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Today was the day. Today…I would set her straight. I took in a deep breathe. It was just the way the world was right? I mean, I only dated her for sympathy and because my best friend Naruto pressured me into doing so. It was because this girl happened to be Naruto's girlfriend's best friend and Naruto thought it was a little bad because she was left out half the time when Naruto took Hinata, his girlfriend, out so he set me and her on a date and forced me to ask her out…and plus he wanted to see if I was gay or not which I'm clearly not! I had to admit that she was a nice girl but what else? She was butt ugly, no body whatsoever, a nerd and she was too damn weak. I was nice to her and I'll admit that I got just a little attached but now I had a better offer. Celebrity Karin had just asked me out! Now she was a hot babe and was worth saying to your friends that 'yeah that's my girlfriend' but Sakura, no way in hell. My friends would usually snicker when they saw her and this annoyed me to no end!

Why didn't I dump her sooner? Because I wasn't that much of a jerk and plus I would have to deal with her mopping and stuff. I was not an expert when it came to weeping women. She should understand anyway. I had to go pick her up, since we were going on our once a month walk in the park today. That's really fantastic and all, but with Karin I'd probably be partying and actually enjoying myself. I sighed again before glancing towards the full body mirror.

The reflection portrayed my jet black hair was ruffled and my onyx eyes which seemed to bore into my own soul. I wore a plain black muscle shirt, loose dark denim jeans which showed off my grey boxers and a pair of white Nikes. Simple and casual, and loose enough for me to run in, in case she starts to cry. I'll bet your wondering how Karin asked me out. And I can give you an answer for that…boy I'm being way to open! You see how nervous I am! But I know this is the right thing to do…right? Either way, my name is Sasuke Uchiha and the key word being my last name. I was born into a family or riches, fame and everything else that could make a person happy. But I don't mooch off of the money my parents provide. Nope, because I'm training to become a professional boxer! No wonder girls throw themselves at me!

Anyway, it was at a formal dinner party that my family hosted and somehow Karin was invited and she asked me out. I said yes. Now the problem is having two girlfriends. It wouldn't really matter, but society says no otherwise you dubbed as a playboy. Maybe I'm desperate to get rid of Sakura! Maybe I'm desperate actually get laid! But does that matter because the choice was pretty clear to me…I think? No, no you see I doubt myself and that is exactly what is going to earn me a playboy title and I do not want that! I quickly glanced at the time and I read 2:46. Our date is at 3! I quickly rushed out of my room, down the grand hallways of Uchiha mansion. 'I'm sorry Sakura…it's not you it's me! I can't control my hormones and think your butt ugly compared to Karin! Yeah the super hot celebrity actress, yeah she asked me out'. Perfect dumping lines! And then we would be so busy conversing about Karin, she wouldn't cry and I'd be running home like the horny boy I am! Brilliant! Or so I thought.

"Isn't I such a beautiful day Sasuke-kun?" Sakura sighed out. I nodded with a small smirk when she turned to look at me but when she looked away I glared at the back of her head. This was my girlfriend. She had pink hair, YES pink which went below her so called ass in a plait. She wore a red ribbon in her hair, holding back her oddly cut fringe, I think it was a home job. Her face; she had a massive forehead! God you could land a plane on that thing! I had to admit though she had beautiful eyes, something she actually possessed that would top Karin's ruby red ones. Large emerald eyes surrounded by thick lashes but were hidden behind hideous thick rimmed glasses. She had a small button nose and plump cherry lips, and again I admit she's not as ugly as I described earlier but compared to Karin…yeah. Sakura was a short and thin girl with an under-developed body. No boobs and no ass and was definitely not leggy either.

I'll bet you're starting to agree with me, especially you guys out there! I have been sexually deprived! Not that I would want to fuck her though. Plus, the goody two shoes probably won't even agree! She'll probably say 'Oh Sasuke were only sixteen!' or something like that. Annoying in other words, but she had some okay qualities. I mean, she was really smart like one heck of a genius and maybe even smarter than me and I am undoubtedly, pretty smart…nah she can't be that good. She was really nice as well but too nice. I always have to defend her! Again, annoying! But that was all in the past! I quickly glanced at her once more. Probably the last time I ever would. She wore a long sleeve red shirt and a long black skirt with flip flops underneath. Karin looks much better. I stopped walking which caught her attention and she looked back at me worriedly, her eyes sparkling with fear.

"Sasuke is something wrong?" she timidly asked whilst holding my hand.

"Look Sakura I'm not going to beat around the bush but you're dumped. I don't want to go out with you any more and I'm dating the beautiful actress Karin. I'm sorry, don't cry but it's just the way it is" I simply stated, un-wrenching my hand from hers. She seemed shocked for a second before closing her eyes. No, she isn't going to cry is she? A small smile broke out onto her face before she talked.

"I understand Sasuke. I mean…Hinata told me yesterday why you asked me out in the first place – Oh crap! – But I wasn't that surprised. I mean, I'm no Karin. I knew it was too good to be true when I was known as – wince - Sasuke Uchiha's girlfriend. Well you did me a favour though because I was too scared to say that I want to break up with you – what! – So I should be saying thanks! It was nice, being with you I guess" she slowly finished. I watched her take out a small box I had not noticed before. She walked over to an over flowing bin before tossing the box on top of the rubbish. I winced again, when I heard her sniffle. She was crying, but not showing it. Without another word I watched as she walked away from me, down the path and onwards until I couldn't see her.

I glanced towards the bin, walking over casually I picked up the box and opened it. It held a small picture frame. My heart wrenched when I saw the picture inside. It was of me and Sakura, at Konoha funfair. She was holding the snow white teddy bear I had won her, my arms wrapped around her tightly. I was kissing her left cheek and she had a small smile on her face, her left eye closed in an adorable manner. I had never seen this picture before but I knew that Hinata had taken this and I forgot to ask her for it. A small sob escaped my lips. What have I done? "Sakura!" I yelled into the unusually empty park but she was long gone. Maybe I could find her at her house! But it was too late…

I finally understood why she wanted to see me in the park and why she was so sad when she rang me to arrange the date. She would only take me their once a month, to talk about something private or special. Her house was deserted. They had moved away. She wanted to spend her last moments with me and I blew it! She was now gone and I couldn't patch the mistake I had made! Or maybe I could start now…by dumping …Karin. Wasting no time I quickly dialled the bitch's number.

"Sasuke-kun!" she yelled.

"You're dumped!" I yelled back, releasing some of my anger onto her.

"What-"I snapped the phone shut. I wanted my Sakura back. I wanted my geeky, adorable, no boobs Sakura back. I don't care for how long I'm sexually deprived I want her back in my arms. I slumped onto the front porch of the once lively house. 'No matter what, Sakura Haruno…I will find you' I thought whilst staring down at the only picture I had of my love, a small tear landing in the corner. My lost love…whom I shall find.


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