them or what they were. She told herself that it was because she wasn't getting enough sleep, and that was the last she thought of it as she walked herself back to her apartment. Little did she know this seemingly innocuous and accidental meeting with a certain green boy, would lead to changes she couldn't fathom.