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Do I Know You?

I sighed in aggravation as I looked at the snoring man next to me. His head was drooping over to my chair, his three white and whispy strands of hair in my face as he slept. I clicked my tongue in annoyance, but simply turned the other way, ignoring him.

I was more of a peace maker than a fighter. I tended to avoid confrontation. Call me a wimp if you want, but its just my way.

Well, it depends on what I'm fighting for really...

I was shocked out of my thoughts as I felt something hot and wet soaking through the leg of my jeans to my thigh. I screwed my face up as I saw the drop of saliva shining on my jeans, quickly unbuckling my seat belt and walking to the tiny bathroom. I was glad to find it empty as I quickly shut and locked the door behind me.

I grabbed a tissue and ran it under the tap, rubbing the mark on my jeans thoroughly. Once I was sure there would be no mark, I had another problem. I looked like I had wet myself. Not a very good thing to appear to have done when you have another three hours with the same people.

I sighed as I closed the toilet lid, plonking down heavily. Maybe this was just a bad omen. Honestly, there are plenty of free seats next to normal people, middle aged people who are reading or listening to music on their I Pod's, but I get the snorer. Go figure.

Maybe I should just get a connecting flight and go back. If I even had a choice in the matter, but I didn't. I had to move to stupid Forks, with my stupid father, away from every stupid thing I know.

Okay, Forks isn't stupid. I wouldn't mind if I was choosing to go there, but... I would never, ever volunteer to go to Forks. But I'm getting that rebellious feeling. You know, when you get told to do something but your too stubborn to do it when your told to. And you would have done it by yourself, but just because you get ordered to do it, you don't? That one.

And my father isn't stupid. Charlie is of a rather average intellect, well apart from when it involves football. I think he could answer any football question you threw at him. Heck, I didn't even know what he looked like anymore. I wonder if he has a beer belly? Mum always said that with the amount he drinks he should have by now.

Not that he is an alcoholic or anything but.... well he is a man, who watches football, is the police chief and goes fishing a lot. Of course, beer will be a major part of his life.

I was knocked from my little musings by a frantic knock at the door. I quickly stood up and unlocked the flimsy piece of plastic, opening it and coming face to face with bald and snoring man. He glared at me as he hopped up and down slightly.

"How could you have been so long and still had an accident?" He spat at me looking at the wet patch down my leg. I could feel my cheeks reddening. I opened my mouth to tell him that it was his saliva I was washing off, but he barged passed me and shoved me out the door, shutting it with a loud thud.

I stood fuming for a moment before I clenched my fists and went and sat down, muttering unpleasant things to myself.

Ten minutes later, I was bored as hell. The most interesting thing that happened was a young man, in his early travelling alone, dropped his I Pod. Yep, that was it. Our cabin was silent, not even the babies cried!

It was times like this when I needed Edward. But... he was ignoring me and I have no idea why. One night, I went to sleep talking to him normally, the next day... nothing. He wasn't listening at all, in fact he was blocking everything I threw at him. So, in my stubborn way of thinking, I am ignoring him back, and have been doing for the past week.

Torture. Pure torture.

I have never been so bored in my entire life, literally. Edward was always there to entertain me when I was bored or upset, but not anymore. Honestly, it hurt that I was being ignored. I considered Edward my best friend, the one person I could trust with anything and everything. He knew me better than my own mother did, but that can't be helped.

You see, Edward and I... we have never met, we have never even spoken one word to each other. Yet I know him back to front. I know every quirk, every mannerism, everything. Because Edward and I are linked.

You see, ever since I can remember, I have been able to hear Edward in my mind. When I was a child, I didn't understand why no-one else could hear the same voice I could, but after a few concerned looks from my mum, I decided to play dumb and stop asking.

It was then I knew that something was wrong with this.

When you grow up with something, you don't question it. Like if you grew up, being taught that yellow and pink. You would know because that is all you have been told, that is all you know. So I never questioned the voice in my head until I grew older.

People called me a freak, a weirdo, the scary girl. Children are cruel, and if it wasn't for Edward calming me down I would have burst out crying. But in truth, it was Edward what caused all the problems.

I couldn't explain to the teachers why I would burst out laughing in an exam when nothing was even remotely funny. I couldn't tell them that the man in my minds' older brother Emmett had just seen his newly spray painted jeep and screamed. It had gone from a dark green, to a barbie girl pink.

But it was in class too. Sometimes I would burst out crying, sometimes I would laugh when it was inappropriate and I couldn't explain why. The teachers just gave me detentions, and the kids just laughed and picked on me.

