Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

That was what they heard, the long steady endless beep of the Holter

Monitor. An endless string of beeps that never ceased and echoed off the tile with a sharp ring. It was the kind of sound that gets stuck in your ears and burns inside your brain.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

That's what it felt like, a burn. An unending heat that circulated through BeastBoy's blood as he listened to the continuous steam of 'beeps'. The Tower was set at a constant temperature of 71 degrees, but right at that moment, in the medical wing, room number 3, he might have been sitting in the Sahara desert, and he wouldn't have know the difference.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"How much longer?" He asked solemnly.

"I don't know." Cyborg answered punching in code on the computer, reading the new stats that came up.

"It's been too long"

"Apparently not, or she'd be awake "

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"I don't think I can stand this much longer."

"So leave, if anything changes we'll come get you."

"No. I wanna be here when she wakes up."

"Then quit complaining."

"Well what am I supposed to do?! Terra's been comatose for hours now and there's nothing I can do! She's sick, and all I can do is sit here and wring my hands!" BeastBoy shouted, jumping from the chair he'd been standing in.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"The least you could do is sit still and stop yelling! I've done everything I can for her! She just needs to rest!" Cyborg leaned over the small hospital bed so that he was in BeastBoy's face.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Robin and Starfire stood silent at the other side of the room, watching their two friends argue. As much as they wanted to help, as much as they wanted their friends to stop yelling, they knew any added opinions would only add to the tension, so they stayed silent. Smart people.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"There's gotta be something else, something we haven't done yet!" BeastBoy shouted, distress in his voice.

"Well if you have any bright ideas, lets hear em'!" Cyborg retorted.

After that the room got quiet. Quiet, except the sharp beeps that persisted even after the yelling had stopped.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Perhaps," Starfire said meekly, "Her recovery would best be spent if she were left her alone"

"I'm not leaving her alone." BeastBoy sat back down in his chair, his elbows leaning on his knees. He was tired, way too tired to be awake, but there was no way he'd ever be able to sleep as worried as he was.

"Starfire's right, we shouldn't crowd her" Robin said calmly, putting a firm hand on BeastBoy's shoulder.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

BeastBoy shrugged his hand away and shook his head, "No, I can't"

"Dude, she wakes up when she wakes up, sitting here watching her won't speed anything up." Cyborg said crossing his arms.

Starfire cheerfully, too cheerfully, walked over to BeastBoy and reached out for his arm, "Come friend, we shall retrieve some provisions from the kitchen, and the retire to-"

"I said no" He said gruffly.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Starfire's cheer fell into despair. She turned to Robin.

"Should we….remove him?"


Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"What are you doing?! Let me go!" BeastBoy yelled as they seized him.

"I'm sorry- uh- BeastBoy, but it's for the best!" Robin grunted as they struggled with him. Starfire was holding his arms and dragging him to the door, but BeastBoy was strong, and currently, angry. Robin pushed on his shoulders, but it didn't seem to be helping much

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

BeastBoy's feet skidded over the floor as he fought back. He couldn't leave, not now. Not after he'd been sitting there for hours, waiting.

'How can they be doing this?' he thought as he clutched the sides of the door.

"Let me go! I'll be quiet I swear, just let me stay!" BeastBoy begged

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"You can't stay like this! You need to calm down!" Robin shouted, shoving his shoulder into BeastBoy's chest in an attempt to throw him out.

"How can I be calm at a time like this?!" He screamed hysterically.

"You have to go man…" Cyborg said.


Beep. Beep. Beep.

"P-please….let him stay….."

And in that moment, everything went silent, even the piercing beeping seemed to fade away. Everyone in the room slowly turned and watched Terra's eyelids flutter open.

Beep. Beep.

She sluggishly turned her head to the left, where Cyborg was, and to the right, towards the door. She looked all over the room, her eyes trailing slowly from person to person, over the different machines, to the windows, and finally back to the door. By now Starfire and Robin had released BeastBoy who seemed almost to shocked to move. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it again. Terra tried to push herself up, but a sharp pain ran up through her neck and spine. She immediately gave up, and laid back down. She closed her eyes and hoped the pain would subside.



Turning her head Terra saw BeastBoy kneeling next to the hospital bed. Tears threatened to fall from his eyes, Terra turned onto her side little so that she was facing him, and gave him a weak smile.

