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Sakura sighed as she walked through the car park of one of Konoha's Professional Boxing Centre's which looked no different from all the others around her home town except for when she went inside. All the amateur training centres had little and rubbish equipment to train with and the one where the champions of Konoha trained had expensive, hardcore equipment to work with.

'Stupid parking space, Sasori is so going to kill me for that dent on his car' Sakura miserably thought 'I blame the yellow car!' Her rampage slowly died as she realised why she was here in the first place. Actually, she didn't know. Gaara rang her at 6AM in the MORNING telling her to come here and then decided to be a mysterious twerp and cut her off. 'I wonder what Gaara wanted, in here of all places. I'm pretty sure he trains in Sand, well I know he does actually since he's a Sand boy and all. Either way it's no excuse to ring me so early and why this centre? Isn't Gaara meant to be training in the Elite centre?' Here eyebrows furrowed but decided that Gaara probably had a good reason, well for his sake he better.

She pushed the glass double doors of the entrance belonging to the large building open and walked towards the reception desk, her heels tapping against the cream tiled floors.

"Excuse me" Sakura said, attempting to get the receptionists attention. The brown haired woman was talking on her mobile, her back turned to Sakura, completely ignoring her attempts for attention. Sakura again repeated her self, "Excuse me miss?" but they were in vain. Her eyebrows knitted in anger and just as she was about to yell at the ignorant bitch, she felt a tap on her shoulder which diminished her rage in a second. Turning around, she came face to face with a thin old man dressed in a janitor's uniform, supporting his weight against a mop. He smiled, making his face slightly wrinkle before saying "I think you should know it's futile to get any help from her" causing Sakura to laugh slightly.

"My names Ernest, I'm the Janitor, as you can see" he stated pointing at his badge sewn onto his uniform. "I'm Sakura Haruno and...I'm lost" she finished lamely. He chuckled, "What room are you looking for?" "Erm the largest room here, as far as I know" Jeez she must sound like a total dork. "You mean the main training room. Just go straight down that hall," he directed, pointing his bony finger in said direction, "and then take a left. You can't miss the room but just in case the door has the number 6003 printed on it". Sakura smiled, feeling some relief, and thanked him as she took off in that direction.

"Any way, why are you here Mr. Gaara?" Kakashi openly questioned. No point in beating around the bush, he guessed.

"I'm here to speak with Uchiha…in private" Gaara replied, his devilish smirk, still stuck on his face. He was up to something.

"Fine" Sasuke mumbled, before walking towards a corner, Gaara following.

"What the fuck do you want?" Sasuke seethed.

"I'm only enemies with you in the ring Sasuke so I'm asking to have a civilised conversation" he stated.

Sasuke glared at him before nodding.

"I'm here with a proposal. A shadowed wager if you will" Gaara explained. A shadowed wager was like underground dealing between boxers, trainers and managers. They could offer money, cars, titles, anything to bribe their opponent to lose. Sasuke had been offered many but always refused but something about Gaara's proposal intrigued Sasuke and inflated his already large than large ego. Gaara was afraid to lose! He was afraid of the mighty Uchiha!

"Go on" Sasuke urged, attempting to not show his interest.

"I want you to lose the match on Friday"

As Sakura walked down the hall, she spotted the ladies bathroom and decided to just make a quick check of her appearance. It was lucky that the bathroom had full length mirrors, allowing her to examine her self from top to bottom. Her large emerald eyes, which no longer needed glasses, stared back from the reflection. Her pink hair was much shorter than it was five years ago. It was now just a little below her shoulders with layers, her fringe trimmed to perfection, framing her heart shaped face. She quickly scanned her attire after applying some lip gloss to her bee-stung-red lips. A black long sleeve shirt with a plain cream cami vest on top, a black denim mini skirt with cream heeled courts and black knee high socks and a black pendulum like necklace with matching earrings and bracelets.

Satisfied with her appearance, after giving her socks a tug and adjusting her large shoulder bag, she walked out of the empty restroom and towards room 6003.

Sasuke sneered.

"You have something to offer or did you come empty handed?"