Edward knew me as well as I knew him. When I was younger, we didn't know how to block each other, and so... we saw everything. I saw him shower, thankfully he learned to avert his eyes, and he saw me.. in less than flattering experiences. But we put up with it, because we had to and there was nothing we could do.

We had tried to severe the connection with our minds, but had no idea how. Besides, we grew dependant on each other. Mum always thought I hid away in my room to be anti-social, but really... I wanted to be able to react to what Edward was saying without having to hide it. Edward got picked on by his brothers, Emmett and Jasper, for holing himself away.

Neither could tell the truth about the other without being told we were crazy, which is a possibility. Of course, Edward tried to talk to Carlisle, his 'dad' about it, and everyone in his family found out and thought he was crazy. He hadn't tried to talk about it again with them, he even lied to Carlisle when he asked if it still happens.

I have thought more than once that I have never been right in the head. I tend to think differently to others, plus Edward. I have an imaginary friend, which is okay when your a child, but not when your seventeen. Its weird and not right. I have thought about going into a doctors and telling someone, but Edward always dissuaded me.

Edward was my one and only friend, as sad as that is since he may not even be real. He is the only one who knows me and that is my fault. I never allow anyone to get close enough to come close to finding out about Edward. Honestly, I'm saving them time. Even if they do become friends with me, once they find out, they'll go running and telling everyone. Friends are circumstantial.

I closed my eyes, concentrating on Edward. Once again, coming up empty. I could feel his presence, it never leaves, but it was blocked. I saw nothing, and heard nothing. I felt so alone without him with me, he was my constant companion. Now.. I felt truly alone.

Has my one and only friend abandonned me as well?

It hurt even more to think of loosing Edward, he is the only one that got me through everything that has happened. When I pushed everyone else away and tried to push Edward away, he was the only one that persisted and got through. We understand each other.

I decided, after hurling a few choice insults at Edward, that I would count the different coloured stripes on the reclining chair in front of me.

It entertained me for about twenty seconds until I discovered a pattern and I gave up.

Stupid Edward. Since when does he ignore me and succeed?

Obviously, spending every second with someone, you are bound to argue and fight, and Edward and I are no different. We would attempt to ignore each other, but we have never actually accomplished it before. The closest I got was still hearing him but not replying. I began to wonder when Edward had been practicing ignoring me.

When had he been ignoring me before?

The annoying man came back, glaring at me before turning to his other side and falling asleep, his snores filling the silence of the cabin. The last two and a half hours of the flight were filled with daydreams and thoughts, mostly about Forks and my dad, wondering how different my life would now be.

I think I even fell asleep for a while, but when I opened my eyes again no-one had moved and there were no time markers. Still, I suppose it killed some of the time.

"Can passengers please buckle their seat belts as we are landing momentarily"

The annoyingly fakely happy voice filled the cabin, and numerous clicks hurt my ears. On the up side, the sudden change from silence to noise woke the man up. He snorted as he jolted awake, looking around and seeing everyone else buckling up before reaching for his own. I turned away to hide my smile.

After a bit of turbulence, we hit the ground and I looked out the window, glad to finally see the ground stationary. After the usual tradition of thanking the cabin crew that had lined up at the door, I walked out into the fresh damp are and took a deep breath. At least there was less polution here, I suppose that's a good thing, right?

Unfortunately, thanks to the typical rainy weather of Forks, the steps leading to the ground were wet, and I almost did a rather spectacular face plant on the asphalt. When I did finally reach the ground, I planted my feet firmly thanking God that the ground wasn't moving anymore. I had thought, in my boredom and my imagination ignited, that the plane would crash, or if I stepped too hard on the cabin floor, that I would fall through the aeroplane.

In my moment of thankfulness, I had managed to miss the fact that it was raining rather heavily and was now soaked to my skin, my clothes clinging to me. I cursed myself for wearing a hoodless jacket today as I ran towards the arrivals terminal, only tripping once. That was good for me.

I shook my head, glaring at a raindrop as it rolled down my nose and dripped off the end onto the carpetted floor. I managed to get through security with my wheelie case, my hopes of enjoying my time here disappearing as the rain hit the windows. This was not the best way to start anew. Rain.

I stood, feeling rather stupid after realising I was the only one who had been dumb enough to stand outside in the rain, and as a result was getting some strange looks from passing people. My cheeks burned as people stared at me with disapproving eyes and scowls. I sighed deeply as I made an effort to ignore them and the tutting security guards, looking around for Charlie. I had no idea what he looked like, only that he had dark brown hair, and maybe a moustache if he hadn't shaved it off.