"You're…awake…." He whispered hoarsely.

"Told ya…." Cyborg muttered under his breath.

"Where is this?" Terra asked, her eyes drifting up to the ceiling.

"Titans infirmary." Robin informed her.

BeastBoy reached out a hand and gently stroked the side of her face. His hands we're warm, Terra thought, or maybe she was just cold. It was hard to tell. She wrapped her fingers around his hand and kept his hand close to her. He leaned in and pushed some hair out of her face, "Your gonna be ok, I promise."

"C-Can I go home now?" She asked quietly.

BeastBoy's face instantly fell. Terra looked to the others to see they were all staring at her with grim faces.

"What? What is it?" She asked worriedly.

"Baby, I'm so sorry…." BeastBoy hung his head.

"I'm sorry Terra, but as of right now, you can't go anywhere." Robin said taking a few steps closer to the end of the bed.

Ignoring the pain she felt, she let go of BeastBoy's hand and pushed herself up.

"Why not?" a trace of irritation in her voice.

The only answer was the beep of the holter machine.

"How long have I been here?" She asked frowning.

No answer.

She turned to BeastBoy, "Gar…"

He looked up at her with sad eyes.

"Tell me."

He looked over at the Team, "She has a right to know…" he said feebly.

"How long have I been like this Gar?" she asked again, taking a hold of his arm.

"…."BeastBoy stared at her, how could he tell her? How could he explain any of this to her? He didn't have a single answer to give her.

"Gar?" Terra's voice stiffened.

"T-Terra I…" he paused again, "Terra you've been here for almost 3 weeks…"

BeastBoy held back tears as he watched her expression shrink into despair. Her bright eyes were gloomy and weak. Tears fell down the sides of her face as she stared at the ceiling. She squeezed her burning eyes shut. It was all too much. The dance was supposed to have been a fun night with friends, with Gar, a night to remember. After what happened Terra knew she'd never forget it.

And yet… It was all so fuzzy, so far away. Like so much of her life, only small fragments were revealed to her. The power had died, right? And the fog machines exploded, and the windows broke, right? That's how it had all started, right? Terra searched her mind but her head was spinning and her neck ached. Terra opened her eyes and looked at BeastBoy.

"What happened?" Terra's eyes begged.

He bit his lip.

"Tell me Gar..tell me what happened…" Terra's voice was nothing but a pleading whisper. Broken glass, fog, faded screams; that was all she could remember. And maybe just a little bit of blood.

"We were hoping actually.." Robin started

"…..That you could tell us." Cyborg said grimly.

Terra shook her head, "I don't understand."

"We don't know exactly what happened." Robin replied, a little sadly. Terra frowned.

"How can you not know?"

"We do know one thing, we were ambushed. Whoever attacked us planned that attack, they knew our guard would be down." Said Robin.

"B-but if they knew.. doesn't that mean-" Terra stuttered.

"Someone is watching us" Robin said sternly

"All of us." Cyborg added.

Terra's lip stiffened. She could feel more tears pulling, she balled her hands into fists and put her palms into her eyes to hide her tears. But it was no good. She was sobbing. Gasps of air spurt from lips with slight sharp cries. The room around her was gone, all that was left was fear. Terra was afraid again. The same fear she'd felt when she'd dreamt of the dead girls. The fear she'd felt when she saw her deformed burnt figure in the mirror for the first time at the hospital. There was nothing. Just the cold chill her life had left her with.

"Terra.. Baby please don't cry.." BeastBoy whimpered as he stroked her cheek. Terra moved her hands away from her eyes an inch. The room was empty, save for herself, BeastBoy and the unending Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Terra rested her hands on her stomach and continued staring at the ceiling. Her thoughts were heavy, and they weighed on her mind and body, making her tired. She watched as BeastBoy leaned his forehead over and rested it on top of her own. He stared into her eyes. She did not avert his gaze, but he could feel her eyes looking right through him, into nothing. He felt as though he was nothing. His world had been shattered when he saw her center stage, collapsed and cold. Terra's awakening had given him a slight revival, but that cold stare stole every hope away.