"I have something that I think you'll find quiet interesting" he whispered, noticing Kakashi, Naruto and Orochimaru were looking in his direction.

Sasuke quirked an eyebrow

"My girlfriend" Gaara stated, a large smirk on his face.

"What the…fuck?" Sasuke muttered.

"Before you judge the offer let me-"

"I could have any girl I like any time Gaara so why should your offer interest me?"


"And no I'm not a virgin either, if you have bribed this 'girlfriend' of yours to take away something 'precious' from me-"

"Look, it's nice to know that you're not a virgin and Sasuke only girls cherish there virginity and no she isn't some hooker either. Quiet the opposite actually-"

"Right but how is this bitch supposed to impress me?"

"This 'bitch'-"

"No" Sasuke stated.

Sakura sighed as she opened the doors to room 6003. Her eyes scanned the room and she saw a large boxing ring in the middle of the room, weights of all mass spread across the room and all sorts of other various training equipment for only the elite boxers. Suddenly something clicked in Sakura's head. This gym was too good for amateurs. It was designed for, 'Elite...meaning Konoha's finest, meaning Konoha's Champions. Meaning..." Her eyes widened in shock as they locked with ocean blue coloured ones. 'Naruto...' she felt her heart tear because she knew, where there was Naruto there was bound to be...

Emerald clashed and locked with deep mesmerising onyx eyes.



"I would consider it one last time before you actually repeat your answer"

Now Sasuke was confused. Why was this girl so special?

Just then the double doors opened up. Sasuke felt his heart stop when he recognised who walked in.



No please! This can't be happening…

He turned to Gaara in shock. "Her name is Sakura…someone you have been searching for, for 5 years" he stated, enjoying how the tables have turned.

"I'm willing to offer her as a wager, if you lose you get her, but you know that would also mean, me gaining your title. If I lose however, you gain the Sand title but…lose something you've been chasing for years"

Sasuke couldn't believe it. He looked towards Sakura. She was wide eyed, her jaw slightly open. She was shocked to see him as well. This made Sasuke's heart flutter. Would she be happy…or reject him…

She couldn't believe her eyes. The room had fallen silent. Not like before when Gaara and Sasuke were whispering but an uneasy silence, a terrifying one which was eating her alive. Sasuke Uchiha, the man who dumped her for ex-movie star now-a-porn-star Karin, was standing before her, just as shocked as she was...just as scared. His eyes were locked onto hers and she felt frozen. 'Why did Gaara call me here!' she thought in shock, her mind slowly recovering, knowing that the attention of everyone in the room was on her. She always wanted to be a superstar, to have everyone looking at her but this...this was torture. 'Good thing I'm a doctor' she though in misery but trying to change the situation that was playing in her mind was not helping.

Naruto's voice suddenly broke her thoughts.

"SAKURA" he yelled before running towards her but before he could engulf her into a bear like hug she ran. She ran as fast as she could out of the room, hot tears splaying down her rosy cheeks. 'How could you Gaara?'

Sasuke felt his heart tear when she ran. It was not cause' Naruto yelled her name but because she could not take the sight of himself in front of her. After all these years, after hoping and holding on, yearning for his Sakura once more...it was all in vain. He felt the light that had kept him going for those years, the small flickering flame within him completely vanquish. He was now hollow and broken but...he still felt something there. The small flame was trying to rekindle itself but what was the point of trying anymore? If they were meant to be, if Sakura was meant to be his then she would have ran into his arms.

He watched with a icy but under that expression pained face as Gaara walked out of the room, smirking, for he did what he needed. If Sasuke couldn't accept the wager then this was enough to blow him off his feet. The sight of Sakura was enough to kill him, enough to confuse him and make him loose that match on Friday.

"Hey Uchiha, I'll be waiting for your answer. You have until the match to reply" Gaara stated as he walked out.

"Bastard" Sasuke spat.

Sakura ran towards her small car which was parked on the side of the large gym. Those feelings that she never wanted to revive erupted like a volcano in a single moment. 'Why Gaara, why thick, gay, bastard WHY?' she repeatedly questioned in her head. Fumbling in her bag she pulled out her car keys and before she could press the button to unlock her car she felt a strong pair of arms wrap around her from behind. Whirling around, she came face to face with her boyfriend, Gaara. She chocked on her sobs and he hugged her close, his gaze directed on the window in front of him which Sakura had her back turned to, his smirk never leaving his face.