After a few minutes I gave up trying to spot him and spotted some plastic seats, heading over to them shyly and trying to avoid any ones gaze. I was accompanied by a constant drip drip and I realised I was making a little trail of water. My day couldn't get any better.

I plopped down with a squelch, glad no-one else was sat there. I unzipped my small case and got out my phone. I had been advised to get a phone by my counsellor, God knows why. I had no-one to call, but I did have Charlies number.

The bad thing? I had no idea how to use this thing, I wasn't very technically minded. Edward usually talked me through it if I got something I didn't understand. I gritted my teeth slightly, determined not to be so dependant. After all, everyone else copes without someone in their head telling them what to do.

It was five minutes that I realised how to turn it on, it was a small accomplishment on my part. I never got any further into exploring my phone as someone tapped my shoulder, making me jump and squeak slightly.

"Sorry if I scared you Bells" Charlie stood there, wet dark curly hair dripping his face, moustache still there, and in his police uniform. Now I was getting looks for different reasons. I put my head down, making a show of putting my phone in my pocket.

"'s okay" I mumbled as I stood up, slipping on the puddle that had been formed beneath my chair. I offered a small thanks as Charlie steadied me, grabbing my bag as Charlie grunted uncomfortably. Charlie is not one for expressing his emotions.

We walked out of the airport in silence, Charlie taking my wheelie case from me at some point. I groaned silently as I spotted his Police cruiser through the pelting rain. If I had any dreams of being unrecognised, they were long gone. Charlie was already getting 'Hello's' and 'Good afternoon Chief' and I was getting looks. Again. It seems everyone knows who I am and feels compelled to stare as if waiting to see a sign on my forehead.

I stayed in the doors, out of the rain as Charlie ran out and put my case in the boot. I ran to the car door, grimacing as I was once again soaked as I got in the car, quickly shutting it behind it. I shook my head slightly but gave up as I realised I was wetting the inside of Charlie's cruiser too.

The car rocked slightly as Charlie shut the door behind him, rain falling from his huge police jacket as he looked at me for a moment.

"Seat belt" He told me quickly as he reached over a clicked his own in. I repressed a sigh, expecting something along the lines of 'Good to see you again Bells', not a comment on my car safety. Still, I clicked it in, staring out the window as the car vibrated with the engine. I sighed quietly as we got onto the road, turning to stare out of the side window at all the green.

Green, not my favourite colour. The rain, the trees and wildlife, it was the exact opposite of Phoenix. Great.

"So Bells, how are you holding up?" I turned as Charlie asked, sounding rather uncomfortable with the conversation topic.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about it" I grumbled, not moving from staring out the window. I didn't want to talk about what happened, the only person that I would talk to was Edward, and he was currently ignoring me so...

That was the biggest amount conversation for the entire journey. Maybe I shouldn't have been so rude before, I hadn't exactly been very happy when I saw him and my sharp comment would have thrown him. Yet I couldn't force a conversation with my Dad, I lapped up the silence.

However, after an hour silence was grating on my last nerve. It was times like this, of awkwardness and boredom, that I needed Edward. He would talk to me, or offer conversation topics at least. He was like Ask Jeeves.

Poor Charlie. He tried, bless him. He tried to talk to me, he asked me what I liked and what I didn't and I tried to act interested, but it wouldn't work. I could see his frown in the reflection of the window, and knew he was worried about me. Back in Phoenix everyone was used to me being like this, but of course it was new to Charlie.

"Is there anything you need specifically?" He asked, sounding rather desperate.

"I won't know until I see what you've already got" I sighed, and I cursed myself for being so rude.

"I'm sorry Dad, I didn't mean-" I began, feeling rather out of my depth here.

"Don't worry about it Bells, I understand" He sighed sadly and I nodded. If anyone understood me being like this, after Edward of course, it was Charlie.

We lapsed into silence again, but it was more comfortable this time. I suppose living with a quiet person wouldn't be so bad.

I leaned my head back as I felt my eyes droop. The flight and this drive had taken all the energy from me and I hadn't even done anything.

At some point later, I felt something shaking me gently "Come on Bella"

I realised that it was Charlie, and that I must have fallen asleep. From the lack of vibrations and the silence in the car, I guess we had arrived or stopped for a break. Once I managed to open my eyes, I realised we had finally reached our desired destination.

The little house I remembered vaguely hadn't changed on the outside. It was still the same faded white, maybe a little more faded thanks to the excessive rain. The flowers that used to frame the rectangular lawn at the front had disappeared because my mum wasn't here to tend to them. The same stone path cut through the middle and led to the door, the same curtains hung at the windows.

The scene made me smile slightly.