"Terra I'm so sorry…" BeastBoy apologized again. He squeezed his eyes shut. What else was there to do? All he could do now was apologize, but it would never be enough. He'd let her down, he'd exposed her to an attacker and had aloud her to be taken from his arms and… BeastBoy could even bare to think of what else, but it was the only thing his mind lingered on. Someone had hurt her. Hurt Terra, the woman he loved. They had drugged her, they beat her… Was there anything else? The truth alluded him but his horror filled fantasies hung in the air.

"T-Terra I-"

"Stop it."

He opened his eyes and as he did his tears fell onto her face. She looked up at him, the cold bitterness gone, and Terra had returned again. The pain was still in her eyes, the fear, but she looked at him with love all the while. In the moment BeastBoy had closed his eyes, Terra had seen not only her fear, but also his. She saw his disappointment in himself, his regret, but she saw his anger as well.

"Stop apologizing. It wasn't your fault" her voice choked.

"But I-"

"Shut up. It wasn't your fault, a- and I don't wanna think about it anymore. Just shut up and hold me"

BeastBoy offered no argument. Cramming into the tiny bed, BeastBoy awkwardly cuddled himself against her and gently wrapping his arms around her felt a small comfort.

"You always know just what to say" BeastBoy kisses her head, "I love you Terra."

She gave a small smile, "I love you too Gar".

Meanwhile, downstairs the remaining team, along with the Titans East who were on the monitor pondered their current dilemma. Seeing Terra in her current miserable state, and seeing BeastBoy not much better, the team decided that is was better to leave them to themselves for the time being. The remaining members of the Titans East had been filled in on the unfortunate event. Everyone sat in silence, with all they're analyzing and statistics and hypothesis' everyone was still left dumbfounded.

Robin spoke first, "Lets start with what we do know. Cyborg, what do we know about the explosives?"

"All homemade devices, and real weird ones. All the devices were placed real carefully, guess who ever planned this shit wanted to make a big distraction." Cyborg crossed his arms.

"The placed explosives in the windows?" Starfire inquired.

"That's the weird part, I went back and scanned some of the glass, but its like the explosives were literary soaked on the glass. Like a flammable glass cleaner."

"So now we're pinpointing the custodians of Jump City high schools who carry hyped up Windex?" Speedy said over the intercom with sarcasm.

"Look man I dunno, I'm just saying its some freaky scheming going on here." Cyborg retorted.

"Everyone calm down!" Robin exclaimed "Somebody had an ace in the hole, they had the upper hand, and we can't let that happen again."

A short silence followed his words as they exchanged confirming nods and glances. Robin had a point, whoever had attacked them had been watching them, and had carefully planned their move at an opportune time.

"There's one thing I don't get…" BumbleBee wondered aloud to the team, "Why go after Terra?". The silence stuck in the air as she continued, "You said the explosives were placed to cause panic and distraction, but there's nothin' to steal at the school, and the only person who was really targeted was Terra."

"She doesn't have her powers anymore right? Does she even remember being a Titan?" Aqualad asked.

Robin shook his head, "She says she doesn't, and right now she's too upset to talk about what happened at the school."

"Is she awake yet?" Speedy raised an eyebrow.

"She awoke from her slumber but moments ago." Nodded Starfire solemnly.

"In any case, given her memory track, she might not remember anything." Raven crossed her arms as well, noting an unlucky possibility.

"Damn it! None of this makes any sense!" Cyborg shouted clutching his head in his hands.

Robin let out a sigh, "All we can do for now is run through the usual list of villains and keep thinking. If we come across anything new we'll let you guys know." The Titans East all nodded in agreement and with a downcast 'Titans Out' the huge screen turned off and revealed the window over looking the city. A light snow fell from the grey sky that nearly matched the atmosphere inside the Tower.

"What do we do now?" Starfire's hands were clamped together in a worried fashion.

"The same thing we always do, fight, and win." Robin said with determination.

"First things first, if anyone's watching us, we need to search the tower for any kind of hidden cameras or sensors." Raven mentioned.

"I've looked but Ill check again. Maybe we'll get lucky and whoever this guy is will slip up." Cyborg turned and went out the door and made his way to the computer lab. The remaining 3 Titans loitered in the commons room, unsure of what to make of there nonexistent progress.