The gym was silent. Orochimaru who had been morosely quiet up until now decided to speak. "I think it would be wise to leave young Sasuke alone for now" he stated, walking towards the exit, Naruto hesitantly following behind Kakashi. Sasuke stood looked at the punching bag in front of him. His mind began reeling slowly and he raised his fist, slamming it against the bag, breaking the chain and sending it flying across the room into the wall opposite. His eyes were blood red.

Why did she reject him?

Why did she hate him even now?

Why did he have to be such a fool to give into his sexual desires when he had the best thing in his life?

Why wasn't he good enough for Sakura?

Why wouldn't she forgive him...

He walked towards a large window which displayed the car park and his red eyes slowly resided to black when he saw her. She was fumbling to open the car door when Gaara wrapped his arms around her. He held her close a her body shook with sobs. He watched as Gaara moved their position so he was facing the window and Sakura was looking the other way, her head buried in his shoulder. His eyes, once again flashed a dangerous red when Gaara smirked at him. He intended for this to happen. He had intentionally hurt Sakura, knowing it would affect him. Suddenly something occurred to Sasuke...

"Shush its okay Sakura" Gaara cooed, trying to make it sound like he cared. Well he did care about Sakura but when boxing and Sakura were weighed together it was clear what truly meant much more to him.


The sport itself was such an addiction that he would put Sakura through so much pain, as long as he came victorious, she would always come second. He shifted his position so he could see her face and so Sasuke had a clear view of the both. "Its okay Sakura, you're fine now" he mumbled as he leaned in close for a sweet kiss which feigned comfort but to his shock...

What if Sakura had ran away because she had feeling for him? What if she couldn't take the eruption of emotions all at once! It was definitely possible. His heart swelled with hope and he looked back out the window only to regret it. Gaara was slowly leaning in to kiss her. 'No...' he thought to himself but to his utter joy and amusement...

Sakura pushed him back with force glaring at him, her face red with anger. "You fucking prick! I've just had an emotional breakdown and all you can think about is comforting me with your sloppy kisses! My god you're hopeless!" she yelled as she jumped into her car and sped off leaving a stunned and embarrassed Gaara. 'Oh well, you can't have everything' he thought to himself and he looked back into the window. Sasuke was gone. "Tch probably couldn't take the sight of me snuggling his Sakura, I mean my Sakura" he chuckled; glad Sasuke didn't see the little show.

Sasuke was currently sitting next to the window. He was happy Sakura didn't kiss Gaara but he couldn't stop the pain that was eating him. She had changed that was for sure but he hadn't pictured meeting her like this again, especially not with his rival in between them. He smirked as he realised that she was now everything he had wished for back when he had her; leggy, big boobed, a sense of fashion and she wasn't wearing glasses any more and as he learned she was now no push over. How ironic. Although he had to admit, she was still a little short. A tiny smile appeared on his face.

'She suits that height' he though to himself.

His mind flashed back to Gaara...'bastard...Panda eyed bastard (But we know that he just looks super sexy with his eye liner lol)'

He had the choice of winning the match on Friday and gaining another title, making him climb much higher on his career ladder or losing and gaining the love of his life and the piece of his heart that he stupidly neglected when he was younger, a second chance...but then a sudden thought hit Sasuke so hard he felt like he had been smashed with a ton of bricks.

'How will Gaara convince Sakura to get back with me? What if he doesn't stick to his wager?'

Sasuke's eyes narrowed as he walked up to another punching bag.




'I promise you...'


'You will not live through this match...'


"You're dead meat Sand boy" he whispered.

Suddenly Naruto burst into the room with a furious Orochimaru and calm Kakashi behind him.

"Naruto you twerp, I'm not gay!" Orochimaru yelled.

"Yeah you are!" he yelled in reply.

Kakashi sighed and looked at Sasuke and then the punching bags.

"I'll go order more bags" he mumbled.

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