I was knocked from my happy reminiscing by another dull thud and I realised that Charlie must have gotten tired of waiting for a reply and had left the car. I sighed as I looked outside again, peeking at the house again. Thankfully, the rain had receded, but thunderously dark clouds hung overhead, threatening to break at any moment.

I slowly got out of the car, feeling rather guilty as I watched Charlie put my case on the ground as he closed the boot. I stuffed my hands in the pockets of my jacket as I stood awkwardly, not knowing whether I should go and help or go to the door.

"Go on in Bells, the key is up under the eve" Charlie told me, probably recognising my expression. Apparently, I get my emotions and such from Charlie.

Nodding silently, I walked up the stone path, thanking whatever God there was that I didn't slip once. Maybe things would look up in this dreary town. I reached up rather hesitantly, not sure if my hand would meet some furry creature or a huge spider. I breathed a sigh of relief as my hand clasped around a small cold thing.

I smiled slightly to myself as I stuck the key in the lock and turned it, hearing the click as Charlie splashed his way up the path towards me. I pushed the door open slightly dramatically, wiping my feet on the mat as I shuffled in, revelling in the warmth that was quickly drying my wet clothes.

Without a word, Charlie walked upstairs and I followed automatically. He walked into a room, my old room if I remember correctly, but he seemed to have redecorated. The walls and ceiling where a nice blue, and there nestled in the corner was my bed, on the other corner was a desk and what seemed like an ancient computer on top of it.

My eyes swept passed the wardrobe and dresser as I stepped in. It wasn't big, it wasn't fancy, but I loved it. It was simple, and mine.

"If you don't like the colour then-" Charlie turned as he laid my wet case on the floor and turned to me, scratching the back of his neck as he obviously misjudged my silence.

"Dad, I love it" I smiled honestly, smiling wider as he smiled and sighed back. I knew living with me must be hard, especially since we barely knew each other. So seeing him smile made me feel less guilty. Living with me wasn't going to be a slice of heaven for Charlie, but I could make an effort to make it easier.

There was a moments pause where I was smiling and Charlie was looking at the floor.

"I'll leave you to get settled in. I'll order pizza for tea" He told me as he looked at me. I frowned before nodding. Did he expect me to say no? What would he do if I did?

"Thanks Dad" I said quietly as he walked passed me.

"I'm your Dad Bella, its my pleasure" He smiled before shutting the door. I stayed where I was for a moment as I heard his loud footfalls thumping on the stairs.

As they faded, I walked over to my case and unzipped it. Thankfully, none of it was wet. I didn't have many clothes, not having the chance to shop for any. I only shopped when there was no other option. If I could put ip off, I would, but it seemed I couldn't put this off any longer. I needed to go shopping.

The next three hours were filled with me looking through my case and sorting it out, and putting things away. I sat my many books side by side on the shelf above my bed, setting Dracula down on the little table beside my bed. I smiled as I remembered Edward's amusement when he found me reading it.

You see, Edward was a vampire. Just like the rest of his family.

Vampires.... scary men that have fangs and run around at night in capes, preying on dumb pretty young women. I say dumb because no pretty woman would be out on her own at night.

But Edward and his family weren't the typical vampires. They hunted animals, and it was a good job they did otherwise I would have to yell a few times at Edward. They didn't have fangs, though their teeth were very white. They actually wore designer clothes thanks to Alice, though I think Emmett has a cape from a Halloween a few years ago.

Edward wasn't happy. He didn't want me to know. Stupid vampire. How did he think he could keep it from me? I saw everything he did. I was bound to find out eventually. But I found out when I heard Rosalie and Jasper arguing about something and they said that they were vampires. Edward tried not to hear it, or tried to distract me from hearing it, but I did.

So he told me everything, not that he had a choice. It explained the speed, how he would move so fast yet everything was so detailed, how he could hear cars from his bedroom. It also explained why I saw him attacking a deer. He did explain that he had tried to hunt when I was asleep, but he slipped up a few times.

Was I scared of him? Not really. I knew he was dangerous and that he could kill me, but he cared for me. At least I thought he did.

So... I knew what they were now. Vampires.

You see, this is what made me think I was one sprinkle short of a sundae.

Who hears a man in their head, much less a vampire, a vegetarian vampire at that? Its not normal, its not possible, but I have lived with this for all of my life. To me, it was normal. If I didn't have Edward, I didn't know what I would do.


"Bella, come on. It's time to wake up" I heard Charlie's voice as if he were standing a distance from me.

"Come on Bella, you'll be late" His voice was getting louder.

"Late for what?" I grumbled rather confused. What the hell?

"School" Charlie sighed.