Upstairs BeastBoy and Terra were still in the hospital bed pressed up against each other. Both had stopped crying though it had taken Terra a little longer than BeastBoy, but finally everything had settled down. BeastBoy ran his finger through her hair and held her head to his chest. She was tired, but was happy to finally feel a little security, and the thought of losing that kept her awake.

"Hey Terra" BeastBoy whispered.


"How would you feel about staying here with me for a few days after your better? I mean, I know your not totally healed yet, but… I'm not ready to let you go again." His voice was sweet, and calm but Terra sensed a desperate ring in his words.

"Is that even aloud? I don't know if Robin and everyone else would appreciate that."

"They'll understand. Besides, Cyborg has to run some more tests to make sure you're clean."


"Oh yeah.. When we found you someone had, umm…" He paused and sighed, this was the hard part, "..someone had injected you with some really heavy drugs…"

"Oh…" She mumbled. She quietly buried her face in his chest, she could feel her fear creeping up on her again.

"B-But we got it all out! I just wanna make sure your ok!" He added quickly seeing her sad reaction. He pulled her in tighter. "Baby.. Terra I promise I'm never going to let anything like that happen to you again… I swear on my life."

"Too much" She poked him in the cheek, "There will be no life swearing here" He laughed at her odd silliness. Even at times like this she could make him laugh.

"If you're sure it's ok, I'd like to stay…" She answered after a moment.

He squeezed her tighter, "Thank you. Oh and Terra…"


"Merry Christmas"


It in fact was not Christmas, but 2 days after. That hardly mattered to BeastBoy though, Terra's come to was better than the holiday meal, delicious tofu aside, and better than all the presents. But to Terra, all was another matter. The presents she had bought for the team were tucked safely away in her apartment. She now realized in her current condition they were now unreachable. Terra's Christmas gifts would have to wait, but her belated celebration wouldn't. When Terra had regained her vigor a little and managed to walk-with aid from BeastBoy- into the hallways she saw that someone had been on a serious decorating mission. She suspected Starfire immediately. Tinsel and small string lights lined the walls. Paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling, and despite all the bad news, it was all very cheery. An uplifting smell of cinnamon and sugar floated through the air. The Tower was one huge holiday prettification. Terra smiled as she leaned on BeastBoy's shoulder as he led her down the hall and around the corner and down the elevator. As the doors opened with a familiar fwoosh Terra looked into the commons room to see even more Christmas celebration. A large Pine tree sat catty cornered to the couch and kitchen corner. Good beads and red trimming and tiny twinkling lights rounded the massive tree. Glass orbs of red, green, gold, blue, pink, purple, silver, and every color in between hung from its branches, accompanied by stars, candy canes, and gingerbread shapes. Despite a gloom about the room from the 3 Titans that had remained in the room, sweets and the general Christmas sent filled the room. Or maybe it was just Terra, after so much calamity, all the decoration was the perfect medicine. BeastBoy led her farther into the room and cleared his throat to gain everyone's attention. Robin, Raven, and Starfire all quickly turned their heads in surprise. Everyone, even Raven gave kind smiles when they saw Terra was strong enough to stand. Starfire's face beamed with excitement as she quickly glided over.

"Dear friend! Are you feeling well now?" She rushed towards them so quickly Terra was worried she'd be crushed by one of Star's insane hugs, but was thankfully spared when Starfire remembered her fragile condition and substituted the hug for a gentle pat on the shoulder.

"Still a little tired, but yeah.. Definitely better." Terra smiled at her.

"That's good to hear." Robin smiled too, walking over to them followed by Raven. The 5 of them stood and talked for a while and the stress seemed to thin out little by little. After a few minuets BeastBoy took Terra to sit on the couch with Starfire and Raven. He took Robin aside to talk to him about Terra staying with them. With some slight arguments, and a smidge of begging the matter was settled. Terra could stay. BeastBoy thanked Robin and told Terra the good news. He helped her pick herself up off the couch and guided her towards the door just as Cyborg came in. With a brief hello, and a mention of more medical test to check on later BeastBoy and Terra exited the scene once again. Once the door shut behind them, Cyborg motioned for Robin to come over so they could talk in privacy.

"What is it? Did you find something?" Robin asked quietly.