I managed to open my eyes, groaning as I the grinding ache in my stomach reminded me of the need for food. I must have fallen asleep at some point while I was unpacking and missed pizza. I was laid oddly, my legs on the floor as I laid sidewards on the bed. Not the most comfortable position to be in. I also realised, that I was still in my damp clothes. This was getting better and better.


"Why am I going to school? It's...." I frowned as I sat up, wincing as I realising I had back ache from my sleeping position.

"It's Friday" Charlie sighed and I looked at him. It was still dark out, so Charlie was reduced to a mere dark shadow in front of me.

"Why am I going to school on a Friday?" I groaned as I stretched, hearing my bones click.

"I enrolled you a few days ago" He avoided the question and it didn't go unnoticed.

"That isn't an answer" I pointed out, now sitting and watching him intently. He's better have a good reason for waking me up in the middle of the night.

"I have to go to work in a few minutes, and I'm not leaving you here by yourself" He mumbled and I rolled my eyes and huffed. Honestly!

"Charlie, I won't-" I began but he cut me off.

"Bella, you're going to school, okay. Just go and check it out for the day" He encouraged, trying to mask the fact that he was ordering me to do something. I slumped my shoulders in defeat. Charlie was worried about me, and he didn't want to leave me by myself. I could understand that, I didn't exactly look so good. If it made Charlie stop worrying so much...

I guess I was going to school.

"Okay, I'll go. But how do I get there? My car hasn't arrived yet" I asked, resigning myself to the fact I would have to endure the torturous first day of high school again. I missed my car, I loved that little thing, if the delivery people had hurt my baby they would pay!

"Actually, it arrived last night. It's sitting in the drive" He chuckled to himself as I smiled brightly. I loved my car. I knew nothing about them, but Edward had informed me that this one was a good make and I went with his advice.

"Here" He chuckled as he dropped the car keys into my open palm.

"Okay, when do I have to be there?" My spirits high again as I yawned, standing up and stretching. My legs felt horrible and stiff, but after a few steps, they felt a little better.

"Half past eight" He told me as he walked out of the room, wishing me good luck before closing the door. I yawned again and stretched, pulling out my phone as I felt it bulging in the pocket. I hope I didn't break it.

It was six o'clock. That was way too early to even consider being conscious.

I heard the door bang as I set my keys down on the bed, an engine started outside as I walked out to the bathroom. I think it's the bathroom, I haven't been here in a while.

I was glad to see that it was the bathroom, and even happier to see Charlie had a shower. I jumped in quickly, worried until I spotted shampoo on the shelf. I guess Charlie was prepared for a girl, at least to some extent.

After washing my hair quickly, I jumped out and shuffled to my room with a towel around me, glad for the central heating. The house was silent, and I hated it. I wasn't used to so much quiet. I needed Edward here to fill it, to laugh and joke and talk to me.

I have to admit, I was getting passed the stubbornness quickly. I wanted Edward, I needed Edward. I felt... empty without him here with me.

I realised I was staring sadly at my wardrobe as I was still wrapped in a towel. I shook my head a little, walking forwards and simply grabbing the first things my hands touched. I didn't really care what I wore.

This whole Edward thing had me down. If he was ignoring me, I had no-one to turn to.

It turned out I had picked a pair of jeans and a black vest top and a dark zippy jacket. Simple, not too bad, and it lets me blend in. Perfect.

I quickly dried off and got dressed, extracting my hair dryer from under my bed and drying my hair in a hurry as I realised it was seven o'clock already. Once I had tried to tame my hair and admitted defeat, leaving it to hang down my back in its disarray of curls, I made my way downstairs. I have to admit, I was exploring a little.

I hadn't been here in four years, and even then I didn't remember things that well. But as I walked into the yellow kitchen my mother had painted, I realised that this was Charlie I was talking about. He wouldn't change anything. He still loved my mum, and that's why he was hurting so much.

I smelt the lovely smell of cold pizza and dived for the box on the table. Three slices of pepperoni. I guess I could manage two... or three. I ate as fast as I could, hoping I wouldn't be late for school on my first day. Who goes to school on their first day, on Friday? I knew people would stare, they would gossip and whisper, but I was used to it. I was no stranger to high school drama.

As it turns out, I could finish three slices of pizza quite easily. I sat in silence, thinking for a while. The typical things, my mum, school, Edward.

Maybe I had been crazy but now I was better?

I sighed as I looked at the clock hanging above the doorway. It was eight. I have half an hour, but knowing me I would get lost and be late anyway. It's better to start early. I stopped a sticky note on the fridge as I walked passed and stopped to read it. I doubted it was Charlie writing to himself, he didn't seem that sort of person.

Sorry for dumping school on you on your first day here, but I didn't like to leave you by yourself all day. You'll do fine, don't worry, but if you need me you can call me at any time at the station. I got you a bag, not sure if you like it or not but it has everything you need inside so don't worry about that. There's a set of house keys in the door for you as well.

Good Luck

I smiled as I finished reading the message. He worried about me too much. It was only school, its not like I was going to have a meltdown or anything. Still, its nice to know he cares.

I had actually forgotten about a bag, it was a good thing Charlie mentioned it. I spotted the bag on a chair and assessed it. It was nice, I liked it. Maybe Charlie knew me better than I thought.

I shivered as I saw the mist settling around me. I turned around, hitching the bag strap further up my shoulder as I locked the door behind me before pocketing the key and making my way towards the drive. The mist had been blocking my view of the drive, but once I saw it, I had no idea how I could ever miss it.

There sat my car. I had to control my squeal as I skipped over to it, ignoring the wet ground and the mist around me as I kissed the top of it, giving it a hug. What? I was attached to it.

It was an Audi, I knew that much. It had a bunch of letters after it, but all I knew is that it was orange. Maybe not the most flattering colour, but it grew on me and I wouldn't have it any other way. It was my baby.

I unlocked it and got in, throwing my bag in the passenger seat and shutting the door to keep the cold out. But having been sat outside all night, the car was freezing anyway. I quickly shoved the key in the ignition and started it, switching the heaters on full. I sat there for a moment before looking at the small digital clock in the dashboard and reversed quickly.

If I didn't hurry, I was going to be late.

And I was.

It took me fifteen minutes to find that stupid school in the thick mist, but I did. I slid into an empty parking space and got out quickly, walking quickly towards the building that said office. Again, I breathed out a sigh of relief as I was warmed once again. Why did it have to be so cold around here?

My eyes nearly bugged out of my head. It was green in here too. I couldn't escape it!

"Hello? You must be Isabella"

I made a small smile appear on my face as I walked up to the counter she was sat behind. Even she was wearing a green shirt! Though I did think it was rude and strange how people assume you are someone, even when they are right.

"I'm Mrs Cope" She told me in a fakely happy voice, and I wondered who would marry her.

"Here's your schedule and a map of the school" She pushed a pile of paper towards me and I took them, not even glancing at them.

"And you have to ask your teachers to sign this and bring it back here at the end of the day. Thank you" She said quickly, dismissing me as she sat back down and picked up a book called Green is Good.

I got out of there quickly, leaning on the wall outside and looking at the map. I had English in room 209 now, which was right in...

I was cut off by a bell, the school bell? Was I that late to school that I had missed the first hour? I quickly checked the schedule and map again. Now I had German in 143. Which, according to the map, was across campus. I sighed as I folded them up, not wanting it to be obvious I was new here as I tried to memorise my schedule.

"Your Isabella right?" A male voice came from my left, and I turned sharply, annoyed that once again, I didn't even have to introduce myself.

"I'm Eric" He held out his hand for a hand shake and I took it hesitantly. What teenager shakes hands? But he looked like the sort. Greasy hair, spots, pile of text books under his arm. Typical chess club.

"Hey Eric, who're you talking-" I sighed as I heard my name once again, turning around and coming face to face with four other people. There was a small unnaturally blond haired on, a sour looking short dark haired one, and a smiling average looking girl. She seemed genuine and nice. I liked the latter best.

Then there was the boy. He didn't introduce himself at first, preferring to smile at me strangely.

"I'm Mike" He basically purred, swaggering over to me and laying a hand across my shoulders. Okay, this guy was too close for comfort.

"Bella" I introduced quietly as I slipped from his grasp, standing next to the kind girl and introducing myself to the group.

"I'm Angela, this is Lauren and Jess" Angela told me, shooting sideways glaces at Lauren as if asking permission to go on. I guess she was the leader of this group.

"Hey... do any of you know where German is? I missed my first lesson" I smiled a little at Angela, hoping she would help me. Lauren looked like she would rather eat dog poo, and Jess just stared vacantly across the parking lot we were facing. Mike and Eric where quite the opposite, they were a little to eager to help.

"It's okay, I've got German next, I'll take you" Angela smiled as she began to walk away. I stumbled after her as she called a swift good bye to the others. I glanced behind me, noticing how none of them looked happy. The girls were both glaring at the two of us, the boys pouting slightly.

"Don't worry about them Bella, they will have forgotten about it at dinner" She told me, obviously noticing my worried look. The last thing I needed or wanted was a fight or confrontation. I was supposed to be taking it easy, this was my new start.