"Not yet, but…" He glanced over to check on the girls, Raven already had her nose in a book and Star had taken to rearranging the tree ornaments, "..It's just something I was thinking…"


"I don't get this whole case. We've been attacked before; we've even been attacked at the Tower. So why choose a random high school where we'd just happened to show up. Any regular night, we wouldn't have been there, we'd have been home." Cyborg paused,"….If the glass was laced with explosives, it was that way before we got there. Whoever did this knew we'd be at that dance"

"What are you saying?" Robin raised an eyebrow.

"Man I hate to say it but.." He trailed off for a minuet and looked at the floor.

"You think Terra helped the attacker?"

"I'm not saying that!" Cyborg threw up his hands in defense, "But B made a good point, the dude didn't go after any of the Team. The only person who actually was taken out was Terra."

Robin nodded in agreement.

"Maybe they were after her powers."

"According to Terra, she's never had powers."

"I know, but we all know that's not true. And so do a couple of other people." Cyborg frowned

"Meaning anyone we've ever gone up against is a suspect."

"You know who I mean…"

"...That's a stretch, and for everyone's case, I hope that's not true." Robin furrowed his brow at the grim topic.

"Me too…"

The 2 of them stared at each other in silence for a moment.

"Whoever this is they're formidable… Did you find anything unusual in the maintenance system?"

"Nothing. It's all the same as it's always been. No cameras, no sensors, no bugs, no viruses."

"They're watching us somehow. We'll just have to keep looking until we catch them." Robin said sternly. He turned to walk away but Cyborg stopped him.

"What do we do about Terra?" he asked.

"Well BeastBoy asked if she could stay with us for a little while…"


"I told him it was ok… Maybe this is the perfect time to check up on her." They looked at each other for a minuet longer and then walked away from each other. The thick air resurfaced and confusion flooded the room. But up stairs BeastBoy and Terra were unfazed by anxiety down stairs. They sat in Terra's old room. The lights were dim so all the little stars twinkled on the ceiling. Ever since their visit to the dessert, Terra had rediscovered her love of the outdoors. Her room was the perfect place BeastBoy decided. He sat on the bed, and Terra sat on his lap. He had his arms wrapped around her as she leaned back against his chest with her on his shoulder. For them things felt a little peaceful. They were together, and to them that was enough.

"I was afraid…"BeastBoy whispered, "I was afraid you wouldn't wake up…"

"But I did" Terra reached her and up and touched his face.

"But you did" He squeezed her tighter, "And I'm so so happy that you did… cause.. I kinda have something for you"

"Huh?" Terra turned a little so she could see him better.

"Well it is Christmas…."

"Ughhh, don't remind me! I'm not prepared!" She whined.

"Haha its fine, but I wanna give you your present." He smiled and blushed a little. He leaned around Terra and reached down under the bed pulling up a little red box with a tiny green ribbon and bow on the top. He plopped it down in her little hands and she admired his wrapping job. She carefully tugged at the strings and let them fall to the bed. She pulled the glossy red paper off and revealed a tiny black box. She lifted the lid and peeked inside. She and BeastBoy had been together a long time now, but this was the first time they'd had any reason to exchange gifts. Inside on a little piece of cloth, was a little silver butterfly clip. She picked it up and stared at it in awe. BeastBoy took it out of her hand and slid it into her hair.

"How did you-" Her voice trailed of.

"Remember after we first met? You saw it in the window of that shop downtown."

"And you remembered I wanted it?" She blushed.

"W-well yeah. I had to save up for a while, the lady told me it was all silver."

"What? Why'd you spend so much?!"

"Well t-that's because…" BeastBoy's blush deepened, "I wanna spoil you."

"Umm, what?" Terra quirked an eyebrow at him. He pulled her off his lap and turned to face her for this.

"Terra, I know you've never had it easy. I mean, stuffs different now, your being taken care of now, but before that, and before you can remember… I know you've had it hard, and I don't want it to be like that any more.. I wanna be there for you." He pressed his forehead against hers again, he felt secure that way, like they shared a connection that way.

"Your so sweet Gar," She smiled and kissed his cheek.

"I love you Terra" BeastBoy said as he leaned down to kiss her.

"I love you too" Terra answered just before their lips met. There they stayed for a moment lips locked. Terra had woken up to the worst of tragedies but she knew with him their love was sealed.