"Okay" I mumbled as we made our into the school and through a maze of corridors. I didn't even try to keep up with it all.

German was... boring. I knew German pretty well thanks to Edward. He would help me in class if I got stuck, and I gradually learned the vocab. I wasn't made to stand up in front of any lessons, thankfully being sent to sit at a vacant table next to the window. The teacher didn't bother me, probably thinking she was doing me a favour by letting me take it easy. She wasn't.

I would rather do work than be bored any time.

I frowned as I concentrated on Edward for the hundredth time, screaming at him in my mind. Nothing. No response at all. All I could hear was the scratching of pens on paper in my class as everyone else got to work. There was something missing, someone missing. I needed Edward.

I could feel my eyes filling with tears at the very thought but I pushed them back. I would be strong. I didn't need Edward, or maybe I did. Either way... I could live without him. Everyone else lives without a voice in their head, and so can I.

It didn't stop me from missing him though. Edward was my one and only friend, and if he was gone...

I was shook from my thoughts by the bell. I slowly shoved my books in my bag and stood as Angela appeared.

"How did you find it?" She asked nicely as we dodged crowds of students in the small hallways.

"It was okay" I shrugged, once again feeling down over the Edward situation. I felt like I should be doing more, but what else can I do short of finding him and actually asking him verbally why he is ignoring me.

We spoke no more as I followed her to Math and we sat down. I slouched down after I had made my speech, my face typically tomato red as I stuttered and stumbled to my seat afterwards.

Math was boring, and this time the window was on the other side of the classroom. On the plus side though, I had Angela, and she talked to me most of the time, keeping my mind from straying to less than happy topics. Angela seemed to sense my bad mood, but kept quiet, for which I was thankful.

I liked Angela. She wasn't too bitchy, she wasn't sour or fake. She was just a sweet girl, and could possibly be my first friend. I am not counting Edward, he may or may not be real.

Of course I'm real Bella

I gasped as I heard his voice, my eyes wide as I stared blankly at the sheet of equations in front of me. It took me a moment to recover from the shock before the old stubbornness reared its head and I glared at the paper.

Leave me alone Edward I huffed, concentrating back on the equations.

Bella, I have to- He began, and I interrupted him. I was slightly annoyed he chose now to talk to me, in the middle of lesson on my first day.

Oh, so you're talking to me now? Save it! I'm busy!

I let venom cloud my mind as I glowered at the paper beneath me. Edward tried to talk, his voice still there in the back f my mind, but I started to recite the lyrics to Sweet Like Chocolate, succeeding in blocking him out and doing the work.

"Bella, are you okay?" Angela broke my concentration as I frowned at the ground, walking towards the lunch room. I had been invited by her to sit with them at dinner, and I accepted. Maybe I didn't have to be a loner this time, it was a fresh start after all.

"Yeah, I'm fine" I told her, mustering up a small smile but from the frown on her face she didn't believe it.

I could hear the cafeteria from down the hallway, the people inside where that loud. I kept my eyes down as I walked in after Angela, following her as we both grabbed trays and stood in line. I heard my name being said- supposedly quietly - many times, but I ignored it. If people want to talk, they can

"Come on Bella" I felt a nudge in my back as I realised I had fallen back int he queue, the lunch lady tapping a ladle impatiently, staring at me with a scowl. I blushed madly as I trudged forward, simply grabbing an apple and paying for it.

I stood at the side, holding my apple as I waited for Angela to get served. She got a tuna sandwich, quickly ushering me towards a table in the middle of the room. So, I had to walk passed half of the people in the cafeteria, most of whom stared and whispered loudly as I went passed. I simply concentrated on not falling on my face, holding my apple tightly, not wanting to drop it.

"Hey guys, Bella's going to sit with us" Angela announced happily as I timidly sat down, not sure if they wanted me there or not. I suppose I could go and eat in my car.

"Good idea Angela!" Mike chirped up loudly, making me blush and duck my head as I took a bite from my apple. I was not used to this attention from boys. I was the freak, the girl who is to be avoided at all costs.

When I did look up, I met the blue icy eyes of Jessica, her fake blond hair bouncing as she huffed and turned away dramatically. Angela simply shook her head at me, rolling her eyes as Jess. I let it go. I hadn't done anything to her.

The conversation flowed around me, but I stayed out of it. Mike tried to drag me in a few times, but I simply shrugged and went back to slowly devouring my apple. Again, my foul mood was creeping up on me as I kept on shoving Edward's voice to the back of my mind, reducing his words to a mere mumble.


I squeaked a little as I dropped my apple in shock, not expecting his voice to be so loud.

"Are you okay Bella?" Eric asked, and I nodded vacantly, only blushing when I realised everyone on the table was staring at me.

"Just remembered something" I mumbled, and they all nodded or shrugged, the conversation carrying on again as I let my heart calm down again.

Don't do that! I berated him in my mind.

Bella, you have to listen to me. Please, it's important He begged and I almost gave in.

Is it the reason you've been ignoring me for the past week and a day? I huffed, needing an answer. I was glad to hear his voice again, feeling a little more whole when he was there, not that I would tell him that now. I didn't care if I was crazy, at least I wasn't alone.

No.... Bella, I'm sorry He said quietly, but sounded sincere about it. I was rather annoyed.

No. I have gone through hell over the passed week because I thought I'd lost you or something. You can't just swan back in and say 'sorry'. If you don't like this, then don't bother talking to me ever again! I could feel my face getting hot as my anger got the better of me. When I get upset or sad, it sometimes come out in anger. I didn't want Edward to leave, he knew that, but I was truly peed off with him.

I know I hurt you Bella, but this is important!

Why did he keep on going on about this important thing? What did it have to do with me anyway?

Bella, look at what I'm seeing He ordered me.

I sighed before diving into his mind and looking at what he was seeing. I could never get over how much better Edward's vision is than mine.

Concentrate Bella He mentally chuckled and I felt a small smile tugging at my lips. Damn him and his lovely chuckle!

I finally did what he asked, and found nothing of interest. He was in a lunch room too, teenagers shouted at one another across the room, others ate and laughed and talked. I could see Jasper and Emmett sat opposite him, their wives on their sides as they all gazed off in various directions.

Look at where I'm looking He continued quieter, as if worried about something.

I did look where he was looking, but didn't see much. I saw tables of students laughing and messing around, very few actually eating the terrible cafeteria food. A poster hung on the wall....

The poster! What does it say?

I mentally rolled my eyes at him and his urgency over this, but humoured him.

It says.... Home game, Spartans versus Hawks on the nineteenths. Go Forks High!

I was about to question the point of the whole thing until it hit me. Forks High. It says Forks High. Edward is looking at a Forks High poster. He is at Forks High. So am I. Right now. He is sat in the cafeteria. Right now. So am I.

Edward is at my school right now. I quickly zoned back into my own world, stepping back from Edward's mind so that I could see through my own eyes once more. I ignored Jess, who apparently was jabbering on about something to me, not noticing that I wasn't even listening, and looked around. There is was.

The blue and red poster right in front of me, hanging between two windows. It said exactly what I had read out, I could have passed it off as the same poster in another school, but it even had the same graffiti on it.

Bella, turn around Edward asked quietly, and I suddenly understood why he was so nervous. Edward was here? He was real? I'm not crazy? This was huge.

.... them are so gorgeous, its unnatural. But I can't complain, Edward is... words cannot describe"

I was about to turn around and see Edward before I heard her, my head snapping to her as I stared at her in shock. She knew Edward.

It was stupid, I knew it was, but I had always thought of Edward as my friend, mine and mine alone. I guess not.

"Jess, you asked hm out four times and he turned you down every time" Eric laughed, making her blush a startling shade of red, and I had to duck my head to hide my smirk.

Wait, this... this is Jess? The same Jess that asked you in front of your family? Even in my head I was laughing. I deep groan resonating around in my head confirmed my suspicions as I hide a snort of laughter. Edward described this girl as 'stalker material', and I suddenly see why. She was fixated on him. Right now, she was gazing off, her eyes glazed over slightly and I shuddered, not wanting to know what she was thinking.

"Anyway, he's perfect. I know he likes me, he just needs time to realise it for himself. I'm willing to wait" She carried on dreamily, everyone on the table hiding their own smirks. I smiled a little genuinely as I saw Angela and a boy called Ben holding hands beneath the table. It was so sweet!

Jess kept going on and on, the only reason people didn't laugh out loud as Lauren glaring at them. I really didn't like this girl. Control freak much?


I couldn't help it. I turned around and searched for him at the sound of his voice. He was here somewhere.

"Bella, are you listen...." Jess's voice trailed off as I found what I was looking for and my smile grew so side I think my face will actually ache for a while.

Because as our eyes met across the crowded cafeteria, I felt only happiness. Everyone else went on laughing, totally oblivious to the fact that my life had shifted so greatly that I doubted it would ever be the same again.

It's nice to meet you miss Swan I watched the famous one sided smirk grace his lips as he sat facing me, ignoring his family and everyone else as I was. My smile widened, impossibly at the sound of his voice.

It's nice to finally meet you too Mr Cullen

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